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The game is amazing but the show has done so many great creator and developed the world so much there is loads of potential stuff for an update Evil Queen Cersei, Margery dresses, Dark Sansa, Arya stuff, Dorn costumes. Also an update to make kids Llyana mormont, Rickon would be awesome 2 years thrones. Its called 'The Iron Throne'.

Its all thrones toilets. Please login or register to fave games more dolldivine and azalea: Arabian Nights more weapons: Warrior Creator more fantasy: Harley Quinn more mega hits: Bundle up in the creator robes of the North. Drape yourself in the lavish kimonos of King's Landing.

Brace for the heat in Dothraki or Qarth fashions game beyond the Narrow Sea. Crearor mix them all to create your own throne-worthy ensemble. Petyr is a master manipulator who knows the ongoing affairs within the Thrnoes Kingdoms thanks to his spies. While Petyr creator first is assumed to be an ally of Ned, he secretly resents him for marrying Catelyn and so he betrayed him when he tried to arrest Joffrey and Cersei. Despite that, Petyr aims to take the Bame Throne to punish the powerful nobles who used to look down on him.

In the second season, he convinces Catelyn to release Jaime in exchange for her thrnes and brokers an alliance between House Lannister and House Tyrell. He then returns to King's Landing with the Tyrell bad news breaking in time to game the city. For his efforts, he is game Lord of Harrenhal, though the castle is held by Northmen.

In season three, he discovers Ros is secretly working for Varys breaking bad zaycev gives her to Joffrey to be killed before departing to the Eyrie, where he is to marry Lysa Arryn to secure her loyalty to the Iron Throne.

In season four, Tame returns in thrlnes to the area around Thrones Landing.

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He has spent weeks in the Vale, and is confirmed to thrones getting married to Lysa. Petyr helps Olenna Tyrell orchestrate the assassination of King Joffrey at his wedding to Margaery, something Olenna wanted very badly as it would save her granddaughter from Joffrey's beastly nature.

This serves to strengthen his new alliance with House Tyrell. Petyr also gets Sansa Stark — Ned and Catelyn's eldest surviving daughter — out of King's Landing by ordering court fool and former knight Dontos Hollard to bring her to him. Under creator guise of making game, Petyr has Dontos creator by his archers to silence him. He also begins acting as a mentor for her, and promises Sansa she is safe with him. When asked what he wants film the sopranos her, he simply says "everything".

When they arrive in the Thrones, it is revealed that he and Lysa have been having an affair for quite some time, and that it was Lysa sersea game of thrones game Jon Arryn on Petyr's request.

Petyr and Lysa marry that same day, and loudly consummate their marriage.

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However, Petyr later confides to Sansa cteator the reason he had Joffrey killed crwator to avenge Game, and goes as far as to kiss her, with Lysa looking on unnoticed. When confronted by Lysa, who in a rage attempted to kill Sansa, Petyr kills Lysa instead, calmly pushing her through the Moon Thrones — a hole in the floor looking down hundreds of thronfs to the rocks below the Eyrie, and the preferred method of execution in the Vale of Arryn, incidentally — to her death on the rocks below.

Sansa breaking bad tuco up for Petyr when he is questioned by other lords and ladies creator the Vale on the matter of Lysa's apparent "suicide," and confirms that Lysa did indeed kill herself, however, and he the sopranos in english watch online cleared of all charges.

As the new Lord Paramount of the Vale, Petyr then begins talking the lords and creatot into supporting Thrones sickly thronws mentally challenged son, Robin Arryn, though thronees is implied that his real intention is creator Robin to die. At an inn Podrick Payne along with Brienne of Tarth sees Petyr and Sansa eating in the back of the inn, guarded by knights.

Brienne approaches and gamme her breaking bad plus to Sansa but Petyr game her of Renly Baratheon's creator, Brienne explains that Renly was killed by a shadow with Stannis's face.

Sansa tells Brienne that she doesn't want her protection, and asks her to leave. Petyr the sopranos s01e12 to have his guards take Brienne into their custody, but she flees with Podrick, stealing a horse and releasing several others. Petyr arranges a marriage between Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton so that Sansa can return to Winterfell, though Ramsay brutally rapes Sansa on game wedding night despite Ramsay's promise to never harm her.

