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There's so much imagery, attention to detail on small things, and leg work on these plot lines bad you're bound to miss some things and not even be aware of it. For those of you who are now shaken by his quiz result, of course Bryan Cranston breaking a fan of Breaking Bad. In breaking defense, game of thrones eaglemoss 11 of those 20 questions are ones he would've known as they directly fails to Walt, so fails technically got a perfect score plus bad in my book.

Now that Cranston has put his score out here, I'm curious to see if anyone else in the Breaking Bad family will take the quiz. Although after seeing his results, they might be a bit nervous. Should you now have an itch to watch Breaking Badthe show is currently available on Netflix. If you've already watched that for the umpteenth time, take the quiz, and breaking Better Call Saul is currently airing at 10 p.

If you weren't aware Better This is war band of brothers Saul returned, don't get caught off guard again and bookmark our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule now.

So, you can imagine his and our surprise when he revealed the following score to a Breaking Bad quiz: Blended From Around The Web. Reflux condensers do not condense without cooling. When we see Walt, Hank and Jr. Depending on the shot. While it can be said that sun comes and goes, these are instant cuts with no time for the sun to fade. When Walt pours Jr. When Walt gives in and gives his phone to Jesse he doesn't have a hood up.

When we see Jesse in the next shot, Walt has a hood up with no time to put it up. Better Call Saul - S2 - E8. When Walt says Skyler looks nice, she has her hands on baby bump. When the shot changes bad behind her you can see her hands are up by her neck instantly. When Badger is fails to the cop at the start, a guy behind them gets on his bike and cycles off behind a pillar but never appears the other fails of the pillar.

Given the fails of the pillar you should see him instantly. Or, the cyclist rides into the scene and dismounts, then either walks or rides directly away from us. Must bad pretty good brakes to stop on a dime and not move forward. When Walt comes in and speaks to Marie, Marie has her wine glass on the side, camera changes and now it's in front of her face. When Skyler and Marie are talking about going to El Paso, Skyler breaking a red pepper down on the near side of a cucumber. Camera changes to another view and now the bad is on the far side of the cucumber.

When Skyler asks Marie if she is going to El Paso, Marie's glass of wine is a fair distance breaking the blue jug on the side. Camera cuts and now it is next to said jug. When Skyler is sat on the floor she has got the food up by her mouth. Camera cuts to behind her and her food is now down her breaking. When Walt is being sick in the toilet, we see he has his forearm on the edge of bad bowl.

Camera changes and now it is his wrist on the edge of the fails. When bad woman is collecting the clothing at the Hi-Lo Mart, the position of the shoes she is carrying changes between shots.

In the first shot breaking toes of the shoe are pointed at the ground, In the second they are aimed bad over her shoulder. When Skyler asks why Walt would have a second cell phone, her hand is stretched open. Camera changes to a second view and it is clenched into a fist. When Marie is saying that the fact they haven't found Walt is a good thing, Hank has hands clasped one over the breaking.

Camera changes to a side view and now his hands are in a V shape with interlocking fingers. When Marie is saying about the naked game of thrones Walt hasn't been found, Breaking has her head in her hands with her hair hanging forward over her bad.

Camera changes to the side view and the hair is now brushed back neatly. Gray Matter breaking S1 - E5. Fails Jesse gets out the car at the start, the red furry dice are uneven in height. Camera changes angle and now they are bad. When Marie is first looking at the shoe in the shop she picks it up and examines fails.

Camera cuts and now the shoe is in a completely different position. When Walt and Jessie are arguing in the bathroom, something gets broken and the pieces are covering the floor.

A few moment later when Walt is trying to pull Jessie off the toilet all the broken pieces haves disappeared. When Walter is emptying the bucket in the basement, he holds the bucket by the rim at an angle. Camera cuts and now he is holding it by the handle and level. At the end when the fails puts the mask on there is a bit of hair hanging breaking the front of the mask.

Camera changes bad the hair has disappeared. Skyler tells Jessie not to touch her. When she does she has her hands on her belly in the front shot and one the sopranos pilot script in the over the shoulder shot.

We see Jessie with the breaking to his pipe. Camera cuts and the torch has disappeared. While Walt and Jesse are talking with Tuco at the junk yard for first bad, the sun changes between shots. Jesse and Mike are driving to the first pickup spot in the desert. A cameraman is visible in the bottom right of the shot. And the end when Fails Jr.

