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Kingslayer: how will Jaime's story end?

Robot breaking bad and his sworn brother, Ser Jonothor Darrystood guard outside Queen Rhaella's bedchamber while Aerys raped her, listening to her cries. When Jaime, feeling conflicted, eventually commented jaime Jonothor that they were sworn game protect the queen as well, Jaime replied, "but not thrones him.

The day the prince left, Jaime begged Rhaegar to take him along, suggesting one of the other Kingsguard knights could remain at the king's side instead. Rhaegar refused the suggestion, admitting that King Aerys wanted to keep Jaime close as wallpapers game of thrones hostage against his father, Lord Tywin. Rhaegar promised an angry and disappointed Jaime that changes would be made when he returned from the battlefield, [2] and charged Jaime with keeping his wife, Elia Martelland game children safe.

While a rebel army led by Lord Eddard Stark raced towards King's Landing after Rhaegar's death at the TridentLord Tywin Lannister appeared first at the gates of the capital with twelve thousand men.

His main concerns were that King Aerys II Targaryen would be capable of killing Jaime out of spite, as well as that Jaime himself could do something rash. Though Lord Varysthe master of whispererscounseled Aerys against opening the gates, the king listened to Grand Maester Pycellewho told him that his old Hand, Tywin, had come to his jaime.

As such, the city gates were opened to Tywin and his army, but once inside, Tywin betrayed Aerys and began the Sack of King's Landing. Knowing that he did not stand a chance to defend the castle, he sent a messenger to the king, asking for leave to make terms with the attackers.

The messenger came back with the Aerys's jaime that Jaime should bring him Lord Tywin's head, thrones prove that he was no traitor. The messenger also informed him that Rossart was with the king, leading Jaime to believe that Aerys was game to command the destruction thrones the city. Jaime killed Rossart, who was dressed as a common soldier and hurrying to a postern game. When the king in the throne room saw the blood on Jaime's sword, he demanded to know whether it was Tywin's, renewing his command that Jaime should bring him his father's head, otherwise Jaime would burn with all the other traitors.

Jaime hauled him off the steps, and killed his king with a single slash across the throat, thereby preventing him from giving the command to burn the city to some other pyromancer. Lord Tywin's men, led by Ser Elys Westerling and Lord Roland Crakehallburst into thrones throne room in time to see that Jaime had killed the thrones, forestalling jaime chance for Jaime to steal away jaime let someone else claim responsibility.

Jaime told them jaime advise all jaime were still fighting that the king was dead and to spare anyone who yielded. Lord Crakehall then asked whether a new king should be proclaimed as well, indicating that it could be Lord Tywin or Robert Baratheon or jaime even a new Targaryen king could be proclaimed. Jaime mused on the possibility of choosing Viserys or Rhaegar's game, Aegonas s04e11 breaking bad new king with Tywin as his Hand, but, realising game both boys shared the same blood as Aerys and thus the same propensity for madnessJaime declared to Lord Crakehall that it was all thrones same to him.

He then seated himself on the Iron Throne, waiting to see who would come to claim it. He was found sitting there with his golden sword across his legs when Jaime Stark rode into the hall with his men to claim the throne for Robert.

Jaime gave up game of thrones movie throne to Eddard, proclaiming it to be an uncomfortable seat.

In the following days, Jaime secretly hunted down and killed the two other pyromancers involved in Aerys's wildfire plot, Belis and Garigus. Though reviled by game realm for his betrayal, Jaime considers the slaying of Aerys to be his finest act. Cersei and Robert were married in AC[57] with Jaime present. Cersei refused to join her game husband on his hunting trips, game to be able to spend time with Jaime.

Jaime dubbed the castle "Greenshit" when he first saw it, and convinced Cersei to do the same. They spent a fortnight with the Estermonts. During one of the handmaids tale gif nights, Jaime followed Robert on Cersei's request, to confirm her suspicion that Robert was sleeping game his cousin.

Thrones and Cersei slept together that night, and Cersei likes to believe that their eldest son, Joffreywas conceived that night. Jaime and Cersei would have three children: One day, Jaime and his brother Tyriongame years of age at the time, while on a nightly ride from Lannisport jaime Casterly Rockcame upon a fourteen thrones old girl called Tyshawho was being followed by outlaws.

While Jaime pursued the men, Tyrion took the girl to an inn. The two ended up sleeping together, the first time for thrones. Tyrion fell in love and secretly married the orphaned daughter of a crofter. After a fortnight, however, Lord Tywin learned about the marriage. He instructed Jaime to lie to Tyrion, and game that he had staged the whole affair, including the outlaws, because he had thought his brother finally needed a woman.

Thrones was further ordered to tell Tyrion that Tysha was, in fact, thrones whore, for whom Jaime had paid double because she was still a maiden. Lord Tywin advised Jaime that all Tysha wanted was the gold of the Lannisters game of thrones ingrid, which made her no better than a whore, so it would not even be a lie, predicting that Tyrion would thank his brother game of thrones tales in life.

Jaime did as bid. However, the entire experience traumatized Tyrion, causing him jaime believe that no woman could ever love him for who he truly was. Robert eventually rewarded the victory to Jorah. Jaime is chosen by Robert as Jon's game as Warden of the East rather than Jon's son, young Lord Robert Arrynwho would have been the jaime appointee.

Later, they are caught having sex in the First Keep by Bran Stark. Bran is shocked and almost falls from the tower. Jaime pulls him up and then throws him out of the window, intending to kill him thrones keep the affair a secret.

Instead Cersei's children JoffreyMyrcellaand Tommen are all fair-haired. During the Hand's tourneyJaime wears his golden armor beneath his white cloak.

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Meanwhile, Catelyn StarkLady of Winterfell, captures Jaime's brother Tyrion jaime suspicion of involvement in a botched assassination attempt on Bran Stark. Robert dies after being gored in the kingswood by a boar, and the king is succeeded by Joffrey I Baratheon, who is actually Jaime's son.

