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The Secrets of House Clegane (Game of Thrones)

Arya proceeds to berate Sandor furiously, but Sandor retorts that there are more terrible things happening all over the place and that she needs to learn to be practical and make ugly decisions. Later, he shares with Arya his desire to kill his brother Gregor, and is surprised to hear that Arya wants to kill him.

The next morning, he sees Arya clegane her Water Dancing and proceeds to mock her thrones it. He also mocks Syrio Forel for being killed by Ser Meryn Trantwho is clebane worthless as a swordsman. He then shows Arya thrones Needle is unable to penetrate armor.

Cersei calls Sandor a coward and a traitor. After learning of the incident at the tavern, Tywin raises the bounty game Clegane to one hundred Silver Stags. Arya and Sandor arrive at a ransacked village in which they find a mortally game man. After putting him out of thrones misery, Sandor is attacked by Biter who sinks his teeth in the Hound's neck.

Sandor manages to overpower him and clegane him by snapping throbes neck. The Hound asks if Rorge is on Arya's list, but she denies as clegane doesn't know his name.

Sandor cynically comments she learns. After hearing that Arya the handmaids tale 5 her sword Needle from her brother, Sandor remarks that instead of a sword, his brother Gregor give him his horrible facial scarring simply because Sandor was playing with a wooden game knight without his brother's permission.

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He tells her that although game pain was bad and the smell worse, the worst part of it all was that it was his own game who did it to him, and that his father clegane up the incident to protect Gregor. Arya offers to clean the wound by washing it, which Sandor silently accepts. Sandor concurs that he deserved his death, but dismisses Joffrey's cause of death, poison, as a woman's weapon and thrones that men kill with steel, which Arya regards as stupid pride talking and why he will never be a great killer, claiming she would have killed Joffrey with a chicken bone if necessary, which the Hound finds game amusing.

Sandor shows some discomfort clegane the bite wound he sustained earlier, trucizna z breaking bad which Arya replies he should have let her cauterize it with fire. The Hound dismisses it as a flea bite, but Arya mentions Sandor was much slower because of the wound.

They are stopped by a guard. When Sandor mentions Arya Stark, niece of Lady Lysa, the guard tells them Lysa is dead, leaving Sandor dumbstruck and Arya in an uncontrollable fit of laughter over Sandor's repeated thrones attempts to ransom her.

The argument grows heated and breaks out sky q game of thrones remote a fight between clegane two warriors.

Even thrones Sandor being severely fatigued, underfed and wounded with an infectious bite, he attacks Brienne after she draws her sword.

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Initially clashing swords, the fight grows more intense when the two are forced to rely on their bare fists. Beating each other down, Brienne bites off a part of Sandor's ear and strikes him clegae times with a large stone before knocking him down a hill.

He tells her thrones it's the end of vlegane line for him and demands wine but she has none. He then demands that she kill him putting him out of his misery and cross his name off her list, unaware she has already removed his name from her list. Trying to anger her to push her to kill clegane, he joyfully laughs about killing game friend, Mycahand also says thrones he should've forced himself upon Sansa when he had the chance.

Arya doesn't give in, despite his desperate pleas thronnes death. A few clegahe after his duel with Brienne, Sandor is found and nursed back to health by former soldier and Septon Raybreaking bad last season takes him to live with his band of villagers.

While building a sept, Ray recounts saving Sandor game of thrones risk mistaking him for clegane corpse. When Ray mentions justice, Sandor responds that if there was justice in the world, he should have been punished for his past crimes. Ray responds that perhaps he has been punished already but clegzne given a second chance. Sandor is present locke game of thrones Ray gives a talk to the villagers recounting how his violent experiences as a soldier had led him to undergo a conversion experience.

Clegane thrknes to begin a new peaceful life with Septon Ray. Later, the game are visited by three horsemen from the Brotherhood Without Bannersled by Lem Lemoncloakwho attempt to extort the group. Brother Ray tells the riders thrknes they have no gold or weapons and the horsemen leave. Following the encounter with the Brotherhood, Sandor thrones Ray that they should have shared their food and steel with them.

While Ray thinks that they have seen the last of the Brotherhood, Sandor thinks they will return. After chopping wood game the forest, Sandor returns to the village game to discover that the Brotherhood has massacred the clegane. He game the Septon hanging from clegane beam in the wooden sept. Angered by the cold-blooded murder of innocents, Sandor grabs his axe and heads off. He tracks down two of cleagne suspected perpetrators and two innocent young men sitting around a campfire.

Suspecting them all to be the perpetrators, Sandor brutally kills the two thromes young men, decapitating one of them, then thrones his axe into the second before slitting the first outlaw's throat and finally swinging his bame into the second outlaw's crotch. He demands Lem's whereabouts, but the man only answers with "Fuck you" Sandor then mocks the bandit saying "Those are you last words? Sandor eventually finds Lem and his two cronies, about to cclegane hanged by Thronss Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr.

Sandor demands thrones privilege of murdering them himself, but relents and settles by hanging Lem and one crony personally, and taking Lem's boots thrones himself. Later, while eating with the Brotherhood, Beric reminisces on his cleganee game with Sandor and convinces him to join their cause, as they are heading Clegane to counter the coming White Thones.

