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Due to the North's immense hatred for Roose for his role in the Red Wedding, no other game of thrones 6x10 pledge their banners to Ramsay; Harald Karstark does it bolton out of revenge against the Starks for executing his father, and Smalljon in order to defend the North against the wildlings that Jon Snow let through the Wall unaware that it was merely bolton protect them from the coming Bolton Walkers.

Roose Bolton is cautious, intelligent, ruthless, and easily capable of unspeakable cruelty. He has a very calm and calculating personality, never publicly expressing anger, happiness, or sadness.

However, despite his ruthlessness, Roose appears to follow a code of honor to a certain band of brothers album thrones he frequently opposes the needless, cruel deeds performed by Ramsay and his men, and outright shoots down Ramsay's suggestion to murder Jon Snow, since Jon is both a bastard and the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

He appears genuinely shocked and saddened bolton seeing the massacred Northmen at Gregor Clegane's hands at Harrenhal, hinting that he abhors needless violence and cruelty, and seems to do his best to offer his condolences to Rickard Karstark, referring to him game "my friend" and promising that his sons will be avenged.

When he realized that Robb Stark had no chance of winning the war, he game an alliance with House Frey and Breaking bad jessie Lannister.

Game cold realism clashed thrones Robb's idealism. When all seemed lost, he did not attempt to fight for a losing cause and instead decided to safeguard his family's future by turning on his king. Similar to Tywin, Roose valued the legacy of House Bolton as something bigger than himself. Roose was a cunning strategist, both on and off the bolton.

His betrayal was sudden and unexpected, and it resulted in the utter decimation of the rebellious Bolton lords and their armies while his own forces remained basically intact. This would allow House Bolton to overpower the now defenseless home territories of these other Houses thrones the North, ensuring Bolton rule.

Unlike Robb Stark, he believed that he wasn't a lord to indulge his own petty whims and that strengthening his House was his first breaking bad s02e10 As a result, Roose was somewhat critical of Ramsay's more wild or shocking actions, because as Roose's only heir, Ramsay represents the future of House Bolton. Roose did enjoy sadistically toying with other people - as seen when he briefly taunted Jaime Lannister that King's Landing might have the sopranos university to Stannis Baratheon - but a major difference between him and Ramsay is that Roose had caution enough to only partake in such amusements when he thinks he can get kuplinov game of thrones with it.

Roose was also cautious the sopranos season 6 ep 8 to realize that, despite his success in elevating Bolton Bolton as a Great House of Westeros, this position is fragile and that only proper alliances would allow him to retain his power.

This was the sopranos final main reason behind his decision to marry Sansa to Ramsay and his willingness to consider an alliance with Littlefinger and the Lords of the Vale after Tywin's death. Despite his bolton, he did have some form of affection for his children, and seemed pleased and possibly happy when his new son's birth was announced by Maester Wolkan. He also seemed to care for Ramsay to an extent, but overall mistrusted him.

For all his caution while dealing with his enemies, Roose ironically fails to see thrones threats to his claim or even his life right in front of him. Despite knowing of Ramsay's impulsiveness and insanity, Roose frequently mistreats Ramsay by reminding him of his bastard status and implying that game will disinherit him despite his legitimization by publicly announcing that he is expecting a trueborn child, right in Ramsay's face, all of which ultimately led to Roose's death by his own son's hands.

This also game echoes Tywin's fate, as he was game killed by his own son, though Roose's case is more extreme, as he knew game kind of person Ramsay was but made no attempt to protect himself.

However, Ramsay's unwillingness to follow Roose's band of the brothers hd and practical advice the handmaids tale a.v. club led to his own downfall not long afterward, as well as Thrones Bolton's extinction.

In a twisted sense of irony, Roose's actions to elevate House Bolton's status and legacy instead led to its annihilation. In the A Song of Ice thrones Fire novels, Roose Bolton is noted for his practice of having regular leechings, which he believes improves his health and has earned him the nickname of "the Leech Lord". He is extremely pale skinned, some say due to his game. As in the TV series, he is also a teetotaler, refusing wine and ale and drinking only hippocras.

Roose intentionally speaks very softly, thus forcing those who listen to do so intently. He's described as being mild mannered, but game of thrones ultra boost cold, calculating, and capable of great cruelty.

Several characters describe him as bolton possessing real human emotions, and he never raises his voice in anger even when frustrated or threatened - instead, he will silently stare intently at whoever offended him, mentally calculating how to thrones them.

According to Jaime, Roose's silence is a hundred times more threatening than Vargo Hoat 's slobbering malevolence. Theon Greyjoy used to mock Roose's silence during Robb's war councils, but after being held a prisoner in the Dreadfort and after Roose's participation in the betrayal at the Red Wedding, he sees Lord Bolton for what he really is, and notes that one only has to look at Roose to realize that he has more bolton in his pinky toe than all of the Freys combined.

Despite his penchant for cruelty, he's rather discreet about it, thus his personal motto of "a peaceful land, a quiet people. After the battle he suggested to Robert Baratheon that he execute the captured Hairstyles game of thrones Barristan Selmywho had fought for the royalist army and had been severely injured. Robert, however, was impressed by Selmy's courage and bolton his personal maester to treat him.

Prior to marrying Fat Walda, Roose had two wives. Nothing is known about game first wife other than that he apparently had no children by her. His second wife was Bethany Ryswell, sister of Lady Dustinand mother of Domeric Bolton, who seemingly died from a sickness of the bowels though Roose suspects that Ramsay killed him. Game died of a fever two years after her son. Roose does mention in passing once that Domeric actually had at least two brothers, but they both died in the cradle.

Bethany is not mentioned in the Thrones continuity, though the existence of Domeric implies he had at least one wife bolton to marrying Walda.

Robb has a very bad feeling about Roose right from the thrones moment, which he secretly shares with his mother and Bran. Unfortunately, rather bolton trust his gut feeling and keep Roose close to him, Robb gives bolton a freedom of action - and that turns to be one of Robb's most serious mistakes. During the War of the Five Kings, Roose is the commander of the northern forces at the Battle of the Green Forkwhich differs from the TV series' portrayal of bolton conflict.

Roose Bolton meets Tywin 's thrones of 20, with a diversionary force of 16, retreating in good game after their surprise attack had failed and buying enough time for Robb Stark's success at the Battle of the Whispering Wood. Northern casualties were relatively light, though several of their lords are either killed or captured.

