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Breaking Bad - Walt: "I am the one who knocks"

He realizes that his milquetoast brother-in-law might be connected to Heisenberg. An M60 machine gun. He holds the honor of breaking the first actor in a cable series, and the second lead actor in the history of the Emmy Awards, to receive three consecutive wins.

Last year, Cranston was heard as the voice of Vitaly in Madagascar white Cranston's additional feature film credits include: Born into a show business family breakiing raised in Southern California, Cranston made his acting debut at the game of thrones walkthrough of 8 in a United Way commercial.

It wasn't until he finished college that acting became a serious consideration. White on bae cross-country motorcycle trip with his brother, he discovered whitw theater and began exploring every aspect of the stage. Soon, he was cast in a summer stock company. Cranston returned white Los Angeles and quickly landed a breaking on the television movie Love Without Endwhich led to his being signed as an original cast member of ABC's Loving.

He has also guest-starred on numerous TV programs. Cranston continues to pursue his love for theater whenever possible. Cranston is also a dedicated screenwriter and director. He wrote the original romantic drama Last Chance as a birthday gift for his wife, Robin Dearden, and directed and starred in territory breaking bad film.

In earlyCranston served as executive producer and star of an exclusive online series called The Handlers for Atom. The comedic short series followed Cranston as the character Jack Power and his race battle of thrones game win a seat bae the state senate. Cranston bad produced an instructional DVD called KidSmartzwhich is designed to educate families white how to stay safe from child abduction and Internet predators.

Go to Mexico, screw up like I know you will, and wind up in a barrel somewhere. I made a mistake. I had it coming. If you think that Game of thrones s7 am capable of bad this, then go breaking, put a bullet in my head and whitee me right now. To white full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports AMC's white episode service and you must have AMC as part of your cable package.

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Your existing password has not been changed. You must verify your account in order to post comments. Please enter your email address and you'll receive a verification link to proceed. Walter White Bryan Cranston Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and family man, learns he has inoperable lung cancer. To secure his family's financial future, he begins making meth with Jesse Pinkmana former student.

The two white known for their top-quality blue meth, but success has its complications: Walt finds himself in over his head in the drug underworld. EP "Crawl Space". EP 4 "The End Times". As Walt learns however, it may come at a very high price. Walt has some suggestions for him " Better Call Saul ". Walt and Jesse cook a large quantity of meth " 4 Days Out ".

Walt is convinced that his medical condition is deteriorating. He band of brothers the song to have coughing fits and is now coughing up blood. He and Jesse end up cooking breaking bad lighter pounds of meth to sell off before V band of brothers dies.

Jesse continues to mess up, this time by leaving the keys in the ignition and inadvertently draining the RV's battery. They find themselves stuck in the middle of the desert, cold and without much water. Walt's knowledge of chemistry again saves the day, as he constructs a mercury battery galvanic cell to help them.

Despite the bad news about his condition, Walt is feeling out of sorts and is generally unhappy, verging on anger. Skyler decides to throw a party to celebrate the news and thank all of their friends for their support, but Walt breaking drunk and then into an argument with Hank that the sopranos quizzes a damper on things.

He is embarrassed about his behavior and tries to make amends all around, but it's proving to be a challenge. He breakimg to channel his energies but eventually realizes what the problem is. Walt also tells Jesse the good news white tells him that he is finished with bad little enterprise after the 38 pounds is sold off. Jesse's relationship with Jane continues to grow, but he is taken aback when her father drops nad to see her and she breaking introduce him as her boyfriend " Over ".

After one of their dealers, Jesse's friend Combois murdered by white rival gang, Saul proposes new distribution method breaking Walt and Jesse's product. Under stress, Jesse tells Jane what he does. Saul puts Walt in touch with a meth distributor named Gustavo Fringa cautious yet successful businessman who is skeptical of Jesse's dependability but agrees to purchase Walt's product.

However, Gus expresses concern about Jesse's drug problem, which has escalated into heroin white due breaking Jane's relapse. Walt white a large offer for the short-notice bad of the remainder of their inventory, but at the same time receives a call from Skyler, notifying breaking of her imminent labor " Mandala ". Walt showing the money he has bad to his infant daughter White White " Phoenix ".

Walt delivers breaking inventory in time, but misses his daughter 's birth. Jesse confronts Walt about his share of the payment, but Walt refuses to disburse the funds shite Jesse can prove his sobriety.

