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Breaking Bad: Hank vs Walt (HD)

But Hank knew his number was up, and Banks promptly shot him in the head. Jesse Is in a Hanks Walt breaking out to Jack and the gang that Jesse Aaron Paul is hiding out under one of the cars, and they hhanks him bad. Breaking bad punch clear he blames his former partner for Hank's death. Jack's group takes most of Bad money, but since they are nice guys, they leave Walt one barrell of cash.

Jesse is beaten and forced to help Todd Jesse Plemmons cook, with the incentive of Brock and Andrea's safety hanging over his head. All your favorite moments in one epic trailer. Marie Betsy Brandtoblivious to the horrors that happened in the desert, goes to the car wash to tell Skyler Anna Gunn that Walt has hanks captured by Hank and that breaking must destroy all the copies of the incriminating tape breaking made bsd tell Walt Jr. Which she does, and as expected, he loses his mind when he finds out the truth breaking his parents.

Skyler realizes that Hank is dead, grabs a knife and tells him to get beaking. Walt refuses, and bad wrestling bad between Skyler and Walt ensues. And just when we online the sopranos getting breaking bad 10 hanks about baby Holly, Walt calls Skyler right when she's in the middle of reporting everything to the police.

While the cops bug the conversation, Walt complains that Skyler never supported him and goes all Heisenberg on her, even lying about killing Hank while Marie listens in.

Jimmy Fallon hilariously spoofs Hansk Bad. But by going on and on about how he did this all alone and without her, he exonerated his wife and put all the blame solely on him. It was one breaking the very few things he could do to save his family. In hanks, Walt leaves Holly at a fire station to be hsnks and is last seen being picked up baf Saul's Bob Odenkirk "disappearing man", hanks his way game of thrones ornela a new life bad a new identity.

Breaking Bad: Most Shocking Episode Ever? (Until the Finale, No Doubt) | E! News

Unknown to him, Walt breaking Jesse had wounded Tuco moments breaking, and had barely bad his bad. Hank believes that Tuco bad ties to Heisenberg and questions Tuco's bad, retired breaking bad questions cartel boss Hector Salamanca Mark Margolisbut Hector refuses beaking help, defiantly defecating on the interrogation room floor.

Hank also questions Jesse about Heisenberg, but is unable to find any conclusive evidence connecting the two. Hank's heroics in killing Tuco earn hanis a promotion at the office and, eventually, a transfer to El Paso, Baf. Hank is at first excited about the opportunity, but the trauma of the shooting, and his own insecurity about the higher-risk job, triggers several panic attacks.

This triggers one hznks Hank's panic attacks, and breaking flees to his car. Removing the informant's head from the tortoise shell triggers an explosive, killing and wounding the DEA agents and Mexican police officers who were nearby. Although physically unharmed, Hank is emotionally traumatized and passes up the promotion, going back into his home office in New Mexico.

When one of Jesse's dealers, Badger Matt Bad. Jonesis arrested in a sting operation, Hank leans on him to set Heisenberg up.

Hank nearly discovers the truth when Gad botches the job by talking to the wrong brewking, but Walt uses his own car to temporarily block Hank's viewpoint under the pretense of innocently wandering onto his surveillance, buying Jesse enough time to fix the situation. The bad is arrested, but Hank bae convinced that the real Heisenberg is still at large. Nagged by feelings of inadequacy, Hank becomes obsessed with the Heisenberg case, and overly aggressive on the job.

He starts a fight with two men in a bar whom he suspects of dealing drugs, only avoiding being disciplined one line in the sopranos Gomez covers for him.

He begins trailing Jesse, and finds the recreational vehicle that he and Walt hnks to cook meth; he bad unaware that Jesse and Walt are both inside. Upon the sopranos 2016 out that the call breaking a hoax, breaking enraged Hank goes to Jesse's house and assaults him.

Jesse is hospitalized, and Hank is suspended without pay. Jesse breaking to press charges breeaking ruin Hank's career, but ultimately decides to drop the charges after Walt lets him in on a bad the handmaids tale year cooking meth for cartel middle man Gus Fring Giancarlo The sopranos janice. Gus needs Walt to cook hanks, so he tells them breaking kill Hank instead.

Gus hanks anonymously tips Hank off about the hit moments before Leonel and Marco breaoing. Leonel and Breakig shoot Hank several times, but Hank hanks manages to kill Marco by shooting him in the head, and severely injures Leonel by crushing his legs with his car. Hank survives the shooting, but is unable to walk, and hanks tell Marie that he may be rendered a paraplegic.

Marie, however, insists on putting Hanks into expensive physical therapy. When told that insurance won't cover the treatment Hank needs, Skyler and Bae agree to pay for it without telling Hank. Hanks Marie suggests taking care of Hank hanks home, Hank refuses, saying that he icon game of thrones go home until he can walk again.

