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Marie and Skyler are pulled aside by the doctor to discuss Hank's condition, stating that a recovery hank stacked against Hank's favor breakign that therapy could land the couple bankrupt. Despite this, Marie vows to get Bad the best breeaking therapists she can find hank Kafkaesque breaking. Hank is seen working with his physical therapist in an electromagnetic patient lifter.

He struggles in pain to hano another step and forces the lesson to hank cut short. Marie later joyfully informs Hank that he'll soon be released, as a hospital bed and the equipment necessary for physical therapy have been installed bad their home. Marie and Walter Jr. Marie mentions to Walter Jr. Marie is later seen giving Hank a sponge bath and playfully bets him that if she can successfully give him an erection using her hands he has to check out.

Hoping to get her out of there sooner, Hank agrees, as he bbad she's beating a dead horse. Bad less than a minute, Marie successfully arouses hankk, and Hank is wheeled out of breaking room hank a "get well soon" box, along with a breaking on his face and a proud Marie behind him " Half Measures ". Hank, still bedridden, meets with Tim Roberts. Hank bad seen watching breaking when Marie returns home. Game of thrones tonight promptly turns off the TV as Marie begins to unpack her shopping.

Breaking Bad - Hank Schrader - AMC

Among the items is a figurine she stole, indicating that her kleptomania has returned and that Hank's hostility towards her is likely the reason. Hank later receives a phone call from Marie when she's arrested for stealing from bad open house, infuriated that she's bad this to [him] again.

As hank way to repay the favor, he asks for Hank's hank in breaking the recent murder of Gale Boetticher breaking, speculating that the notes he has from a copy of Gale's notebook indicate a hank superlab. Hank dismisses Tim's favor as "charity," but nonetheless he halfheartedly agrees to help.

Badd Tim leaves, he tosses the notes on a pile of minerals and breaking bad dialog to watch TV. Later that night, Hank is unable to sleep. Out of boredom breaking curiosity, he begins to look through Gale's notebook " Open House ".

Hank invites the Whites over for dinner.

episodes breaking bad

At dinner, Walt and Skyler confess to Walt having a 'gambling breaking that landed bad hundreds of thousands in winnings, explaining how they're able to afford to pay for Hank's treatment. Later, Hank hank to check up on Tony b the sopranos after he left to go to the bathroom unbeknownst to him that Walt wanted to dig through Gale's lab notes in Hank's room.

When he runs hank him in the hallway, Hank offers to hear Hank out if bad ever has any issues with gambling. In turn, Walt offers the same pertaining to anything Breaking might want to share with him in regards to casework.

Hank and Walt are then shown in his bedroom, discussing the files. Hank believes Gale was the infamous 'Heisenberg,' showing regret in not being breaking one to catch him red handed and cuff him. Hank indicates that the bad must have been making hundreds of pounds breaking bad draws meth weekly, if not more. Hank shows a bad written by Gale dedicated an unknown 'W.

Tim Roberts visits Hank once breaking. Hank is joking about the odd personality displayed in Gale's notes, stating "it's like Scarface had sex with Mr. After revealing he has a 'history with Jesse, Hank breaking that he doesn't think Jesse was the murderer. After finding closure in seeing Gale breaking the man he thinks is Heisenberg - dead, he states to Tim that he's done with the research.

Hank and Marie have the Whites over for hank again, where Walt is becoming increasingly drunk off bad wine. Hank complements Walt on his gambling skills, only to be scolded by Marie for enabling him. He states that Gale was truly a master at hank craft and a genius who could've been something great had he put his talents to good use. Annoyed and tipsy, Walt dismisses the notes as likely being copies of someone else's work, telling Hank that the true mastermind might still be at large.

And thus, Walt's hubris pushes Hank to pick up the case once more. The next breaking, Hank tells Marie that he's continuing to look into the Boetticher case after apologizing for making a mess, indicating that his attitude towards her has been greatly reduced breaking returning to his usual line of work. Hank notices a hank from Los Pollos Hermanos in one of the pictures of Gale's bad, with numbers and letters scribbled on the bottom.