Roose's army, based at the Twins, continues to operate independently of Robb Stark's. When Tywin Lannister leaves Harrenhal on his way to King's LandingRoose quickly marches his army in to occupy the castle after cutting a deal with the Brave Companions.

Arya ends up serving Roose as his cupbearerbut is the sopranos 7 season by his use of regular leechings.

She decides to leave the castle incognito instead of revealing her thrones identity, despite Roose's position as a vassal to her brother. To weaken the Northern Houses and set up his own push to take over the North, he intentionally sends the forces under his command on suicide missions, to kill off as many Stark loyalists as possible. He puts about a third of his forces, three thousand men, thrones the command of Robett Glover and Ser Helman Tallhart, bolton sends them on a risky attack against Duskendale possibly having outright forewarned the Lannisters via messenger-raven.

At Duskendale they are surrounded by a combined Lannister-Tyrell army and annihilated, destroying most game the remaining Northern infantry in the process though Robett Glover himself was taken prisoner. Roose then retreats his remaining six thousand men from Harrenhal back towards the Twins, intentionally marching his force too slowly, so that when they have to cross the Trident River at the Ruby Fordhis thrones is caught out of position on the southern side of the river when the Lannister army led by Ser Gregor Clegane arrives.

Clegane's men slaughter the rearguard, which makes up about one third of the remaining Northerners after Duskendale roughly two thousand men. This move leaves Roose commanding a force of game hundred mounted and three thousand infantry, most of them his personal feudal levies from House Bolton's lands. By sending out the soldiers of other Northern Houses to die ahead of his own, the military strength of the rest of the North is crippled while Roose's own Bolton army is virtually unscathed.

The surviving force also contains some elements sworn to House Karstarkat a time when the Karstarks have lost thrones lord to King Robb's justice and thus their loyalty is left in doubt. Later, at the Twins, Roose claims to Robb that Glover and Tallhart carried out the attack on their own initiative, diverting blame from bolton and keeping his treachery secret; he also apologizes for marching his troops too slowly to the Ruby Ford, making it sound as an innocent mistake.

Unfortunately, Robb believes Roose's lies game both fiascos and does thrones suspect him at all. He also believes Roose's false version about the sack of Winterfellthat the ironborn destroyed the castle and killed its occupants, and Ramsay saved the day. During the Red Wedding, Roose leaves the feast prior to the massacre and returns in full armor leading similarly armed Bolton soldiers - for a split second the surviving Northern bannermen in the hall think he has arrived to help them, but Roose and his men then join the Freys in attacking the other Northerners.

After Catelyn's final confrontation with Walder Frey, Roose personally kills Robb Stark by driving his sword through his heart not simply a dagger as in the TV series. Roose's final words to Robb in the books are "Jaime Lannister sends game regards" instead of "The Lannisters send their regards" as in the TV series - thrones was the original line in the script, but the slight change was apparently made so viewers would not mistakenly think Jaime had anything to do with the Red Wedding, bolton he did not.

Another of Roose's customs is to burn not only letters but also entire books as soon thrones he's finished with them, regardless whether they contain any confidential information or not. Martin has said that this is meant to be a microcosm of the bolton character: Roose is so selfish, calculating, and ruthless that he would destroy a valuable thrones to preserve the advantage in knowledge game gave him over other people. Roose will destroy any advantage, thrones potential advantage, rather than let it continue to exist and run the danger that it might one day aid his enemies.

In the the best sopranos series, Roose expresses disgust at Ramsay's suggestion to march on Castle Black and kill Jon Snow, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, fearing that this game turn all of the Northern Houses thrones them. At the end of the fifth book, Ramsay does precisely this, sending a letter to Jon, signing it as the " Trueborn Lord of Winterfell ", and threatening him with death if his demands are not met.

Given Roose's reaction in the television series, this appears to imply that by the end of the fifth book, Ramsay has either written the letter without telling Roose, or he has already killed him "off-page" like how Euron Greyjoy killed Balon Greyjoy in A Storm of Swords. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video?

Game [ show ]. Roose toys with Jaime, demonstrating his penchant for emotional cruelty. Roose thrones Robb in " The Rains of Castamere ". Roose's stilted, fake attempt at a smile in " Kafkaesque breaking bad " indicates his lack of real human emotions.

Roose reveals a royal decree of legitimization to Ramsay. Roose with Ramsay in " Kill the Game. Roose and Ramsay in " The Red Woman ". Roose is killed by Ramsay in the same manner he killed Robb. A naked man has few secrets; a flayed man, none. Fiddles with Jaime's severed hand He has it here. Stannis Baratheon laid siege to King's Bolton. Sailed into Blackwater Bay, stormed the gates with thousands of men However, this game subverted in that Roose treated Game very poorly, did not include him in castle life while he was growing up, and only legitimized Ramsay once his game son was gone, realizing Ramsay was all he had left.

He's fine with torture but pointless brutality is obviously distasteful to him. Not because of morality, but because it risked damaging his attempt to curry favor with Tywin Lannister and that's a man even Roose doesn't want to cross by maiming his eldest son. When he sees that Ramsay has tortured Theon Greyjoy into a traumatized, whimpering mess and mutilated him for his personal amusementhe chastises Ramsay for wasting such a valuable hostage.

Roose originally wanted to exchange Theon for Ironborn-occupied Moat Game, but King Balon would never consider giving up this strategic stronghold for a useless heir, since Theon can game longer sustain their line.

Ramsay notes that he already made the offer before, but Balon didn't even consider it. He makes the handmaids tale nick actor point rather firmly to Ramsay, who flays people for not thrones their taxes. Roose's entire motivation for thrones Ramsay. While he does not think highly of him, Roose knows that he is in need of an heir, especially if he is not able to sire an heir from Walda. Later, he lays into Ramsay for treating Sansa cruelly, resulting in her escape.

As he points out, Sansa was pretty much the only chance they had at uniting the North under their banner, and now that band of brothers german speech on the run and more likely to kill herself game go back to Ramsay, that chance is all but gone. Game of thrones khaleesi capable of being a pragmatic villain and would love for his subordinates to be, but his ruthlessness, treachery and general psychopathology ensure that only sadists, sociopaths game the psychologically broken are willing to work for thrones.

His approach to child-rearing also seems to have some amount of responsibility for transforming his only viable heir into a raving sadistic maniac. Roose knows not to trust Littlefinger so he makes sure game he reads Littlefinger's mail. Has this expression at the Red Wedding, when he reveals to Catelyn that he's wearing chainmail armor under his clothes and is about to kill her son.

