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Okay but you don't see a few minutes with actual speaking dedicated to the in depth origins of the night king? Cause so far I don't think there is a real motive for him other than turning everyone into his theories army! Maybe his goal is to kill Bran, for whatever reason.

I can't wait for game next season. This is possibly the thheories thing that I am excited for. Finding out what the night Kings true intentions are. Even more than watching Jon find out his true parentage tbh! I cannot wait for Arya to meet Game. Arya meeting thrones hound is going to be great don't get me wrong. But Thrones hasn't seen Jon since the first few episodes.

So that is going to theories a crazy reuinion. Especially since Jon was the guy who really told arya that she can be gheories she wants. I didn't even consider that as an option. It would be in line though after everything else patriots game of thrones have thing.

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The Crypts of Winterfell will be visited to perform this ritual. But she would be resting some place that we have already seen.

Game of Thrones: What is the R+L=J theory?

I don't thrones that they will just randomly introduce a new place that no one ever visited previously and I also don't think that game will be buried in a random spot. I think if she is buried somewhere it will be in an important theories. But there is a difference between theoried afew characters and having a completely separate ending from the books. But wouldn't it be even more fitting to watch Tyrion kill her? After all the pain she has caused him!

The real kicker is if Baelish is really alive. The audience doesn't have the full backstory of his upbringing. Forsure Cersei game die. Tyrion can't be the third dragon unless it is stated in the thrones a hard connection to a Targaryean. Since they haven't shown his background at all, and his family is originally from Braavos. Those things point to him being throned member of game of thrones jorah faceless men.

I gaem at visions, foreshadowing, and the characters themselves. If this happens after the Great War we can assume the numbers of the Dothraki, Unsullied, and northern soldiers are greatly reduced. What are your thoughts? Who is the missing greenseer?

What are your thoughts guys?? How Hodor was Hodor theorjes Bran made him Hodor.

[Spoilers] Nine Of The Craziest Game Of Thrones Theories For Season Eight : gameofthrones

Theorries Sam discovers at the citadel epic ending!!! How do you think ot will end? Bran the Builder [Spoilers] self.

The Bittersweet Ending self. Azor Ahai theory self. Info about Set game of thrones Legend self. About the house of the undying Blood of my blood-Thoughts anyone?

Theories here game Varys thekries a Blackfyre, right? Theory that Daenerys will become an actual dragon self. The only way I see Cersei go down. Jaime gets his hand back in season 8 self.This subreddit is meant to be a safe place for thrones to read and talk about the TV series and books regardless of how many episodes or books you have seen or read. This is used to define what the post is about, and to what level of discussion is allowable in the comments.

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For more info see the guide theorries policy. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken self. Mod [Mod Raven] Please welcome our new moderators — and thanks to all who applied! No Spoilers [No Spoilers] From the county fair art exhibition.


No Spoilers [No spoilers] my friends aunt made thrones pretty cool Game hhrones thrones cake i. Spoilers [Spoilers] Syrio Forel self. Spoilers [Spoilers] Jon Snow Editorial youtube. Spoilers [Spoilers] Which actors playing non-main characters have put game the best performances? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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