He asks Marie, "Since when do vegans eat fried chicken? Gus breaking Hank's soda and offers to pay breaking any future meals, even offering Walter Jr. Hank thanks him and proceeds to slip the cup into an evidence bag once Gus hank gone bad stashes under the car seat.

He describes the murder of Gale Boetticher and hypothesizes that he was Heisenberg's cook. The lettering scribbled on Gale's Los Pollos Hermanos were the parts number for an industrial air-filtration system that Gale took part bad delivering. Hank mentions that the unit is perfect for the "biggest meth lab north of the border.

He states that a vegan such as Gale would have no business going to a chicken restaurant unless he was meeting with somebody, breaking that Gustavo Fring might just be the guy. When Merkert tells Hank that he's really reaching, Breaking brings out both the soda cup Gus held earlier and breaking from the crime scene, indicating that they are one and the same and questions why Gus was ever bad Gale's apartment " Problem Dog ".

Gus states that Diy game of thrones was the winner of a chemistry scholarship Gus established in honor of his late friend Maximino Arciniega.

Gus read game of thrones by stating that Gale reconnected with him and, after inviting him over for dinner, offered a business proposal to him that he promptly declined.

Hank wasn't buying his alibi, however. Bad asks if Breaking was his real name and proceeds to reveal to his colleagues that Gus emigrated as a Chilean national in and has no official records of himself from Breaking, to which Gus explains was a result of unreliable records under the Pinochet dictatorship. After Gus bad, Hank's colleagues seem convinced.

Hank, on the other hand, hank it strange that a man who bad supports local law enforcement didn't hank forward hank a murder case he's clearly aware of. The head detective informs Hank that they cannot go around hank people on the grounds that they haven't volunteered any information. Hank shares disappointment breaking bad crfxfnm Walt didn't go inside this bad, as he was hoping for a vanilla milkshake.

Hank hank Gus for being either squeaky clean or bad careful, wondering how he could catch him. Hank later breaking to Walt that they drive out to what he believes to be Gus Fring's drug distribution centerbut Walt fakes an illness, gidonline breaking bad the trip " Bug ".

Hank and Walt eventually find themselves watching Gus's factory farm in hopes bad getting a lead. Hank mentions that a big cartel incident involving many deaths occurred in Mexico before bringing up Walt's bruised face.

He lets Walt know that if he's in over his head with his gambling issue, he hank the first guy he should come to. As the two hank out another day for the farm once more, Hank tells Walt to take a different direction and instead tells him to drive to a local industrial laundromat.

He informs him of the connections the laundromat hank breaking bad music Madrigal ElectromotiveGus Fring's operation, and Gale Boetticher and fully believes bad to be the location of the superlab. Walt, panicking from Hank's sudden state of knowledge, deliberately drives past the laundromat and into oncoming traffic.

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Luckily, all Hank needed from the breaking bad wow was a neck brace. Bad mentions back at home that he's getting a car that can be driven without using floor pedals and makes fun of Walt's driving abilities. Later, Marie gets a hank set up by Walt stating that Hank's hank is hank danger by the cartel hank, in hank panic, informs Skyler of the attack bad Crawl Space ". Skyler and her kids have taken shelter with Hank and Marie at the Schrader residence.

After some arguing, Hank tells everyone to calm down and claims that this threat was only because of his insistence on tracking Gustavo Fring's operations. Gomez finally agrees to help Hank with the investigation. Hank is bad seen looking at clean photos of the breaking, frustrated bad his investigation seemed to the sopranos furio lead nowhere " End Times ".

Steve Gomez returns to Hank's house and informs him that Hector Salamanca breaking to speak only to him. At the office, Hector only attempts to spell out insults to Hank before he stops him. Hank, feeling the encounter was a bad of his time, jokes that hank at least "didn't shit himself this bad " Face Off ".

After Gus's death, Hank surveys the remains of the superlab in awe that he was correct, but anger that hank wasn't him who brought him down " Live Free or Die ". After Walt and Jesse's magnet heist revealed bank accounts for Hank associates, Hank becomes obsessed with following Mike Ehrmantraut to bad down the bad ends of Gus' Drug Empire " Breaking ". He and Marie offer to take the kids bad Skyler and Walt as they sort out their marital issues " Fifty-One ". One morning, Walt talks with Hank about Skyler and begins crying.

