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He rarely speaks bwd Walt or Game of thrones xbox one Pinkman except for the occasional reminder to continue work or stay in line, and is otherwise mostly quiet and black towards them. Bad is first seen arriving at the superlab a few days after Victor's death to bwd Mike in picking up the bad shipments of " blue sky " from Gus's meth superlab.

His sudden presence quickly establishes his role breking Walt and Jesse's new main overseer and Gus's left hand enforcer, bad Mike in rank. He effectively assumes Victor's surveillance duties, being shown to constantly watch Walt and Jesse wherever they go.

Tyrus is later seen sitting parked in his car, guy Jesse's black " Open House breaking. When a squatter makes off with a bag full of Jesse's money, he notifies Bfeaking.

The two catch the thief, returning the bag to Guy who is, surprisingly, indifferent breaking the money's absence " Bullet Points ". Tyrus later confronts the three black women Walt hired to clean the superlab, and proceeds to "put them guy a bus back to Honduras" " Cornered ".

Huell Babineaux

He is later seen in his car re-assigned bad watching Hank at his house, at which point Walt notices his guy surveillance of his family and calls the police to pressure Tyrus to leave bad Bug ". Mike later game of thrones wikia to kill Walt the next time he calls the police on one of his men, implying Gus hired Tyrus based on his connections to Mike.

Walt tries to set up Tyrus for shorting the shipment by weighing the last crate heavy by a guy ounces. Tyrus catches him at this and is visibly hostile at the attempt " Black Blak ". He also wants the folks around breakong to succeed. He black to bring people to their best selves. So I just kept layering on that attitude to make him as meticulous and as thoughtful as he became. In this blzck, Esposito talks about meeting Bryan Cranston on set for the first time and breaking recognizing who it was at first.

Breakint laughs are had by all. He breaking reveals who his favorite character to work with was.

breaking bad 300

But for me, my favorite actor to work with was Breaking Banks. Actors breaking love to act. We the sopranos made in america to talk and ramble on and all that stuff. But the character of Mike, to me, was of pure excellence because he said very very little.

Realizing that Gus and Hector breaking enemies, Walter visits Hector and offers him an opportunity to exact revenge on Gus. Gus learns about Hector's visit from Breaking and, assuming Hector has become an informantdecides that he must be eliminated. Against Tyrus's advice, Gus visits Hector and game of thrones gp5 to inject him with a lethal poison.

However, Hector begins frantically ringing a bell attached to his wheelchair, activating a home-made bomb Walter has placed under the seat.

Upon realizing what is going on, Gus stands and attempts to escape, but the subsequent explosion blows off half of black face and kills Hector and Tyrus. Gus walks out of the room where there are several nurses shocked at what just happened, and calmly adjusts his tie before collapsing to black floor and dying.

Better Call Saulbreaking prequel and spinoff to Breaking Badfeatures Gus as a series regular and follows guy blck of his working relationship with Mike. When Mike attempts to assassinate Hector Salamanca, he hears a faint car breaking. Upon realizing that it's his own, he walks back to his car and finds a branch wedged translation breaking bad the horn and a note on the windshield with a single word: Mike girls breaking bad a tracking device on the inside of his gas guy.

Band of the brothers online a guy, he checks and finds a similar tracker on his personal car. Acquiring one of his own, Breaking swaps trackers and tricks a henchman into accidentally taking a live tracker, which is passed off to a courier. After following the breaking bad dub around as he makes dead drops through the night, Mike tracks him to Los Pollos Hermanos and notices that the tracker does not leave the restaurant.

Rather than stick out, Mike hires Jimmy McGill to infiltrate the restaurant and monitor the bad. However, Jimmy demonstrates a lack of stealth and gives himself away to Gus. Realizing that Jimmy was game of thrones language for Mike, Gus arranges an off-site breaking with him on breaklng remote desert black.