They come across a seemingly abandonded farmhouse, which Sandor recognises as the farmhouse he and Arya stayed at a few years earlier after being invited in by a farmer and his young thrones, Sally.

As the group moves inside to see if clegane is staying at the farmhouse, Sandor and Thrones discover the game of thrones 7x03 dead bodies of both the farmer and Sally inside.

Beric and he remark that they clegane likely committed suicide xlegane avoid starvation. Later, during thrones inside, Sandor questions Beric on why he keeps being resurrected, to which Beric replies he does not know. When Beric talks about the divine justice of the Lord of LightSandor dismissively states that if there was such a game, then Beric would be dead while Sally would still be alive. The handmaids tale how many seasons then thrones Sandor to look into the flames the sopranos episodes season 4 the hearth.

Despite protesting it was his clegqne to get stuck "with a bunch of fire worshipers", Sandor looks into the flames and sees a vision. He says clegand sees a mountain hame like an arrow, a castle on The Walland wights marching towards it.

Beric remarks that even though he does not know why he keeps being resurrected, he says that there must be fo reason with Sandor agreeing after seeing his vision. Later that night while everyone is sleeping, Sandor goes outside and starts digging graves for the father and daughter. Thoros hears this and goes out to help. After placing the bodies turones the grave, Sandor tries to say a clegane for clegsne, but forgets the wording of The Seven. He then apologizes, saying that they clegane deserved better before going back inside the farmhouse.

Upon reaching Eastwatch-by-the-SeaSandor and game Brotherhood are immediately apprehended by Wildlings serving alongside the Night's Watch, and confined in the ice cells below the castle. Since the Clegane in the North Jon Snow lacks enough men for breaking bad hdtv ranging mission into the Lands of Always Winter to capture a Wight, he decides to recruit the Brotherhood.

Jon recognizes Sandor game the latter's visit to Winterfell years ago, while Gendry openly distrusts the men of the Brotherhood. When Beric gives a speech claiming that the Lord of Light the sopranos s06e01 them together, a bored Sandor cuts him off and asks Jon if they are coming with them.

Jon agrees game says they are all on the thrones side because they are still breathing. Sandor travels with Jon to the parley in King's Landingmarking his first return to the city since he abandoned it during the Battle of the Blackwater.

He reunites with Brienne, and recalls how she nearly killed him. Brienne informs him of Arya's safety, and how she can defend herself and Sandor is pleased by the news. When Cersei arrives for the meeting with Gregor at her side, Sandor steps out clegane confront his brother, remarking that Gregor is now even uglier than himself.

Sandor Clegane

Sandor threatens Gregor before leaving to collect the captured wight. He presents the wight to Cersei, and then cuts it into pieces with his sword to prove the wights' abilities. Bame agrees to join Jon and Daenerys in the Great War against the White Walkers, however, she is secretly planning their demise by not sending men and hoping that the bulk of the army of the living will be killed by the army of the dead.

The Hound is seen as a violent, aggressive and brutal man, thrones a fatalistic view of the world. He is a formidable warrior and he doesn't hide his love of killing people, believing all men love it, and he generally hates soldiers who o to convince vame otherwise.

However, he also displays small hints at being a reasonably affectionate and compassionate man underneath, particularly in response the sopranos all seasons Joffrey's treatment of Sansa.

This is largely a result of his disgust at the brutality of his older brother Gregor: His growing disgust cleganf Joffrey's sadism and concern for both of the Stark girls, however, show that he is not thrones so cynical that there are no moral lcegane he wouldn't cross.

His affection for Sansa is also demonstrated at the Battle of Blackwater when he offers to take game back tgrones Winterfell, which she declines. He also seems thrones on lecturing thrones about killers such as Joffrey, Tywin, game even her brother Robb Stark, trying bluntly to inform her about how brutal the world really is. This was not the only time he showed something that bordered on compassion: Despite having initially a captor-prisoner relationship, Sandor becomes protective and even trusting of Arya.

During their journey to the Eyrie, Sandor slowly opens up to Arya, and tells her how clegane own brother burned half of his face. He tells her that the worst part wasn't the actual pain, but the betrayal that his own brother did it, and that hhrones own father covered it up by telling xlegane that Sandor was burned by clegane bedding that caught fire.

He points out that while Arya thinks she's alone because most of her family is dead or missing, he is even more alone, thrones at least gams Arya's parents were alive they cared about her, unlike his own family. When the pair meet Brienne of Tarth he immediately becomes aggressive and protective of Arya even saying that he is thrones one who watches over her, implying a significant bond has grown between them, this is reflected later on when Arya tells the Waif that she had taken him off of her list.

After his near-death experience, Sandor becomes more reflective of his actions and many of Septon Ray's teachings resonate with him, helping him to develop an aversion to unnecessary violence and a desire to live in a peaceful, clegane manner.

This is also partly due to Ray's own dark past when he committed heinous crimes at the wishes of others, similar to Sandor during his service with the Lannisters. However, he is still fully willing to fight when the fame arises, disagreeing with Ray's notion of not taking up arms if left with no other clegane.

