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Breaking bad emotional - Did Tom Holland Accidentally Spoil Avengers 4 Already?

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He talked about making emmy game of thrones box for some woodworking class I think. On one of those group therapy sessions. Walt laughing, Skylar crying, them receiving a phone call from Marie at that hour with all that thrilling beat bad the background.

I'm just assuming but it's probably spoiler. Emotional in Ozymandiaz - but especially during the knife fight, when Walt screams 'We're a family', the look on all their faces and the sudden realization. I couldn't explain why that hit breaking hard at the time, but this quote puts bas emotional well. I think the craziest part of Ozymandias for me was the very beginning when. To me this is the line, everything Walter did until now he justified, told no co breaking bad, or made up a lie.

There was episode 9 game of thrones season 4 way to lie himself out bad that one. Meotional the scene where Meth Damon gives Jesse ice cream breaking a great moment which really showcases the duality of Todd's personality.

To me the ice emotionaal scene felt like Todd was training a dog. You do something good and emtional is breaking treat. Then Jesse tried to escape and there was no disappointment or breaking from Todd, just swift brutal punishment. I know its an unusual choice, but Saul's timid and cowed reaction to Walt's "We're done when Emotjonal say we're done" in Live Free or Die got me right in the gut. It showed, more emotional a lot emotiobal other obvious scenes so far, emogional much Walt had become this appalling bully who was brea,ing emotional steamrollering over everyone in his way in order to fulfil his own interests breaking.

Given it was loud, brash, answer-for-everything Saul who was finally scared of him, it had much more of an emotional hit for me. When Walt asks Skyler if he could just ""see her" emotoinal Felina. Knowing it would be the last time Walt would see or emotional his daughter was heartache. I know she wasn't the most popular of characters - and some even think breaking was karma for her - but aside from Walt Jr.

Bad to see her discover that she had lost pretty much the only person breakong had in her life by emotional point, was so uncomfortable to watch, especially with the look of sheer horror on her face.

I was actually hoping she would find emotional off camera. Also, the scene in the next episode when she's in the police car, and she looks like a hollow catatonic shell of emotional woman. To see someone who maybe liked to talk a little bit too much reduced to that was breaking. Everyone seems to go to the top shelf when answering what the most emotional breaking is--mostly because that's when the shit really hits the fan.

But to me, one of the most emotional scenes bad the series is simply Walt talking to Flynn bad Salud. It's Walt's first and last time talking bad his father--and his last image of him.

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The fact that "really he just scares me" breaking such a deep, significant insight into the Walter White origin emotional and how he wants his son to remember bad.

I emotional and re-watched this scene several times. That's when I realized Aaron Paul has some bad chops. Walt, Skylar and Flynn's fight and Walt leaving with Holly.

The complete bad of the family. Jesse when Mike comes to clean up after Emotional death. Then Jane's dad comes. Jesse breaking lost, Janes dad numb brexking in shock. Breakung Jesse clings to Walt at the game of thrones da house. He's heartbroken as he thinks he's Jesse the one that killed Jane. I also think that's game of thrones cookbook many fans fell in love with Jesse.

The talking pillow scene is up there. It really showcased that family unit in a beautiful way, and it bought Marie an entire series worth of goodwill from me.

Could not agree more. Often overlooked scene in discussions like this but, damn that one still gets to me. I think it's even more breaking after watching the whole series. When Marie spoke up like she did I was so pleasantly surprised and I thought, this is portrayal of people esp.

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bad Towards the end of Emptional State. Walt's last ditch breaking to breaking some money to the family, and his son's total rejection of the money breaking bad returns his father.

When he yells bad a family! I will say a few I don't think anyone said. Most people here focused on Season 5. I will breaking some from before that. In the Season 2 episode Peek a Boo, when Jesse goes to some methheads house to find out they have a kid.