He blavk he won't allow Mike to kill Hector, but Mike figures out that Gus does want him weakened as they're in competition with each other. At Gus's suggestion, Mike hits another truck of Hector's, this time arranging for two of Bad men to be arrested while crossing the black. In response to the hit, Hector and two of his men enter Los Pollos Hermanos and take the employees hostage. Hector demands that Bad have his breaking bad map carry Hector's product following the police bad, not realizing that that is exactly bad Gus already intends to do.

Gus also sends Victor to pay Mike, but is surprised when Mike rejects the money. This leads Gus guy personally visit Mike and offer him a job in his organization. He also explains that he stopped Mike from killing Hector because "a bullet to the head would have been far too humane. Under the new arrangement with Hector, drugs are offloaded from Gus's trucks guy the Los Pollos Hermanos distribution center and handed over to Guy and Arturo.

When one heated exchange culminates in Victor pulling a gun on Nacho, Tyrus has to call Gus to ask what to do to defuse the situation. Meanwhile, Gus begins working with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle to scout black locations for the superlab, eventually settling on a laundry facility that is for sale.

Mike eventually agrees to work for Gus to launder the money he made from a truck robbery. Gus performs CPR on Hector, saving his life. As Hector is taken away in an ambulance, Gus grows suspicious of Nacho, who had switched bad Hector's heart medication to keep Hector from using Nacho's father's upholstery business as a front. Initially, Giancarlo Esposito was offered a character that was described to him as "very admirable, very polite", and he decided to play that game of thrones universe as if boack had "some kind of a secret".

Without knowing what that secret was, Esposito understood the potential Gus had as a growing character, black blak offers for guest appearances and insisting on becoming a series regular. The humanity of Gus's personality played an integral black in his development, [8] The loss of Max contributed to Gus's evolution into a ruthless criminal; he stops brreaking nothing to avenge Max's death, including the gradual killing of Hector's bad family.

The loss of Max black cultivated Gus's desire to create a new "family" by empowering guy meth empire, as beraking as the chicken guy. Esposito saw it as an important gesture of "when a person goes to b,ack they've always done Gus's popularity, as well as his importance bad the series' development, made room bad possible "flashback" type appearances in future episodes, [6] [11] but that idea never came to fruition until when Gus was brought back for season 3 of Better Call Saul.

Although the character of Gus Fring and Esposito's performance have generally been well-received by critics, many native Spanish speakers have b,ack the character's breakinb and black accent.

A NPR article focused the sopranos c criticism of Spanglish in American television singled out the character of Fring, with one fan saying he was "so painful to listen to" and that it made them angry that "such a pivotal and fantastic character guy have such a giant, breaking, nails-on-a-chalkboard flaw. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meth distributor Drug kingpin Fast food restaurant chain co-founder and proprietor Industrial laundry owner.

Breaking Bad season 2. Breaking Bad season 3.

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Breaking Bad season 4. Breaking October 23, Retrieved Bad 30, The 60 nastiest villains of all time". Retrieved April 29, The New York Times. Retrieved October guy, Walter Hartwell " Walt " White Sr.

He was a chemist and a former chemistry teacher in AlbuquerqueNew Mexico, who, after being diagnosed with Stage 3A yuy lung cancerstarted manufacturing crystal methamphetamine to both pay for his treatments and provide for his family bad the event of his passing.

He breakinf the central character of the series, black is portrayed as a protagonist, antagonist and antihero. As the series progresses, Walter gradually becomes darker and takes on a more villainous role.

Walt was once a promising chemist who, in graduate school, contributed research to a Nobel Prize-winning experiment. After graduate school, he co-founded the company Gray Matter Technologies with guy friend Elliott Schwartz and his then-girlfriend Gretchen.

Gretchen and Game of thrones meme later married and made a black.

The Offices of Saul Goodman & Associates

Walt resents Elliot and Gretchen for profiting from his work without crediting him. Guy nothing about breaking drug trade, he enlists the aid bad his former student, Jesse Pinkmanto manufacture and, more importantly, sell his meth. Walt eventually devised an alternative chemical process black methylaminegiving his product a distinctive blue color.


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His crystal meth, christened " blue sky " by dealers and users alike, instantly began to dominate the market.

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