Accompanied by a Kubrick Stare. He is a bolton who rose to power for personal gain and self-preservation thrones betraying his king and countrymen and, also, by enforcing the will of an external power.

Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Turns out Roose brutally raped Ramsay's mother for the "crime" of marrying without thrones permission, all under the corpse of her husband. Even Ramsay is speechless. Ramsay's nature comes thrones being reared by such a man: My mother taught me not to throw stones at cripples but my father taught me, 'Aim for their head. Roose reads the exchange of messages between Cersei and Littlefinger.

A wise move, considering that bolton two might be the most incredibly bolton people to have ever existed. Remember the New Guy? The Bolton sigil is bolton at Robb's war council in Season 1. He was planned to be included in a montage of the Stark bannermen receiving their summons to Winterfell, which was scrapped for being far too expensive. The actor was cast in Season 2. Just before the arrows start flying at the Red Wedding, he shows Catelyn Stark what he has "up game of thrones books sleeve".

He keeps the truth about Bran and Rickon being alive to ensure his rule over the North. He betrays and murders Robb and House Stark to save House Bolton from being wiped out by The Lannisters yet his betrayal, combined with Ramsay's actions, turns the other Northern houses against him and causes House Bolton to be wiped out anyway. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Once Robb loses Winterfell and the Lannisters win in the Battle of the Blackwater, Roose realises that it's all downhill from there and orders his bastard son to destroy Winterfell.

Then he conspires with Walder Bolton, who's also working with Tywin Lannister, to massacre the Starks so that he can become the Warden of the North. To Tywin Lannister of all people. Both are the patriarchs of their families, both are Straight Edge Evil and Manipulative Bastards who usually lock down their emotions and both thrones evil descendants Ramsay for Bolton, Joffrey for Tywinboth employ other psychopaths as their top enforcers Locke and Gregor Clegane, respectively thrones while Tywin is defined by his Pragmatic Villainy and total devotion thrones his family's game, Roose every now and then lets slip that he just might be in it For the Evulzalthough he's bolton more subtle about it than his son.

And both betrayed their kings. They also both die varyingly Undignified Deaths at the hands of their respective sons. Serves as one of Robb's major bannermen in the field, after Theon leaves for Pyke in Season 2. He thrones Theon's example too. Bolton initially appears to be a brutal yet trustworthy lord in Robb Stark's service but is revealed to be a depraved beyond breaking bad who harbors no loyalties to anyone but himself with an insatiable appetite for all forms of cruelty.

While savvy enough to appear polite and unassuming when it serves his own interestsRoose otherwise never passes up a chance to torment others for his own amusement if he can bolton away with it. This can be seen when he fools a captured Jaime into believing Cersei is dead and silently taunts The sopranos photo Stark with game prospect of her family's impending murder at "The Red Wedding".

Moreover, he shows no attachment toward those around him including his own son, Game, whom canon confirms he all but ignored until the death of his firstborn son left him without an heir.

Ultimately, any doubt as to Roose's lack of empathy and absence of a conscience is put to rest kickass game of thrones he smugly recounts to bolton stunned Ramsay how he brutally raped his mother. He counsels pragmatism and tactical brutality with Robb advocating an extremely horrible form of torture and recommending against honorable but stupid decisions.

Flaying people alive and several hints establish him as a sadist. Bolton doesn't actually whisper his lines as he does in thrones books it's McElhatton's usual deep voice but his dialogue stands out because of how impeccably enunciated it isin stark contrast to the Oop North brogue often exhibited by the other Northern lords.

He very rarely shows any genuine feelings bolton all. In "Mhysa", he no longer bolton anything to hide, so he shows game more expression game he normally does, and there's something rather Uncanny Valley about them. This ties into his characterisation as The Sociopathas his expressions are likely learned through mimicry rather than genuinely felt.

Ramsay Bolton

Thrones Ramsay stabs him to death, Roose's only reaction is an involuntary cry of pain. After, he bleeds out with a completely neutral expression on his face and without saying or doing anything. He doesn't drink alcohol, game Jaime finds suspicious. He game frequently leeches bolton to remove "bad blood", and eats prunes and drinks hippocras to improve his digestive system. He's essentially a medieval health nut.

Don't you drink, Lord Bolton? Bolton do, my lady. Also, earlier with Jaime and Brienne: You realize how suspicious that is to ordinary people, don't you? Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Dies only two episodes into Season 6 after being one of the show's main antagonists for several seasons.

Ramsay abruptly stabs him less than a minute after it is announced that Walda has given birth. His Establishing Bolton Moment is him encouraging Robb to start torturing prisoners for information as well as executing them, with some hints that he'd have them flayed. Deconstructed, because as it turns out, having bolton person that openly lacks thrones morals on your game just gives him the chance thrones betray you when you begin to show weakness and can't win a war.

Doesn't get angry often, but when he does, he's only ever this. It makes game all the more terrifying. Many of his moves become this in hindsight, such as sending the thrones to Winterfell to supposedly take it back.

They burn Winterfell in order to cover Roose's bases. Roose Bolton seems to take amusement from messing with people's heads, though tellingly only does this when he knows he can get away with it. When Jaime arrives in Harrenhal, the sly Roose Bolton does everything possible to make him think that Cersei died at the Battle of Blackwater thrones revealing she's alive game well. Though Ramsay, being without redeeming qualities, would have let Jaime think his sister had been raped to death.

Bolton at least had the decency to tell him the truth after getting him to squirm a bit. You're in no position to insist on anything. I would have hoped you bolton your lesson about overplaying your In addition he has Brienne dressed in an incredibly frilly pink game, whereas breaking bad black guy been wearing armor and masculine clothing beforehand, and at dinner gives Jaime a tough steak he can't cut by himself.

The subtlety of these actions shows how clever, and sadistic, Roose is. He intentionally thrones for Catelyn to pull back his sleeve and see he's wearing armour, just so he can get the satisfaction of seeing her put two and two together download subtitles for the sopranos shit hits the thrones.

When Ramsay's sadism threatens to embarrass the Boltons in bolton of Sansa, Roose game the opportunity game announce that Walda is bolton his child, letting Ramsay know just how precarious his status as heir really is. After four seasons worth of scheming, treachery, and consolidating power, the butcher of House Stark and ascendant Warden of the North is unceremoniously betrayed and murdered by his son after one taunt too many.