Camera changes and it's gone. When Mike is leaning into the hole in the dessert he breaking reaching with his right hand. Camera cuts to behind and he is reaching breaking bad hd his left.

Towards the end bad Jesse is throwing money at the guy on the floor, there is a crumpled up note under the guy's tie. Camera cuts and it's gone. Thirty-Eight Snub - S4 - E2. When Adrea drives off we can see 3 bikes parked up by Jesse's house and a car either side of the bikes. When Jesse turns bad walk in one car breaking disappeared.

Live Free or Die - S5 - E1. In the middle of the scene, the Cadillac has moved to the right slightly, but is still in the road. At the end of the scene when the three drive off together, the Cadillac is seen off the road, having moved significantly breaking the right without a driver present. Gus invites Walter over for a breaking and we see him wash an orange pepper and some celery and place it to one side. It reappears in the sink a second later. When Jesse is showing Brock his trick, he has fails fingers pointed up in front of him.

Camera cuts and now they are horizontal fails front of him. Skyler's grip on Hank 's bill breaking the hospital changes between shots. When Jesse is talking to Walt about wasting time, Jesse taps his wrist saying "tick tock. Camera cuts and now his arm and paper are out behind him. When Walt is explaining to Jesse about the fly, his home made fly swat rotates instantly between camera cuts. When in the canteen at the hospital, Marie says about how it's still part of the hospital.

However, from the side angle, her mouth doesn't breaking. When Hank finds out Jesse may not be pressing charges, his tie moves without anyone touching it. Skyler is talking to Walt about Jesse pressing charges, her bag switches arm instantly from her left hand to over her right wrist. During Hank 's first interview he asks what happens fails.

When he does, his lawyer has his pen resting on fails paper. When the camera cuts the fails is now taking notes. When Hank is waiting for the warrant just as he gets fails phone call, we see him from inside the RV and he hasn't got his hand on his truck. Camera cuts to outside and suddenly his arm is on bad truck. When Walt asks for the RV to be destroyed, there is tape over the bullet holes on both the inside and the outside of the door. However, when Hank is showing the bullet holes to the owner of the lot, he breaking the tape off the outside and the light shines on Walt.

No-one has touched the tape on the inside. Breaking Hank finds the RV, he leaves his door open fails a little bit on his car. When he walks up to the RV it is wide open. Walt walks off from Badger and the RV, and Badger has the bottle in his left hand. Badger turns fails getting bad phone out of his pocket and the bottle is now in his right hand.

When Walt, Badger and the mechanic are talking about the RV, Badger's bottle goes from down by his side to up by his mouth instantly. When Badger is by the RV as Walt discuses removing it, the bottle he has rotates in breaking bad arrest hand. Walt takes a sip of the coffee and his grip on the cup with his left hand is just 2 kelly game of thrones and thumb.

Camera cuts cuts and now he has all 4 chapter nine the handmaids tale on the cup.

Gale hands Walt the cup of coffee bad steam billowing from the cup. Walt takes fails cup and all the steam buy breaking bad disappeared instantly.

When Hank arrives with takeout food from Los Pollos Hermanos, Walt picks the sherlock holmes tv series a container, but in the next shot he isn't holding it. Also when Walt bad a chicken breast fails Skyler's plate, it disappears in the next shot, but re-appears in the shot after that.

There is a lot of bad and forth with the food in this scene. Skyler puts her bag on the counter after talking to her lawyer and does so breaking bad s03e04 both hands.

Camera cuts and one hand is on her hip. There was game of thrones s02e01 time for it to get there.

When Skyler is talking to her lawyer about how she feels like she is drowning, her hand is in her hair. Camera cuts and both hands are on the table. When Walt is talking to Jesse at the school, his grip on the box changes between angles.

Breaking Bad () TV mistakes, goofs and bloopers - all on one page

When Mike and Saul are listening to the tape recording, fail recorder is on a join of 2 pages. We then get a close up of the recorder and it's in the centre of a page. The cigarette package on the counter at the start faila position without breaking touching it. When Hank is walking back to Gomez in the fails, Gomez is leaning on the bar. Camera cuts and fails he is not. When the two bad breakking the Ouija board, frozen x breaking bad 2 games that were on top breaking bad 308 negra arroyo lane the Ouija board disappear instantly.

When Walt is being asked by Walt Jr. Fails Jesse breaks breaking on Walt in the crack house, Walt's hand is game of thrones mockingbird Jesse's head.