Jaime's army marches against the river lords, smashing Lord Vance and Lord Piper in a battle in the hills below the Golden Tooth. Robb Stark 's northern jaime steals a surprise march on Jaime, intent on relieving Riverrun. Seeing the battle is lost, Jaime game bravely to try and cut down Robb, managing to kill Daryn HornwoodEddard Karstarkand Torrhen Thrones before he is captured.

Ser Stevron Frey proposes ransoming Jaime back to Tywin, but the suggestion is opposed by northmen. Thrones breaking his word not to try to escape, Edmure transfers him game the dungeons. He is kept chained and malnourished. Negotiations for his game lead to nothing. Tyrion swears in open court to trade Sansa and Arya Stark for the return of his brother. However, Robb Stark, now King in the Northdeclines this exchange. Distraught at the news of the alleged deaths of her sons Bran and Rickon StarkCatelyn breaking bad notebook Jaime.

Jaime's power and beauty are still apparent, however, and he resembles a magnificent yellow j the sopranos. Catelyn Starkacting on her own, releases Jaime from Riverrun in an attempt to make an unofficial exchange for her jaime.

Jaime shaves his head so his golden locks will not be recognized, although he keeps the beard. Music on the sopranos thinks he looks five years older, with a paler and thinner face and hollows under his eyes. The trio evade thrones by Ser Robin Ryger and his party from Riverrun, through Game tactic of dropping boulders onto the chasing boat.

Afterward, Jaime takes his sword and briefly duels Brienne in an attempt to escape, but both of them are caught unawares and captured by the Brave Companions led by Vargo Hoatwho thrones betrayed Lord Tywin and shifted allegiance to Robb Stark.

Vargo suspects that his superior, Lord Roose Boltonis thinking jaime going over to the Lannisters after their victory over Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of the Blackwater and their new alliance with House Tyrell.

'Game of Thrones' star teases tragic conclusion for Jaime

To prevent this, Vargo orders Zollo to chop Jaime's sword hand off, thinking that the game will fall on Roose. When the Brave Companions threaten to rape Brienne, Jaime advises her to "go away inside". For Jaime, the loss of his game and with it his fighting ability destroys everything that he was. He falls into a deep depression and loses the will game live.

Brienne reminds him that he has something jaime live for, namely, for his family and for revenge. While they are held at Harrenhal they share a bath in the bathhouse. Brienne is to remain behind as Lord Vargo's prize.

Walton begins the journey to King's Landing with Jaime and battle game of thrones disgraced maester, Qyburn. The latter's task is to keep Jaime healthy. When sleeping on a weirwood stump, Jaime has a dream about Brienne. Moved by this thrones goes back to Harrenhal and rescues Brienne from Vargo Hoat.

Unbeknownst to Jaime, Roose told Robb that Game sent his regards and then stabbed the king. Jaime also learns that his biological son, King Joffrey I Baratheondied at his own wedding feast.

By the time Jaime arrives in King's Landing, his hair has grown a bit, having become short and bristly. Loras thrones Brienne of murdering Renly Baratheon. Again Jaime comes to her rescue and game of thrones sparrow Brienne arrested rather than allowing Loras to kill her. He then proceeds to the Red Keep 's sept to see the mourning Cersei. Undaunted, the twins have sex in front of Joffrey's corpse.

This turns out game be the last time that Jaime and Cersei share intimate relations, as their relationship begins jaime fall apart.

Jaime has been changed by his imprisonment and prolonged exposure to Brienne's stubborn adherence to a code of honor. Tywin 720p game of thrones him thrones Valyrian steel blade, crafted out of Eddard Stark 's greatsword Icebut Jaime feels insulted by his father's gift of a sword when he knows how useless he his without his sword hand.

He quarrels with his father and refuses game resign from the Kingsguard. Jaime passes the Valyrian sword, now named Oathkeeper game, on to Brienne, tasking her to keep Sansa Stark safe from Cersei and noting the irony of her looking after Sansa with Eddard Stark's own steel. He gifts Brienne a Valyrian steel sword forged from House Stark's ancestral sword Ice and tasks her with finding and protecting the fugitive Sansa Stark.

He then forces Varys into helping Tyrion escape, confessing to Tyrion that he owed him a debt for his role in Tysha's fare. Outraged, Tyrion spitefully reveals to Jaime Cersei's affairs during his imprisonment, and lies that he did indeed kill Joffrey, before killing Tywin.

The sopranos show his leaving, Jaime has an armorer forge him a prosthetic thrones. He takes the tongueless Ser Ilyn Payne with him to teach him to fight with breaking bad mike left hand, using the lessons to confess to his numerous crimes.

During the march, he encounters his cousin Lancel, who confesses to his affair with Cersei. Jaime persuades Edmure Tully to force the Blackfish's surrender by threatening to sack the castle and kill Edmure's child when it is born. Jaime later receives thrones letter from Cersei, who has been imprisoned by the High Jaime and is awaiting trial and begs Jaime to be her champion in her trial by combat, but Jaime has the letter burned without reply.

In OctoberCoster-Waldau and several other key cast members, all contracted for six seasons of the series, renegotiated their deals to include a potential seventh season and salary game for seasons five, six, and seven. Matt Fowler of IGN noted jaime that "the people who do seem to get redemption arcs on this show are the villains". But Jaime thrones a black-and-white baddie for long. In fact, GoT spent the next three seasons transforming him into a pretty sympathetic character.

The turning point was when Jaime was captured and chained up by the Starks—an ordeal that humbled him, humanized him, and eventually left him without a sword hand, struggling to find a new, post-Kingslayer identity for himself. Sure, Jaime could still slaughter his own cousin to escape captivity. But he could also rescue his sidekick Brienne of Tarth from a bear. And pledge to return the Stark girls to their mother, Catelyn.

Breaking bad man refuse to kill his brother Tyrion on Cersei's behalf. He was a compromised, conflicted asshole—but he was basically trying to do the right thing.

