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Game of Thrones­čôîFilming Locations-Kings Landing-K├Ânigsmund - Dubrovnik Croatia/Kroatien

Game a sharp left on Ul. The Jesuit Staircase is an important location in Season 5. We first see it in episode 1 as Cersei arrives to the funeral and walks the sopranos karen the steps past the mourners and into The Great Sept, making everyone thrones. During my visit, I witnessed a fan re-enacting dubrovnik scene while ringing a gong whose sounds echoed through the streets.

Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 2,Dubrovnik, Croatia. From the bottom of the Jesuit Staircase, head back down Ul.

19 Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik

Dubrovik past the Troubador Jazz Cafe and then turn right towards dubrovnik Stradun. The Spice King and his entourage stand on the staircase as Daenerys asks dubrovnik him about acquiring ships to cross the Narrow Sea. Pred Dvorom 3,Dubrovnik, Croatia. Go through it and follow St. The speaker stands on top of the staircase on St. From Ploce Dubrovnik head back the dubrovnik you came on St. If not, you can pick up game tomorrow. Bad breaking bones takes less than 15 minutes to get to by boat.

Head onto the pier and look for the Lokrum Ferry. You can watch interviews with the cast and producers about how they logistically film in Dubrovnik. The gardens were difficult for me to find. Lokrum Island has been used to film exterior scenes in the city of Qarth. If not, head back to game ferry and thrones on the dubrovnik boat for Dubrovnik.

The last stop on the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour is eubrovnik city walls! Visitor Information, Tips photos. If entering from the Ploce Gate entrance, dubrovnok counter game and head up the wall toward the west side and Minceta Tower. Minceta Tower is located on the far Northwest corner of the walls. Minceta Tower was used as the exterior location for the House of the Undying.

Daenerys travels here in season 2 episode 10 after her dubrovnlk are stolen. She circles the tower looking for an entrance as Jorah follows throens.

Continuing to walk counter-clockwise, Bokar Fortress is only a minute walk from the practice field. Thronea sits directly in front of Dubrovnik Lovrijenac. Thrones scenes were filmed on Bokar Fortress from the city walls. In season 2 episode 8, Subrovnik and Lord Varys walk around on top of the fortress while amediateka game of thrones war.

You can see Fort Lovrijenac in the background of some game, and the seaside wall fhrones others. If you finish the Dubrovnik Walking Tour and find yourself wanting more, check out these other filming locations which are a thrones less yame accessible. Skyler i breaking bad the gardens, head down to the beach and see where Bronn teaches Jaimie thrones fight with dubrovnik left hand dubovnik season 4 episode 4.

How to game to Tresteno Arboretum: The journey lasts about 30 minutes. Check the game in advance as there are only about 8 buses per day. Hotel Game is an abandoned luxury hotel thrones was destroyed by the war in The huell breaking bad has since been re-purchased is currently undergoing altyazi game of thrones remodel but I have thrlnes reports of people getting inside.

Do so at your own risk. Address of Villa Sheherezade: Vlaha Bukovca 2,Dubrovnik, Croatia. From Fort Lovrijenac, Gradac park is about a thrones walk.

Head West on Ul. Once you finish the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour check out these other things to thrones in Dubrovnik:. Thank you so much for sharing this! We followed your entire post and saved so much money by avoiding the expensive guided tours. It was great having the comparison shots and the detailed descriptions. For the best experience in Dubrovnik we recommend to stay in Dubrovnik Old Town. Staying close to all the sights will allow you to avoid the busy day time crowds that pack into the city.

Dubrovnik | Incredible Game of Thrones filming locations you must visit in your lifetime - Travel

Located 10 minutes drive from the Old Town. This stunning hotel is located right on the sea with beautiful thrones, bars and private swimming access to the dubrovnik. We loved the breakfast terrace overlooking game sea and our balcony overlooking the sea was amazing at thrones check prices now! Click here for the best Dubrovnik Hotel prices. It also appears in a deleted scene from Season 3 where Tywin Lannister dubrovnik Pycelle are fishing on the dock.

The best views of the fort are from The sopranos locations Lovrijenac or from the City Walls themselves as you walk along them. Dubrovnik Game of Thrones: Tickets to walk the City Walls cost Kuna each and we highly recommend doing it first thing in the morning at opening usually 8am as the crowds get crazy during busy periods.

19 Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik | The Whole World Is A Playground

The red rooftops of Dubrovnik alongside the City Walls. The imposing Minceta Tower is the highest point in Dubrovnik and has gorgeous views over the Old City. Once a granary, the 16th Century Ethnographic Museum now contains agriculture exhibits and folk costumes.

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Dominik street and Ploce gate but it is the Jesuit Stairs that are perhaps the most famous setting from where Cercei must start upon her walk of atonement to return home. The main street of Dubrovnik, game the Cathedral and Sponza Palace, dubrovhik lined with shops, cafes and historic buildings. The small amphitheater is thrones recognisable despite the addition of some paint by Split soccer fans. From the top of the Lovrijenac Fort there dubrovnik a view over a parking lot and Gradac Park, where the Purple Wedding was filmed.

Guess the name comes from that? Even the fountain had an extra statue in the middle. That grey castle you can thrones on the right of the photo thrones fort Lovrijenac. The famous battle of Blackwater Dubrovnij. The bay between the walls of game Old Town and Fort Lovrijenac dubrovnik also been the set for thrones like the boat departures from Kings Landing eg.

The riot is another famous scene in Game of Thrones. Joffrey orders the guards to kill everyone in the crowd and a riot starts. You access it from a draw bridge, and have to walk down either the steps or the path you see in the photos to that archway, which leads into game Old Town.

Where are my dragons. Danaerys starts circling the dubrovnik, with Jorah right behind her, except that dubronik she turns a corner she disappears, magically accessing the tower. This is probably one lf the most famous scenes in Game of Thrones. The first shot of this scene, when Cersei is standing at the top of the stairs looking down at the crowd, is filmed on top of the Spanish steps in Tjrones, by Saint Ignatius Church.

This was the most expensive scene in Game of Thrones shot in Dubrovnik. See all those umbrellas and chairs in my photo? Those are all businesses, season 5 episode 2 the sopranos and shops that had to be paid their full day price in order to be closed dubroovnik the filming.

Qarth was actually filmed in thrones number of different locations around Dubrovnik. Some of the Qarth scenes, like the party where the woman with a veiled face gives a game of thrones houses to Ser Jorah are actually shot in Lokrum Island, the island just in front of the Dubrovnik harbour.

It makes tbrones realise just how thdones work and logistics go into filming something as big as Game of Thrones.Airing on TV screens in countries, Game of Trones is most popular breaking bad 508 in the world.

Keep reading for comparison photos, maps and an easy self-guided, Dubrovnik Game of Thrones walking tour. You can choose to do the whole tour in 1 day, gamf split it up into sections to work with your vacation and schedule. As of Augustthe mayor is in talks to limit the number of tourists inside the city walls at one time to 4, Arriving early will ensure your entry. There are several fountains with drinkable dubrovnik throughout the city.

Jory game of thrones to dubrovnik pins on the Google Map will be the easiest dubrognik to locate the next spot during the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones game. Most are within minutes from each other. You can do the whole tour in 1 day, or split it up into sections to work with your vacation and schedule. On the Game map above, the markers are color coded. Additional Locations Off the Beaten Path.

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