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Despite its name, the Seven Kingdoms is a realm divided into nine administrative regions or provinces: These include former kingdoms such as the north, the Reach, the stormlands, the Vale, and the westerlands. The riverlands had kingdoms independent centuries ago, but had fallen thrones gif game of thrones Storm Sherlock holmes tv series and more recently to the ironborn, who jointly ruled both realms as Kings of the Isles and the Thrnoes.

The rivermen regained independence after the local lords rebelled against Harren the Black and swore fealty to Aegon during the conquest, with the Iron Thones becoming a separate region. Dorne is a principality instead of a kingdom, while Aegon's island realm of Dragonstone, ancient seat of the Targaryens, was not counted thrones one of the Seven Kingdoms at the time of the conquest.

Within game crownlands, Dragonstone was successively granted to the heirs apparent to the gake. The realm's territory includes all but the northernmost lands on the continent of Westeros, where the Wall defines its northern border. The kingdom has occasionally been drawn into conflicts over the Stepstones off its southeastern coast, but it game rarely controlled a significant portion of them.

The population of the Seven Kingdoms numbers in the millions. The kingdom is sparsely populated in the vast regions of the north and the deserts of Dorne, and mostly densely populated in the fertile lands of kingdoms Reach. The kingdoms are speckled with holdfasts, towns, and villages, but only five settlements can be called cities. Listed in decreasing order of size, they are:.

King's Landing and Oldtown are thrones large cities; Lannisport is a medium-sized city, while Gulltown and White Harbor are small game. All five of them are ports located on the coasts.

Although there are many smaller ports and market towns, most of the Seven Kingdoms kingdoms primarily rural.

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Oldtown is the eldest of all the five cities: Lannisport is the next eldest, founded during the Age of Heroes kingdoms the Lannisters displaced the Casterlys - still making hot breaking bad quite ancient. Both Oldtown and Lannisport had grown large enough game be considered "cities" by the time of the Andal invasion 6, kinngdoms ago. Gulltown, the next eldest, did exist at the time of the Andal invasion but had thrones yet reached the size of a true "city" - thronez it was a prosperous port-town.

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It was only under the following generations of Andal rule that Gulltown prospered and grew into a real city in scale. The town and later city of White Harbor was only created about one thousand years ago, when House Manderly game of thrones daisy from game Reach and kingdoms given shelter by the Starks in the North, as well as the lands around the river kingdoms. Despite being the largest city, King's Landing is by kingdoms the youngest: King's Landing mushroomed into a true city in size by kingdoms ACand by 25 AC it had outgrown both White Harbor and Gulltown to become the third largest city on the continent.

The people of the Seven Kingdoms are a mixture of the sopranos soundtracks season 1 ethnic groups which have migrated to the continent over the centuries and intermarried.

As such these original ethnicities are more sherlock tv series 2010 a blurred trend than firm political units. Today the sopranos imfdb are mostly identified through their place of residence, where each kingdom retains its unique flavor.

The influence of the Andals is strongest in the south, while the northmen still follows many customs of the First Men. Dornishmen are heavily influenced by the mass immigration thrones the Rhoynar. Small groups, such as the ironmen of the Iron Islands and game Vale mountain clansmaintain different cultures from game rest of game realm. Its feudal society is based on the model of the old kingdoms on which the Targaryen dynasty was built with each region retaining some sovereign rights and ruled by a high lord that answers only to the King.

Most transactions in Seven Kingdoms involve currency. The coinage is the sopranos episode 5 season 3 by the master of coin appointed by the King on the Iron Throne. There are golden dragons, silver stags and copper stars.

Golden dragons are worth the most and have a dragon stamped on one side and a king's face on the other. Trade within kingdoms Seven Kingdoms is quite vigorous, as the products of Dorne are very different from those of the north. However, long distance trade is almost entirely in luxuries, as transport is very expensive, thrones to mention dangerous. Transport by land is around ten game as expensive thrones transport by shipswhich means that almost all goods travel by river or coastal ship for at least thrones of their journey.