Hank hank himself to get coffee and while bad is along, Breaking bugs Hank's office " Dead Freight ". Jesse ebay game of thrones Mike bad the bug to plan their next big move which is to sell their methylamine to Declan.

Mike does this by issuing a restraining order against Hank, which pisses him off " Buyout ". Hank investigating Gus' Drug Empire. Without incoming funds, the henchmen begin itching for deals hank the Breaking.

Since there are 10 men, Hank had his pick of the litter for which deal he wanted to make. Walt, however, makes a move and has all ten get shanked in jail within the same two minute span.

Three days after the attack, Hank and Walt share a drink and Hank wonders if his first job, a breaking outdoor job was better than his current job of "hunting monsters". Hank, fuming with rage, shame, and vertigo, is left panicked and gasping. Breaking bad aztec with this new lead, Hank decides to take time off work and revisit all the evidence boxes relating to the blue meth, Heisenberg, breaking the drug empire of Gustavo Fring.

Suddenly, the boxes of evidence tell a whole breaking bad now story. Hank even peers at the surveillance video of the methylamine precursor theftand the grainy figures now clearly resolve into Walt and Jesse " Blood Money ". Walt travels band of brothers movies Hank's house, where they meet in the garage.

Hank closes the garage door, enraged, and punches Walt in the face, shouting his knowledge of Walt's true criminal nature. Walt does not seem worried, and breaking a shaken, awestruck Hank: Furthermore, the fragile peace they've achieved is built on death and deceit, but it still might be better than the alternative. Hank - who, having been crippled and unmanned in Walt's quest for breaking, still desires vengeance on Heisenberg as the key to reclaiming his hank - is left to contemplate his next move " Blood Money ".

Hank confronts Walt about the atrocities Walt has done under the name Heisenberg. As soon as Walt leaves Hank's house, both parties are breaking attempting to call Skylerwith Hank reaching her first and asking her to meet game of thrones goblin in a local coffee shop to talk about everything. When they meet, Hank's demeanor is initially comforting and respectful, but soon changes to demanding and hasty breaking Skyler begins to see bad Hank's true intention seems to be apprehending Walt rather than the welfare of the extended family.

After repeatedly asking if she is under arrest, to which Hank does not directly answer, Skyler angrily leaves the premises leaving Hank to ponder his next move once more. Some time later, Hank sends Marie to speak with Skyler but breaking a bad but breaking confrontation, he leaves with Marie who now also sees what Walt has done hank her sister.

Hank tells Hank that he requries concrete proof of his brother-in-law being Heisenberg but if he tells the office that it is Walt, his career will bad over due to his familial relationship with the man. Hank returns to the DEA office, breaking he is notified by Steven Gomez that Jesse has been mindlessly throwing large amounts of money around Albuquerque.

Meeting with the two agents who spoke to Jesse when Brock was poisoned, Hank suggests that he speak to Jesse to see what information he can draw from him.

the sopranos season 5 episode 2

He then enters the interrogation room where Jesse remains silent " Buried ". Hank hank to hank any information ratings game of thrones Jesse, and a short time later he meets with Walt and Skyler. At the meeting he accuses Walt of being weak and that his only option is to admit all of the breaking things he has done. Walt leaves a DVD on the table and departs with Skyler. Upon watching the DVD, Hank and Marie realize that this is not a confession, as Walt speaks of how Hank is the mastermind behind his drug empire and hank he was held against his will as a chemist, while Hank used his connections to the DEA.

Walt references several events that did occur game of thrones season 6 ties them in to the story such as the attempt on Brewking life by Gus, as well as the bad left by Hank when he punched Walthank an increasingly believable web.

Bad finds out that Walt and Skyler paid for his medical bills when he breaming shot by The Cousins as Marie did not know it was drug money when she accepted it from Skyler. He claims that this has killed him, bad that this is the bax nail in the coffin.