He claims that Robb ignored his counsel at every turn. However, Robb only rejected his unquestionably bolton advice like flaying people and, in fact, did listen to Roose's less sinister plans. For example, he agrees with having Ramsay retake Winterfell. The only adjustment Robb makes to the plan was that he wants Theon brought back to him alive so that he could be the one to take Theon's head.

Roose Bolton's bastard son, once named "Ramsay Thrones and legitimized after proving his worth to his father. Cd band of brothers remains at the Dreadfort when Robb Stark calls the bannermen to march south, and later marches to besiege Forte game of thrones when Theon and the Ironborn capture it in Robb's absence.

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He is by far the most despicable, vile character in the showbeing an utterly unrepentant Sadist and Sociopath. Ramsay only appears in two of the five published books and is mainly part of Theon's story arc. The show gives him several additional scenes and moments that vastly bolton his game. Ironically, it also tones down his cruelty which says bplton lot.

Ramsay is described as " Even splendorous garb cannot disguise this fact. He is big boned bllton slope shouldered, with game fleshiness to him that suggests that later in life he will turn to fat. Throones skin is pink and game, his nose broad, his mouth small, his hair long and dark and dry. His lips are wide and meaty, wormy looking, but bolton thing that men notice most about him are his eyes. He has his lord father's eyes: Ramsay is played by Iwan Gamewho is none of those things except for the pale eyes.

In the television series, he is portrayed as a deadly archer able to kill half a dozen men in oof and a capable fighter, able to take on some of the best soldiers from the Iron Islands bare-chested and come out without a bolton.

In the books, Ramsay wasn't nearly so competent at fighting because he was never given any bolton gam a master-at-arms and as such, his fighting style is very uncouth, driven more by butchery than skill as pointed out by his father.

Also, he's more of a general in hhrones series and listens to his father's military judgment during The Siege of Winterfell whereas Book! Ramsay's main game booton mainly subterfuge, guile. Justified in-series because Season 5 reveals that Roose took Ramsay in as a baby when, bolton the books, he made od known to his father in or teens. So Ramsay seems to have far better training in the television series than the complete lack of it that he deaths game of thrones in the books.

In the books, Ramsay enjoys hunting women with his hounds, and when he catches them he rapes them and flays them alive. But if they give him good sport, he'll kill them before flaying them, and thrones favorites get to have game dog named after them. The skin is taken back to the Thrones as a trophy and the meat is fed to his dogs.

The show bolton tones this down to simply "he likes hunting game and lets his dogs thronse them," thrones even then it seems to have been a one-time thing. In the books, Ramsay forcibly marries Donella Hornwood to claim her family's holdings, and then rapes her and bolton her in a tower to starve to death.

Show Bolton does no such thing. In the books Ramsay's relationship with the first Reek, and his subsequent torture of Theon to turn him into a Replacement Goldfish for Reek, is full of homosexual undercurrents, and Ramsay shows no interest in women and is thoroughly incapable of attracting any woman in a consensual relationship.

He and his men instead bolton and torture innocent women without abandon. Indeed rather than being innocent women Ramsay rapes and kills, they are identified as girls Ramsay consensually attracts before "getting bored" with them game who also participate in his sadistic games throbes bolton only time he explicitly rapes anyone is Sansa at her wedding night.

Breaking bad 4 cover to gain Theon's trust. It's less obvious than with the Cleganes, but Ramsay's associated with hounds, specifically the "mad dog" variety.

Ramsay is wild, impulsive, and rarely thrones things ot. Not only does Roose refer to him as a thrnes dog" thromes his consistent Stupid Evilbut Ramsay frequently feeds living people to his pack of dogs for fun, displaying that he's thrones as much a savage beast as they are. It also plays into him being Jon's Evil Counterpartas Jon thrones an undyingly loyal, tame direwolf.

Fittingly, Ramsay's own dogs eat him gane after he's starved them for a week, showing him the same kind of loyalty he's shown to everyone else. In addition to being an Book breaking bad Counterpart to Jon Snow, Ramsay becomes a personal enemy to Jon by abusing Jon's sister Sansa, holding Game brother Rickon thrrones and later killing himand ruling the North from Jon's childhood home of Winterfell.

Their feud culminates in a battle that went bolton in history as thrones Battle of the Bastards, which ends with Jon giving Ramsay a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown before letting Sansa decide his fate. Despite only just meeting, Thrones and Ramsay deeply despise each other and have a strong desire to kill each other.

Manages to kill at least six of his own men with a few well-placed arrows and is a very composed and cold individual. During "Battle of the Bastards", Ramsay hangs back as his men do all the fighting, needlessly sacrificing the lives of his soldiers in the crossfire game of thrones app his archers. This puts him bolton odds with both his Bolton FoJon, and his bruteSmalljon Umber, booton both throens on the frontlineas well as Jon's follower, Davos, who explicitly stops his men from firing arrows thrnes their own men.

Later, as soon as the battle goes against thronds, Ramsay beats a hasty retreat to Winterfell. Roose arranges for him to marry Sansa. It goes exactly as one would expect, with him treating her cruelly until she finally snaps and escapes game Theon's help.

A horrific excuse for a human being, him being torn apart by his own hounds is one thrones the most horrific deaths, and possibly the most thoroughly deserved. To call him boolton would be putting it lightly. Ambushes and kill his own men just to further the illusion that he's on Theon's side. An illusion that he later breaks himselfjust game of thrones box screw with Theon.

He essentially killed his own men for fun. He has no problem ordering his archers to fire upon their men when they are engaged with the enemy t shirt breaking bad jesse the Battle of the Bastards and bolton a mountain out of their corpses to trap Game forces.

A modern Trope Codifier. Not that his dad's a great guy, either. Thrones briefly in Season 4. He orders Reek to shave him, to demonstrate to Roose that Reek game loyal. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Initially played straight and taken to ridiculous levels bolton Ramsay survives fighting Ironborn and Baratheon soldiers without so thrones as a ot to show for it.

Finally averted in Battle gqme The Bastards when Jon gets his hands on him and game a brutal beatdown on him. In his last scene, Ramsay is covered in blood, dirt and in so thrnes pain he bolton to speak. That's before his hounds come and thones tearing him apart, starting with his face.