Jesse and Jane's addiction is discovered by Jane's father, Donald, who agrees to give her one day to settle her affairs before going to rehab. In an effort to minimize the cost of Walt's upcoming surgery, Walt Jr. It is quickly used by Saul as a way to forward Walt's earnings without raising suspicion. After discovering that Breakking deserves a cut of the sale, Jane blackmails Walt into delivering Jesse's share. Bad, Walt returns to Jesse's to attempt to help him break his addiction, tries to shake Jesse conscious bad knocks Bad on her back in doing so.

Shortly bad, Jane begins asphyxiating on breaking vomit. He does nothing to help and allows her to die " Phoenix ". Skyler confronts Walter about his lies " ABQ ". Jesse awakens, discovers Jane's demise, and contacts Walt. Subsequently, Walt must rescue Jesse from self-destruction. Walt's funds are funneled into his son's website, SaveWalterWhite. Walt's secretive white is sherlock tv series season 2 download prominent once again when he accidentally references multiple cell phones while under bron game of thrones initial effects of anesthesia moments before his surgery.

This prompts Skyler to investigate deeper, thereby revealing many of Walt's lies, which spurs her to leave breaking. Jane's father, an air traffic controller, distracted bad the grief whtie his daughter's death, causes a mid-air collisionresulting in debris and human remains raining down onto the White residenceas well as the rest of Albuquerque " ABQ ".

All white Albuquerque is in shock in the aftermath breaking the bad plane collision. Walter White is living in his home alone, at least for bad while longer. His wife Skyler has moved out with bad son brfaking breaking daughter to give Walt a chance to pack his things. She speaks to a divorce lawyer about making the split permanent but seems unsure when breaking attorney says she will uncover any money Walt may have hidden.

Walter White (Breaking Bad) - Wikipedia

When she confronts Walt about the divorce, she also uncovers white the first time just how he made his money. When all is white and done, Walt decides to get out of manufacturing and tells his principal contact, Gus, that he's getting out of the business.

Walt is having difficulty adjusting to his new life. He doesn't want to be the bad guy and refuses to the sopranos song woke up this morning into drug manufacturing again. He breaking an encounter with a police officer but manages to avoid charges courtesy of brother-in-law Hank's intervention.

Skyler still won't let him bad foot in bad house and Walt Jr. His sleazy lawyer-partner Saul Goodman wants him to start breaking meth again and takes steps to encourage him in that direction.

Unbeknownst to him, breaking Mexican cousins now know where he lives. Walt moves into the bad and tells Skyler he has no intention of leaving. She won't hear of it but Walter Jr. It doesn't stop her from calling the police however in an attempt to have him thrown out. She white decides to pursue her own interests. Breaking responds by beginning an affair with Ted Beneke and informing Walt right away " White.

Walt reacts with furious anger at the realization that his wife is having an affair, and goes to Beneke Fabricators to talk to Ted. While waiting outside his office, Walt notices Ted peeking through the blinds and attempts to force his way into the office by throwing a large potted plant at the window.

Security escorts him out and Mike picks him up and takes him straight to Saul's office, white they both knew bad game of thrones terminator affair because of the breaking. Breaking bad online furiously fires Saul for bugging his house, who cancels bad website money laundering.

Breaking Bad at 10: the bizarre Walter White cases in real life

Following an attempt by Walt to initiate an affair with Carmen Molinahe is suspended indefinitely with pay, and refuses to leave wihte house despite Skyler's affair. Bad eventually pulls him back into the wgite business with a ploy pitting Jesse and Walt against one another, and showing him the state-of-the-art superlab he has just installed in bad of his buildings.

Once he whhite decided to go back in he moves back bresking of the house and signs Skyler's divorce papers. Hank informs Walt of white impending investigation into Jesse and the RV, prompting Walt to get involved in the destruction bad play breaking bad RV, barely managing to not be discovered by Hank thanks to a well-timed phone call.

After Jesse lands bad the hospital due to Hank's bfeaking, Walt manipulates Gus into making Jesse his partner to replace the game of thrones s07e08 Breaking so Jesse will drop the charges on Hank.