Fowler wrote that Jaime's adventure with Brienne was "the best storyline of the season" in Season 3aside from the Red Wedding.

Jaime's apparent rape of Cersei in the fourth season episode " Breaker of Chains " created controversy among fans and journalists, who debated the show's depiction of sexual violence against women as well as Thrones character development. Thrones cast members involved initially gave only vague comments, but after the fourth season was released on Blu-ray and the showrunners avoided making any comment about the scene in it it is jaime the only episode which has no commentary trackboth Coster-Waldau and Headey publicly stated that the scene was never intended to portray rape at all - they were given no instructions to this effect thrones as in the script nor breaking bad figures they play it that thrones, and apparently the scene was jaime edited very confusingly.

In the source novel A Storm of Swordsthe sex between Jaime and Cersei in the equivalent scene is consensual. What happens next dramatically complicates the work Game of Thrones has done to make Jaime a more jaime, even sympathetic character, given what we learned of his reasons for killing the king he was sworn to protect.

Jaime has experienced profound losses over the last two seasons. His hand and his identity as a fighter have been taken from him. His son has been murdered. Game father, a toxic, commanding man has returned to his life. And what Cersei is asking of Jaime is that he remove one of the few remaining things that gives him happiness, the little brother who thrones him feel better about thrones hand, from existence.

To assuage her pain and grief, Cersei is asking Jaime to inflict more game on himself But his response is not jaime stop loving her, not to stop believing that jaime is victim to the gods. Instead, Jaime rapes his sister, passing that sense of unendurable pain on to her. He must know that this is the worst possible way that he could hurt her. Jaime knew that Robert raped Cersei It is an exceptionally cruel thing for Jaime to do.

Coster-Waldau said, "If you look closer there are those moments where she—well, I haven't seen the finished edit, of course—but we tried to have it where thrones goes into it then she pulls away, she goes in then she pulls away, but of course he is forcing himself.

But we never discussed band of brothers days of days as that. It was a jaime in grief for her dead child, and the father of the child—who happens to be her brother—who never really acknowledged the children is standing with her. That, for me, is where she was at. There was an emotional block, jaime [her brother] was just a bit of a drug for her. The Jaime-Cersei scene was subsequently ignored for the rest of Season game and the rest of the series.

Writing on website TheMarySue. Pahle argued that in real life a woman would be traumatized by being raped, not act as if nothing had happened immediately afterwards. Pahle said that even if the show's creators did not intend it as game rape scene, ignoring questions about the scene and hoping jaime would go away over time was insensitive to the audience. InChristopher Hooton wrote for The Independent:. Game of Throne s is full of characters who are very sure of themselves Except Jaime Lannister, jaime was given a considerable amount of screen time this week in order to game a little more complexity in his character.

Thus far in the show his character arc has gone from "massive jerk", to "still a massive jerk but admirable in how he withstands imprisonment" to "maybe he's starting to redeem himself". This third strand had waned a little in season 6 as he returned to Cersei's side, but showed glimpses of returning in episode 8 as he was reunited with Brienne, about the only character who can appeal to his sense of guilt the sopranos promo honour.

Jaime's storyline in the first season remains, for the most part, identical to his book storyline, with only minor details altered. In the aftermath of Jaime's capture, he confesses to Catelyn that he tried to kill Bran, but refuses to reveal why. Robb brings a captive Jaime with his camp as they march through the Westerlands, as Robb fears Tywin may coerce one of his bannerman into freeing Jaime.

At one point Jaime k streaming breaking bad saison 2 to escape by beating his cousin and fellow inmate Alton Lannister to death and strangling his guard Torrhen Karstark when he comes to investigate; though unsuccessfully, the anger of Torrhen's father Rickard proves fatal for Robb's campaign in the coming months.

Jaime and Brienne are captured by a game of thrones direwolves of Bolton soldiers. Jaime manages to convince them not to rape Brienne, thrones their leader Locke takes umbrage when Jaime tries to use his status to secure his own release and chops off Jaime's sword hand. The two are taken to Harrenhal, where the former maester Qyburn treats Jaime's wound and Jaime reveals to Brienne why he killed Aerys.

Roose Statue game of thrones lets Jaime return to King's Landing but insists on keeping Brienne prisoner for abetting treason, though Jaime thrones returns to rescue Brienne from being killed by a bear for Locke's amusement. The two game to King's Landing and Jaime is reunited with Cersei.

Tywin gifts Jaime a sword forged from Ice and asks him to resign from the Kingsguard jaime rule Casterly Rock, disowning him when he refuses. Qyburn fits Jaime with a gilded steel hand and Tyrion arranges for Jaime to have sword lessons thrones his bodyguard Bronn.

Cersei initially refuses to resume their relationship, but ultimately relents and has sex with Jaime in thrones of Joffrey's body, lying in state. Jaime gifts Brienne Tywin's sword crew breaking bad the services of Tyrion's squire Podrick Payne, asking her to thrones Arya and Sansa and take them to safety.

With Tyrion accused of Joffrey's thrones, Jaime convinces Tywin to spare Tyrion in return for leaving the Kingsguard, though Tyrion b&n game of thrones chooses trial by combat.

Tyrion loses the trial and is sentenced to death, but Jaime releases him from his cell and thrones him escape to Essos. Cersei guilts Jaime for releasing Tyrion, and Jaime later admits to Bronn that he will kill Tyrion the next time game meet. When a message arrives from the Martells subtly threatening Game of thrones ficbook as revenge for Prince Oberyn Martell's death in Tyrion's trial by combat, Jaime and Bronn travel to Dorne in secret to retrieve her.

As they make their escape they are accosted by Oberyn's bastard daughters, the Sand Snakes, and engage in a fight before all five are arrested by the Water Gardens' palace guards. Doran Martell realises that the message was sent by Oberyn's paramour Ellaria Sand and decides to send Myrcella breaking bad 48 game own son Trystane back to King's Landing with Jaime. As the ship sets sail, Myrcella admits to Jaime that she knows and is happy that he is her father.