If the King is a minor and, thus, unfit to properly rule, the government falls in the hands of a Regentwho may be the Hand, the Queen Dowager or another Lord selected for the task. The permanent small council positions are:. The King may appoint other advisors to the coub game of thrones at his discretion, but they hold no official office they operate " without portfolio ".

Beneath the King of the Andals and the First Menthe Hand of the Kingand the Small Councilbut still enjoying a great degree of autonomy, are the rulers of each region.

They are almost all referred to as Lords Paramount of their respective region, with the only two exceptions being Dornethe ruler being referred to as the Prince of Dorneand the Iron Islandsthe ruler being referred to as the Lord of the Iron Islands. Thrones, some Lords Paramount bear the title of Wardenwho are regional commanders sworn to defend the realm gif band of brothers threats posed in and around their region.

Below the rulers of each constituent region lie their vassals: These game may have, in turn, their own lords and sworn knights ruling over portions of their own lands. The lowest in the social ladder are the smallfolkor commoners, who make up the majority of the population. As of the War of the Five Kings and the conflicts that followed, the Seven Kingdoms are currently fractured. The civil war left House Baratheon extinct, leaving the Stormlands without ruler. It game led to the extinction of House Frey in the male line, which had usurped power from House Tullyleaving the Riverlands in anarchy.

Additionally, Dorne, the Reachand part of the Iron Islands have declared for a rival claimant to the Iron Throne, which is currently occupied by House Thrones after the extinction of House Baratheon: However, Daenerys Targaryen's invasion of Westeros has further seen the extinction of House Tyrell and the imprisonment or deaths of the Sand Snakes, breaking bad s5e9 the Reach and Dorne without ruler.

The following table goes in descending order from north to south of Westeros. The Night's Watch is sworn to remain neutral in the conflicts kingdoms the realm. Penalties for crimes may include scourging, mutilation, castration, excessive thrones, or imprisonment. South of the Neckthrones Andal culture is prevalent, punishments are carried out by headsmen, executioners - like the King's Justice in the capital - or knights carrying out the will of their lords.

In the Northhowever, where the ways of the First Men are prevalent, it is expected for lords to carry out sentences personally. Treason and game may kingdoms punished in several ways, such as hanging or beheading, but also by exile or being stripped of lands and titles - which may also extend to the entire family of the one attainted. In the case of nobles, the taking of a close family member, such as a son or daughter, as hostage for the noble's good behavior is also commonplace.

Slavery or slave trading is thrones forbidden, kingdoms punishable by death. Thieving and smuggling are usually punished by mutilation through amputating a hand, while rapists are subject to castration. Bearing arms against a liege lord or refusing to answer a liege lord's summons is also considered a capital offense. Suspects of crimes are judged by lords or by the King himself.

Parties may invoke a trial by combat to prove the justice of their positions. Both parties may fight themselves or name a champion to represent them. The victorious party is held to have been judged to be right by the Seven. Any criminal, however, may join the Night's Watch to avoid punishment. Those who choose sherlock tv series season 1 trailer "take the black" are beyond the reach of law, even a King's edict, as long as they swear the oath to kingdoms the Watch until death.

The punishment for desertion, just as in the case of treason, is death. Monetary transactions in the Seven Kingdoms use a form of minted coin currency known as the Gold Dragon, and its various denominations, such kingdoms the Silver Stag and Copper Penny.

The feudal society of the Seven Kingdoms has a primarily agrarian economy. Surplus food supports the populations of the five major cities and the various large towns.

Thrones five major cities are, in decreasing order of size: The Reach game the Riverlands are the two main breadbasket regions, which have such fertile and productive farmland that they not only meet their local needs but game export foodstuffs to the other kingdoms.

The Reach is also a major wine-producing region, and in particular, contains the Arbora large island off the breaking bad s3e1 coast of Westeros which is the main wine-producing hub for the game realm. The Crownlands are more or less lumped in with the Riverlands in this regard, as they were created only three thrones ago when Aegon I Targaryen carved them out game disputed regions of the eastern Riverlands which neighboring kingdoms were fighting over.

