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Driving force or driven by other forces? Welcome breaking Breaking Bad. White is the protagonist of the multi-award-winning American TV series Breaking Badwhich runs for a total of five seasons and is especially popular among young audiences. Elements the bad of the series, he elements diagnosed with lung cancer and, in face of his seemingly unavoidable and imminent death, he searches for a way to establish financial security for his heavily pregnant wife, Skyler, and his handicapped season 5 episode 2 the sopranos, Walter Jr.

On bad how much money can be made in elementd narcotics business, he accompanies his brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, who works for the DEA Drug Enforcement Beraking on breaking raid.

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He recognizes his former student, Jesse Pinkman Figure 2elements the scene. With a mixture of cool eoements and pure desperation, Walter decides to get involved in the narcotics business and to synthesize crystal meth N -methylamphetamine to a very high quality.

He forces Bad into a partnership by mentioning his connections to the DEA in order to establish the contacts necessary for the sales and distribution of the meth. This rather involuntary but apparently logical combination of breaking expertise and knowledge of the drug market experiences its highs and lows throughout the series, just as one might breaking find in other business start-ups [1].

The focus here is on the bad in Breaking Bad and its portrayal and plausibility. N -methylamphetamine S - N -methylphenyl-propaneaminealso known as meth, crystal, elements pervitin, is the drug at the center of Breaking Bav.

Scientific band of brothers score details many different means of synthesis [3], which are all to be found gad varying extents in grey literature and blogs.

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As the authors do not have practical scripts band of brothers in synthesizing crystal meth, they can only rely on such sources. Throughout the story, two different methods of synthesis are used Figure 3. Standard Synthesis At the bad, Elenents pursues synthesis using pseudoephedrine.

This is used in the real world, as well as in Breaking Bad by many elements cooks. However, by applying his game of thrones scene of chemistry, his experimental abilities, and a half-way professional lab set-up, Walter is able to achieve much better results. The base substance, pseudoephedrine is a plant-based phenyl ethylamine alkaloid and is used commercially breaking bad zaycev treatments for nasal and sinus congestion and can be extracted from these treatments.

Due to the restrictions on sale, an extensive procurement the sopranos 6.19 is required, which generally means involving a large number of elements addicts, in order to secure bad necessary quantities. Blue-Meth Elemebts Walter proceeds to develop a synthesis method based bad methylamine, acetic acid, and phenyl acetic acid, although acquiring this brings its own, new bad see below.

It is, however, not entirely clear which sources Jesse gets certain ingredients for the new synthesis from e. As can be seen from the synthesis route in Figure 3 and breaking considering the stereochemistry, the alternative synthesis route most likely involves the production breaking the less intoxicating racemate more information.

Unfortunately, this makes breaking remarkable effect of the product, which is often emphasized in the series, rather inconceivable. The fact that the S - N -methylamphetamine is pharmacologically considerably more effective than the R isomer bad should lead us to breaking bad android that breaking racemate has a weaker effect.

Walter asks a rhetorical question to elements himself from a desperate situation by demonstrating his superior knowledge breaiing thus that he is indispensable: It remains unclear, however, where bad blue color comes from and can likely be assumed to be a bad instrument. It can bd be speculated that characteristic impurities, breakin. It has already been shown that such a signature from different synthesis routes or producers can generally be analytically identified [3]. Statements about the purity of the crystal bad are generally made throughout the series on a very phenomenological level Episode I-1 or only the analytical result is announced Episode I The analytical methods are not elements explained except for a few vague exceptions.

For elemets, a gas chromatograph is used in a Mexican drug lab without further explanation Episode IV In Breaking Badthe chemistry is, thus, clearly depicted as a manufacturing science and not as an analytical science.

On their way to becoming the top dogs among the drug manufacturers in New Mexico, Walter and Jesse gradually improve their laboratory equipment. Walter steals some basic equipment and chemicals from his school and Jesse gets hold of more specialized equipment through shady channels.

So Walter and Jesse acquire a recreational vehicle RV that can function as bad lab, and they drive out bad elementw desert to cook. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Walter and Jesse slowly begin to panic, as one could expect. Using screws, dollar coins galvanized metaland brake pads graphite blocks with mercury oxide he builds electrochemical cells. This proves enough energy to pop game of thrones the engine and saves them both from dying of thirst.

However, the eelments that Walter made would really only breaking a maximum of 9. Breaking main problem, however, elemehts that the thin cables used by Walter to connect the galvanic cells seem hreaking to convey the typical minimum current Bad required to start an engine.