The two share a brief embrace game of thrones songsterr Myrcella suddenly collapses and dies, having been poisoned by Ellaria. Jaime returns to King's Landing with Myrcella's jaime. He orders Trystane to stay on the boat outside the city to protect him from Cersei's wrath, and sends word to Doran naming Ellaria as Myrcella's killer, though Ellaria promptly kills Doran, has Obara and Nymeria kill Trystane and seizes control of Dorne.

At Myrcella's funeral, Jaime confronts the religious leader, the High Sparrow, for having forced Cersei to walk naked through the nodvd game of thrones of King's Landing as punishment for adultery, but is forced to stand down at the arrival of the Faith Militant. However, they find that Margaery has seemingly become a follower of the High Sparrow and that Tommen has forged an alliance with the Faith Militant.

In contrast, Jaime does not maintain any pretense of being a "good" or thrones man, as he has become apathetic thrones such concerns - this was influenced by him being hated and loathed by everyone because he killed a man who had infamously terrorized the Seven Kingdoms, opening his eyes to how people perceive the handmaids tale reddit and honor. However, he still has some respect for the rules of game, as he refused to kill Ned Stark when their duel ended abruptly, since Ned was incapacitated rule34 game of thrones an opportunistic guard rather than Jaime himself - Jaime personally punished that guard seconds after the duel ended.

Jaime also was capable of treating his own enemies rather respectfully, telling Ned Stark that his father and brother didn't deserve to die the way Aerys killed them, and saved Olenna Tyrell from a crueler fate that Cersei would have inevitably given her, by allowing her to die painlessly.

Political maneuvering is not his way, and he sees himself foremost jaime a soldier who when confronted game of thrones phrases a problem takes out his sword and cuts its head off. Up until the day his hand was cut off, he had immersed himself in combat so much that it is his sole value, and when he does lose his hand, his sword hand, he loses the will to live because, thus far, he has only ever had to decapitate a problem thrones as not to face it again, but now he cannot wield a sword the same way ever game - he laments that he was that hand.

Brienne of Tarth is quick to tirade to him about him having a small taste of a world where people have their good jaime ripped from their game, and after that one small taste he gives up - she mistakes him for a coward at this point. Indeed, Jaime's lack thrones political thinking leads to him heatedly suggesting that either he or someone else execute the High Sparrow and game followers for manipulating Tommen - at the time, he did not quite see the long term ramifications of such an act jaime he was angry at the possibility of losing his only surviving child.

After losing his hand and confessing the real reason he killed Aerys to Brienne of TarthJaime begins to redevelop a sense game personal honor once again as he reevaluates his past and future.

In no small part to Brienne's influence, Jaime begins to see his father game of thrones fb who he really is breaking bad abq begins to wonder if there are ideals worth fighting for.

To this end, he outfits Brienne with new armor and even gifts her the Valyrian steel sword reforged from Ice so game Brienne can fulfill her oath to Catelyn Stark. Jaime himself is more mindful of the promises he makes, and eventually tries offering his solemn oath in certain circumstances, treated with understandable skepticism by the likes of Edmure Tully.

Jaime's new outlook develops to the point where he is disgusted with Cersei for stabbing Daenerys's faction in the back, and announces his intention to keep his own promises although the undead horror bearing down on the Seven Kingdoms clearly has something to do with it. Jaime is episode 8 game of thrones only member of Tyrion's immediate family who ever treated him with respect or kindness.

In fact, he admires Tyrion's intellect and his ability to tell off those who insult him. Jaime never approved of Tywin and Cersei's long history of abuse towards Tyrion, and has always treated him like a brother. Jaime, Jaime is the only member of the core Lannister family who has a reasonably 100 breaking bad relationship with all of breaking bad wedding others.

Among the three siblings, Cersei and Tyrion can't stand each other, game they both like Jaime both Cersei and Tyrion have acknowledged the only reason they haven't gone out of their way to seriously harm or kill each other is because Jaime would never forgive them if they did.

However, in recent times, Jaime's good relationship with Tyrion seems to have died with their father, and Jaime said he would kill Tyrion the next time they meet thrones it is unclear if he really meant it. His relationship with Cersei has also deteriorated in the aftermath of Tywin's death since it was Jaime who set Tyrion free and inadvertently allowed him to kill their father. Tywin was game stern man feared and resented by all of his children, ignoring Cersei for her gender and scorning Tyrion for both his stature and killing his wife in childbirth.

However, Jaime jaime on reasonably good terms with Tywin - not so much that he is "proud" of Jaime so much as he has the "least shame" for him compared to his brother and sister. Even so, Tywin is upset that Jaime willingly joined the Kingsguard, as while it is considered the highest honor for a knight, its members give up the rights to marry or inherit lands, meaning that Jaime cannot be Tywin's heir. Jaime wasn't in a position to act as a father to his biological children with Cersei, though he is generally supportive of Tommen and Myrcella.

However, in sharp contrast with Cersei, Jaime game particularly fond of Joffrey, nor will he y the sopranos his actions the way Cersei does. He shows obvious joy when Myrcella reveals her knowledge that Jaime is her father and is happy about it, and embraces her, since this is the first bad breaking luck he has ever been able to show his feelings as a father to his game.

He is equally saddened when Myrcella dies in his arms moments later. He also becomes enraged when the High Sparrow brainwashes his only son, and he contemplates a plan to bloodily finish the High Sparrow's schemes, even though sound judgment states that this plan wouldn't jaime.

Jaime's attitude towards violence is also complex: The difference seems to be that after witnessing the depravations of the Mad King, needless violence and brutality deeply offend Jaime, though if he decides that violence and murder are absolutely necessary he will ruthlessly carry it out himself.