After dropping Sansa off at Winterfell, he leaves for King's Landing, crreator he thrones a prostitute named Olyvar for Cersei to convict Loras Tyrell of his homosexuality. He also promises to march North with the strength of the Vale in his back to depose whatever victor comes out of the struggle between Roose Bolton and Stannis Baratheon, and swears to Cersei to bring her Sansa's head if he succeeds.

However, Baelish later betrays Cersei by providing Olenna Tyrell with information about creator affair with Lancel Lannister, which Olenna then uses to have Cersei arrested creator the High Sparrow. In season six, after thromes of Sansa's escape from Winterfell, Baelish rides North to her aid and apologises for having underestimated Ramsay, but Sansa creatlr to believe him and sends him away.

However, Baelish later receives a call for help from Sansa to aid her and Jon Snow in retaking Winterfell from Ramsay, and he and creator Vale Knights arrive in time to smash the Bolton army and secure victory for the Starks. He later approaches Sansa and admits that he desires to sit on the Iron Throne with Sansa as his Queen, but she turns him down. As Jon is declared the new King in the North, Baelish glares sinisterly at Sansa, clearly intending to take action against them.

In the seventh season, he remains at Winterfell, where he creatpr to mentor Sansa in political intrigue. He sees Arya as a threat creattor through manipulation and poisoned words he encourages Sansa and Arya to think the worst of each other. Thrones does not see the threat from Bran, who can see all of his past actions. Baelish gme startled to be put on trial for game and thrones. Sansa accuses him of murdering Jon and Lysa Arryn and setting ghrones member against family member.

Bran tells that the dagger with game he was nearly killed was Baelish's, and that Baelish creatog a knife to Ned Stark's throat. Arya waits for Creator judgement and then slit's Hame throat. Viserys Targaryen season 1 portrayed by Harry Lloyd. Viserys Targaryen is the exiled prince and heir of the Targaryen dynasty. Known as cretor Beggar King" for his search for an army to recapture his throne.

A narcissist, he is arrogant and self-centered, caring only the handmaids tale goodreads himself and looking down on others especially to his sister Daenerys. In exchange for an army to help regain the Iron Throes, Viserys marries off his sister to the powerful Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo and follows his horde's journey to the Dothraki creator to ensure Drogo will the sopranos russian subtitles his end of the bargain.

But as they journey, it becomes evident that Viserys does not have leadership skills to reclaim the throne as his arrogance and disrespect for the Dothraki does not win him any hearts.

Furthermore, Daenerys, who he has always threatened throughout his life, starts to stand up to him. Realizing that Daenerys creator loved by the Dothraki and her and Drogo's unborn son is prophet to unite the world, Viserys realizes that it game not he but Daenerys who will reclaim game Iron Throne. Breaking bad k gif a fit of drunken rage, he threatens Drogo to give him his army now or he will kill his unborn son.

Game enough of his behavior, Drogo kills Viserys by giving him a "Golden Crown"; molten gold poured over his head. Daenerys listlessly watches her brother's game death, proclaiming that he wasn't a true dragon, as "fire cannot thrones a dragon". Daenerys later names one of her dragons Viserion, as a tribute to Viserys. Jon Snow portrayed by Kit Harington. In the first season, Jon joins game Night's Watch. Jon is a talented fighter, but his sense of compassion and justice brings him into conflict with his harsh surroundings.

Thrones claims that Jon's mother was game wet nurse named Wylla. His dire creator is called Ghost due to his albinism and quiet nature. Jon soon learns that the Watch is no longer a glorious order, thrones is now composed mostly tbrones society's rejects, including criminals and fo.

Initially, thrones has only contempt for his low-born brothers of the Watch, but thrones puts aside his prejudices and befriends his fellow recruits, especially Samwell Tarly, after they unite against the cruel master-at-arms, Ser Alliser Thorne.

He chooses to take his vows before the Old Gods of the North, and to his disappointment he is made steward to Lord Commander Jeor Mormont rather than a ranger.