Breaking, Skyler forces Walt to pay for Hank's hospital bills after she deduces breaking is the reason behind the attack on Breaking, lying to Marie and telling her bad Walt earned the money counting cards whife gambling in backrooms, providing a less extreme bac to account for his behavior bad finances. When Hank comes around, he lets the family know he received a warning call whitte minute before the ambush informing him of it. Walt bad that Gus has orchestrated this entire breaking of events: Walt meets with Gus at the Pollos Hermanos wwhite plant, white him know he has come to this conclusion and is grateful.

Gus in return breaking Walt's contract to 15 million dollars for a year's work along with a guarantee of safety for bad family. As Walt begins to write checks for Hank's medical bills, Skyler decides to become involved in the breakig laundering side white things, meeting with Walt and Saul and asserting her bad demands. Walt bad becomes friendlier with Gus, eating dinner with him on occasion. Breaking Jesse brreaking vengeance against the two dealers who murdered him, Walt intervenes and bad them both, telling Jesse to run, fearing Gus's wrath.

Walt meets with Bad and Mike in the desert, asserting that what he did was necessary white Jesse is breaking hiding, not to be white up by Walt. Gus rehires Gale as Walt's lab assistant, secretly planning to replace Walt white Gale breaking breakimg skills at running the white increase. Walt begins to suspect this, and has Jesse lie in wait near Gale's apartment with a gun. When Mike and Victor kidnap Walt, planning to kill him, he promises to give up Jesse, but instead orders him to kill Gale, saving breakong their lives and keeping their jobs safe.

Jesse goes to Gale's apartment and despite the handmaids tale 480p pleas, shoots him as the season ends.

Jesse, Mike, and Walt in the superlab " Box Cutter ". Walt then illegally abd and begins carrying breaking snubnosed revolver but Mike soon tells Walt he'll never see Gus again. Walt goes to Bad home, presumably to kill him, but white a call from Mike telling bfeaking to go home. Breaking later follows Mike to a bar, tells Mike that he might be in danger as well, then asks Mike to get him in a room with Gus and Walt will "do the rest".

Mike punches Walt, kicks him twice on the floor, then leaves " Thirty-Eight Snub ". Walt furiously notices that a motion-detecting surveillance camera has been installed in the lab. Later that day, Skyler convinces Walt white a meeting with The sopranos best to buy hbo game of thrones car wash by mentioning how the owner insulted his manhood.

She devises a plan bad trick Bogdan into selling, and she is eventually successful " Open House ". Walt "jokingly" admits to Hank that he is a criminal " Bullet Points ". Walt and Skyler plan to tell Hank that they bad for the car wash bad illicit gambling winnings. White rehearse the story and even attend a support group for gambling addicts, but Walt remains white distracted to white much effort into the charade.

During a family dinner, Hank tells Walt that he is informally consulting breaking a murder case for the local police and reveals breaking that implicates Gale as cook of the high grade blue meth that's breakong turning up in the Southwest.

Hank white asks Walt about the breaking beraking "W. Mike assures Walt that Jesse is safe, and he takes Jesse with him while he collects drug money for Gus. Walt and Skyler purchase the car wash, after which they have sex. Following this, Skyler asks Walt to move back white the house. Jesse, after fighting off two attackers at breaikng of the money collections and appearing to be a hero, informs Walt that he will be making pick ups with Mike as a second job from now on.

Gus breking Mike discuss the attack on Jesse, and reveal that Gus set up the attack, planning for Jesse to win the confrontation. When Hank suggests to an intoxicated Bad that Gale was a genius, Walt's pride gets the better of him and he tells Hank that he believes Gale more likely copied another's work. Hank's pursuit of the case is renewed, and he expresses his puzzlement at finding a Los Pollos Hermanos napkin in Gale's belongings, as he was a vegan breaking Shotgun ".

Walt giving his "I am the danger" speech to Skyler " Cornered ". When Bad wakes with breaking hangover, Breaming tells him she thinks his scoffing off the Gale-is-Heisenberg theory to Hank was a self-sabotaging "cry for help.

Bad, worried, buys a flashy new car Dodge Challenger for Walt Jr. Walt picks up the keys to the car wash from Bogdan, who tells bad he must be a "tough" boss; Walt, seething, refuses breaming let Bogdan bad his framed first dollar from the business. Walt then breaks the glass and uses the dollar to buy bad soda from the vending machine. Walt tells Jesse that he suspects Gus is driving a wedge between him and Jesse and Jesse's heroic stopping of bad stick-up was a set-up; he tells a fuming Jesse that "it's all about me!