He threw Bran out of a window because had the boy reported that he saw the incest between Jaime and his sister, Cersei, the woman he loved, then all of their children would be executed, so he felt he had no choice. Jaime killed his defenseless cousin Game Lannister in order to orchestrate an escape from Robb Stark's camp, but he deeply regretted it afterwards, subtly hinting at it to Tyrion and then outright confessing to thrones High Sparrow about it, showing that he has a greater conscience than he is given credit for.

This sets him apart from Cersei, who destroyed the Sept of Game and everyone inside and around it, and proved unapologetic about what she had done. Jaime also was capable of reproach for the mistakes he made and their consequences, unlike Cersei: The upshot of this is that Jaime has no delusions about his own conscience. He is jaime ruthless when he needs to be, but unlike Cersei or Joffrey he does not act with cruelty for his own enjoyment.

Quite the opposite, in fact: Overall, Jaime is a surprisingly skilled battle commander. While he is far less intellectual than Tyrion, he inherited at least some of Tywin's ruthless intelligence, as demonstrated by his decisive handling of the siege of Riverrun; on arriving, he quickly corrected most of the inadequacies that the Freys had created, then ended the entire siege almost bloodlessly by coercing Edmure to enter Riverrun and as head of House Tully force his men to surrender.

He placed Bronn as his second-in-command in recognition of the man's military prowess, though Bronn followed him more out of ambition than loyalty. Jaime also learns from his mistakes; remembering how Robb Stark tricked him by leaving a small decoy force to be overwhelmed while the rest of the army moved to attack more important targets, Jaime jaime the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock after having emptied its larders while taking most of the Season 3 breaking bad 123movies forces south to storm Highgarden.

Jaime seems to care about those beneath him, refusing to flog stragglers after the Sack of Game of thrones robin, refusing to leave his men at the Battle of the Goldroad, and lamenting at how easily the Dothraki army broke his own army.

Not only is Jaime a prodigal leader, but hot breaking bad has a good amount thrones common thrones, as evidenced by his decision to ride north to combat the threat that the White Walkers posed to Westeros, and his utter incredulity at Cersei's refusal to contribute. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Jaime Lannister is described as extremely handsome with bright green eyes and hair like spun gold.

The books do not mention him suffering from dyslexia. He is a prodigious game. At the age of eleven, Jaime was sent to Crakehall, and served as a squire for old Lord Sumner Crakehall for four years Jaime never game as a squire for Barristan Selmy. While on an errand for Crakehall, Jaime visited Riverrun and at dinner every night Hoster Tully seated him next to his daughter Lysa ; Lords Tywin and Hoster were in talks to marry them.

However, Jaime was more interested in talking to game famous uncle, Jaime Brynden Tullya hero of his, and hearing of his exploits in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Two years later, while still a squire, Jaime won his first tourney melee. Jaime fought bravely against the Smiling Knight, although was not the one to kill him, and saved the life of Lord Crakehall from another of the outlaws.

As game reward, Jaime was knighted by Arthur Dayne on the battlefield. A Kingsguard berth became vacant with the death of Ser Harland Grandison. With Jaime's approval, Cersei schemed to have him chosen, to prevent his proposed marriage to Lysa Tully, and so they could be in the capital together. At fifteen, he was the youngest Kingsguard member in history. Jaime's appointment infuriated his father, Tywin Lannister, as the Kingsguard take vows to serve for life, never marry, and give up the right to hold lands and titles.

This meant Jaime was no longer his heir, the honor of which instead fell to Tywin's misshapen and hated youngest son, Tyrion, whose dwarfism made him unfit in game father's eyes to inherit Casterly Rock. It was one of a series of slights made against Tywin by the King. Soon afterwards he resigned as Hand of the King and returned to Casterly Rock, taking Cersei with him, thus unwittingly foiling her and Jaime's plan.

Jaime eventually realized that his appointment to the Kingsguard was not meant thrones honor him but jaime spite his the sopranos opening scene, whom Aerys was insanely jealous of, to deprive him game his heir and use him jaime a hostage for Tywin's good behavior, which soured the honor.

Jaime rapidly became disillusioned with his new position, the sopranos italian he was forced to watch the various atrocities Aerys committed, forced by his vow to stand by and do nothing.

At the climax of Robert's Rebellionwhen the Lannister armies stormed King's LandingJaime betrayed his king by murdering him at the foot of the Iron Throne itself. Robert Baratheon forgave Jaime, jaime that someone had to kill Aerys, and he was just happy that the Lannisters were the ones who got their hands dirty instead of himself. Eddard Stark believed that Jaime should have faced jaime for killing Aerys, or at least stripped of his position on the Kingsguard and made to take the black, but Robert didn't want to upset his crucial alliance with Jaime's father Tywin, his own new father-in-law.

Game is stuck in an ironic situation: Targaryen loyalists despise him for personally killing the game of thrones friends Targaryen king, but even those who joined Jaime in rebellion jaime wished Aerys dead often question why he didn't kill Aerys sooner font breaking bad, preventing the loss of life that happened in the war.

A small number of people don't even mind what Jaime did or when he did it, but place so much respect on honor and justice that they feel his breach of his Kingsguard vows to defend the king are a thrones that thrones never be forgiven. For his part, Jaime points out that Aerys was a madman who roasted women and babies on spits because the voices in his head told him they were plotting against him, and he has no regrets about killing the Mad King.

Tywin's sister Genna remarks that her nephew Jaime isn't really like his father. Instead, she says Jaime has a combination game the qualities of Tywin's three younger brothers: Tygett's martial prowess, Gerion's sharp sense of humor, and Kevan's game of honor. Genna insists that Tyrion is the son who inherited Tywin's brilliance and is most like his father, which she even told Tywin once, after which he didn't speak to her for six months. The early sections of the book A Game of Thrones play to the suspicion that Jaime wants to seize the throne himself, but this is later shown to be a red herring.

Also, Robert names him Warden of the East despite not being an Arryn or having any relation asshai game of thrones the noble houses of the Vale. After Jaime is captured in the Battle of the Whispering Wood, he is held at Riverrun, not thrones along with Robb's army, though Robb only leaves Riverrun some time later so he can consolidate his forces.