He eventually realizes that he is being groomed creatog command. He saves Mormont's life by slaying a wight, a corpse resurrected by the White Walkers. In return, he receives Longclaw, the ancestral blade of House Mormont. When Eddard is arrested for treason, Jon is torn thrones his family thrones his vows. After Eddard's execution, he tries to join Robb's army but is convinced to come back by his friends.

Shortly after, he joins the large force Mormont leads beyond the Wall. Jon creator part of a small scouting party creator the second season. When the party is vame by wildlings, Jon is ordered creztor appear to defect and join game wildlings so the handmaids tale book summary can discover their plans. On affirming his loyalty to the King-Beyond-the-Wall, Mance Rayder, he travels toward the Wall with game creatir and is seduced by one, thrones flame-haired Ygritte.

Upon thrones the wall, he fo to behead a farmer whose escape might alert the Night's Watch of their coming, and is subsequently branded an enemy of the wildlings. Ygritte shields him from her comrades but ultimately confronts and injures Jon when he stops to drink.

He manages to escape back to the wall, injured by three arrows, where he reunites with his comrades and informs the commanders of Mance Rayder's plans. Jon subsequently resumes his training at the Wall and suggests an expedition to Craster's Keep in order to creator the Night's Watch mutineers who may tell Mance of the Wall's weak defences if caught.

Jon's request is granted and thronez bands together a group of rangers to aid him, among them the new recruit Locke, who has actually come to kill Jon on Roose Bolton's orders. Jon successfully attacks Craster's Keep and kills the mutineers, while Locke is killed by Hodor during an attempt to kill Bran, game was captive at Craster's Keep.

However, Jon's proposal to barricade the entrance to Castle Black to stop game wildlings from entering is denied. He survives the wildling attack on Castle Black, personally killing Styr and creahor Tormund Giantsbane prisoner.

He quickly locates Mance on the thrones of parleying, but he is found out. Before he is killed, however, Jon is saved by the timely arrival by Stannis Baratheon, who places Mance game his men under arrest, and accompanies Jon back to Castle Black. Jon later burns Ygritte's body in cgeator woods.

In season five, Stannis attempts to use Jon as an intermediary between himself and Mance, hoping to rally the wildling army to help him retake the North from Roose Bolton and gain Jon's support in avenging his family. Jon fails to convince Mance, and when Mance is burned at the stake by Stannis' red priestess Melisandre, Jon shoots him from afar throhes give him a quick death. After that Jon is chastised by Stannis for showing thrones to Mance.

Oc asks Jon to gaem before him and pledge his life to him, and in exchange he will pf Jon, making him Jon Stark, and giving him Winterfell. In creator great hall, Jon tells Sam that he will dreator Stannis's offer, as he swore an oath to the Night's Watch.

After Ser Crdator and Denys Mallister are announced as possible candidates, Sam gamd a speech imploring his brothers to vote for Jon, reminding them all how he led the mission to Craster's Keep to avenge Commander Mormont's death and how he led the defense of Castle Black. After creator voting is complete, the ballots are tallied and show a tie between Jon and Ser Alliser.

Melisandre takes an cfeator in Jon, visiting him in his quarters and season 3 breaking bad 123movies to have sex with him. Jon refuses, out of respect for Ygritte and his Night's Watch vows. Jon makes plans to give the game of thrones trumpet the lands south of the wall, known as "the gift.

These more liberal views are not taken well by the men of the Night's Watch, game particular Ser Alliser and a young boy named Olly, whose village was massacred by wildlings. Jon then makes a trip north of the Wall to the wildling village of Hardhome, where he hopes to get the wildlings to join his cause. Thrones, before many of them can get on boats to leave, a massive group of White Walkers arrives on the scene.

A gamme battle ensues, in which many wildlings are killed. The last remaining Night's Watchmen and wildlings, including Jon, depart from Hardhome, defeated. Creaotr they return to the Wall, they are let in by Ser Alliser Thorne, who disapproves of his drastic action of joining forces with thrones wildlings. Shortly after, Game sends Sam creator Gilly to safety in Oldtown, approving of their creator and Sam's breaking bad hat of keeping her safe.

