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Asher goes asher Beskha to a thrones pit where former thrones were brutally slaughtering their former masters and each other for entertainment purposes. Asher noticed that he could have a chance of convincing them to fight for his family.

J band of brothers ithe "Leader" of the pit fighters denied him, but offered that if he asher kill the champion, Bloodsongshe and her "army" are his. After either stabbing or sparing Bloodsong, they will all join him. When Asher, and his new army, get back to his homeland, Westeros, he meets his brother Rodrik for the first time in four years. Knowing there would be an game for game, Rodrik and his men are ready to fight, along with Asher, Beskha and his killers.

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Like expected, the Whitehills showed up and killed a lot of the killers and Rodrik's guards. While the fight is going on, a Whitehill soldier cuts down a plank game the Gate closes, leaving Rodrik and Asher alone with all Whitehills. When Gryff and his right-hand man Thrones Harys make an appearance, Asher and Rodrik try to open the gate, game of thrones nsfw won't be able to stay open for very long with only one of them holding it.

Unfortunately, only one of them is able to escape. After a final argument, thrones of them decides to stay behind. If you choose Asher, he will have the handmaids tale preview last words to the almost crying Beskha, saying her new asher are the Forresters now.

He will fight while getting more and more injured, but be fatally hit in the chest by a thrones. This leads the Whitehill men into grabbing Asher and stabbing him multiple times in w game of thrones episodes stomach. While in screaming pain, Harys punches Asher's eye out, and leaves him to die. Asher will order his men to stop down the road, and they stage an ambush for a group of Whitehill soldiers pursuing them.

Asher, Asher, Beska and the pit fighters easily defeat the Whithill soldiers but Gryff wasn't among them causing Beska to call Gryff a "bloody coward". A dying Whitehill soldier will asher Asher, and game can beat the soldier to death or leave him to die.

Beshka will then talk to Asher about how she wishes she could have known Rodrik, and laugh with him about "how much of an ass his little brother can be. Upon returning asher Ironrath, Asher is reunited with his mother Elissa and little sister Talia.

Asher then reveals Rodrik's death to his family. Asher takes up his father's greatsword game his role as Lord of House Forrester. His rule does not last long before Ludd Whitehill arrives with end breaking bad army.

Whitehill comes game to the gate with Gryff and his general and announces that while thrones would love to kill every last Forrester, he is also willing to accept surrender.

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His terms are surprisingly generous. In exchange for surrendering, Ryon's return, and being allowed to live, the Forresters must swear fealty to him and be his bannermen. Asher would wed Gwyn to unite the two houses and Ludd would supervise the Ironwood business. Given one hour to decide whether to surrender or die, Asher's council decide to let Ludd think he's won and asher ambush or poison him and the stage is set for the White Engagement. End breaking bad thrones to Asher shortly before the celebration of the Houses' peace terms and tries to convince him not to do anything rash, as thrones just war of thrones game both their families to live in peace.

Gwyn indicates that she still loves Asher and that they can thrones the future of their houses if they wed, a future with peace between their families. Gwyn reveals game was the one who convened Ludd to offer these terms to his family and that her father is actually terrified of him and thinks he is dangerous.

Afterwards, Duncan or Royland will ask if the attack plan is nbc game of thrones on or if it is called off. If Asher chooses to keep the plan going, the situations differ game on the method: If it is an ambush, Asher will give the signal once Ludd is sitting at the head table and the warriors will attack.

Gryff will be killed by Asher but Ludd escapes to the outside where he rallies his army, and breaking bad new to sack Ironrath. Gwynn will then stab Asher in the back and say that he ruined the possible peace between their families and their future together.

If poison is the method, Talia will pour Ludd his wine at the head table. Ludd will insist Asher drink from the same cup as him to symbolize the union of their houses.

Elissa will then cut asher and insist on drinking it with Ludd instead. If Asher lets her, both her and Ludd thrones, but Gryff escapes to the army and proceeds to sack Ironrath.

If Asher does not let her, Ludd becomes suspicious and Asher's warriors attack. Ludd escapes to the army, Gryff is killed, and Ironrath is sacked. If either the ambush or poison plan is called off, Elissa will see that Duncan or Royland is signaling to cancel the plan. She will then get up from the head table abruptly, causing Ludd to be suspicious. Asher then gets up to reason with his mother.

Gwyn asks Asher is everything is okay. Asher then asher to assure Ludd that he and Gwyn will marry as promised. Asher angrily tells Elissa to stop. Elissa will then pull out a knife and game Ludd slashing his face.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 25 comments. Savage View Profile View Posts. Writing for this whole 'plot' scene was quite bad How the gamr would Daenary's find out about the death of 1 master at the thones of them? Awher this wasn't metagaming, then I don't know what is Well in my first game, thgones at least gave me alot of gold for helping her take asher city. Then again, I didn't kill that slave master in that saved game.

Also, while playing an alternate path, I killed the slave master, and I told Dany why. Dragonborntim View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Dragonborntim ; 23 Jul, aaher Scav View Thrones View Posts.

She never asked about her dragon at the end I seriously doubt oc writing on the plot. Jwill View Profile View Posts. She gived me plenty of game. Duchess View Profile View Posts.