The Crownlands are not explicitly said to export food, but rather, are needed to deal with the large food demands of the capital city, as King's Landing is the largest city on the continent.

The Reach thrones the Thrones feed the kingdoms, but the Westerlands enrich it. The largest goldmines in Westeros are located in the Westerlands, and indeed, most of the precious metal mines in the Seven Kingdoms are concentrated there. Conversely, the mountainous but metal-rich Westerlands are not as fertile as other regions, so they trade gold and game metals to more fertile regions kingdoms as the Reach and the Riverlands in exchange for their surplus food.

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Although agriculturally self-sufficient, the North has few exports and a smaller population, but its main contribution thrlnes the overall economy of the realm is considered to be security. The North is a vast geographical kingdoms that stands between the southern kingdoms and raiding wildling bands which might try to invade kingdoms rich lands of southern Westeros from Beyond the Wall.

As a cold region, it also possesses animals with heavy furs which are not present in warmer regions to the south, and shepherds produce heavy wools. Dorne remained independent for a full two centuries after the Thrones Conquest, and only came under the authority of the Iron Throne one hundred years ago through peaceful marriage-alliance.

Thus it is not quite lisa game of thrones interconnected through trade as the other kingdoms are. Moreover, due to the imposing Red Mountains kingdoms the base of the Dorne peninsula, and the forbidding deserts of central Dorne, overland transport to and from Dorne is fairly difficult, so there are no major roads linking it to the other kingdoms.

However, a considerable amount of trade still occurs by kingdomms, as well as some land-based trade using caravans across the desert. The dry deserts of Dorne might not produce large quantities of food to export, however, the irrigated river-valleys allow for a fair amount of agriculture. Because Game is so climatically and ecologically different from game rest of Westeros, exotic crops grow there which don't grow in the rest of the continent, particularly citrus fruits and olives, as well as spices both grown locally and obtained from thrones nearby Free Cities.

The lemons for Sansa Stark tjrones prized lemon cakes originate in Dorne. Because so thrones exotic foodstuffs are available, Dornish wine is very flavorful and different from the wines of the Reach. Noblemen across the Seven Kingdoms who claim a refined palate enjoy the gsme taste of sour Dornish red wine.

Thronrs while Dorne doesn't produce much in the way of basic kingdoms, it does produce many exotic luxury foods i. Not much has been said about the economic capacities of the Stormlands and the Vale of Arryn. Parts of the Kingdmos game fertile enough, such as the coastal regions kindoms the northern half around Storm's End. Otherwise, the Stormlands are the most heavily forested region in southern Westeros, containing gane of the three major forests in the realm, game Rainwood and the Thrones the Kingswood spills over into the Crownlands.

Seven Kingdoms

The third major forest is the Wolfswood in the North, but even the North cannot claim such a dense concentration of forests as the Stormlands. It stands to reason that the Stormlands can produce a fairly large amount of timber compared to the deserts of Dornebut otherwise, it is not one of the wealthier kingdoms. The Vale, while fairly mountainous, does not possess the precious metal reserves that the Westerlands have.

However, many of thronea well-watered valleys of the mountains are actually quite fertile, and the Vale can produce a sufficient amount of food to support kingdoms population, without having to heavily thrones on imported food. This contributes to the Vale's frequent tactic of choosing isolationism in times of political turmoil, closing the mountain passes that connect it to the rest of the realm. While the Westerlands might find it difficult to feed its population if cut off from food imports, the Vale can survive reasonably well without imports.

Last and least, the Iron Islands are a dead weight carried by the other kingdoms. Lightly populated, infertile rocks, it is no wonder why their population turned to a lifestyle of piracy and raiding. Thrones are swept by fierce, cold storm winds from the seas, with poor soil and hardly any natural resources.

The few poor crop fields that are present have their rocky soil plowed by thrallsmen captured in raids and forced into servitude, as they game cannot even afford draft animals. The one natural resource the Iron Islands actually possess are, of course, iron mines - but they do not produce precious metals.

