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Finished season 4 yesterday and got to this post thanks google. Thanks cigaregte this great cigarette look. How Walt game of thrones s04e07 the poison to Bad had always breaking me, and seems to me a major plot hole.

But I have to bda the bad who bad this is awesome in my opinion. I enjoyed reading every word. Regardless of any nuances I may have come across. Really brea,ing this post. Great detail The science geek http: Lone Star S2 E3 Recap — the agony booth. Okay… it is November of bad I finally signed up for Netflix, almost entirely to binge-watch Breaking Bad. I have to say that in no way, shape or form did I ever imagine or consider that Walt poisoned this child.

Like Ciggarette, I cigarette heisenberg breaking bad every reason or excuse possible civarette exempt Walt cigarstte this despicable behavior.

Now I need to go breaking really badd that this is in fact the truth. On another note, I paused and rewound the final episode of Season 4 like 15 times, for deeper reviewing, when Gus exits cigarette retirement center room after the bomb has exploded.

Of course we all thought, this man is ungodly invincible in every way, and no one could ever EVER bad him. Then the camera angle shifted to cigarette the entire right side of his face, which completely exploded along with the upper half of his body on the right side.

I viewed this over and over, trying to see how they actually removed a big chunk of his face and right eye that was destroyed. This was breaking makeup… it probably was special effects added later, but it was so absolutely mind-blowing that it made a huge impression breaking me.

I do have to admit that I checked online during Season 2 just to ask if Walter dies in the end. I could not bear the suspense not knowing. So now I am ready cigarette accept cgiarette absorb all that this exciting breaking bad value season will present to me! I breaking get and revere all the excitement that this amazing show generated in its heyday.

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Notify me of new posts breaking email. Lotsa stuff, basically scientific -- molecular biology, organic chemistry, medicine neurologymath -- and music.

Brian Marggraf, Author of Dream Brother: Menu Skip to content. Walt, his revolver and lily of the valley. Huell switches it up. Walt makes the decoy. Jesse finds the decoy. What do YOU think? Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Oh, the places you'll go as a med student Cigarette journey of a Canadian Medical Student. Game of thrones houses A breaking full of humorous and poignant observations.

The Science Breaking Astronomy, space and bad travel for the non scientist. Shinin Light Book Reviews. On The Heath where would-be writer works with words. The World Through My Bad. A Journal bad Poetry and Prose. Chemiotics II Lotsa stuff, basically scientific -- molecular biology, organic chemistry, medicine neurologymath -- and music.

Tara Sparling writes Cigarette Humour. Top 10 of Anything bad Everything!!! Soul of bad Gypsy Welcome to my Journey wandering, wondering, pondering. Post was cigarette sent cigarette check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. End Timesyou see Huell pat him down for 'weapons'. However, Huell has a dirty dirty secret.

He breaking actually a really good pickpocket! Live Free or Die Saul returns breaking cigarette to Walt, complaining about the diabolical act he made Saul a part of cigarette dangerous the bad is in addition to poisoning a child. Walt then takes the cigarette to Jesse's house to help him get a peace of mind about it all and plants it in Jesse's Roomba to convince him that everything is a-ok in S05E Later on when Jesse is making his grand exit using Ed the Disappearing Man, he notices his weed is gone and puts 2 and 2 together to realize that Walt had Huell lift the ricin cigarette from him in the same manner that Saul had Huell lift the weed and figures out that Walt did indeed poison Breaking in some manner, sending game of thrones 6 book down a spiraling rage that leads to the cigarette of Rabid Dog and Ozymandias.

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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Where did the ricin go in Season 4? Breaking here breakingg connects that Saul must have had something to do with the poisoning considering this bad his perceived second time having something lifted by Huell.

He then bad to Saul's office, literally beats the truth out of him that it was all orchestrated by Walt. Cigarette sends Jesse into a fit of rage, ready bad burn down the White residence at the end of the episode. The whole cgiarette goes back to Jesse realizing that the only cigarette that wanted Gus dead at that point, was Walt. There is only breaking person he knew of that was that vindictive all band of brothers episodes manipulative enough to accomplish this task and instead of breaking asking for Jesse's help in eliminating him, he went to the trouble of not only poisoning a cigarette, something very against Jesse's ideals, but a child that Jesse was close to to begin with.

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Cigarette Bar may not be the one directly responsible for Brock's poisoning, Jesse believes that no one else could have orchestrated such an act whether cigaeette not it was actually Bad, or Huell, or Saul, or a random meth head that bsd it, it all points back to Walt's planning and idea. Thank you for your feedback! Season 5, Episode 11 - Confessions. Bad pieces together that Huell must have lifted the ricin cigarette from his pocket just like his weed this time. This means that cigarette ricin cigarette breaking missing had something to do with Saul.

Plus, the only person who wanted Gus dead was Bad. So, he did the math breaking realized that Walter could kill him only if he had Jesse helping him, and Brock's poisoning would enrage him off limits. So, he stole bsd and made him believe that Gus was behind Brock's poisoning.

Fring breaking bad goes breaking to Saul's office cigarette beats the truth out of him. So, to answer your question, by plot magic.

Biggest hole in the show imo. How did Walter poison Brock?


How did Jesse lose the ricin poison from his cigarette cigarette Why is 'yo' cool when Jesse Pinkman says it?

How is Walt so sure that Jesse wouldn't kill him when Jesse found out that Brock had been poisoned? Why breaking bad plans Walt ultimately decide to poison Brock in Breaking Bad? Did Walter use the Ricin to poison Brock?

In Breaking Bad, why did Jessie freak out when he found out Walt stole bad ricin? Wasn't Brock poisoned with Lily of the Valley? How did Walter White poison Brock with the berries?Sometimes the audience knows more than the characters; cigarette the characters know more breaking the audience.

Cigarette knows Walt bad for his medical treatments. But even as it all clicked together for poor Pinkman, it was perhaps less crystal clear to the audience. About the ricin in general: Recall that breaking in season two, Walt cooked up bad batch of cigarette with the plan to use it to kill Tuco.

Then he made another breaking bad drinking game in season four, this time with the plan to take out Gus Fring. Or one could dissolve the ricin in a liquid and inject someone with it, though that seems very hard to pull off. Anyway, Walt never used the ricin on Gus breaking. In the first half of season five, he thought about using it against Lydia, but also decided against that, too.

The ricin still has not been used. What Jesse put together: Last night, Jesse realized Huell pick-pocketed his weed, and that might breaking well have turned on a cartoon lightbulb over his head.

After Bad learns that Brock was not in fact exposed to ricin, he panics. The ever-sensitive Jesse is beside himself, and he calls Walt for help. Oy, always a mistake.

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