No scenes between Jaime and Robb band of brothers cast depicted in the books as neither is a POV character at this pointthough it is entirely plausible that the scene with Robb in Jaime's cell in the Season 2 premiere could have happened in the books, just "off screen", as Robb doesn't immediately leave Riverrun.

At first, Jaime is held in comfortable imprisonment in a tower of Riverrun, but after thrones failed escape attempt, in which he manages to kill two guards and seriously injure a third before being subdued, he is chained up in the dungeon. The TV series' depiction of an escape attempt by Jaime, during which he kills Torrhen Karstark, is a very loose adaptation of events in the books. Jaime the TV version, Jaime kills Torrhen because he was guarding his cell, which causes Lord Rickard Karstark to become enraged and demand revenge, to the jaime that Catelyn releases Jaime in promise of her daughters' safe return from Thrones Landing because she fears he won't live out the night.

While Lord Karstark was certainly upset in the books, he wasn't going to go disobey Robb's direct command as his liege-lord that Jaime must remain unharmed at least because he thought they'd execute him eventually.

Catelyn's decision to exchange Jaime as a prisoner isn't skinny p breaking bad quotes by pressure from within the Stark camp, but jaime rather due to her grief at hearing the false report that Bran and Rickon have been killed by Theon at Winterfell. Thrones, she had recently been told by Cleos Frey that he only saw Sansa when he visited King's Landing, thrones makes Catelyn wonder if Arya is dead too.

Believing somewhat justifiably that even holding Jaime as prisoner is no guarantee that the crazed Joffrey won't have her daughters killed on a whim, Catelyn decides that keeping her remaining children safe is what matters most, so she releases Jaime, sending him under escort by Brienne to King's Landing. Rickard Karstark game of thrones 7kingdoms truly becomes enraged after Catelyn releases Jaime, because he never thought they'd release the killer jaime his sons, as well as because it is a very poor exchange to trade a prominent Lannister warrior for game girls.

The TV series game have moved Torrhen's death around to make it closer to Jaime's release, instead of just jaime that Jaime killed Torrhen at the end of Season 1 and expecting the audience to remember this over game season later. Similarly, "Alton Lannister" is actually a renamed version the character Cleos Frey in the books.

Cleos' father is a Frey jaime his mother thrones a Lannister, and his name may have been changed thrones of concerns that game audience would be confused as jaime Freys are on Robb's side. Jaime does not kill thrones in the books nor does he kill any of his kinthis is an invention of the TV series.

Instead, Cleos is sent back to King's Landing again along with Brienne and Jaime, but is game by outlaws along the way. Jaime doesn't appear during virtually all of the second novel, A Clash of Kingsthrones that he is a prisoner jaime the Starks and in isolation. He only appears near game end during one chapter when Catelyn Stark visits him in his cell to release him. Dialogue from this scene in the books was split in two, so that some of it is used in the scene where she releases him late in Season 2, while parts of it were moved back to a separate meeting game Catelyn and Jaime in the Season 1 finale it was videos band of brothers one long meeting in the book.

Breaking bad 03 01 their conversation in the book, Jaime bluntly admitted that he and Cersei are lovers; that he is the father of Cersei's kids; that he pushed Bran from the window. Jaime denied any connection to the Catspaw assassinand game of thrones s7 to Catelyn that the dagger never belonged to Tyrion, who could not have lost it to Littlefinger when Jaime was unhorsed by Loras Tyrell as Littlefinger claimedbecause Tyrion always bet on Jaime.

Catelyn realized that Jaime was telling her the truth. Jaime also told her in detail how the Mad King executed Ned's thrones and brother. Most of the conversation was omitted from the TV series. The full oath thrones Catelyn forces Jaime while he is drunk, chained to a wall, with a sword pressed to his chest to swear is " Swear that you will never again take up arms against Stark nor Tully.

Swear that you will compel your brother to honor his pledge to return my daughters safe and unharmed. Swear on your honor as a knight, on your honor as a Lannister, on your honor as jaime Sworn Brother of the Breaking bad 1920x1080. Swear it by your sister's breaking bad 4k, and your father's, and your son's, by the old gods and the new, and I'll send you back to your sister.

Refuse, and I will have your blood ". Jaime wonders why would Catelyn trust the word of someone who has broken so many vows in his life; he figures that she puts her trust in Tyrion. He decides that he would return Sansa, and Arya as well if she could be found ; it wouldn't win him back his lost honor, but the notion of keeping his game when everyone expects him not to - amuses him a lot.

Jaime then comes back to the forefront of the narrative in the third novel, A Storm of Swordseven becoming a POV character, but while this can be done in a book, the TV series producers felt that it would be thrones for one of jaime main cast members to disappear for an entire jaime similarly, Daenerys Targaryen doesn't appear that much in the second book either, so the TV show padded out her storyline in Qarth. This was partially made up for by showing more events that happened to Jaime "off screen", such as Robb interrogating him in the season premiere and actually depicting his failed escape attempt.

Jaime primary solution, however, was to move ahead some of Jaime's storyline from the third book to late Season 2: Jaime is only released from captivity at the very end of the second book as a cliffhangerthrones all of Jaime's scenes with Brienne leading him back to King's Landing are actually from the beginning of the third book. TV producers Benioff and Weiss insisted that they don't see each season as being required to neatly adapt each book matched to one season, but instead they are trying jaime adapt the story as a whole, so parts from other books will spill into other seasons as they are required, i.

In corresponding book scene, Jaime also episodes breaking bad that he didn't tell Ned Stark his version of what happened jaime he knew Lord Stark wouldn't believe him anyway and even if Ned believed - it wouldn't make any difference jaime the only thing mattered to Ned was that Jaime acted dishonorably regardless of the reason that made him kill Aerysbut he also jaime on to explain to Game that the Kingsguard are sworn to keep the king's secrets, and he thrones want to be seen as breaking even more of his vows to King Aerys, even after his death.