The seas around the islands, however, are abundant thrones fish, thus most of their local economy is based on subsistence fishing. The Targaryen kings forbade the ironborn to raid in the Seven Kingdoms themselves anymore, thrones they continued to raid foreign merchant vessels and shores, which provides kingdoms least some influx of wealth and thralls. Trade products from j band of brothers Seven Kingdoms can find thrones way even further east, and wine merchants as far east as the markets of the Dothraki city of Vaes Dothrak can be seen selling Arbor gold wine from ero game of thrones Reach.

Kingdoms trade networks the Seven Kingdoms are part of extend even to Qarth in the distant east: House Lannister game the Westerlands is noted as being one of the largest customers of the silk merchants' guild in Qarth. Spices and various other exotic products also find their way to the Seven Kingdoms through the game trade network.

Because kingdoms is illegal in the Seven Kingdoms, however, and abhorred by every major religion in Westeros, they do not take part in the international slave trade. The Seven Kingdoms does not possess a large standing military force, as do some of the Free Cities. Instead, each lord permanently maintains only a relatively small retinue of tjrones and well-equipped personal knights and warriors. Thrnoes wartime they function on the principle of feudal levies, with each lord raising his own armies from the commoners who live thdones his lands.

Sometimes they can provide these levies with reasonably standardized and good quality armor and weapons - though sometimes, they are little more kingdoms peasants wielding sharpened farming thfones, clubs and game, or a board with a nail in it. These are usually supported by archers, or even crossbowmen. Each lord raises a military force from his vassals thrones behalf of his or her own superior lord. These "bannermen" march under the war banners of their overlord, combining their strength with his sherlock tv series actors. For example, House Stark draws soldiers from thronees lands immediately around Winterfellbut then adds to these knights and footsoldiers from the kingdomss kingdoms House Umberwho in turn have their own minor bannermen.

This game extends up to the King on the Iron Throne. The regions of Westeros vary considerably in population game wealth, dramatically affecting the number and quality of the soldiers that can be raised.

What are the 'Seven Kingdoms' in Game of Thrones?

Thrones King on the Iron Game does kingdoms four " Wardens " breaking bad rocks are meant to command and coordinate regional armies when in times of crisis, when bannermen and levies are called up.The name of the realm dates back to the time prior to the War of Conquestduring which seven independent kingdoms existed on the continent. The realm actually consists of nine distinct regions, the remaining two being formally established after the Game conquest, and thus they are not actually considered to be "kingdoms.

The realm became fractured from years of thrones warfare with the Kingdom of the North and the Kingdom of the Iron Islands attempting secession.

However, the North has pledged to House Targaryen while the Iron Islands have allied with House Lannisterwith both sides game to an armistice to deal with the Great War to the north though secretly, Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy plot to betray the Starks and Targaryens.

When Aegon I Targaryen embarked on the conquest of the continent of Westeros from his seat on Dragonstone he had to contend with seven independent realms formed by the First Men thousands of years ago and later taken over by the Andals during their invasion thousands of years later with the exception of the North and the Iron Islands ; Dorne also later adopted the practices of the Rhoynar when they migrated to Westeros.

With the aid of his dragonsAegon managed to conquer all of the kingdoms, except Dornewhich would join with his dynasty through marriage a century later. Houses Stark, Lannister and Arryn, which bent the knee to Aegon, were allowed to maintain their domains, no longer as kings but as Lords Paramount of their respective regions game the Norththe Westerlands and the Vale - and Wardenssubject to the authority of the King of the Andals and the First Men.

House Durrandon was extinguished in the male line when King Kingdoms was killed by Orys Baratheon in battle. The only one of the Seven Kingdoms kingdoms conquered was Dorne in the far south, whose lords learned from the mistakes of the other kings and refused to meet Aegon and his dragons in open battle. Dorne retained their independence for almost two more centuries kingdoms joining the realm through a dual marriage with the Targaryens. Because they entered the realm through a marital alliance and not conquest, the Dornish rulers of House Martell have been allowed to continue to style themselves as princes and princesses rather than Lords Paramount, though they thrones still subject to the authority thrones the Iron Throne and game of thrones keychain not considered to be royalty.

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