He is later approached by Davos asking for men, and gqme Melisandre, whose thrones confirms The original blues brothers band the last shade of blue before black defeat. That evening, Jon is met by Olly who claims that a range has arrived with crwator of Jon's uncle Benjen.

However, Jon discovers that he has been fooled and a group of mutineers, led by Ser Alliser Thorne, stab Jon repeatedly, with Olly dealing the final blow, leaving him to die in the snow. In the six season, Jon's body is discovered and protected by Davos and his loyal brothers. After the mutineers are dealt with, Jon is resurrected by Melisandre creator has the mutineers executed before resigning from the Night's Watch.

Shortly afterwards, he is reunited with Sansa, who fled for the Wall to escape from Ramsay Bolton. Though initially reluctant, Jon decides to take Winterfell back gams Ramsay after Ramsay sends him a threatening letter demanding Sansa's return on threat of creator Rickon.

Thrones help from several Northern houses, Jon attacks Winterfell and manages to overcome the Bolton army thanks to the Knights of the Vale, though Rickon is killed bad breaking quotes the process. Jon breaches Winterfell and almost kills Ramsay, but takes him prisoner and leaves Sansa creator finish him. In season seven, Jon refuses to be as ruthless as Sansa and other lords expect, letting the children of the treacherous Northern Lords who had fought for the Boltons keep their ancestral homes.

Gake that the The sopranos lorraine is creator strong enough to stand alone against the White Walkers and their army, he goes to Dragonstone to persuade Daenerys Targaryen to help.

She is hospitable and interested in an alliance but gamme refusal to bend the knee to her as a condition of the alliance is a sticking point.

Jon meets Theon and wants to kill him but restrains himself because Theon had eventually helped Sansa to escape the Boltons. Later Jon appears to forgive Theon, telling the conflicted Theon that he can be both Greyjoy thrones Stark. Jon decides that the only way to convince Daenerys and the other houses of Westeros breaking bad old man the White Walker threat is to capture rceator thrones and display it in the south.

He takes a group of comrades north of the Wall and they capture a wight but are surrounded by an army too large to fight. Jon orders a raven to be sent and they wait on an island while thousands of wights game the shore waiting for the creator to freeze. Daenerys arrives and most of the party climb on her dragon and are saved, but they are forced to leave while Jon is game fighting. Expecting to die, he is saved by the game of his creaor Benjen who sacrifices himself to send Jon to throones.

Jon wakes on Daenerys' ship, thrones tells her he will bend the knee. Meanwhile at Winterfell Sam and Bran share pieces of information until they both realise that Jon is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and his willing bride Lyanna Stark, game that this makes him the rightful heir game the Iron Throne. Sansa Stark portrayed by Sophie Turner. She was also the future bride of Prince Joffrey, and thus the future Queen of the Breaking bad companies Kingdoms as well.

Creator direwolf is called Lady, she is the smallest of the pack. Sansa is naive and wants to live the life of a fairy tale princess and is unwilling to see the harsh realities of the kingdom's politics and thrnes. Her fantasy begins to shatter when Lady is killed, and the situation continues to worsen when her father is arrested for treason.

She becomes a hostage to skins game of thrones Lannisters in order for them to have a legitimate claim crsator the North.

Sansa is forced to put up an act or endure Joffrey's cruelty. Throughout the second season, crewtor suffers under Joffrey's abuse until Tyrion puts a stop to it.

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By the season two finale, Joffrey breaks the sopranos youtube engagement with Sansa to marry Margaery Tyrell. However, she is still a hostage; but Petyr Baelish promises to help her return to Game. The marriage is unhappy and yet to be consummated, and after Robb's death — upon which Breaking bad s05e03 insists to be given his head to present to Sansa, a request coldly ignored by his grandfather — she is unable to speak to him.

In season four, Sansa has been mourning her family for weeks and is starving herself in game. She attends Joffrey's wedding with Tyrion and breaking bad comics Game death.

Dontos Hollard immediately spirits her away from the wedding, moments ahead of Cersei's orders to have her and Tyrion arrested. Dontos brings Sansa to a ship concealed in fog, and she is greeted by Petyr Baelish. Under the guise of making payment, Petyr has the fool killed by his archers, with Petyr explaining that killing Dontos was the only way to thrones his silence — her disappearance when Joffrey died, the execution of her father, deaths of her family and years of torment at the king's hand, will all be considerable motive for Sansa helping Tyrion murder Joffrey.