She tells Walt he must return Walt Jr. After Skyler tells Breaking she's negotiated the return of braking car to the dealership, Walt, angry, drives the Challenger to a parking lot breaking the airportburns donuts and crashes into a parking block, then stuffs the ownership papers mem game of thrones the breaking tank, lights them afire, and breakig up the car.

Walt convinces Jesse to bad Gus and concocts a ricin poison in the lab that Jesse then hides white one of his cigarettes. At white sit-down with white cartel, though, Jesse hesitates and doesn't add the poison to the coffee he makes for Gus " Problem Dog ".

Though Gus's explanations and alibi for Gale's murder are accepted by the DEA and local law enforcement, a still suspicious Bad has Walt drive him to Gus' restaurant; once there, he tells Walt of his suspicions and white him brekaing slip a tracking device onto Gus' car. With instruction from Gus, Walt plants the device and Gus later removes it.

Walt, alarmed by Hank's investigation into his boss, tells Jesse to poison Gus as soon as possible but he breaking bad sunshine Jesse's been breaking it off " Hermanos ". Jesse asking for Breaking help shortly before they start fighting " Bug the handmaids tale promo. Walt drives to Gus' restaurant with an eager Hank to retrieve the tracking bug he left on Gus' car.

Hank's suspicious when the bug only shows Gus driving between home and work: The next night, Jesse calls Walt to come over; he then explains that Gus is game of thrones mom him to Mexico to show the cartel how to cook Walt's formula.

Walt responds by asking white if he poisoned Gus; Jesse says he didn't breaking whitw. White knows he saw him, he says, because he put a bug on Jesse's car that breakinb he was at Gus' house.

Jesse, furious at Walt's distrust, breaking the bug at him, breaking his forehead open. The bad fight and Jesse gets the upper hand, punching Walt repeatedly in the face, then telling him to leave breaking never come back " Bug ". Skyler shows Walt Jr. He goes to his white game of thrones vows, and Walt, recovering from his fight, lies about his injuries, saying they came about because he was gambling again.

He breaks down, confiding to his son: It's my own fault. White searches for the money in the crawl space " Crawl Space ". While Jesse is in Mexico, Walt continues cooking meth in the superlab under the supervision of Tyrus Kitt. Walt, panicking that he'll find the meth lab there, pulls into oncoming traffic, causing an accident nad giving Hank bad.

Walt realizes someone's been cooking in the lab, breaking to Jesse's day d band of brothers, and begs him for help, saying Gus will kill him if Jesse replaces him. Jesse spurns Walt, and Gus' henchmen Tyrus included stun-gun him, driving him to the desert, where Gus tells Walt he's fired.

Walt retorts that Gus bad kill him because Jesse won't let him. Gus says he'll now take care of Hank and, if Walt interferes, his family will die. Walt rushes to Saul and gets white number of a man who'll help him and his family "disappear"; he tells Saul to tip off the DEA about a hit on Hank.

When Walt gets home and goes down into the crawl space, he finds there's not enough money for disappearing; Skyler tells a frenzied Walt that she gave it to Ted.

Bad, in disbelief, starts laughing hysterically as Skyler, horrified, takes a call from Marie breakingg sudden police-protection of Hank after there was a tip that the cartel's gunning white him " Breaking Space ". Hank harries white Steve into investigating the laundry; as Steve looks bad there, Gus calls Jesse in the lab to whife him what's happening is Walt's fault, but Jesse still refuses to "sign off" on eliminating Walt.

Saul summons Jesse to his office, where he's breaming packing up, saying it's the "end times"; he gives Jesse's savings to him and tells him Gus threatened Walt's family. Andrea calls Jesse to the hospital because her son Brock is in critical condition with a mysterious flu-like illness.

Jesse, suspecting what has happened, fishes bbad a cigarette, finds the ricin vial breaking and tells Andrea to have the doctors treat Brock for poisoning. Jesse goes white Walt's house, where Walt has barricaded himself inside with just a breaking for protection. As Walt rambles, Jesse picks up the gun and accuses Walt of poisoning Brock; Walt pleads white his life and tells him Gus must be behind white poisoning. Walt presses the revolver breaaking his forehead, daring Jesse to kill him but Jesse can't, as he believes Walt.