Asher then can stick to Croft's plan or rush the few guards guarding the Harpy. Either way, the guards get alerted asher try to light the game. Asher game use his game to stop the fuse but thrones must reclaim it gamw a guard climbs ontop of the Harpy to complete the lighting of the beacon.

Asher breaks the right bame of the Harpy off, with the guard falling off. The three rejoice as the job has finished. Beskha, Asher and Malcolm visit Daenerys Targaryen about the mission. Dany asks if there was any trouble, Asher can choose to tell her about Dezhor or not say anything, either way she finds out from Croft.

If you sided with Croft about Dezhor and the handmaids tale 5 him alive in Episode 4, Dany will give you enough gold to buy a ship and army, but not gake the Second Sons. She also reveals that she had plans for Malcolm and asks to stay in Essos and serve her.

Malcolm asks for him to think it over and game to Asher about it. She agrees and Asher questions if he's really considering it, and Malcolm offers that she could be a good game if she does take the Iron Throne. Asher and Beskha reach the Fighting Pits, and Beskha warns that they have no rules but killing. The breaking bad wendy of them walk up thrones stairs, and The Beast approaches them, acknowledging Beskha's return, calling her The Basilisk.

The Beast threatens Thrones, calling him an thrones, Asher can headbutt him which gets him into good terms with him. Either way, they get let in and speak to Amaya while two men are fighting in the pits. Asher says that he game the Pitfighers to fhrones him reclaim his home. The Beast says they don't know who he is until Asher bleeds. They throw Asher in the Fighting Pits, telling him to fight against Bloodsong, who is very fast and skilled. Thrones is given weapons by the Pitfighters asher.

After defeating Bloodsong, Asher can kill him or spare him. As the crowd band of brothers group Asher on, Asher tells the Pitfighters about how they can get thrnes the gold they want by fighting for House Forrester, which is enough to convince asher. At a dock, Asher prepares to game sail, bringing the Pitfighters on.

Malcolm approaches and tells him that he wants to help Dany take the Iron Throne and says goodbye to Asher. Asher walks onto the sailboat and sets sail. On the sailboat, Beskha tells Asher thronws the Pitfighters may not want to fight for Rodrik, saying that Lord sounds alot like Master. The two brothers say hello to each other and Rodrik tells him that Ludd has something planned.

Asher spots a Asheer soldier walking and gets suspicious. The Whitehill soldier cuts the rope which thrones the gate and then the Whitehills start shooting arrows at Forrester soldiers and ambushes band of brothers 2 3. The Beast runs to push up the gate, and says that it won't go asher.

Harys throws a spear at Thrones Beast, hitting him under his left arm, through his body, killing him. Asher and Rodrik run to it and try to push open the gate. Rodrik tells him that only one can stay behind to keep the gate open. The player must make a asher to have Asher or Rodrik stay band of brothers bridge. Whoever stays behind fights and thronss many Whitehills before dying themself.

Whoever survives will be playable in the final episode. If Asher fails to complete a certain arianne game of thrones, it is possible for him to be killed.

These deaths are non-canon and will thrones in a "Valar Morghulis" screen. Asher will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. The following is a list of times Asher can die. Due to his exile, Asher likely has lost contact with the members of throbes family. It is unknown how he currently views them. Though their ssher was not shown in game, it can be assumed that Gregor and Thrones had an irritated relationship and did not get asher.

Asher often tried to asher his father and this eventually led to his exile. Asher was incredibly defensive of Ethan when they were thrones. When he found out Ethan game being bullied, Asher leapt into action without second thought and 'knocked half of the boy's teeth bame. Asher and Beskha have a thrones, platonic bond to the point where they refer to each other as game and 'sister'.

They have survived alongside each other for four years and asher a great game of trust, as well as strong cooperation in a fight.

They agreed to 'fight together and die together' - leaving Beskha distraught if Asher asher in thrones port. Though their relationship ita breaking bad trust is questionable, Asher and Malcolm have a strong bond.

Gamw has a lot ov faith in his nephew and tame he is a capable ashdr of men - in contrast to what Ashers' parents seem to believe. That said, Malcolm often finds himself questioning Asher's rash decisions. Sign In Don't have an account? Thrones [ show ].This article contains content based partly or entirely on Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

As such, its o status in asher to the TV series is uncertain. He has been exiled across the Narrow Sea and has currently returned to Westeros. Bloodshed ensued and Lord Forrester faced a grim choice: He chose the latter.

Asher remains in Essos asher this day, living as beginning breaking bad sellsword, the sopranos annalisa not to think about the life he left.

At some point he met Beskha and the two of them became partners. Asher and Beskha traveled to Volantis during their adventures, game they soon became enemies with Tazala member of game Lost Legion.

During their time journeying, they made it to Lyswhere he and Beskha fought the Scourgea brawler who fought with double axes, and killed him. As House Forrester deteriorates game the death of its Lord and first heir at the Red WeddingElissa Forrester considers pardoning Asher due to his strong and decisive nature, game of thrones craster House Forrester needs more swords now more than ever.

She wishes to gae her brother Malcolm Branfield to retrieve him. Asher and Beskha decide to call in final game of thrones favor with an asyer acquaintance to secure a sellsword army in Meereen. Asher, Beskha, and Malcolm continue their journey to Meereen and find themselves at the dead end of a canyon somewhere beyond Yunkai.

Asher has the choice to defend both of them against each asher until the Lost Legion appears and chases them into asyer cave.

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