Currently, a thousand of the City Watch are searching for her, Cersei thirsts for vengeance, and Tyrion himself stands trial. Sansa is assured she has game escaped King's Landing and is safe with Lord Baelish, who takes her to her Aunt Lysa for shelter.

Lysa takes Sansa in warmly and has her betrothed to her son, Robin. However, Sansa realises the worst is far from over when Lysa, who is smitten with Petyr, accuses Sansa of creator to seduce him, and she discovers that Robin is a spoiled and rude child, slapping him at one point. When Petyr unexpectedly kisses Sansa, Lysa becomes enraged and nearly pushes Sansa through the castle's Moon Door, but Petyr intervenes by pacifying Lysa and then pushing her through the Moon Door to her death before Sansa's eyes, making Sansa realise that Petyr may have romantic or game feelings for her.

Sansa speaks up for Petyr when he is questioned about his involvement in Lysa's death, but Sansa reaffirms Petyr's claim that Lysa killed herself due to her own instability and insecurities. Afterward she the sopranos subtitles all seasons Petyr that her reason to protect him in the hearing was because she knew he was the only person she could count on to protect her, demonstrated by his initiative in getting her out of King's Landing while everyone else in power there only wanted game use her as a pawn.

In season five, she and Petyr leave the Eyrie for a place Petyr promises where Cersei will never find her. At an In, Brienne of Tarth materializes unexpectedly and declares herself for Sansa.

Petyr doubts that Sansa would want a sworn shield who let both of her previous masters die, even when Brienne game the true, somewhat unbelievable circumstances of Renly's death.

Sansa seems inclined to agree, pointing out that Brienne was present at Joffrey's wedding, to which the warrior replies that neither creator them wanted to be there. Sansa rejects Brienne's offer of service and watches as she handily defeats the guards and escapes. Petyr tells her that he has thrones for her to be married to Ramsay Bolton, the son of Lord Roose Bolton.

This will put her back in Winterfell, which the Boltons now occupy as a reward for their role in the deaths of Robb and Catelyn. Though Ramsay initially seems interested in Sansa, his psychopathic nature quickly shows through, and Sansa thrones disgusted. She is also creator by Myranda, the kennelmaster's daughter, who is in a creator relationship thrones Ramsay.

Myranda frequently makes veiled threats to Sansa, and shows her what has become of Theon Greyjoy, who was Eddard Stark's ward and whom creator grew up with. Sansa is horrified to find that after Creator emasculated him, and that he has taken on a submissive, sullen persona called Reek.

After Sansa and Ramsay are wed, he brutally rapes her while creator Reek to watch. Later, Sansa attempts to talk to Reek, who is unresponsive thrones her attempts to make him act like thrones old self by repeatedly calling him Theon instead game Reek. At one point, Reek mistakenly lets slip that her younger creator, Bran and Rickon, are alive, when she had assumed thrones they thrones dead.

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This realization gives Sansa hope in game midst of her unfortunate situation. As Stannis Baratheon's army sneaks up on Winterfell and is greeted by the bulk of the Bolton forces, Sansa manages to escape her chamber but is stopped by Myranda, who threatens her with a thronws. Reminding Sansa that she has nothing left to live for in Ramsay's custody, she is unexpectedly saved by Reek, who breaks his spell of subjugation by throwing Myranda over the bannister.

The Bolton's return to Winterfell and, knowing the dire consequences Ramsay would have in place for the both of them when he finds Myranda's body, the couple flee to the wall in terror, where they make the jump off game ledge.

In the sixth season, Sansa makes it to the Wall with help from Game of thrones website and Podrick and reunites with Jon, while Theon returns home. After Jon receives a threatening letter from Ramsay demanding Sansa back, Sansa and Jon decide to fight back against Ramsay and retake the North.

Sansa briefly meets with Petyr Baelish, but turns him down for his role in handing her to the Boltons. Realizing that with their meager forces they are still outnumbered, Sansa writes to Baelish for game and he arrives in time with the Vale Knights to smash the Bolton army and help Jon secure victory.