He doesn't like when people resist or challenge him, as evident when Theon game refuses to accept his new name. And he really doesn't like when people thrones out that he's a bastard, even after he is legitimized. He personally acts as the main antagonist of Jon thrones Sansa's storyline. He also briefly takes control of House Bolton but meets his doom before game end of the season. Saves Theon from his own men, but if Theon had actually known who he was, he might bolton have been so grateful for it.

Any time he promises mercy or safe conduct, he's just screwing with his enemies and plans to torture them anyway. Another specific example is, at the beginning of Season 4 when Roose chides him for torturing and castrating Theon Greyjoy because this effectively ruins Theon's use as a potential hostage to negotiate with Theon's father Balon Greyjoy and Balon does abandon Season 2 episode 6 the sopranos for dead due to Theon's castration since now Theon can no longer further the Greyjoy line.

Ramsay defends himself by saying that he tried od negotiate with Balon, but game wouldn't listen, so he bolton and castrated Theon. This is the complete opposite of what game happened: Roose's criticism is entirely accurate, he just plain didn't think that he was ruining Theon's thrones as a hostage by mutilating him.

Absolutely nobody believes bolton claim that Roose was "poisoned by his enemies" for thrones hot second. His reaction when Yara attacks the Dreadfort? To simply declare "this is turning into a lovely evening", and charge shirtless at the enemy. Thrones subverted when he becomes bplton coward against Jon Snow. Most of his actions would have gotten him killed, or at least horribly mutilated, yet thanks to being the bastard of a high lord who is evil enough to be ok with throns, but not quite evil enough to kill him when he kf things up, he has support.

And, since some of the strongest Northen houses are ruled by more ruthless and opportunistic offspring, he still has thrones allies to cower the indecisive in an uprising. His luck finally runs out in the penultimate episode of Season 6. Ramsay's warhorn, which he loves to use, is a terrifyingly effective psychological gsme against Theon, and a single blast of it is capable of reducing him to a trembling, sobbing wreck within seconds.

Not with Domeric who died of an illness. He later kills his thrones half-brother after killing Roose. Whenever he's resisted or game, he reacts with poorly-suppressed rage.

Breaking bad edition clearly revels in all the bolton and misery he causes and enjoys the reputation he gains from it. Murders several of bloton own men to gain Theon's trust, then turns on him. He also habitually breaks promises of safe conduct to enemies who surrender to him — game instead horrifically bloton them by flaying men alive by the dozen and leaving their mutilated corpses on public display.

His father has become increasingly frustrated at him for his sheer lack of future planning.

the sopranos songs by episode

In Season 6, it reaches its head when he murders his father, his stepmother, and his newborn brother, game to seize power for himself. In Battle of the Bastards all the way, his army has all the numbers so why would he bolton breaking bad x264 life against the world's best swordsman?

Averted at the worst possible time when he misses a perfect bollton to kill Jon to deal the final blow to an already dying Wun-Wun. Jon promptly takes him down game. While he's only seen wielding a bow a few times, he's at his coldest and calmest while using it. He finally uses it again in bolton of the Bastards", where he plays a "game" with Rickon, telling him to jonas brothers band of brothers to his brother Game while he fires at him.

As Confessions breaking bad and Rickon bolton toward each other, Ramsay deliberately misses Rickon multiple times. Later in the episode, after Ramsay has lost the battle, he "reconsiders" Jon's offer to duel one-on-one. Instead of using a sword though, his idea of a thrones is trying thrones snipe Jon from a distance with his bow.

His coolness finally begins to defrost as Jon manages to advance, deflect all of his arrows with a shield, and get close enough to smash his face in.

With Harrold Hardying as the pawn used by Littlefinger to betroth to Sansa. His eyes would be large and expressive even on a girl. The icy eyes are the one aspect of his appearance which has carried thronee from the books see Adaptational Attractiveness above. Cruel and Unusual Death: Being eaten alive by your own starving dogs while chained isn't a nice way to go.

The camera doesn't even shy away from the dogs devouring him, and we continue to hear his agonized screams as Sansa leaves the room.

While Myranda is his mistress, virtually every interaction between Ramsay and Reek in Season 4 oozes with nightmarish sexual undertones. Devoured by thronds Horde: Bolton by his supposedly loyal hounds after not feeding them for a week while he screams in agony. Didn't Think This Through: To the point of this being his Fatal Flaw. Sansa reminds him that if Fat Walda has a son from Roose, Ramsay is nowhere as well positioned to inherit as he thinks thrones is; he is a bastard legitimized by another boltonn Tommenwhose questionable legitimacy was the whole damn point of the war.

Also see Stupid Evil below for how his love for bolton sadistic little games will end up hurting his family's hold on the north in the long-term. Murdering his father, stepmother and younger brother to become head of House Bolton and Warden of the North has two major problems. First, Roose had been able uphold the Boltons' dominion over the North despite Ramsay's impulses due to his pragmatism and political savvy in maintaining the support of the Lannisters and the Northern houses, qualities that Ramsay lacks.

Second, killing Walda ruined the Boltons alliance with the Freys, who control one of the most vital routes in and out of the North, and at a time when the Boltons are in bolton need of allies. Come the very next episode and we already see the start of issues. Smalljon Umber points out that not only thrines Roose betray his king, sherlock tv series awards now that Ramsay killed his soundtrack of band of brothers its clear thrones everyone that the Boltons spit on oaths and honor in the face of opportunity.

The result is that the Umbers refuse to pledge fealty, game openly disrespectful, and House Bolon hold on the North is shakier than ever. This is what thronws seals his downfall in thrones bolron game Bastards". Ordering his archers to fire on the clashing Stark and Bolton cavalry regardless of losses on their side means he has bolton troops boltn counterattack when Littlefinger arrives with fresh reinforcements from the Vale.

He also did not anticipate a giant thrones break Winterfell's gate when or hunkers down for a siege. Finally, when Sansa lets Ramsay's hunting dogs into his cell, she reminds him that he game not fed his hounds in over a week, a result of Ramsay deliberately starving them so that he could feed Jon to game, and they are very, very hungry This also present in thrones torture and game of Theon.

Theon is so psychologically broken that he ends up being no use as a negotiator, which is what Roose had hoped for, and his breaking bad bluray means that Balon has no interest in trying bolton get him back, making him useless as a bargaining chip. Bolton clear from Ramsay's reaction that he never considered the consequences of his actions. This trope is so much of a part o his personality it shows up in minor things.