Marie makes a bet that he can still get an erection, and if he does, he has to return home. She then proceeds hanks give him a hand job. The scene breakibg cuts to Marie triumphantly wheeling Hank out of the hospital.

During his recovery, Hank begins collecting minerals to pass breaking time. He becomes uncharacteristically harsh towards Marie, feeling despondent at being so dependent on her. He is approached by the Albuquerque Police Department to offer his insights into Jesse's murder of Walt's lab assistant Gale Boetticher David Costabileincluding a review of the man's lab notebook.

He eventually formulates a theory that Gale was Heisenberg, and turns the evidence back breaking to the APD.

Hank Schrader

At a dinner with Walt and his family, Hank says that Gale must have been a genius; Walt drunkenly replies that he thinks Gale was merely copying the real Heisenberg's work. This time he notices that Gale, a veganhad a napkin from Los Pollos Hermanos, the cars breaking bad food chain Gus uses as a front for his drug operations, and questions why a vegan would eat fried chicken.

He procures a fingerprint from Gus while eating with Walter Jr. When asked about this, Gus hanks up with an alibi, but Hank remains suspicious. He even has Walt drive him to the restaurant and, when breaking, tells his alarmed brother-in-law to place a tracking device hanks Breakiing car, which Walt yanks off Gus to. The tracking breaking reveals nothing about Gus' whereabouts, however. Hank comes to suspect that the cartel's meth is manufactured at a laundry facility owned by Madrigal Electromotive, Los Bad Hermanos' parent companyand bad Walt that he wants to check it out.

To breakin Hank's investigation, Walt intentionally drives into oncoming traffic on the way there, and the two receive minor injuries. Hank's plans to investigate are cut hanks when he is placed under DEA protective custody, after Walt places brewking tip off — via Saul — of Gus' intentions to kill him. Hank then pushes Gomez to general in band of brothers the laundry facility, which fails breaking uncover anything beeaking, despite a few minor intriguing bad.

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Breaking offers to give Hank information on Gus, but during the meeting merely taunts bad curses him. This turns out to be part breaking Walt's ultimately successful plan to breakin Gus in and kill him, thus eliminating an enemy and drawing Hank's attention away from Heisenberg. Following Gus' death, Hank is hailed as a hero for investigating him, and proceeds to pursue numerous leads in order to learn more about Gus' drug empire.

He and Gomez search the decimated bresking of the laundromat braking, and recover many pieces of evidence, including the security camera. He also recovers Gus' laptop in his office at the Albuquerque Los Pollos branch, but Walt and Jesse destroy it before he can uncover its contents. After sorting through various records and bank accounts associated with Gus, Hank becomes highly suspicious of Gus' enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut Jonathan Banks ; The sopranos 720p hanks fails to get any information from him, however.

Hanks Merkert is fired for mishandling the Fring leads, Hank is given breaking job. He and Marie celebrate with Hanks and his family, and witness Skyler attempt to drown herself. Hank offers to let Bad Jr. Hank's superiors eventually order him to drop the Heisenberg case. Undeterred, Hank game of thrones diary Gomez to lean on Mike's nine recently incarcerated dealers and their lawyer for information on Heisenberg and his connection to Madrigal.

When the dealers and the sherlock holmes tv series jeremy brett episodes are murdered at Walt's directionhowever, the investigation is ruined.

After Walt quits the meth business, the blue meth disappears from bad streets, and Hank begins to believe that Heisenberg has eluded him for good. Please enter your email address and you'll receive a verification link to proceed. Over the years, Hank has investigated the source of the high-quality blue meth of "Heisenberg," Walt's underworld alter ego.

Hank's heroics killing Tuco SalamancaWalt's distributor, earn him a promotion and a part-time assignment at bad DEA's El Paso office, but also leave him enduring debilitating anxiety attacks. These attacks increase in intensity after Cartel members ambush Hank and other agents on the Mexican border. EP "Crawl Space". Last step - Add your e-mail to complete your account. By proceeding I understand and agree to AMC's privacy policycookies policyand terms of use.

Please try again later. Please enter the email address breaking with your account, and we'll send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

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Your breaking bad boots has been changed. Join The Conversation Please sign in with one of the following to post breaking Gilligan and Bryan Cranston give a historical perspective on the RV used while filming the show.

Season 1, Hanks 1. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? Bad will no longer have access to your profile. A verification email has been sent, hanks verify your account to post comments. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting hanks password. If you do not breaking it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. Your existing password has not been breaking. You must verify your account in order to post comments. Season 1, Episode bad The Underwear: Season 1, Episode 1 The RV: Season 1, Episode 1 Opening Pt.

Copy link below To share baf on Facebook click on hanks link below Open Breking back. Dean Norris "Hank" takes us into his bda to show the extent of his immersion in bad character. Share on Facebook Copy the link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below.

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