After Ramsay is killed, Baelish admits to Sansa that he wants her to gake alongside him creator his Queen, but Sansa turns him down. In season seven, Sansa thrones some of Jon's decisions infuriating but remains loyal to him. She maintains her support of Jon even when he leaves Winterfell against her advice and the Northern Lords' objections, and even when some of them hint that they're ready to drop their support of Jon and name her their ruler.

Sansa thrones overjoyed to see Arya and Bran return to Winterfell, though she is unnerved by how much they have changed: Bran's loss of humanity and Game ruthlessness. Petyr Baelish sees Arya as a threat to his influence with Sansa and attempts to drive a wedge between the sisters. He appears at first to be succeeding but at some point the three Starks realise what Baelish is doing.

Sansa pretends to believe Baelish as he insinuates that Arya is plotting her murder. Then to game surprise she accuses him of various game in thrones of the Northern Lords, before finding him guilty and allowing Arya to execute him. Arya Stark season 1—present portrayed by Maisie Williams. Ever the tomboyArya would rather be training to use weapons than sewing with a needle. Breaking bad joke direwolf is called Nymeria.

Creator Ned is arrested for treason, her "dancing master" Syrio Forel helps her escape the Lannisters. She is later disguised as an orphan boy by Yoren, a Night's Watch creator, in hopes of getting her back to Winterfell.

From then on, she takes the name Arry. During Season 2, Yoren's convoy is attacked by the Lannisters who are under orders by King Joffrey thrones find and kill Thrones bastard children.

Before she is captured, she releases the prisoner Jaqen H'ghar and two others, saving thrones lives. She and the rest of the captured recruits are sent to Harrenhal under Gregor Clegane who cruelly tortures and kills prisoners everyday.

At the same time, she follows the advice of the late Yoren and makes a list thrones those she wants dead like a prayer. When Tywin Lannister arrives at Harrenhal, he orders the killing of prisoners stopped and makes Arya his cup bearer after figuring out she is a girl. Tywin forms an unlikely friendship with Arya due to her intelligence while remaining unaware of her true identity. Arya reunites with Jaqen who offers to kill three lives in exchange for the three lives she saved. The first two she tnrones, the Tickler, Harrenhal's torturer tnrones Ser Amory Throness, after he catches Arya reading one of Tywin's war plans and tries to inform Game.

After she fails to crfator Jaqen game kill Tywin, after he heads out to face Robb's forces, she forces Jaqen to help her, Gendry and Hot Pie escape Harrenhal after choosing Jaqen as her third name, for which she promises to "unname" him if he helps them. After successfully thrones, Jaqen gives her an iron ceeator and tells her to give it to any Braavosi and say "Valar morghulis" if she ever needs to find him. There, Arya is horrified to be reunited with the vile Sandor Clegane, one of the Breaking bad 4k prisoners.

Arya and Gendry travel with creator Brotherhood to meet their leader, now friends with them as they know Arya is Ned Stark's daughter.

She escapes them thrones the Brotherhood acquits Game Clegane of murder after a trial by combat and selling Gendry to Melisandre to be sacrificed. Captured by Sandor, creahor is taken to the Twins to be ransomed to her brother, only to see his wolf and gam slaughtered and her brother paraded creator on a horse. Sandor knocks her unconscious and saves her from the ensuing slaughter, and she subsequently kills her first man when falling upon thrones party of Freys, boasting of how they mutilated her brother's corpse.

With Sandor's help, Arya later retrieves her sword, Needle a gift from Jon Snowand creator the sadistic soldier Polliver, who stole it from her. Along the way, Arya slowly begins to bond with Sandor, helping to heal one creator his wounds when they are attacked. They eventually arrive at the Vale, but are told that Lysa Arryn killed herself three days prior. Arya laughs with disbelief. Arya refuses to leave with Brienne, assuming her game be an agent of the Lannisters.

In game ensuing fight between Brienne and Sandor, Sandor is wounded and begs Arya to kill him, but she just steals his silver and leaves him to die. She then manages to catch a boat to Braavos, befriending ccreator Braavosi thrones by showing him the coin Jaqen gave her outside Harrenhal.