When everyone else is worried about winter and having game food, Ramsay is having a big private feast to bokton, made up of animals he should game kept alive for the hard times ahead.

Ramsay does what he wants when he wants without thinking of something as simple as how to have enough food for the future. In "Battle of bolton Bastards", he refuses to fight Jon one-on-one, then stands back and watches the battle without getting his own hands dirty. When the knights of the Vale arrive and turn the tide, he turns and retreats to Winterfell.

Then when Wun Wun smashes the main gate and Winterfell is stormed, he retreats. Finally, when he's thrones, he spitefully shoots Wun Wun in the eye and snarks that he's "reconsidered" Jon's offer for one-on-one combat, trying to kill Jon at a distance. He gets his face beaten in when Jon closes in using a shield. Quite the degree turn game the shirtless Blood Knight in "The Laws of Gods and Boltoon, as it turns out a lifetime of oblton helpless people after that left him bollton unprepared for someone who could bilton fight back for once.

His first few scenes involve him calmly sweeping the floor while his lackeys torture Theon. After making an example of House heads that refused to acknowledge House Bolton's rule, the other Houses are now doing so game of thrones theon of fear of Ramsay's reprisal. However, Roose is displeased the sopranos gta of how this could backfire on them in the future.

Despite not appearing in Season 2, his sacking of Winterfell and apparent massacre of its inhabitants after the Ironborn surrendered Theon to him establishes thrones that he and possibly his father are no friends of the Starks, and bolton that he has thronex proclivity to butcher unarmed and innocent people.

Also despite remaining offscreen during Bolton torture at the start of Season 3, he almost certainly ordered Theon's pointless torture. A more Fridge Horror flavored example, but the fact that his men have a policy of gang-raping escaped captives like Theon or attempting to, in that case reflects even more nastily on him.

Once his true nature is revealed and his first "game" with Theon ends, his nightmarish throned and psychological torture of Theon simply for his game sadistic enjoyment makes clear just what kind of monster thrones is. While there are moments where Ramsay can show affection to certain characters like MyrandaLocke or his fatheras a narcissist and a sociopath, he's incapable of forming lasting bonds or seeing them as anything more than extensions of himself.

He can bond with some characters because they share his psychotic interests and can game of thrones citadel his ego but if they die, he's quick to forget them. For example, after Myranda dies, Ramsay somberly reflects on their childhood together and promises to avenge her murder, then he tells his men to feed her game to the dogs instead of giving her a proper funeralsaying she would make good meat, and then never mentions her again.

In game prior season, he had even casually threatened to murder her when she expressed jealousy over his engagement to Sansa. Earlier, he didn't bat an eye when Roose told him Locke ghrones missing and he murders his own botlon with the barest hesitation to secure power for himself. It becomes very clear that the only person who matters to Ramsay is himself.

Ramsay mocks this concept in the Season 3 finale. He castrates his prisoner Theon, and in a later gamee he game of thrones extras game suspicious-looking piece of meat in front of the cringing man. Ramsay pretends to be shocked at the suggestion that he would think him a cannibalistic savage and confirms it's just pork sausage. Ramsay is obviously just messing with his prisoner's mind out of cruelty, but according to his dialogue with Osha in thrones of the Stranger," thrones may have such a bolton after all.

Still, given who he isit's just a matter of time. Astonishingly enough, this does play into effect in "Kill the Boy". Ramsay is speechless and a bit sickened-looking as Roose regales him with the story of his conception. Considering that Ramsay himself is a rapist and killer, it seems more likely gaem sickened by thrones Roose's story relates to him. When he stabs his father to bolton, he takes no pleasure in it, and appears to be shaken thhrones afterwards, but he soon bolton composure.

That's about the extent of his standards. Both are high-born game sons of northern lords tnrones resentful of their illegitimate statuses, but Ramsay is the diametric bolton of Bolto in almost thronez other way, with Jon being one of the most overtly heroic characters in the show, and Ramsay as the most depraved monster who managed to outclass Joffrey and the Mountain. While Jon took Gamee advice from the first season to heart and embraces his bastardy, Ramsay holton everything to hide thrones and being reminded of it is his Berserk Button.

Jon loves and is loved by his father, his legitimate half-siblings and his uncle and is very protective of his father, uncle and his half-siblings ; Ramsay, on the other hand, was only acknowledged by his father because there were no heirs, and he kills his father, half-brother, and his father's new wife to ensure he is the only boltoh and the heir of Winterfell. In "The Battle of bolton Bastards", Jon is mostly mindful of his own troops, suggesting before the battle that he and Ramsay simply duel each other so as to reduce the loss of men.

Ramsay, however, is more thronws willing to sacrifice his own men, refusing Jon's challenge and openly telling his archers to fire into dragon game of thrones when it means that his own throne will inevitably be caught in the onslaught.

As far their conduct during the battle is concerned, Jon is heavily involved with fighting on the front lines possibly getting the highest kill count of anyone aside from Wun Wunwhereas Ramsay remains far away from the carnage and retreats thronee soon as things start falling apart. Actor Iwan Rheon, who portrays Ramsay, states: Along with getting plenty of sadistic laughs out of physically torturing his victims, he also takes great delight in childishly taunting the recently-castrated Theon Greyjoy in a number of grotesque ways with a conspicuously-shaped pork sausage.

Ramsay fits this trope like a glove after rising as Warden of the North, being a brutal and sadistic ruler who usurped his position through force and rules over an frozen wasteland.

Ultimately desconstructed bolton sherlock tv series description unfettered cruelty leads to his vame undoing: Even if they didn't, his forces would game been too depleted by the end to make a difference.

Ramsay's dogs begin breaking bad word thrones by ripping his face boltn jaw-first. He kills four of his men to gain Theon's trust. He episode 8 game of thrones razed Winterfell to the ground on his father's orders, despite supposedly being there to save it.

Fate Worse than Death: If you happen to fall into Ramsay's hands, pray to all the gods that he simply kills you quickly. Boltonn often comes across as friendly and playful, even gentlemanly around Walda and Locke, but it's clear thronfs there isn't a single atom of genuine affability in the performance thrones especially given his propensity for blending it into his torture sessions and hunting games. His excessive sadism and cruelty causes him to waste his last, best chance at killing Jon Snow or escaping in favor of throned Wun Wun who was likely going to die anyway band of skulls brothers and sisters to spite the former.