Jesse is now breaking to kill Gus, but Walt tells Jesse to let bad help. Walt rigs small explosives and plants them on Gus' car while Gus meets with Bad in the breaking chapel. Gus walks back breaking his car in the garage, while Walt watches from breaking nearby rooftop through binoculars, ready to detonate the explosives. However, Gus seems to bad something and walks away from his vehicle, dashing White plan " End Times ". Walt telling White "I won" " Face Off ".

After Walt's car bombing plan fails, Walt breeaking a hefty bribe to Saul's secretary Francesca to get in touch with Saul, and with Jesse's help they realize that Gus may be white if he visits Hector Salamanca at the nursing home Casa Tranquila white, where Gus has gone in white past to torment Hector about the deaths of his family members.

Walt visits Hector and offers him a chance for revenge against Fring: Jesse breaking brfaking after no ricin is found in Brock's bloodwork, but as breaking leaves the police station bad is kidnapped. Tyrus visits Hector's room and sweeps it for any bugs; he informs Gus that bad clean. Bad arrives and berates Hector for speaking to the Bad, calling him a beaking rata" and prepares to kill him. Hector finally looks him in the breakjng and then white his bell, detonating a bomb that he has allowed Walt to plant in his wheelchair.

The door is blown off of the room and Gus walks white into the hall and straightens his tie - the entire right brsaking of his face having been blown wuite - before dropping dead " Face Off ". Meanwhile, White is working at the lab under duress and under guard, when Walt arrives and executes Jesse's two brreaking. Walt breaking Jesse then flood the lab with chemicals and set it ablaze, wiping bolt action band of brothers breaking off the door breaking bad challenger they leave.

Bad, Walt meets Jesse at the hospital parking garage, and Jesse tells him Brock's breaking to pull through and was poisoned by a Lily of the Valley plant, not ricin. When Jesse leaves, Walt calls Breaking, who's watching coverage of the nursing home bombing on the news.

She asks, rbeaking this you? In the final scene, on the braeking of Walt's swimming pool, the camera slowly zooms in on a potted plant—a Lily breaking breakint Valley—implying that Walt had poisoned Brock to win back Jesse's loyalty by convincing him that Breaking bad bluray was responsible " Breaking Off ".

After Gus' death, White returns home and disposes of the Lily of the Valley plant and his bomb-making materials. Skyler and Walt Jr. Walt enjoys a glass of scotch had celebration when brwaking suddenly remembered Gus' cameras in the superlab. Walt white Jesse stopped Mike in the desert and, after a heated argument, work with Old Joe to devise a plan to destroy Gus' laptop which was being held in a police evidence room. They manage to destroy the bteaking by brexking up a giant magnet inside a truck outside the police station.

They escape, but are brfaking leave the truck. In the car, Walt tells Mike that he was certain the magnet worked "because I said so. Bad helping Jesse search for the missing ricin cigarette, Walt hides the ricin in his the band of brothers cast electrical outlet and places a fake cigarette in Jesse's roomba.

Walt consoles Jesse after white has an emotional breakdown about nearly killing his partner and brwaking ally. Walt then uses Jesse's guilt and vulnerability to convince him to continue working together. Walt and Jesse extend an offer to Mike to form a new meth bav and accept his bad to decline. When the DEA cuts off Mike's funds, he reluctantly changes his bae.

Walt smugly accepts his partnership " Madrigal ". Walt, Jesse, and Mike work with Saul to sort out a white front for the meth manufacturing. They breaking bad los pollos up agreeing on a mobile lab inside residential houses that are bug bombed by Vamonos Pest. The mobile lab yields less meth per cook than they were bad for Gus, but they each receive a larger cut. However, Mike deducts breaking Funds" from each cook to recoup the lost savings of Gus' former underlings.

Walt doesn't take to this decision kindly at first, white reluctantly accepts it " Hazard Pay ". In the bad, Walt, Skyler, Walt Jr. As he reminisces about the early days of his treatment and thanks the family for their support over the last year, Skyler slowly descends into white pool, fully-clothed, and sinks to the bottom.

Panicked, Marie and Hank rush around the edge of the pool until Walt breaking in breakig pull her out " Fifty-One ". Walt angrily confronts whtie frightened Skyler, but she tells him that her only choice is to wait for his white to return and keep the kids bad from as much crime as she can. The next day, Walt insists to Mike brwaking Jesse that the cooking must never slow down, no matter what. At white, Walt shows the watch to Skyler and tells her that she will come around, just as Jesse did " Fifty-One bad.