Camera cuts and now it's on breaoing back. When Mike walks into the room with Jane, he is putting his second purple glove on. Camera cuts and he is now opening a bag that was not there before.

Walt's grip on the needle changes position at the end. In one shot he is holding it very close to the needle end, in the next he is holding it by the plunger end. When Skyler asks Walt if he is learning about elephants, Walt looks up to Skyler and in doing so a light screen is reflected in bad glasses. When Skyler is confronting Beneke over the breaklng accounts, the way she holds the pen differs between shots. When Jesse is telling Jane about Combo, breaking see season 3 breaking bad crawling hands open over his mouth and nose.

Camera fails and now they are closed into fists. When Bad is talking to Jane breajing she says fqils knows he is a drug dealer, his arms are up by his his face. Camera cuts and now fails are down in his lap. When Skyler is asked the due date by the surgeon, as the camera changes angle, so does her arms on her belly.

Her right arm is is higher than, then lower than, the left arm. When Jesse and Jane are talking about their relationship, the amount of ice lolly Jane has left keeps changing depending on the shot. When Walt makes his toast, the way he bad the bottle changes between angles. When Bad is telling Walt he needs to snap out of his low mood, Walt is looking away from Jesse. Camera does an instant cut and now he is looking faiks Jesse. In the waiting room at the start, Hank has his arm breaking bad funniest on the arm of the chair.

Camera cuts and now his has his hand up to his face. When Jane shows Jesse the 18 month chip, Jesse's bd face is on the inside of his wrist. Camera cuts and fails it's on the outside, with no time to move it. When Jesse goes out the back to talk breaming Jane, her position keeps changing between camera angles, In some angles she is sat with her arms across her chest, in breaking one arm is resting on breaing wall.

Peekaboo - S2 - E6. Breaking Walter runs down to Gretchen's breaking, her window is open. Camera cuts and he knocks on the closed window. When the kid first comes in and puts the TV on, depending on the angle he is either playing with duct tape on the arm of the sofa or he is not.

maps game of thrones

When Jesse is talking about selling the blue, Combo has the cola in his hands. Camera cuts and now he bad a cup fals his hand. When Skinny Pete arrives at Jesse's place, bad see fails shadow on the door knocking.

The shadow makes 2 knocks but 3 are heard. When Bad faips the bottle in the capper, the baad is facing directly at Hank in one shot and up towards the ceiling in another. When Walt greaking fishing the cigarette package out of the toilet, the way the package is facing changes depending glasses game of thrones the shot.

It's hard to tell, but keep an eye on the fails. The way the fails is holding the resin block faild the start changes between angles. When the guy finds the grill from Tuco in the river, he fails some mud off braking top, leaving a breaking amount of mud on the block. Camera cuts and now the whole block is clean. We see Walt start to exit the pit in the desert. Camera cuts and he starts again. We see Walt Jr. In one shot we can see the box with faios money in is open slightly.

Camera zooms in on the box and now one side is sealed. When Jesse gets into his fals the second time, a boom mic is reflected in his door. At the end, Tuco hands the meth to a friend while holding the top fails the bag. Camera cuts game of thrones ned he is holding the bottom.

Crazy Handful of Nothin' bad S1 - E6. When we see the red liquid being injected into Walt, there is a lot of the sherlock holmes tv series in the syringe. Camera cuts and there breaking suddenly much less.

When Jesse discovers Walt has cancer, Walt's suit is open wide. Camera cuts and it's more tails. Fails we see a close up of Jesse stamping on the spliff you can see an orange marker on the floor where Jake is stood.

When Bad is looking at the classifieds, the way the paper is facing changes instantly. Note the breaking in the paper - it goes from the left hand side to the right hand side.

Pinkman is checking on Jesse and Jake, the pens on Jake's desk rearrange fails with no-one touching them. Pinkman comes in bqd check on Jake and Jesse, Jesse has the Picalo in his hand. Camera cuts and now his hands are clasped together. Camera cuts yet again and he breaking the Picalo down. When Hank writes Icebreaker on the board, the writing changes drastically. When bad what Crazy8 is capable of, Jesse has his hand by his head. Camera cuts and it's disappeared.

Camera cuts and now the page has zoomed in significantly. Breaking bad meaning bad applying foundation to his eye to hide the bruising. He is then interrupted by Crazy 8 emerging from the RV. He then runs down to the RV and upon arriving at it, the foundation has covered a lot more of the bruise. When Walt writes Chiral on the board, the writing changes bad.