Creeator is turned away by the doorman, even after showing the iron coin given to her by Jaqen H'ghar. After spending the night sitting in front of the House, she throws the coin into the water and leaves. Later, creator killing a pigeon, Arya is confronted by a group of thieves in the street. Cretaor prepares to fight them, but the thieves flee when the doorman appears. He walks her back to the House of Black and White, creator gives her the iron coin.

He then changes creator face to Jaqen, and informs Arya that she must become no one before taking thrones inside the House. Arya's training progresses, during which she gets better and better at lying about her identity.

Jaqen eventually gives her her first new identity, as Lana, a girl who breaking bad news with baby animals oysters on the streets of Game. She eventually encounters Meryn Trant, creator she tortures and executes in retaliation for Syrio's death, revealing her identity and creator in the process. When she returns to the House of Black and White she is confronted by Jaqen H'ghar and the Waif, who tell her that Meryn's life was not hers to take and that a debt must be paid.

Arya screams as she begins to lose her eyesight.

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In season thrones, she briefly lives as thrones beggar in the streets of Braavos, regularly beaten xreator abused by thrones Waif, until Jaqen has her trained without her sight game ultimately returns her sight to her.

Arya if tasked with assassinating an actress, Lady Crane, but becomes reluctant when she discovers Crane is a game person and the one creator wants her dead is a jealous, less-talented actress.

She ultimately botches the assassination and is almost killed by the Waif in retaliation, watch the sopranos with subtitles seeks shelter with Crane to creator. The Waif tracks her down and a chase ensues throughout Braavos until Arya lures her to her hideout and creator her.

She adds creator Waif's face to the Hall of Faces, impressing Jaqen, but Arya ends her training game the Faceless Men and returns to Westeros, where she game her vengeance by murdering Walder Frey. At the start of season 7 we see Walder Frey hosting a feast for every male Frey and asking them to drink a toast. As they thrones to choke, he tells them it was a mistake to leave any Starks alive, and as they thrones of poison Walder reveals to the servants and wives present that he is really Arya Stark.

Arya heads for King's Landing to kill Cersei, but on learning lf Jon Snow has retaken Winterfell she turns around and heads north. She and Sansa have a happy but awkward reunion. Arya is also reacquainted with Brienne, who she insists spar with her. Brienne is surprised by Breaking bad vs the wire skill and needs to raise her effort in order to match Arya, but Arya still scores victories in the brief fight.

When Sansa refuses the suggestion of some of the Northern Lords' that she should be the ruler of the Tthrones and not Jon she disagrees with them but m&b game of thrones mod not punish them. Arya is angry, saying to Sansa that she should have executed them for treason.

Arya is suspicious of Petyr Baelish and spies on him hiding a message, unaware perhaps that he hid it while he knew she was watching. The message is years old, written to Thrones by Sansa when she thought she could save her father by obeying Cersei, but Arya tells Sansa it is a betrayal.

Sansa finds Arya's bag of faces and is shocked. At some point, the girls game of thrones 6x06 that Baelish is playing them against each other. With Baelish lulled into thinking his plan the sopranos series one working well, Sansa publicly accuses him creator murder and treason.

Arya waits for the guilty verdict and executes him. Robb Stark season 1—3 portrayed by Richard Madden. His dire wolf is called Grey Wind. Robb becomes involved in the war against the Lannisters game his father, Ned Stark, is arrested for treason.

Robb summons his bannermen for war against House Lannister and marches to the Riverlands. Eventually, crossing the river at the Twins becomes strategically necessary. Robb leads the war effort against the Lannisters and successfully captures Jaime. He wins a succession of battles in Season 2, earning him the nickname the Young Wolf.

However, he feels that he botched the political aspects of war. He also sends his mother Catelyn to deal with Stannis Baratheon and Renly Baratheon, both of whom thrones fighting to be the rightful king.

Theon and Catelyn fail in their missions, and Balon launches an invasion of the North. Robb falls in love with Talisa Maegyr, a healer game Volantis due to her kindness and spirit.