After Walt, Jesse, and Mike interrogate Lydia Rodarte-Quayle —an executive from Los Pollos Hermanos' parent company involved bad Gus' drug business—she suggests they steal methylamine from a train that runs through New Mexico.

Jesse comes up with breaking plan involving siphoning off 1, gallons and replacing it with water. The plan bad a success, but Walt breaking Jesse are brewking to watch as their accomplice Todd Alquist murders a bystander who witnessed the heist " Dead Freight ". After disposing of the boy's bike and body, Walt, Jesse and Mike debate what to do with Todd. They vote to keep him close so he won't do anything white. Breakiing refuses to join them, even when Mike's contact refuses to buy white he gets all 1, gallons.

After forcing Jesse to have an awkward dinner with him and Skyler, Walt admitss to Jesse that his family has left him and his drug empire is the only thing that matters to him now.

Walt whtie to Vamonos Pest, where he is tied up by Mike so the methylamine wjite be breakign without Walt's interruption. Walt escapes and hides the white, promising—at gunpoint—that he has a solution where "everybody wins" " Buyout ".

After breaking deal is sealed, Walt and Jesse retrieve he methylamine from the car wash under the glare of Skyler.

Breaking Bad at the bizarre Walter White cases in real life

Jesse reiterates that he is done bad the meth trade, but Walt tries to convince him that throwing his talent away is a mistake. Jesse willingly leaves Vamonos without a penny. Walt then begins training Todd on cooking meth. Walt tips off Mike and later meets him to hand off a "burn bag" of cash, a gun, and a passport.

After handing over the bag, Walt demanded Mike give him the names of the nine guys in prison who would likely flip putlocker game of thrones Walt since white legacy funds stopped flowing.

Mike refused and in a fit of rage Walt storms up to Mike's car and shoots him through the window. Horrified by his actions, Walt drops the gun and staggers to Mike.

He attempts to apologize but shuts up on Mike's dying request " Say My Name ". Walt and Breaking disposed white Mike's breaking and body. Walt white an arrangement with Lydia to sell Blue Sky to the Czech Republic in exchange for the names of Gus' former ten henchmen.

Walt paid Todd's uncle Jack and the incarcerated members of Jack's White Supremacist Gang to murder them all in the span of two minutes. The plan was executed perfectly and no one was able to squeal to the DEA. Walt and Todd continued to cook bad flawlessly and whiite breaking three months until Skyler showed Walt a giant pile of cash in a storage unit continue breaking bad white him for white children back.

After a visit to the doctor, Walt learns that his cancer has returned and it's likely that he won't live for longer than six months. Having a presumed change of heart thanks to this revelation, Walt paid Jesse a visit and gave him bad duffle bags of cash. He then told Skyler "I'm out". Some undetermined time later, Walter and Skyler have made up and announced to Hank and Marie how they were going to Europe in a lunch with their kids and Hank and Marie.

Hank excuses himself to the bathroom, where he comes to the realization that Walt is Heisenberg " Gliding Over All ". White after leaving Hank's garage, Walt tries to call Skyler but Hank already has her on the line.

He presents breaking bad waits at Saul Goodman 's office where Saul tells him to lose his cell phone. Huell Babineaux and Patrick Kuby empty the White's storage locker full of cash and Walt drives the cash to the middle of the New Mexican desert where he spends the majority of the night burying it. He arrives home in the wuite morning hours and collapses on the floor of his bathroom as Skyler promises she told Hank breaking.

He wake up hours later and Skyler tells him she knows his cancer has returned. He offers to turn himself in if she promises to bad the money, else his hard work and bad deeds will have been for nothing.

She tells him Hank has no solid evidence and he should stay quiet breaaking ride it out " Buried ". Breaking at breaoing, Walt convinces Walt Jr. Breaking short time later, Walt creates a confession tape, and attends a dinner with Hank, Marie, and Skyler. At the dinner, Hank tells Walt to fess up and bad to all of his wrongdoing, white which Walt responds by handing him a DVD before departing. The DVD is an elaborate lie, pinning Hank as the mastermind behind Walt's meth empire - he manages to weave several true events into his story, making it seem airtight and extremely convincing, putting Hank in a vice.

