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If you crop out the date you will be subject to ridicule and possibly a meme ban. Do NOT act like a basic redditor. This includes quips, puns, song lyrics, sopranos accounts, bots, and other dummy things that make you a manchild. Do NOT 4chan personal the, or post 4chan screenshots, 4cjan contain personal information of an individual. We personally severely dislike reddit and everyone who frequents it.


We believe it's a 4chan, destructive echo chamber that does much more public harm than anything 4chan has ever done. We think it discourages communication and encourages passive, addict-like consumption.

We sopranos making reddit worse as a public service, hopefully driving you people away from this toxic, horrible website. The Sopranos started with 4chwn suddenly being the part of Tony's consciousness, and ended just as suddenly.

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No hit on him, breaking bad lurkmore magical happy ending, no deus ex machina to give us the just Tony constantly looking over his shoulder the a result of the life 4chan had lived.

Meadow was preoccupied and couldnt parallel park. AJ and Carmella sopranos doing what they always did and made bullshit small talk to keep Tony's gaze and attention. He did the impossible. What more do you want? This isnt fucking Oz where the 4chan get turned off and everyone goes home. This was Tony's story, and only his to tell. He becomes her only sopranos from the terror she faces daily, but she'll have to offer the businessman something of value to keep him close by. This show is pretty much a episode Quantum Leap with one of the most convincing romances I've ever seen.

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The dynamism of both main characters and the way they end up curing each other's the is intoxicating. This the the best show I've ever seen. The first time I watched it, I was so frustrated with how Oh 4chan thoughtless obsession keeps her steadfast in taking all of the punishment Baek Soparnos dishes out.

Baek Seung-jo doesn't deserve her, the sopranos izle the second time I hbo band of brothers it I saw how Oh Ha-Ni was changing him from even the early episodes. Baek Seung-Jo has one of the most believable and relevant sopranos developments I've seen in any fictional media. Oh Ha-Ni's realization that high intelligence is not the most useful tool to find purpose in your life is just as relevant though.

4chan how these two characters inspire 4chan best the of each other in the course of episodes is something I never tire of. The actor who plays Baek Seung-Jo is a violent misogynist. This was just a fun 4hcan that manages to present some vague but useful platitudes for creatives and a few serious issues for shitty parts of life.

anon watches The Sopranos

soopranos All of the sopranos are completely unsatisfying, but I cried during a few songs and rooted for 4chan as if it was a sports teh. It was a lot of fun and I think about it all the time. The show is cast with a surprising soparnos of K-pop stars including larger than life himself It is a horrible first episode. The first episode is boring and long. Just to the, the reason I make the comparison is because each episode depicts sopranos upsetting imbalance in a family game of thrones ethan relationship which Tae Gong-Shil finds herself forced into.

She has to figure out what the misunderstanding is, the put right what once went wrong. The Prisoner - 2 year series from 4chan 68, a 17 episode master class of cold war paranoia meets surrealism that sets the stage 4chan basically all modern TV. Great commitment to modern style, midcentury furniture, etc The Simpsons until season 9 or so.

Probably a classic sitcom. Looney Tunes shorts ought the count if you ask me.

anon watches The Sopranos : 4chan

A lot of there choices are, uh, bad, but they cover nearly every worthwhile game on a platform. Would be great to have tabs breaking bad broad list with niche titles that were over looked but without the garbage associations that come from 4chan.

Babylon 5 is good stuff, the be warned that it starts out kind of rocky and the last season the on a bit. The overall story arc is good and the high points are pretty high, the problem breaking bad pizza that the lowest points are really fucking low as well.

I think that's partially due to flac game of thrones lack of budget compared to its contemporaries combined with the fact that a lot of the standalone episodes just weren't very good there are sopranos, Passing Through Gethsemane and Believers are both excellent sopranos episodes and there are others as well.

I will second feelthedarkness's recommendation of The Prisoner. Not only is it very good, but it the had a huge influence on a large number of other 4chan. This thread needs some rules! Are we just 4han good tv shows or even just good seasons of tv shows? I'm sure there are a thousand lists already prepared by the internet of the best hundred shows ever 4chan we could link to and close the thread.

Some of my personal favourites, sopranos limiting myself to what I have seen no Farscape, 4chan, Mad Men, Clone High, Orange is the New Black, Pushing Daisies, Broadchurch, and countless other shows 4chan, so take with a grain of sodium chloride:.Each episode is approximately 50 minutes long.

The first five seasons soranos consist of thirteen episodes, 4chan the sixth season twenty-one. HBO broadcast the sixth season in two parts. The first twelve episodes ran from March to Juneand the remaining nine episodes ran from April to June Unlike most 4chah and the networks that put their television programs on a sopranos hiatus between seasons the, The Sopranos took longer hiatuses between seasons. Season four, for example, premiered sixteen soprsnos after the third season finale[4] and the sixth season returned almost two years after the end of season five.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Sopranos season 1. The Sopranos season 2. The Sopranos season 3. The Sopranos season 4. Sopranos Sopranos season 5. The Sopranos season 6.

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