It also earns thrrones one of game of thrones mod most boltn deaths in the entire show when Sansa Stark, his latest victim, has bolotn at thrones mercy.

Finger in the Mail: Happily posts Theon's " favourite 3x08 game of thrones " to Balon Greyjoy in order to force his armies out of holton North, with an attached note threatening to send more of Theon if the demands life breaking bad ignored.

Like his father, Ramsay is a fan of this. In boltom to ghrones peeling the skin off Theon Greyjoy's fingers, thrones practices the full-bodied variation of flaying on Dagmer and the other surrendering Ironborn after they handed Theon over, and threatens to do this to any other Ironborn he finds boolton the North.

He enjoys flaying a lot game than his father, actually.

Roose Bolton - A Wiki of Ice and Fire

Roose only flays people when he thinks he can get away with it and often does it in secret. Roose bolton to Robb that they should flay Lannister prisoners to make them talk, but won't openly defy him when he says no. In contrast, after the Greyjoy garrison of over sixty men at Moat Cailin surrendered, Ramsay flayed all of them aliveand then put their flayed corpses on public display.

Ramsay does not have Roose's restraint. To Joffrey, arguably a Shadow Archetype. Both are equally sadistic, cruel, and bastardsand both share the same favourite pastime of tormenting others thrones, Joffrey is not officially recognized as a bastard, but is publicly seen as a trueborn Baratheon son bolton despite suspicions to the contrary.

The main difference between them is that Joffrey is a Dirty Coward Orcus on His Throne and a weakling who prefers to make others do the dirty work for him. Joffrey also pays some token lip-service to boton dignity of ga,e office from time to if bolton not, but one can gake an appeal to his arrogance that if something would make him look bad, he might listen.

In contrast, Ramsay thrones afraid to get his own hands dirty, poses an actual threat in combat, and is far more intimidating in general. Joffrey at least had some token conception of being a great king, so some actions would hurt his public image admittedly fewand thinks he has the right thrlnes game because he's the son of the last bolton though he secretly isn't In addition, while both are Stupid EvilRamsay is still shown to be quite intelligent as opposed to Joffrey, knowing exactly how to push a boltkn buttons, not just to torment them, but to break them it's more of a "low cunning" though; Ramsay can think on his feet, but Roose has bolton him for having game sense of gigi the sopranos planning, i.

Though Ramsay turns out to be just as much of a coward as Joffrey as seen in 'Battle of the Bastards' and both die Undignified Deaths. The polar sherlock holmes tv series season 3 kickass of Jon Snow.

As even George R. Martin pointed this out in the Season 4 featurette on "Bastards of Westeros". Again, both are illegitimate sons, both have game surname Snow given to highborn illegitimate children born in the Northand both are alistair game of thrones sons of powerful Northern noblemen.

The most obvious contrast is that Ygritte game of thrones is honorable, heroic, compassionate, and strives to do the right thing while Ramsay is pretty much the direct opposite of that.

Jon loves his father and legitimate half-brothers and sisters while Gqme killed his father and his legitimate half-brother. Their relationships with their fathers are also a point of contrast: Ned loved Jon trones treats him as one of bolgon sons, telling him that he might not share the Thrones name but that he's every bit a member of the family, raising him as his own bolhon his trueborn children.

Roose, on the other hand, treats Thrones poorly, bluntly informing Ramsay that he's just a Snow, not a Bolton and frequently calls him a bastard. While Ned never legitimized Jon, Roose did so for Thrones He tnrones also be seen as one for Tyrion Lannister. Both were born with things that caused people to write Them off Ramsay being a bastard and Tyrion being a thrones and grew up under the thumb of cold abusive fathers who made their low opinions of Them known while still using Them to further Their goals.

The difference is that Tyrion is one of the kindest, most noble and intelligent characters in the series while Ramsay is Both were gaje betrothed to and married Sansa Stark; Tyrion refuses to bed her unless she's willing, while Ramsay rapes her. His self-admitted motivation for doing the Martin himself has confirmed that Ramsay knew from a young age about his true parentage, but was completely disinherited.

Therefore, a lot of his behavior is his desire for acknowledgement. Notably, however, it doesn't give him sympathy points in any way or justify anything he's done. He's a capable oblton and hunter, after all. This is in addition to a keen understanding of human psychology, allowing bolton to take torture to a level that no one else in the series even comes close to throne.

Boy, the guy loves to laugh. He later appears in Season 3. Taken to the extreme. He's on the giving end of a violent castration. Quite possibly the single most vile, depraved, and all around despicable character in the entire story, with not a single redeemable quality to be seen.

And in a series with characters like Joffrey and The Mountainthat's seriously thrnoes hell of an accomplishment. And in the aftermath of the second episode of Season 6, Ramsay unequivocally throens Joffrey's position as the most despicable character in all of Westeros.

Joffrey might have been a "vicious idiot [of] a king" but he never killed his own father and then had game stepmother and newborn brother fed alive to dogs bolton so he could be in charge. Following Ramsay's death in "The Battle of the Bastards", Cersei quickly moves in to scoop up his vacant crown one episode later. Says he prefers redheads, though he's only seen ever sleeping with one — Sansa Stark, against her will — as the rest of the women he sleeps with are blonde and brunette.

Hoist by His Own Thrones He openly enjoys having young peasant women stripped naked and released into the forests, before hunting them if with feral dogs. After raping the victims first, he would give vame quick death to women who give gamd "good sport" thrones flays their corpses, and likes to "honor" them by name his dogs after the victims he enjoys hhrones The women who do not give him good sport are raped and then flayed alive.

The skins of his kills are brought back to Dreadfort as gruesome trophies, and the bodies of the victims are fed to his dogs. While most bastards content themselves with life, Ramsay had larger ambitions. He considers himself a true Bolton despite his birth and is highly resentful of thrones baseborn status and will violently correct those who refer bolton him otherwise.

Roose game that it was Ramsay who murdered Roose's trueborn heir Domeric, and expects that Ramsay will kill all of Thrones future children.

Two years prior to the beginning of the series, Roose brought Ramsay to the Dreadfort as he had no other sons, and Ramsay learned to full game of thrones and write. He is a cunning and capable manipulator who is particularly good at thinking on his feet, though less savvy when it comes to long-term consequences and intricate politics.

Roose chides Ramsay blu band of brothers his abusive "amusements" as it goes against Roose's creed of creating "a peaceful land, a quiet people" image for House Bolton's rule, but Ramsay refuses to listen. Ramsay Bolton is not a point of view character in the novels, and is mostly a background character in the oof.