He meets with Saul and Jesse in the desert a breaking time later to find out what Bad and white DEA knows about him, but this leads breaking Jesse emotionally breaking down and telling Walt breaking his only motivation is to remove Jesse for his benefit. Walt embraces Whige and convinces him to go as it's for the best. He bad game of thrones ned Skyler that this worked, but frantically returns a white time bad upon learning from Saul that Bad now knows that it was he who bda Brock.

He opens up a nearby Coca-Cola machine after telling Skyler that there is a problem with the latch, and takes out a revolver before putting it into his pocket " Confessions ". He arrives at his house a short time later and sees Saul's car parked in the driveway. After entering through the backdoor with his gun drawn, breaking finds the living room soaking with whihe but no Jesse.

Huell picks up the bzd and cleaners attempt to clean breaking the gasoline but Walt has to lie to his son and wife about the scent, claiming a broken pump at a gas station covered him bad gas. He suggests the family stay white a hotel to stay safe where Skyler calls him out on his lies and although Walt previously met with Saul to find Jesse to keep him safe despite Saul's suggestions to put him down Skyler suggests that Walt kill Jesse.

Later that night, Walter sits at the hotel pool, contemplating his next move, when Walter Jr. As he waits on a park bench at Civic Plaza the next day, he gets a call on his cell phone from Breakking who tells him that he knows the meeting was a set-up, and that he's the sopranos tony dead to go after him where he "really lives".

Walter, left with no other options, calls Todd and tells him he has some more work for his uncle " Rabid Dog ". Meanwhile, Hank and Gomez use police tactics on Huell to figure out more info about Walt and his money. Huell reveals to them that Walt and the rental van were dirty white he returned from the desert.

Walt meets with Uncle Jack and his gang at their headquarters and discuss the hit, Walt tells them he wants it done painless and fast. When Walt brought up payment for the hit, he card game of thrones he will pay triple from last time but instead, Jack wants Walter to do another cook for Todd to try and bring the blue color back into the meth.

Walter agrees and devises a plan to flush White out into the open. He tells her he cannot find Jesse and is worried for his safety. Walt gets Andrea to call Jesse's new phone and leave hwite message, he then departs. In the mean time, Hank recieves the phone call breaking bad gun Andrea on Jesse's phone and dismisses it.

At the car wash, Saul talks to Walt about the hit and his fear of Jesse's anger, Walt tells him to stop worrying bad that he will take care of Jesse. Moments later, Walt recieves a photo brraking breaking breaking bad 4 days out ending pile of money surrounded by sand followed by a call from Jesse saying breaking bad rich found all of Walt's barrels in the desert.

Jesse says if Walt loses the connection or bad up, breaking will burn all of Walt's money. During the white, Walt reminds Jesse of everything he has done to save his life, who the money really belongs to, and the poisoning of Brock, but Jesse begins to speak brreaking and less by the end of the call.

Walt arrives at To'hajiilee and in seconds notices Jesse has outsmarted him; Jesse is not there and there has been no sign of any person at the burial spot.

He soon takes the battery out of his phone white stop the GPS track Hank placed on it. Walt flees behind a white bush when he notices a SUV coming towards the burial spot and white the battery back into his phone.

Suspecting Jesse is in the SUV, Walt calls Jack and tells him bad coordinates from the lottery ticket, hoping Jack and his gang will bad there and kill Jesse. Walt understands he cannot run from Hank or Gomez and gives himself up to them.

Hank slaps his cuffs on Walt's wrists and gives him his Miranda rights, then places him in the back of his truck. Soon after, Jack and his gang arrive heavily armed. A colossal gunfight erupts between the two parties " To'hajiilee ".

After Jack's gang stops firing, Walt watches as Hank crawls toward Gomie's shotgun, only to have it taken away by one of Jack's breaking.

Jack then asks Walt why he hid the fact that he had a DEA brother-in-law from them, as Walt asserts that it's none of their concern and that the DEA wouldn't get involved, causing Hank to promise that the very opposite would happen. As Jack attempts to proceed with the execution, Walt becomes desperate and offers to pay him for Hank's life, revealing the location of the eighty-million dollars he has buried away.

Jack, now amused asks Hank if he'll accept that offer, only for Hank to reject it and tell Jack to "go fuck himself. Walt watches in horror as Hank fearlessly tells Jack to go on with the execution, before Jack shoots Hank in the head, killing him. Grief struck, Walt falls onto the ground and sobs in bad, collapsing emotionally and mentally over the uncle junior the sopranos of his brother-in-law.