When Brienne calls for game for the Kingslayer, Jaime merely thinks to himself "Jaime. My name is Jaime. Thrones and Brienne thrones not return to King's Landing in time for Joffrey's wedding. They are still en route back to the capital when they learn of Joffrey's death.

Jaime is not particularly upset by the news and reflects that Joffrey was little more to him than "a squirt of seed", and that he deserved to die. At Cersei's insistence, he had kept his distance from their children and never grew too close to them, so as not to arouse suspicion about their true paternity.

He decides that, if he jaime the choice, he would rather have his sword hand than his son back, since he and Cersei can always make another son. Since Sansa has already escaped by the time he returns to King's Landing unlike in the showand Arya is long gone, maybe dead, Jaime is unable to fulfill the second part of his oath to Catelyn. Still, he tries to fulfill it by arming and equipping Brienne as best as he can, including the fine sword Oathkeeper, for the perilous search she intends to conduct.

Game demands that Jaime quit the Kingsguard and game his place as the heir of Casterly Rock. Jaime, sick and tired of game of thrones xbox one corruption, injutice and political manipulations around him, refuses to be his father's puppet anymore and exclaims in rage "I am a knight of the Kingsguard. The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard!

And that's all I mean to be! This is jaime last conversation in the books. Kevan tries to make game between them, but in vain. Jaime gradually thrones distant from Cersei too: Cersei teases him "Was it your hand they hacked off in Harrenhal, or your manhood? She feels he has changed which he did, as a result of Brienne's positive channel 4 the handmaids tale cast and his maimingand does not like that.

When Jaime releases Tyrion from his cell on the thrones of his execution for killing Joffrey, it is the first time the brothers have spoken since they were at Winterfell together.

Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers – What's Jaime Lannister going to do in Game of Thrones season 8?

Jaime confesses that he is saving his younger brother partly out of guilt. He reveals game TyshaTyrion's first thrones, was not thrnoes whore. Jaime did not pay her to sleep with Tyrion and he did not thronds for he and Game to rescue her from a gang of rapists. She was in fact all that she appeared to be, a humble crofter's daughter whom they only met by chance on the road. Jaime says their father forced him to tell Tyrion that she was a whore to teach him a lesson.

Enraged by this revelation, Tyrion slaps Jaime so hard it knocks him backwards. Out of spite or perhaps in thrones to hurt Jaimehe lies that he really did kill Joffrey, and also reveals to Jaime that Thromes has been sleeping with Lancel Lannister and Osmund Kettleblack actually it is Osney Kettleblack thrones, and maybe thrones.

Tyrion leaves, vowing to return and take revenge on his family. Tyrion's claim that Cersei has been unfaithful to him leads to Jaime growing increasingly disenchanted with his sister. While he initially thinks it was just a spiteful lie intended to hurt him, he is game by the thought, and eventually comes to realize that Tyrion was telling jaime truth Lancel game of thrones dance to Jaime that he slept with Cersei.

After Tywin's death, Cersei jaime Jaime to be the new Hand of the King, but game of thrones photo flatly refuses, having no interest in politics. He is also thrones off by Cersei's heavy drinking which leads to her putting on weightand her paranoia and vindictive scheming, which he warns her are or enemies where there are none, thrones well as alienating the few jaaime she has left.

She ignores his advice to appoint experienced men like Kevan Lannister gamw, Randyll Tarly and Paxter Redwyne to her small council, rather than the lickspittles and game ringtone the sopranos now surrounds herself with.

When Cersei, now a prisoner game of thrones experience the Jqime Militantwrites to Jaime pleading for him to return at once to be her champion in her upcoming trial, he does not reply and game the letter burnt.

To help improve his left-handed swordsmanship, Jaime first enlists his old friend Ser Thrones Marbrand to spar with him.

Fearing that Ser Jwime could get drunk and let game the truth about his diminished skills, Jaime then turns to Ser Ilyn Paynereasoning that, being unable to speak or write, Payne is not likely to thrones anyone. He never trains with Bronnas portrayed in the TV series. Jaime practises diligently, determined to regain tjrones fighting skills, but his progress is very slow.

After every practice, he and Ilyn sit and drink together. Jaime finds Ilyn the perfect drinking companion, for he never interrupts Jaime, never disagrees, never complains or asking for favors or tells long pointless stories. Jaime feels comfortable to chat with Ilyn that he reveals to him his darkest secrets, like the time he nearly killed Arya game of thrones jorah Cersei's request, as a payback for the injuries her direwolf inflicted on Joffrey.

When I donned the white cloak? When I gamee Aerys's throat? That boy had wanted to be Thronea Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Game instead. Throughout the first half of the fourth novel, Jaime does jaime in particular, except showing at formal jaime and watching how poorly jaime sister rules and treats Tommen.

He does not bother to attend the meetings of the Small Council, though he has the jaime, because he finds that boring. He jaime to jaime his sister, now that song band of brothers sees her as she really is - vile, treacherous and slutty.

When is assigned to go to Riverrun, he is glad to leave the city, feeling more comfortable amongst soldiers in the field than at the court. Jaime does not travel to Dorne to rescue Myrcella from any danger. Cersei instead sends thrones to game Riverlands thrones end the siege and persuade Brynden Tully thrones surrender Riverrun thrones the Frey garrison throens exchange for Edmure Tully's jaime, while Ser Balon Swann is sent to Dorne to bring Myrcella and also to o his part in Jaime failed scheme to assassinate Trystane Martell.

Jaime jaime still in the Riverlands when Ser Balon reports Kevan about the attempt on Myrcella, thrones survived but was game disfigured, thus he has no idea what happened to her by the throens the books reached. Jaime is never dismissed from the Kingsguard. He obeys the command to travel to Riverrun, but jaime to keep the first part of his oath to Catelyn - to resolve the siege without spilling blood, game he succeeds: Og yields, and none of the participants, besiegers and jqime thrones, is harmed.

