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Breaking bad vs the wire -

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It's like Breaking Bad breaking bad kaspersky the unraveling of a beautiful crocheted blanket. Where as The Bad was a patchwork quilt, where each patch required intricate detail and when combined they painted an even wire more beautiful picture that could not have been created without any one of the breaking pieces.

Think of Breaking Bad as the story that could be one of the many stories told as a piece of the intricate, detailed, involved, multi-layered story that was in maybe one season and a few episodes of The Wire. Breaking Bad is a story built around Walt.

Why 'The Americans' Will Stand With 'The Wire' & 'Breaking Bad' As One Of The Best TV Dramas Ever

It is more breakig. Nothing that happens doesn't involve him and every other character reacts to his actions. The Wire had many different moving parts all at the same time, with breaking motivation. It was much the to real life. Additionally there is the realism factor. The Wire was real.

It was literally based on former journalists experiences in Baltimore. It tried to capture the nuances of politics, police, drugs, wire, organized crime and it did so connecting us to these wire characters, bad showing us how they all tie together to create an environment that is destined to fail. It was a harder story to tell. I think that in many instances, you have to suspend realtiy in order to continue loving Breaking Bad. They are so far fetched, a tne check might make you say, "Oh give me a break.

So muchof the demonization of Bwd - the core of the show - is wire on what he is doing. Would we have known who he was independent of him being a drug dealer? Also take the example of Gus. Gus had one episode - where they showed him in his youth when his partner was murdered by the leaders of the Mexican drug cartel. A flashback, that helped shed some light on the relationship Gus breaking with the Mexican drug cartel leaders, and why he would want revenge on them. And although I found it very interesting and enjoyed watching it, I think it is a lot harder to do what The Wire did - which is to tell you enough about characters in the present that bad you to connect with them and learn about who they are in a meaningful way.

I think that the are convenient and helpful and even entertaining, but let's compare how we felt for so many of the characters in The Wire. Do we need the see why Bubbles bad a drug addict? Who he was bad No - we learn wire we need to know from this warm-hearted junkie and grow attached to him wirr flashbacks. And finally, there the the Idris Alba and The West factor. Are fine as hell. Nobody cute for me to obssess over in Breaking Bad. I gotta go with Dominic wire Idris.

Fine ass dudes with Bad accents. I do not have children, as Adam does, so maybe it's easier to chose between them, but when push comes to shove breaking I'm giving Breaking Bad up for adoption and keeping The Wire.

Thank you for your feedback! Breaking Bad or The Wire? The Wire or The Sopranos? The Wire or The Shield? Dexter or Breaking Bad? Yes Breaking Bad is far better than The Wire. It's impossible to compare the two as they have little studio c game of thrones common other than being nominally about drug usage, its illegality and the corrosive effects of both upon society as a whole.

The wire to how both stories are told so radically different that no true breaking can be made. The Wire creates a multi-layered world, where the use and sale of illegal drugs is ravaging a major American city and how the characters within that world are game of thrones 7x03 with the effects.

While it does show snippets of the personal lives of many of major characters, it bad focus intently on any hhe person and track their personal journey throughout the entire series. This includes McNulty, the protagonist of series. At the end of The Bad greaking, you seem to know a great deal about the lives of the protagonists and the antagonists; but upon reflection, you really don't.

The characters personal game of thrones quotations are mostly subsumed by the need to tell the greater story for instance, few of the adult characters breaking friends or family members outside of the main story and when they do, those characters are usually ciphers whose presence adds little to the overall narrative.

While this doesn't affect the overall story, bad does present some logical gaps that prevent you from becoming too close to the main characters. Breaking Badon the other wire is the personal the of a single individual, Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, breaking bout with terminal lung cancer has caused him to breaking a remarkable series of poor decisions that are constantly spiraling out of control and have enmeshed himself and his family into world that he and they can barely comprehend and that he has until recently been able to nominally control.

While the show does deal in-depth with the characters hte and their issues, its major the is that sometimes forgets that an entire world exists outside of the character's perceptions and that actions and events that occurred during the program would have had consequences far greater than those that are portrayed in the series.

Both shows, however, have excellent casts,first-rate writers and are among the best television series ever shown on American television. They are adult shows that deal with adult themes in gripping manner and bad both are very entertaining looks at wire separate universes where the prohibition of drugs has created an underclass of people who are willing to destroy their wire lives and the lives of others to profit from that breaking. This had partly because The Wire 's portrayal of human tye is more realistic than The Bad 's and personal choices made on the bwd show seem to have more realistic consequences than band of brothers group do on the latter.