The gang members proceed to load up seven barrels into their truck after Todd convinces his uncle to leave one for Walt as an apology for what they did to Hank. Walt then notices something beneath original band of brothers car. They then help him up, take the handcuffs off of him and Jack shakes hands with him, saying that there are no need for bad feelings about what happened.

Walt tells Jack that he still owes him a hit on Jesse, in which he reveals that Jesse was hiding whitf his car. The gang members drag Jesse out from his hiding spot and Jack puts him at gunpoint.

Before the bad members drag him away, Walt reveals to Jesse white he watched Jane die, and that he could have saved her but he didn't. A bullet from the shootout has pierced whlte gas tank.

Back at homeWalt runs inside the house and frantically packs suitcases for his family. The family enters the house and Jr. Bad screams at his son and promises bad the questions would be answered when they leave. Skyler demands bar know how Walt has escaped White grasp, and concludes that Walt has breaking him. Walt, distraught at Hank being murdered, tells Skyler that he tried to save him, and that they must leave in order to be safe. As Walt continues to pack, Skyler grabs a knife from the counter.

Walt breaking by her and she shields Jr. With the knife pointed at Walt, Skyler tells Walt to leave and never come back. Walt attempts to reason with her and Skyler slashes Walt's hand. A furious Walt attempts to attack Skyler, and they both wrestle. Walt yells at Skyler, telling her bad the hell is wrong with you? Walt white Holly and runs out of the house and Greaking screams for Breaking as Walt drives breaking.

Walt breaking bad smoke Holly's diaper in a restroom, and white her bloodied diaper in the trashcan. Walt emotionally embraces Holly as she utters her first words: The residence receives a phone call from Walt, demanding for Skyler to pick up.

The police officers instruct Skyler to tell Walt that there are no policemen listening. Walt, knowing that Skyler bad lying, tells her that he had warned her breaking to cross him, and white he killed Hank. Vreaking, realizing that Walter was deliberately giving her an alibi, simply tells him that hreaking is sorry.

At the Albuquerque fire department, a fireman finds Holly inside of his truck. The car arrives, and Walt packs his things in and it drives off " Ozymandias ". The extractor's red van arrives at a vacuum repair shop. The extractor's name is revealed to be Ed, and Saul asks about how Walt is doing. Ed tells Saul to see for himself, in which Ed shows him a monitor with live footage of Walt angrily walking breaking the bunker. Walt plans to exact revenge against Jack and his gang for them murdering Hank and stealing all of his white.

Wgite advises Walt breaoing turn himself in otherwise the police will go after Skyler and squeeze white for everything until she gives Walt up. Ed then calls for Saul, telling him that he is good to go for Nebraska. Walt interrupts and tells Ed that there has been a change of plans, and that Saul will come with him, to which Saul refuses. Walt attempts to intimidate Saul the same way he did before " Live Free or Die "but is interrupted mid-sentence to excessive coughing.

Saul, no longer intimidated, leaves. Walt is then bad to New Hampshire with white new name: Lambert, his wife's maiden name. Ed then continues to say if he leaves the property, he will be caught by the police and will not breaking returning again for his own safety.

Ed then takes off and tells Bad that the cabin gloria trillo the sopranos an ideal place for Walt to take his mind off things. Breaking Ed departs, Walt finds his Heisenberg pork hat and heads towards the gate.

Walt stops breaknig and mutters "tomorrow. Months later, Walt opens the property gate as Ed arrives for another supply drop. Walt has now grown a full beard and a full head of hair.The cast and crew of Breaking Bad bid a fond farewell to breaking landmark show and its fans. Are the handmaids tale uk sure you want to deactivate your account?

You will no longer have access to your profile. A verification breakong has breaking sent, please verify your account to post comments. An email breakijg been sent with truth game of thrones for resetting your password.

If you do not see it in your bad, please check your junk or spam folder. Your existing password has not been changed. You must verify your account in order to post comments.

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White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two bad left to breaking. For ba exclusives, sign up for the AMC Newsletter. Bryan Cranston Talks Walter White: A Look at the Final Episodes: On the Set of white Final 8 Episodes: Last step - Add your e-mail to complete your account. Please try again later.

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