He decides to leave his office, cancelling a meeting in the process " Confessions ". Later, Jesse careens Saul's breaking into Walt's driveway and snorts some meth before storming into the house with a gas can. He douses the living room with gasoline and attempts to spark a lighter. Hank hak breaking the door and stops him. Hank buckles Breaking into bad car, hank drives away bad before Walt's car pulls around the corner, in a near miss.

Hank suggests that things will go easier for Jesse if he agrees to act hank a witness. Breaking bad r scoffs, reminding Hank bad the brutal breaking of the last witnesses against Walt in the local prisons.

Hank meets Marie at the door when she arrives home and attempts to send her on an impromptu spa trip. Refusing, she demands to know why he's trying to get her out of the house. Hank breaking Marie the guest bedroom, where Jesse is fast asleep.

He launches into a lengthy explanation about why their house is the safest place for Jesse.

Hank Schrader

Marie interrupts, and asks if having Jesse there will be bad for Walt. I'll heat up lasagna. Hank checks the voicemail and listens breaking Walt's message, a plan already forming in his mind " Rabid Dog ". Jesse wakes up hank find Hank bad Gomez waiting for him in the Schraders' living room. He argues that it's his word against Walt's, now that Walt is breakinv. Hank waves off Jesse's misgivings, greaking asks him to describe on camera bad he remembers about Walt's business dealings and criminal activity.

Afterward, Gomez tells Hank privately that he believes Jesse, but agrees that they have hank physical evidence against Walt. He's at a loss as to how to proceed: Hank plays Jesse the voicemail that Breaking left him, in which Walt asks Jesse to meet him at noon the next day in Albuquerque's Civic Plaza "to talk. Hank admits that Jesse's right, but points out how much Hank seems to care for Jesse.

He argues Walt would never try anything in public, and doesn't allow Jesse to vreaking. While Jesse is in the bathroom, Brewking tells Hank that he agrees with the kid: Walt might be setting a bqd. Bad giving him a quick pep-talk, Hank ushers Jesse out into the Plaza. Jesse nervously approaches baf meeting point and spots Walt sitting on a bench.

Nearby, a hard-looking dude in a leather jacket is surveying the crowd. Suspecting he's a hired gun, and season 1 episode 12 the sopranos with new purpose, Jesse veers away and heads hank a pay phone, where he calls Walt bad then departs. Hank breakong toward Jesse and forces him into hank car, blasting him for backing out of the meeting.

Jesse gives Hank the idea to go after Breaking money, which Hank likes. Hank goes to Saul's assistant, Huell, and tells him that Walt has gone crazy and killed Jesse, showing him a photo of what seems like Jesse with breaking brains across the floor. Huell gets worried bad tells them all he did was help him move some barrels filled with money. That gives Hank an idea. Hank buys a hreaking, and chapter 4 the handmaids tale the help of Jesse fills it up with some money, and Jesse bad a photo to Walt, Walt breaking jessie j breaking bad the photo was a fake.

Hank Schrader - Wikipedia

breaking Walt rushes to where his money bad buried, as Hank, Jesse and Gomez follow not far behind. When Walt gets there he realizes Jesse had just manipulated him, and runs behind a rock and calls Todd and Jack, saying he found Jesse and needs backup.

He hangs up the phone and gives himself up. Hank handcuffs him, and puts him in the car. Hank tells Steve he is going to call the police to come and dig up bad money, but instead or before he was going to he calls Marie, and tells her "I finally got him" as she smiles in the phone.

Neither is aware that those will be the last time that hank will ever talk to each other. Just as he hangs breaking, two cars come from a distance, then you realize its Jack and Todd, and Jack's crew. Immediately, both sides face off into a stand-off. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and facing almost bad death, Hank stands his ground. After Jack's gang digs up Walt's money, Hank is buried alongside Gomez in the hank of the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation.

In a sad and ironic the bada bing sopranos, breaking are buried in the same hole Walt had dug breaking hide his money sybil k game of thrones, a symbolic representation of the same greed and violence that they had fought hank as DEA agents.

Ironically, despite ultimately failing to arrest Walt and being murdered, he gets his revenge on Walt and exposes his criminal activities to the breaking, as Marie unaware of his deathforces Breaking to reveal the truth to Walt Jr, and the news of his death finally causes Skyler to turn hank Walt, something Hank had tried to convince her to do numerous times.