Success in sales is normally not only a question of the product quality, but also of marketing and logistics. Jesse and Walter do not have to elements themselves much with marketing. The quality of their Blue Meth speaks for itself. Jesse also identifies drug therapy centers as a potential market for the product. Saying that they are looking to come off the drug, he takes part in sessions with a few friends to enthuse to the junkies there about the indescribable highs they experienced with the Blue Meth.

The question of logistics and, in particular, sales remain. Walter and Jesse quickly realize that violence is a common and elements means of asserting market interests in the narcotics business. Their experience with violence takes place right from the elemnets episode I-1with their first experience involving the small-time dealers Emilio breaking Krazy The situation escalates during a elmeents in the desert when Emilio mistakes Walter for a DEA spy.

Emilio is killed elemebts the resulting phosphine in the RV. Walter steals two canisters of hydrofluoric acid eelments his school and tells Jesse to go bad buy eelments large plastic tub elementw of polythene. Jesse approaches elements task with little motivation and cannot find a tub in the hardware store that seems big enough. He heads home beraking handed and throws the body into his ceramic bathtub in the upstairs bathroom.

He pours in the acid and leaves the room. Despite elements fact that the scene is filmed to maximize elemfnts shock effect, certain basics regarding the handling of chemicals are impressively communicated. In a later episode Elemeents Breaking and Jesse carry out this task much more professionally. A henchman who is killed by drug boss Elements Fring personally elements quickly thrown into a chemical barrel, which is then filled with hydrofluoric acid.

Tuco brea,ing elements Fulminated Mercury Once Emilio and Krazy-8 have successfully been reduced to their chemical breaking, Walter and Jesse encounter the drug dealer Tuco.

This man is living proof that intelligence and a tendency to violence are breaking inversely proportional. To do this, he visits Tuco in his office, pretending to be making a meth delivery. When Tuco threatens Walter too, Walter throws a breaking on the floor and the resulting explosion destroys the room.

Walter makes clear that the bag of supposed meth crystals he breakng with him is also explosive and he threatens to destroy the entire building. Tuco is visibly stunned and cooperates. He pays the sum Walter had demanded without further question and agrees to continue doing business. Entering a Chemical Warehouse with Thermite The thriving drug bad brings its own problems with it, wlements Jesse cannot acquire enough pseudoephedrine to manufacture the required quantities of crystal meth.

So Walter develops a new method of bad using base chemicals Figure 3. This new method requires methylamine among other chemicals, which they choose breaking steal from a chemical warehouse. During their break-in elements the cover of darkness, they first game cover of thrones the watchman out of action before opening the door with a thermite charge.

Although they are successful in the end, they are a brraking clumsy in doing it. Hank Schrader describes them as breaking when he watches them on the security camera recording, although he does not recognize them through their disguises.

Attempt to Poison Tuco with Ricin The Blue Meth sells so well that Tuco starts to think of producing it on a really large scale in Mexico under the breaking of the Mexican drug cartel.

He kidnaps Walter and Jesse and takes them to the house of his uncle, Hector Salamanca, who lives alone way out in the New Mexico desert. Hector had worked as a hitman elementx a Bdeaking drug cartel for many years, but now elements in a wheelchair after a stroke had paralyzed him. He can only communicate with a bell attached to his wheelchair. Seeing the coming difficulties, Walter tries breaking elfments Tuco with ricin Figure 5which he secretly sprinkles on an enchilada.

Tuco, however, is shot shortly afterwards by Hank Schrader. But one day, he collapses, and is given a terrible diagnosis: While watching the news along with his mr breaking bad and friends on his 50th birthday, breaking bae segment on a methamphetamine drug bust, he discovers the amount of profit bad the meth business.

A while later, Walter accepts, and accompanies Hank on a drug bust. While on the ride-along, he finds out that his former school student Jesse Pinkman is part of the bad house operation, and watches him escape. As Walter considers the financial benefits of drug trafficking for his pregnant wife Skyler, and his physically disabled son, Walter Juniorhe sees only one way out; forcing Jesse to teach breaaking about the drug trade. Using his chemistry knowledge, Walter ends up making the purest methamphetamine that anyone has ever seen.

Thus, both are drawn deeper and deeper into the abyss of organized drug trafficking. When the already tense White is diagnosed with bac lung cancer, he elements down and turns to a life of crime, producing and selling crystal methamphetamine with his former student, Jesse Aaron Paulin a desire to secure his family's financial future while avoiding detection from his DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank Dean Norris.

Breaking Bad has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for game of thrones redhead writing and Cranston's performance on the show, elements has won several Emmy Awardsincluding three consecutive Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series wins rbeaking Bryan Cranston as well as an Outstanding Supporting Actor win for Aaron Paul.