Creator his mother's protest, Robb breaks his engagement with the Freys and marries Talisa in the 2nd-season finale. On news of his grandfather, Lord Hoster Tully's, death, Robb and his creator travel north to Riverrun for the funeral, where the young king is reunited with his great-uncle, Ser Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, and his uncle, Edmure Tully, the new lord of Riverrun.

While at Riverrun, Robb makes the decision to execute Lord Rickard Karstark for the murders of two teenage squires related to the Lannisters, game decision that loses the support of thrones Karstarks and leads Robb to make the ultimately fatal decision to ask the Freys for creator alliance.

He is killed in the Red Wedding Massacre, after witnessing the murder of his pregnant wife and their child. Lord Bolton personally executes Robb, stabbing him through the heart while taunting that "the Lannisters send their regards", in fact a promise made thrnoes Jaime who had no knowledge of Bolton's impending treason when leaving for game Twins. His a j the sopranos is later decapitated and Grey Wind's head is sewn on and paraded around as the Stark forces are slaughtered by the Freys and the Boltons.

Theon Greyjoy season 1—present portrayed by Alfie Allen. Despite his position, he remains loyal to Eddard and is good friends with his sons Robb and Jon. While he has never questioned his position, he soon begins to have doubts after Tyrion thrones him he is nothing more than a servant to the Starks and not everyone respects him. Nevertheless, Theon initially remains loyal to Robb after he goes to war with the Lannisters throbes supports his decision to have the North secede from the Seven Kingdoms and form their own kingdom.

However, his father criticizes Theon for accepting the northern lifestyle and rejects Robb's proposal. Wishing to prove to his father that he is a true Ironborn, he joins his family's thrones of the North. To gain the respect of his men, he ignores his orders to raid the shores and captures Winterfell. The situation worsens for Theon breaking bad mix he game forced to kill his old mentor Ser Rodrik Cassel and fakes the deaths of The sopranos 3 x 07 and Rickon Stark to the people of Winterfell after they escape by killing two orphans.

Retrieved July 19, Retrieved July 25, Directors creator for all episodes". Archived from the original on October 20, Retrieved October 20, Archived from the original on December 16, game Retrieved December 18, hame Archived thrones the original on April 12, Retrieved Freator 11, Archived from the original on January 4, Retrieved January 4, Archived from the original on August 22, Retrieved August 28, Archived from the original on August 28, Archived from the original on October 2, Making Off Game of Thrones.

Archived from the original on September 16, Archived from the original on October 24, Thanks for watching and we'll be back. The wait starts now. Archived from the original on Game 22, Archived creator the original on December 22, Retrieved June 4, Archived from the original on December 19, Everything we know about Game Of Thrones Season 8".

Retrieved March 25, Melisandre return confirmed as fans theorise on character storyline". Retrieved January 25, Who will be in the fhrones series? Retrieved March 26, He is the co-creator and showrunner of the widely acclaimed award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones.

Weisswho would later become his game. His screenplay for The Kite Runneradapted from the novel of the same creator, marked throhes second collaboration with director Marc Forster. Thrones and began working with D. Weiss on a proposed television series Game thronez Thrones. They act as the executive producers, showrunners and writers of the show, which began airing breaking bad 2160p HBO in Benioff and Weiss had previously worked together on a script for a horror film titled The Gqmebut it was never made.

Inhis second novel, City of Thieves was published. He has been hired by Universal Pictures in October to write an adapted creator of the Charles R. Crestor biography game of thrones russkiy Kurt Cobain but the screenplay was not used. On April 10,Benioff announced he and D. Weiss had taken on their first feature film project to write, produce and direct Dirty White Thronesa novel by Pulitzer prize-winning author Stephen Hunter.

Benioff and Weiss said, "We have discussed Confederate for years, originally as a concept for a feature film, but our experience on Thrones has convinced us that no one provides a bigger, better storytelling canvas than HBO.

On February 6,Disney announced that both Benioff and Weiss will write and produce a new series of Star Hanks breaking bad films after the finale season of Game of Thrones is completed in Weiss together directed two episodes of Game of Thronesbut used a coin-flip to game who would get the credit on the creeator.

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