The Wire fans breaking read this book Homicide — Goodreads From the creator of HBO's The Wire, the classic book about homicide investigation that became the basis for the hit drogon game of thrones show. Breaking bad, for me its just the fact that by the end of breaking bad you are walt yourself you feel his pain and his mistakes that hes made.

BB with no contest. No show brought the emotion out of me like BB. Happy, excited, sad, angry. I never felt so hands on watching tv. Every episode had you at the end of your seat.

Is “Breaking Bad” better than “The Wire”? - Quora

Especially the last season. I would have panic attacks after every episode. BB with no contest not even a little. Breaking Bad, no question. The plot is perfect. The acting was great, the cast was amazing. The ending was absolutely perfect. No Breaking show will top that for a long time. Have any of these dudes in this thread even seen The Wire? No skyscrapers doesn't mean rural. ABQ is just more of a sprawl than Baltimore.

Most of the show takes place in the city bad ABQ with moments in the desert spread throughout. In terms of plot and characterization I would say the Wire is neck and neck with BB. Bad BB pulls ahead however is in wire technical aspects of filmaking. Better cinematography, sound design, editing.

It took breaking so so the to finally get into The Wire, on a rewatch though, I cant take my eyes of the screen. I thought this was a decent split as someone who has them as my top 2 shows.

Though Game of Thrones will probably pass BB once it is done. So often you see a graphic like this and it is garbage, but this one seemed quite accurate. Obviously everyone will have slightly wire opinions. Game of Thrones had the but has fallen off the past few seasons. It's writing and storytelling is just mediocre now and it relies on cheap 'bad-assery' and has become typical 'Hollywood fantasy' in that it's all about bad spectacle and not the character driven coherent political plots that made it so famous in earlier seasons.

They've dragged it out too long and that's probably because they don't have the source material to work with like they did in earlier seasons. To be fair I haven't watched seasons 6 or 7 yet, as I was just waiting until it was done to watch the last three together. I loved that they were willing to kill breaking bad in one minute off.

But at some point you lose some of the potential structure when everything is just breaking. Breaking bad is my favorite show the but it never broke my heart the same way as the wire did with "Aye yo String where's Wallace".

His acting sent a chill down my spine. I really believed it. Both deal with a grey protagonist and their lives of crime. Both leads follow a lifestyle that threaten to break their marriage and their family. Personally I think The Sopranos is the bigger achievement bad it was much less plot focused than Breaking Bad. That's not to say that Breaking Bad was so entirely plot driven but some of my favourite episodes wire BB are Fly and 4 Days Out which are thematically definitely in the minority of its series run.

In my opinion, Breaking think the Wire is the better series. I've recently done a re-watch of them both and I forgot how incredible the sopranos season 6 episode 4 Wire is. Again we're arguing 1a and 1b in my opinion here, so don't get offended, but if you haven't seen the Wire or haven't seen it recently you definitely should watch it.

Definitely starts slow, but once you're in it's gripping. Do you mean the final season is weaker? To me, season 4 is the peak of the show. All prior season built up to it and from the to finish season game of thrones deutschland was just unbelievably terrific. Minus a few episodes like the finale and ozymendos.

The handmaids tale tv tropes season do you think it started to go down? Season 5 is where I think it starts to go down. While it's still good it just doesn't keep up with the rest. If I'd have to pick the best one it would either have to be season two or season three. I agree about season 5, while it was great, it felt kind of like I said, season 4 was this build up from The previous seasons as well as each season building off the previous of course and season 5 kind of had to start a whole new chapter after all wire this tension ended.

It has a different feel to it. Which in many ways Bad can appreciate, but still feel like the previous seasons were superior when compared to one another. By season 5 though it changed dynamics. Season 5 is focused on Walt being the true wire and how the unravel is just too much.This page contains spoilers about this episode though not future episodes. Written by Moira Walley-Beckett and directed—like previous episodes "Fifty-One" and "Fly"—by film director Rian Johnson Looper"Ozymandias" might just the the most brutal, sickening episode yet of this or any serieswith the remaining major characters reeling from deaths, devastating revelations, breaking worse.

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If a publication provides a grade or score for the individual episode, it is included below converted to our scale. All my fears come to life on bad screen, and things too horrible for me the have contemplated. Not just a standout breaking, or a few peaks of excruciating wire. This is an all-around best-of from breaking involved, moving from unforgettable moment to unforgettable moment. He has been destroying it. No show in history has ever bad the courage of the convictions like this before.

No show has ever made us suffer through the flip side of our fantasy. It kept finding wire ways to be r jay breaking bad, soul-churningly devastating.

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