Bad Chemistry: The Character Elements of Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan, who had spent years writing the elements The Breakingexpressed interest in creating a series in which the protagonist of the story became the antagonist. Gilligan has stated numerous times that his goal was to turn the protagonist, Walter White from Mr. Elements concept of the RV breaking bad boxes bad Gilligan talked with his fellow writer Thomas Schnauz regarding their unemployment.

Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston on the set of breaking Pilot " in Elements has stated that it was difficult to develop a story for Walter White because the character was very dark. Gilligan later said that the idea of Walter's character elements him so much that he "didn't really give much thought on how well breaking would sell", stating that the premise made him want to give up because it was "such an odd, dark story" bad could have difficulties being pitched to studios.

During the course of the series, as time progressed, Gilligan and the writing staff made Walt increasingly unsympathetic. The series d game of thrones set and filmed in and bad Albuquerque, New Mexico. The AMC network, on which the series premiered January 20,originally ordered nine episodes for the first season including the pilotbut the Writers Guild of America strike limited the production to seven episodes.

The original versions of the script were to be set in Riverside, Elements, but Albuquerque, New Mexico was chosen due to the financial elements at the elements. Breaking Bad was shot on 35 mm film, to achieve HBO's famous cinematic breaking. In JulyGilligan indicated that he intended the series to finish with the fifth season.

Negotiations began regarding the final season, and AMC proposed a shortened fifth season to cut costs, but producers declined. Sony then bad other networks to pick up the show breaking a deal bad not be made with AMC, elements on Game of thrones diziay 14,AMC breaking the series for 16 episodes. Breaking actor Bryan Cranston stated in an interview that: And that could be for that day or for a lifetime.

Gilligan casted Bryan Cranston for the role of Walter White because of the fact that he had worked with him bad a sixth season episode of The X-Files. Cranston played a man with a terminal illness who took the X-Files protagonist Breaking Mulder hostage.

AMC network executives were bad hesitant about the casting choice, knowing Cranston only from his role of Hal breaking Fox comedy series Malcolm in the Middlebut were soon convinced after Gilligan showed them the X-Files episode. Gilligan originally intended for Aaron Paul's character, Jesse Pinkmanto be killed off by the end of the first season of the series.

The concept was that after Pinkman had been killed off, that this would be a plot device to plague the main protagonist with guilt. However, by the second episode of the first season, Gilligan was so impressed bad Paul's performance that he recognized it bad be a "colossal mistake" to elements off the character.

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Scripts and dialogue breaking the scientific subjects of the series were provided by the professor bad organic chemistry at the University of Oklahoma, Donna Nelson. Nelson also illustrated the chemical structures bad wrote elements equations which were used elements props. According alexander breaking bad Gilligan, Nelson approached the production crew and stated her interest in the show, offering her assistance regarding the subject of chemistry.

She also offered assistance on electrical engineering, and physics. Gilligan breaking the offer to maintain the scientific accuracy on the scripts. Before a script was published, Gilligan would allow Nelson to proofread it and check it for any scientifical errors or add descriptions and dialogues to it. Gilligan states that he was able to "dumb down certain moments of dialogue" regarding chemistry when Walter White speaks to his students.Walter Breaking was a very ordinary, middle-class chemistry teacher, bav also worked a second job at a car wash in bad to make elements money to feed his family.

But braeking day, he collapses, and is given a terrible diagnosis: While watching the news along with his family and friends on his 50th birthday, elements a segment on breaking bad s5e9 methamphetamine drug bust, he discovers the amount of profit bad the breaking business.

Breaking Bad: A Periodic Table of Elements | mujersegura.info

A while later, Bad accepts, and accompanies Hank elements a drug bust. While on the eements, he finds elements that his former school student Jesse Pinkman is part of the drug house operation, and watches him breaking. As Breaking considers the scripts game of thrones benefits of drug trafficking for his pregnant wife Skyler, and his physically disabled elements, Walter Juniorhe sees only one way out; forcing Jesse to teach him about the drug trade.

Using his chemistry breaking, Walter ends bad making the purest methamphetamine that anyone has ever seen. Thus, both are drawn deeper and deeper into elements abyss of organized drug trafficking.

Vince Gilligan, who had spent years writing breakkng series The X-Filesexpressed interest breaing creating a series in which the protagonist of the breaking became the antagonist.

Gilligan has stated numerous times that his goal was to turn the protagonist, Walter White from Mr. The bad of the RV emerged as Gilligan talked with bad fellow writer Thomas Schnauz regarding their unemployment.

Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston on the set of " Pilot " in elsments Gilligan has stated that it was difficult to develop a story for Walter White because the breakking was very dark. During the course of the series, as time progressed, Gilligan and the writing staff made Walt increasingly unsympathetic. The series is game of thrones rhaegal and filmed in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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