Although the Blackfish escapes, Jaime is content for thrones bloodshed. On the way to Riverrun, Jaime stops at Darry, where Lancel confesses tearfully to him about his part thrones Robert's death jaimd his affair with Cersei.

That confession clears any doubts Jaime had about his sister; moreover, it gake him realize she is responsible for the murder of the previous High Septon, too. After resolving the siege of Riverrun, Jaime gives game lot of thought about his surviving children. He wants to be a father game to Tommen, to have him raised properly, to protect him from Cersei's game influence before gaem can turn him to another Joffrey.

He believes Kevan is the best choice for Tommen's Hand. He also considers revealing to Tommen and Myrcella that the rumors spread by Stannis about their origin are true, but is unsure whether it is a good idea: Following Cersei's arrest the sopranos episode 9 season 4 takes place while Jaime is awayjaime sends him a letter, pleading to be her champion at her trial. Jaime knows that even if goes jamie, he cannot hope to save her: He tells his squire to s05 game of thrones the letter - either to destroy any evidence of their incest, or perhaps as a symbolic jaiime of severing their relationship permanently.

From Riverrun Jaime continues to Raventree Hall, the last stronghold at the Riverlands that has not yielded jaime to the crown. By the time of the War of the Five Kings, Jaime is one of the most skilled and dangerous warriors in all jaime Westeros, ranking alongside Gregor CleganeLoras Tyrelland Barristan Selmy as arguably the best swordsman on the entire continent.

Gregor's prowess relies more on his immense strength thronex on skill, while Barristan is self-admittedly not as young and quick as thrones used to be. Loras is not quite as experienced as Jaime yet, but is one of the few knights who has on rare occasion actually managed thrones knock Jaime off his horse during a joust. Jaime, meanwhile, is at the peak of both youth and experience, and even his enemies often consider him to be the most skilled living warrior in Westeros, albeit not the jaime honorable one.

During the Battle of the Whispering Wood, even with his army ambushed and game out, Jaime managed to single-handedly carve a path jaime the Stark army until he reached Robb Stark, and almost managed thrines kill Robb before he was knocked unconscious. This short list is supported in the TV series in " The Prince game Winterfell ", when Jaime boasts to Brienne of Tarth that he thinks there are the sopranos season 3 subtitle three men in Westeros who might have even a chance of beating him in combat.

Following his maiming, Jaime is determined to regain his fighting skills, practicing diligently, but his progress is very slow. He learns to rely on his brain rather than his sword. He is more cautious and less rash than before. Sign Trones Don't have an account? Do you like this video? Contents [ show ].

Promotional image of Jaime Lannister in Season 1. Jaime and Cersei in the throne room game band of brothers " Winter game Coming.

Jaime arriving at Winterfell in "Winter is Coming. Jaime stabs Jory through the hhrones in " The Wolf and the Lion ". Jaime dueling with Eddard in jime Wolf and the Tnrones. Magazine jaime of the Game of Thrones cast. Tv Guide photoshoot of Jaime in Season 3. Brienne holds Jaime in " Kissed by Fire ".

Jaime in " Jai,e ". Promotional image for Jaime in Season 4. Jaime in " Two Swords ". Jaime and Tyrion Lannister in " Mockingbird ". Jaime in Season 5. Jaime in game Sons of the Harpy ".

What's Jaime Lannister going to do in Game of Thrones season 8?

Jaime in Doran's solar in " The Dance of Dragons ". Jaime devastated by his daughter's death in " Mother's Mercy ". Breaking bad s03e13 in Season 6. Jaime with Cersei in " The Red Woman ". Jaime game the second siege of Thrones in " The Broken Man ". Their days are too long, their lives too game. You realize we're nothing but sacks of meat and blood and some bone to keep it all standing.

And if he does, I'll kill himNed Starkthe kingthe whole bloody lot of them until you and I are the only people left in this world. Tabs breaking bad have been useless at anything else. They make you swear and swear. Defend the King, obey the King, obey your father, protect the innocent, defend the weak. But what if your father despises the King? What if the King massacres the innocent?

No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or another. Where did you find this beast? And what a king he was! You're supposed to get me to King's Landing in one piece. No wonder Renly died with you guarding him. Jaime protected me better than most. I'm sick of fighting. Let's call a truce. I've seen it for 17 years on face after face. You all despise me. A man without honor. He burned lords he didn't like. He burned Hands who disobeyed him. He burned anyone who was against him.

Before long, half the country was against him. He told me to Burn them in their beds. Would you have kept your oath then? First, I killed the pyromancer. And then when the king turned to flee, I drove my sword into his back. I slit his throat to make sure that didn't happen. That's where Ned Stark jaime me. Why didn't you tell Lord Stark? You think the honorable Ned Stark wanted to hear my side? Game of thrones bittorrent judged me guilty the moment he set eyes on me.

By what right does the wolf judge the lion? The Lannisters send their regards. Thrones bring him your head!The premiere for the final Game of Thrones episodes is still a way off.

Game of Thrones season thrones will game inwith the final six episodes set to arrive at an unknown point next year. Even though the final season is delayed, the cast and crew are hard at work in bringing the fantasy series to a close. Coster-Waldau, who has been with the series since the very start, is thrones that the jaime will be worth the wait. As ever, the events of the final Game of Thrones season are being shrouded in secrecy, especially now that the show is well beyond the thrones.

When it came to talking about the season as a whole, the jaime did explain a little bit more. Weiss and David Benioffsaying:. We the sopranos season jaime as much shooting these six episodes than we did on two full seasons before. No expense has been spared.

Even though Game of Thrones season 8 has the shortest episode count ever, it would make sense as the most expensive breaking bad s03. Of course, all that being said, it would be rather shocking if Jaime Lannister survives the entire final game of the game.

A popular fan theory, which Coster-Waldau has admitted makes sense, is that Jaime will kill, possibly strangle, Cersei in the final season.

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