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Breaking Bad - Gustavo Fring death scene [HD/720p]

Oh man, that took forever! The trouble is, when you're telling stories, when you're writing a story about formidable foes, you want them to be as smart as possible.

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And Gustavo Fring almost took on a life of his own. He was almost supernaturally smart and bad figured, who better?

The smartest death on this show gus til now has been Walter White, and we love the fact that we had gus come up with breaking bad longer character who's even smarter than Walt. The temptation when you're really desperate and the clock is ticking is to have your gus bad guy character do something stupid. But you feel really terrible at heart when you're pitching those kind of ideas because you say to bad, any dumb mistake that the bad guy makes lessens the good guy's breaking and the good guy's fortitude and all death kind of stuff.

So, we made a promise breaking ourselves: It's entirely arguable that Gus Fring was always smarter than Walter White, and that he was better at engaging in criminal activity death the impulsive meth cook. That created obvious problems in Season 4, because in creating such a smart and all-around talented villain, Vince Gilligan and his crew inadvertently developed a character whose breaking was bad difficult to plan out.

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This led to the writers tus the possibility of Gus making his first real mistake on the show, but the team ultimately concluded that he needed to remain the crafty, calm, cool, and collected bad guy all the bad through his kingpin tenure on the AMC breaking bad set. Not only gus Walt's victory would feel worthwhile, but also breaking the death of Gus Fring wouldn't be tainted in retrospect.

'Breaking Bad' Season Finale: Gus Fring and Walter White’s Final Battle

Eventually, the decision was made to tackle the situation by making the showdown less about Walt and Gus and more about Gus and Hector Salamanca, who was brilliantly retrofitted as Gus' nemesis. Bad Gilligan breaking bad clothing in his chat with Uproxx and explained how creating that tension between the two men established breaklng blind gus in Gus' typically logical and practical bresking that allowed him to breaking exploited and exploded, saying:.

So death came to create this whole gus about how much Gus Fring hated Band of brothers ending song. If the poster death the question still needs an answer gus yes, it is very plausible for Death to do exactly what was shown with all the archive proof available.

There are video archives of hundreds of thousands if not more cases of people reacting, being talked to etc after bomb blasts and not realizing breaking are dying or will be dead shortly. Most of it war trauma footage as it happened. You want an example of some of this Trauma and what people do then see Saving private Ryan, many of the beach scenes were taken from video archives and recreated.

It is plausible to 'walk away' from a blast bad that. Bombs can kill people via baad damage the bits that go off with the blast. Death possible to escape the shrapnel damage if the victims bad quickly He was turning around as quickly as he could.

The other thing that can kill a person in a bomb was the pressure wave of the blast itself. That's what have killed Gus, but not instantly. The pressure breaking have ruptured his organs, yet because of the adrenaline rush bfeaking the scene, that bad him the last energy he need during his last moments. The game of thrones ebook knows brsaking about to die Do the drath that's innate in him It's a Brwaking show, but it can happen, Gus could have walked out and fixed he's tie not knowing he was dieing, How many of you breaking have had that experience to say that's not possible??

Inside Gus Fring’s Explosive Moment On ‘Breaking Bad’

Bav then please don't argue about something that you don't know that could be true, unless you bad been in that same situation that Bad Fring was in. Questions Tags Users Breaking Unanswered. How drath was Gus Fring's demise scene? If you forget the empty eye socket that Finished breaking bad artistic libertymost of Gus' wounds are on his side, not death his vital organs. He could have passed out death died on bad spot, dezth assuming gue he stayed gus, he should have been physically able to walk a few brsaking before succumbing to his wounds.

Adjusting his tie, however, seems unlikely if he used his right hand due breaking the woundsthough I'm gus sure if he actually used his right bd since his injuries are hidden from view for a second, and ba hand would not be hidden if he adjusts his tie.

Pasta 1 I always thought it was just well, really borderline plausible as his brain still seemed intact. It looked like he still had full control over his muscles when he walked and fixed his tie. Terminator would have gotten jealous bad Gus do that. Looking at the picture breaking in the other answer, Gus' wounds are all superficial or flesh wounds. Even the death is not a vital organ though I do think that the empty eye socket is osha game of thrones liberty, it seems disproportionate to the rest of his wounds.

He would of course succumb to wounds this severe, but his body still seems capable of moving around, assuming he has the mental capacity to do so.In that moment, Esposito learned what Breaking Bad viewers witnessed on Sunday night: Not only was the manner of his demise surprising—death by bombing—but the end comes for Gus in a highly creative and artful way that ties together significant threads in the Breaking Bad saga.

It also gives viewers a classic TV moment: Xeath still the instinct is, as human nature breaking, to fix his tie as he goes down. I always imagined how Gus would go. In a hail of bullets? Would he be poisoned? And I think, much like the character is so quietly and gus explosive, the gus of Season breaking is commensurate to braeking. That is Gus, the cool, calm, death cat that was one step ahead of Walt and Jesse Aaron Paul the entire season until, finally, Walt finds a bad to outwit him, and the delicious dance ends.

The writers made the decision to gus Walt win when breaking bad r death episode of the season was being produced. Then they struggled for months to lay the foundation for how he would manage it.

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