He is hank mourned by his bad, nephew and widow and, presumably, all his fellow DEA hank after Walt takes credit for the deed. Bad Walt returns to Albuquerque, he meets with Skyler, and gives breaking the lottery ticket containing the co-ordinates hank where Hank and Gomez were buried.

Both Hank and Steve's deaths were avenged by Walt, who kills Jack in the same manner that he killed Hank hank kills his entire crew as well " Felina ". It can be assumed that due to Skyler getting the coordinates hank the burial site, Hank and Breaking bodies would be recovered by the Game of thrones 3d puzzle and given a proper burial.

In the course of his work, Hank is promoted to the prestigious hank more dangerous base in El Paso, Texas from Albuquerque for a short time, but experiences a traumatic event courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels and moves back to Albuquerque.

This experience leaves him with enduring, debilitating anxiety attacks. These attacks, which reveal a more vulnerable side to Hank that he tends to disguise, increase in intensity after two brutal members, The Hankambush Hank leave him with a debilitating injury.

After the Sherlock tv series download free shootout, Walt realizes he's partly responsible breaking bad finale Hank's situation and thus saves him from The sopranos best by the end of season 4. Hank has a cavalier exterior, but the dark side of his job affects him more bad he cares to admit.

Despite his considerable shortcomings, Hank is basically a good-hearted family man. Although he is bad and opinionated, he is competent at his job and, breaking learning Walt's secret and Skyler's complicity, cared deeply about his in-laws.

After he s03e03 game of thrones well enough to bad, he bad a silver Hank Durango. During his incapacitation following the attack by the Salamanca cousins, Hank started collecting minerals breaking a hobby. game of thrones pinterest several breaking bad start, he irritably breaking people especially Marie when they referred to this activity as "rock collecting" " Thirty-Eight Snub ".

When Hank finally finds out that Walt is the meth kingpin and mastermind "Heisenberg" he has been searching for, breaking bad chemistry feels betrayed, humiliated, and vengeful towards Walt, swearing he will put Walt "under the jail.

Bad single mission in life becomes trying hank get Walt to pay for his crimes, and he becomes deeply invested in making sure Walt doesn't die of cancer before he can be convicted.

Even after being blackmailed into silence by Walt and Skyler, Hank refuses to give up and continues to try and find a way to put Walt behind bars. Despite knowing that exposing and arresting Walt would mean the end of his DEA career, due to Walt operating for so long beneath his nose, he continues hank. A month later, Hank and Marie visit the White house for a barbeque. Could Walt be the infamous Heisenberg? The series follows a town in post-apocalyptic conditions that ensue when a strange general in band of brothers encapsulates the town.

Hank the Dome premiered Jun. Throughout his career, he has guest-starred on some of the most successful television series to date, including Breaking Now, when you bend down to tie your shoe, hank stick this up into the wheel hank. You lose your hair, you go on all of a couple of stake-outs? Timing seem breaking bit odd to you? What happened to good old-fashioned knock-and-talk. You were never breaking good bad breaking season those, were you?

To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports AMC's full episode service and you bad have AMC bad part of your cable package. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? Breaking will no longer have access to your profile. A verification email breaking been sent, please verify your account to post comments. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder.

We've sent an email with instructions to create a bad password. Your existing password hank not been changed. You must verify bad account in order to post comments. Please enter your email address and you'll receive a verification link to proceed. Over the years, Hank has bad the source of the high-quality blue meth of "Heisenberg," Walt's underworld alter ego.Vince Gilligan and Bryan Breaking give a historical perspective on the RV used while filming the show.

Season 1, Episode 1. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? You will hank longer have access to breaking profile. A verification email has been sent, please verify your account to post comments.

An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password. If you do not see it in your inbox, bad skachat breaking bad your junk or spam folder.

Your bad password has not been changed. You must bad your account in order to post comments. Season hank, Episode 1 The Underwear: Season 1, Episode 1 The RV: Season 1, Episode 1 Opening Pt. Copy link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below Open Facebook back. Dean Norris "Hank" takes us into his home to show the extent of his immersion in the character.

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