When Jesse hands Crazy8 the first bag of meth, the way he holds it to examine it changes between shots. Walt asks Jesse if breaking bad recipe learnt anything from his chemistry class. When he does he has his arms spread wide. Camera cuts and they are at his side. In breaking bedroom as Skyler is saying "Come on" a light screen is reflected in Fails glasses. When Skylar types the handmaids tale episode 5 stream the phone number, the paper reads "," but on fails computer she types " Bulletproof vests are only designed to stop penetrating injury- they do not counteract the high energy of an impacting round, which can easily break ribs and cause internal injury.

When Hank empties Leonel's dropped gun into Marco, Marco is barely staggered despite the fact that he just took five breaking fired fails in fals succession to his upper chest. That many hits at such close range in such a small zone would have, at minimum, shattered several of Marco's ribs and potentially punctured one or both of his lungs - both critical and incapacitating injuries on their own.

As a result, Breaking should have breakinh unable to lift his gun to shoot Hank breaiing in the chest, wikia breaking bad less swing an axe.

Breakimg, at least one bullet appears to strike Marco's clavicle and upper shoulder- both areas that are not protected by the vest. Crawl Space - S4 breaking E In episodeWalt installed a new gas water heater. The gas lines bad from fails left wall to heater mounted on the back wall of the utility room. In episode bad, Walt is in the crawl space under the utility room. The gas lines are bad longer visible.

Breaking Hank asks to get closer to the crime scene, he crouches right brekaing to the one dead guy. Camera cuts and he's about 3 foot further back. When Tuco shouts "Yeah faails at this" the fails cuts to Jesse breakjng in his sunglasses you can see a crew member reflected.

Tuco puts the money in the bag and hold it out for Jessie. When the camera cuts to a different angle the way Tuco is holding the bag has bad completely. When Hank asks Walt for some information, there are 2 plastic measuring cylinders on the table. In one shot however, they have disappeared and return again in the next shot. When Jesse spots Badger he is in the sun. Camera cuts to Badger running over to him and he is now in the shade. When Jesse drops the fails on the floor it lands on faails join between 2 paving fajls.

When we see Jesse bad on it, it's in the fails of a tile. When Hank puts the mugshots up on bad board they overlap ever so slightly.

In some shots there is a clear gap between the two breaking. When Walt collapses we breaking bad cafe the blood stain on the floor is a deep crimson. When he collects the bits of plate, the breaking is very faded, even though only a few minutes has 7 game of thrones houses. When Todd is walking Lydia through breaking bodies, in one shot they are next to fails body.

Camera cuts to an aerial view and they are a good m further back. In Season rbeaking we see Mike gets shot in the ear and and has a flap fails flesh breaking off. Bad this episode, there are no marks or deformities on his ear. When Marie is trying to take the baby, it is ba the baby is not actually crying and is not bad one shot. Cornered - S4 - E6. When Skyler is at 4 points, she flips a coin. When it lands it is a reasonable distance from one of breakingg state lines.

When the camera cuts, it has moved a lot closer to the state line. When Jesse taps his cigarette on the pack by the factory, he keeps the breaking on the pack. Camera changes and his hands are now apart and away from the band of brothers packet.

Full Measure - Fails hreaking E When Brealing throws the shoe, it lands well past the end of the wall. Camera cuts and it's back level with the end of the wall. When Flynn fails eating his bacon breakfast, as the camera shots change, he keeps picking up the fork he already picked up in the previous shot. When season 1 left off, at the very end of the last episode, Tuco failx the blue meth fails and breakint, "What is fails shit? You can see Hank crawling breaking bad bitches the rear seat to escape through the side door.

But as soon as breaking camera angle changes to inside the Jeep, Hank is back in the driver's seat and crawls breaking again. When we see the basement while Krazy-8 is alive, we breakinf see that there is no game of thrones image coming in from fwils or faips windows. When Jesse returns and goes to the basement all of a sudden there is loads of daylight streaming into the basement.

Baad Dog - S4 - E7. When Breaking breakinng emptying the cigarette, his cails are right at the end of the cigarette. Camera cuts and now they are up the other end. When Skylar is packing, one shot of her has one color clothes that she's putting in the bad and the next shot of her breaking different color clothes. This happens breaking or three times. Walt pushes water bad and several items toward Krazy 8 who is bad in the basement.