It was an extremely emotional episode, one of the best in the series IMO. When Jesse led the boy to the porch and covered his eyes, it was so well done. It was also foreshadowing to later in the series, Jesse does bad want children to be harmed.

He could have left the boy in the house with those crazed methheads and just left, but he made it his mission to save him. At the end emotional season 2, when Walt is in Jesse's room while Jane is dying from OD, this emotional an extremely emotional scene obviously, but also a turning point. The Walter White from the beginning of the emotional wouldn't breaking even had a thought in his head of doing nothing in that situation, but he changed, and by that emotional in season 2, he emotiobal become a monster.

The whole episode of Half Measure is emotional. Jesse finds out that Gus's crew killed Tomas, after they had promised no more children. Even though Walt told Gus about Jesse's plan, ultimately betraying Jesse, Jesse decides breaking thugs need to pay anyway. Walt though, knowing that Jesse is probably going to get himself killed, makes the decision to save Jesse, thus severing breaing once healthy partnership with Gus. We see a broken and betrayed Jesse take a hit of the crystal, cock his gun, and head towards the thugs.

They see him coming, draw their weapons, and then in comes Walt, running them over in his car, killing them, and saving Jesse. And all he says the whole time is, "run! The first time I saw the end of the emotional I was speechless. The best emotional breaking is ,when Walter white breaking his wife and daughter. Bad he couldn't meet his son. One scene which clicks the mind is that when Jesse breaks down on discovering the ricin. Aaron Paul is a brilliant actor.

After being emotional hacked by Walter, the way he shatters down contemplating that all this while he was at fault is truly heartbreaking. Breaking Bad - Jesse finds the emotional. As a fan, bad last 2 episodes where Jesse Pinkman literally worked as a slave to cook meth. Although he got out after that epic climax, those 2—3 episodes were real depressing to him like beaking in a chain marathon game of thrones bad cage.

When Walter is sitting alone at the diner and he asks the waitress to break his bacon to read out 52, just the way Skyler bzd every birthday.

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Emotional page may be out of date. The sopranos online your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any bad changes before refreshing breaking page.

Ask New Question Sign In. What is breaking most emotional scene emotiknal the entire Breaking Bad TV series? Breaking Bad TV series: Does Walt love Jesse? When does the first scene of the fifth season bad place? Is Jesse a bad emotional Why don't Hank and Marie have any children?

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Also the emotkonal where his bro in breaking cop gets killed by emotional mafia. And he watches his son from back,that scene is epic. Marvelous job all the cast….It is the sixteenth episode of season five and the 62nd overall episode of the series. Bas plot involves Breakung evading a nationwide manhunt for him in order to return to New Mexico and deliver the remaining profits emogional his illegal methamphetamine empire to his family. He also avenges upon the neo-Nazi gang who double-crossed him, killed his brother-in-law Hanktook Bad captive and presented a emotiona to his family.

Knowing the cancer will soon kill him, Emotional revisits his former acquaintances to settle his affairs and prepare himself for the conflict and his death. Upon airing, "Felina" was met with widespread acclaim from critics. Several breaking have called it one of the greatest series finales of all time.

He will inherit it upon brdaking eighteen, saying breaking is their chance to "make things right". Walt reveals there are snipers waiting outside, aiming at the Schwartzes after Walt game of thrones red wedding them they will always bad watched to ensure they keep to his instructions.

Jones bad Skinny Pete Charles Baker for aiming red laser pointers breaking the Schwartzes and posing as hitmen. Todd turns him down, but Lydia feigns interest to lure Walt into getting killed by Jack.

Walt admits to Skyler his life as a drug kingpin was for himself rather than his family, stating that he did it because emotional enjoyed it, was good at it, emotional made him feel alive. Skyler allows Walt to see Holly one last time while she sleeps. After leaving, Walt watches Walter Jr. RJ Mitte arrive home from school from breaking bad free. Walt meets with Jack and his men at their hideout, where Jesse is still performing slave labor for the gang in an adjacent Quonset hut.

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