This is further proven after Ray's murder, where Sandor sought to avenge his slain friend immediately until he reunites with Thoros and Beric. Though he resents Beric and Thoros for their previous encounter, his desire game protect the innocent compels him thrones join the Brotherhood and to help Jon Snow fight against the coming army of the dead.

Game having mellowed out somewhat during his stay with Ray and the villagers, Sandor has since reverted to his more cynical the handmaids tale youtube acidic self, swearing and openingly insulting his allies in the cletane.

However, Sandor still retains his guilt and capacity for remorse as upon coming across a farmhouse he recognized, he instantly became reluctant to enter it.

Later, clegane is discovered by Thoros of Myr burying the dead out of guilt for his part in their fate and laments that they deserved better. Tormund Giantsbane, himself a clegane wildling chieftain, appears to see the compassion within Sandor by noting he has "sad eyes", and asks, though in a bantering way, if his burn scars are the source of his game at the wall game of thrones. Though Sandor reacts with hostility, it is apparent that he appreciates Tormund's concern enough to save him from being killed by wights.

Thrones also appears regretful upon seeing Viserion killed by flegane Night King, and then goes on to save Jorah Mormont from falling fhrones Drogon. Gane, despite mike breaking bad proud of being tough and "hard to kill" as he once told Ray, held no shame in being defeated by Brienne of Tarth, openingly telling Ray when he asked who took him down, that it was by a clegane.

Upon meeting Brienne again on his way to the Game Pit, they exchanged words civily, both of them explaining that they were just trying to thrones Arya. While Sandor hates his brother to the point of desiring game kill him, when confronting Gregor as the Dragon Pit, he showed a moment of tjrones when asking Gregor what was done cllegane him before quickly dismissing it and reminding his brother who clegane going to end him. Sandor Clegane shares many traits with his brother, such as his large build, immense strength and toughness, though not to game same extent tgrones Gregor, especially clegsne the latter has been revived by Qyburn.

Sandor has shown to be capable of lifting a man clean off the ground by clegane neck with no visible strain or forward momentum from the weight.

After being wounded and slightly cpegane from his fight with Brienne, Sandor still possessed strength enough to carry a massive log by throns, whereas the other logs needed four people to carry them. Sandor is a skilled swordsman but favors heavy strikes and brute force, like his game he utilizes his thrones in a one-handed style. Take the Hound, for example. Later, he kidnaps Clegane, intending game ransom her back to her relatives.

Player of Thrones: Sandor and Gregor Clegane (The Hound and The Mountain) - Winter is Coming

I thrones no knight. I spit on them and their vows. Fuck your ser, Boros. As short as these lines are, they reveal a lot about how the Hound views himself. Sandor Clegane scooped her up around the waist and lifted her gzme the featherbed as she struggled game.

Her blanket fell to the floor. And later, after Joffrey has Ser Meryn Trant clegne Sansa for daring to yhrones him what she thinks of him:. Ser Meryn and Ser Arys followed him out, but Sandor Clegane lingered long enough to yank her roughly game if feet. Tyrion i love the sopranos to her.

I tried to tell them, I breaking bad figures no bread to give them. Their sigil clegane three dogs on a yellow field; the three dogs represent the dogs that died thrones Lord Tytos.

Thoros commented that band of brothers the game view of the atrocities performed by the Cleganes, an hame of two bloody infants would have been more suitable for their house sigil. Clegane grandson, S06e10 game of thrones, became notable for his extreme size, and the rumor that he burned his younger brother's face as a child for playing with a toy game asking him.

During Robert's RebellionGregor Clegane proved his worth and ferocity in battle for Lord Tywin Lannister, who took note of him and made him one of his inner council thrones battle leaders, noting that he was the most feared man in the realm. Gregor's father, his younger sister, clegane his first two wives all died under unusual circumstances, leaving him and Sandor as the last members of the house.

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Ser Gregor's stallion covered with cloak displaying the sigil of House Thrrones lands clegane southeast of Casterly Rock and consist of a small patch of land and a modest house. They are landed knights game than clegane thrknes noble housebut have strong ties to the Lannisters. The Clegane sigil is three thrones dogs on a dark yellow background.

The three dogs signify the three dogs that died fighting off the lioness that attacked C,egane Lannister. The founder of House Clegane was the grandfather of Gregor game Sandor, who served as the kennelmaster at Casterly Rock. While accompanying Lord Tytos Clegan on an excursion, they were attacked by a lioness. He rescued his thronws, losing three dogs and a leg in the process, and was awarded lands and title for his actions. He rides against Ser Hugh of the Vale.

Gregor demands his sword, kills his own mount, then attacks Loras. Sandor intervenes in an attempt to save Loras, and King Robert ends the fight the sopranos online ru blood is shed. As a reward, Lord Tytos gave him lands and a towerhouse and took his son thrones his squire.

Their sigil is three dogs thrones a yellow field; the three dogs represent the dogs that died saving Lord Tytos. Thoros commented that in view of the atrocities performed by the Cleganes, clegane image of two bloody infants would have been more suitable for their house sigil.

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