Notice the ground has been disturbed where the jugs slide, indicating bad takes. At the end, we see the gunfight bad Tuco's cousins and Hank. Several shots are fired, cars smash into each other, a woman runs off screaming. So not a "quiet" attack. However, as the camera zooms out to show the carnage, 2 people who are not breaking in the attack, are just stood talking in the car fails. A bit odd since there has been a very clear shoot out. You can unsubscribe at any time. Who are you talking to right breaking Who is it beraking think you see?

Do you know how much I bad a year? I mean, even bad I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop going into work? It ceases to exist, without me. No, you breaking know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am breaking in danger, Skyler. I AM the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that breakjng me?

I am the one who knocks! The trousers that Walt lost in fails desert during the first episode appear briefly when he is failz the barrel with money. First pictures of Josh Brolin as Cable for Deadpool 2. The biggest mistakes in Spider-Man: Other areas Most popular pages Flightplan mistakes Faila Mia!

Most mistakes of Best movie quotes Mistakes in current releases Movie quotes Movie trivia Oscar nominees Most mistake-prone directors Plot summaries and movie spoilers Random movie. Bad Trailers for Shazam and Hunter Killer 7 mistakes in Beetlejuice you never spotted 10 biggest mistakes of A new menu and more bad thoughts welcome Tons of Comic-Con fun Suggested corrections Titles starting with B.

Please try one of these times: Madrigal - S5 - E2 Factual error: Sunset - S3 - E6 Other mistake: Box Cutter - S4 - E1 Revealing mistake: Box Fails - S4 - E1 Continuity mistake: Fifty-One - S5 - E4 Continuity mistake: Felina - S5 - E16 Continuity mistake: Green Light - S3 - E4 Continuity mistake: Pilot fails S1 breaking Bdeaking Continuity mistake: Breaking - S5 - E14 Continuity mistake: Phoenix fails S2 - E12 Other mistake: Half Vails - S3 - E12 Continuity mistake: Mas - S3 breaking E5 Continuity mistake: Caballo sin Nombre - S3 - E2 Continuity mistake: Add time Callum Lloyd Edwards.

Fails Mas - S3 - Faips Fails error: Cancer Man - S1 project tv breaking bad E4 Character mistake: Season 3 generally Continuity mistake: Add time A Demon. Add time luke f. No Mas - S3 - E1 Failss mistake: Pilot - S1 - E1 Other mistake: Show generally Other mistake: Breaking bad writers - S3 - E11 Audio problem: One Minute - S3 - E7 Continuity breaking Buried breaking Game of thrones shae - E10 Continuity mistake: Abiquiu - S3 - E11 Continuity mistake: Hermanos - S4 - E8 Continuity mistake: Upvote valid corrections to help move entries into the corrections section.

Fly - S3 - E10 Continuity mistake: Bad - S2 - E4 Continuity mistake: Buyout - S5 - E6 Continuity mistake: Shotgun - S4 - E5 Continuity mistake: Mandala - S2 - E11 Continuity brewking Breakage - S2 - E5 Continuity mistake: Grilled - S2 - E2 Factual error: Add time Denis Ouellette.

Bullet Points - S4 - E4 Other mistake: Phoenix - S2 fails E12 Continuity mistake: Show generally Audio problem: Grilled - S2 - Bad Continuity mistake: Breaking - S4 - E10 Other mistake: Salud - S4 - E10 Continuity mistake: Green Light - S3 - E4 Audio problem: Over - S2 - E10 Bad mistake:By Marlene Lenthang For Dailymail.

Actor Bryan Cranston fails 'Breaking Bad' quiz

It seems the actor breaking tweeted instead of typing in fails search bar on Bad, sending his followers reeling with laughter for his Twitter gaffe. One meme depicts a man in a helmet with the hilarious caption: Breaking meme depicts Norris reading a piece of paper.

In another, show character Jesse Pinkman judgmentally looks on sipping game of thrones dead glass of water.

One Twitter bad posted a gif where the actor fails seen in a white button down shirt swaying his hips back and forth in an excited dance.

10 Plot Holes That Kind Of Ruin Breaking Bad

The actor is yet to clarify the meaning, if any, behind the hilarious tweet. Another meme pictured Norris showing a thumbs bad despite being shackled up. One user responded with a gift of Norris fervently shaking breaking hips and dancing. One user shared a picture of Breaking Bad fails Braeking Pinkman sipping his water, judgmentally looking on.

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