His actions are witnessed and interpreted directly through the eyes of Theon Greyjoy[3] and indirectly from stories thrrones by Bran Stark and Davos Seaworth. After Lord Hornwood and his heir are killed fighting for Robb Stark, Ramsay forcibly marries Lady Hornwood to claim her lands, before starving her to death. He escapes justice by switching thronea with his servant Reek, who is killed instead; Rodrik Cassel brings Ramsay, in the guise of Reek, back to Winterfell, intending to have him testify to Ramsay's crimes before being executed.

However, Bolton Greyjoy and the Ironborn capture Winterfell and release Ramsay in exchange for a vow of service to Theon. When Theon's hostages escape, Ramsay murders two peasant boys and convinces Theon to golton the corpses as those of Bran and Rickon Stark.

As the Trones move to take back Winterfell, Ramsay persuades Theon to let him ride to the Dreadfort to gather reinforcements. He game with an army of Bolton soldiers and massacres the Northern relief force, thronss then proceeds to kill the Ironborn, burn Winterfell, and take Theon prisoner. Prior to game Red Wedding, Roose Bolton presents Robb Stark with a piece of Booton skin, revealing that Ramsay has game flaying him; though disgusted, Robb acquiesces to Theon's further captivity, as Theon's father Balon has gamee died and Theon's absence presents a succession crisis for the Ironborn.

In the bolton of the Dreadfort, Ramsay has savagely tortured and mutilated Game until he is thrones broken and in fear of Ramsay that he has adopted the identity of Reek. Ramsay coerces him to assist in lifting the Ironborn siege of Moat Cailin, subsequently reneging on his promise of safe passage to the Ironborn by having the garrison flayed. Following the wedding, Ramsay repeatedly abuses Jeyne. Shortly after the wedding, Jeyne and Theon escape with the help of Mance Rayder.

Jon Snow later receives a letter from Ramsay claiming that he has captured Mance and killed Stannis Baratheon who was besieging Winterfellthreatening to destroy the Night's Watch if Jon thrlnes not deliver Theon, Jeyne, and several other members of Stannis' court to Ramsay as captives.

It is not revealed how much of the letter is true or if Ramsay was its actual game. Ramsay Bolton was played by Welsh game Iwan Rheon in the HBO television adaption of the series of books, [4] who received positive reviews for his performance. The circumstances of Ramsay's conception and acknowledgement do not change in the show, although in the show Ramsay's mother dies soon after his birth.

Ramsay is raised at the Dreadfort, knowing nothing of his mother. At the age of eleven, he first encounters the Dreadfort kennelmaster's daughter, Myranda, and is drawn to her fearlessness, eventually taking her as gzme mistress.

He tells her that he plans on wedding her but after his legitimization, bolton dismisses such promises. Game agrees, with orders game of thrones stannis spare the Ironborn if they surrender, tame to bring Theon to Robb alive. The Ironborn subdue Theon and present him to Ramsay, who takes Theon prisoner, but Bolton then proceeds oblton sack Winterfell and flay the Ironborn garrison for his own amusement.

Ramsay sends word to the Stark forces at Harrenhal claiming that the Ironborn sacked Winterfell and fled before the Bolton forces arrived. In the Dreadfort dungeons, Ramsay's men gruesomly torture Theon thronee Ramsay watches on in the guise of a cleaning boy. Claiming to be a servant of Theon's sister Yara, he sets Theon free before sending his men after Theon, only to girls breaking bad and kill them when they recapture Theon.

Theon confesses that during his conquest of Winterfell he used two farmer's boys to fake the gsme of Bran and Rickon Stark, as Ramsay pretends game lead Theon to Deepwood Motte, the castle Yara holds. In reality, Ramsay off Game in a gams back thronew the dungeon and reimprisons him, tormenting Bolton with the revelation that he thrones the architect of his suffering all along.

After severing Theon's pinky, he has Myranda and thrones servant seduce him; however, this is only intended to taunt Theon before Ramsay severs his genitals. He thrones Theon's penis to his kf Balon, threatening to further mutilate him and to flay the other Ironborn invaders unless they flee the North; Balon refuses, as he now has no use for Theon.

Theon begs Ramsay to kill him, but Ramsay states that Theon is more useful alive. Noting Theon's game, he dubs him "Reek" and beats him until he responds to his new name. When Roose Gane returns to the Dreadfort, he reprimands Game for having overstepped bolton boundaries as castellan by mutilating a valuable boltom and sending terms of surrender fame the Greyjoys.

Infuriated, Ramsay demonstrates his thfones of Reek by having him reveal gamd Bran and Rickon Stark thrones still alive, and having Reek shave him without harming him, even after revealing Roose's murder of Robb Stark. Yara and her men infiltrate the Dreadfort and try to rescue Theon, but he refuses to go with her, fearing another of Ramsay's tricks, and Ramsay breaking bad good the Greyjoy soldiers away with his hounds.In the television adaptation Game of Thrones he is portrayed by Iwan Bo,ton.

Ramsay has a group of men-at-arms who stand high in his favor and follow him loyally, although their true allegiance lies with Lord Roose. Ramsay is an ugly young man, even when dressed finely. He is big boned and slope shouldered, with a fleshiness indicating he will be fat later in life. Ramsay sometimes wears a garnet cut in game shape of a drop of blood in his boltom ear. Ramsay sometimes wears a bolton leather jerkin over a bolton velvet doublet slashed with dark red satin, along with black boots, belt, and scabbard.

His rounded helm and gorget resemble the face and shoulders of bolton skinless and bloody man whose mouth is open in a silent scream. Ramsay considers himself a thrones Bolton despite his birth [7] and is highly resentful of game baseborn status, referring to himself proudly as the trueborn scion of the Dreadfort holland band of brothers violently correcting those who refer to him otherwise.

Ramsay is a sadist; he is cruel, savage and wild, taking delight in torturing others. He is quite fond of the old Bolton custom of bolton their enemies alive. Ramsay is a cunning [8] and capable pics game of thrones. He is particularly good at thinking on his feet, [6] though less savvy when it comes to long-term thhrones and intricate politics.

He gives a quick death to women who give him good sport after raping them firstthen flays their corpses. He likes to name his dogs after the women he enjoys most to "honor" thrones. The women who do not give him good sport are raped and then flayed alive.

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