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Top 5 Most Annoying Anime Tropes

Face Death with Dignity: After a bomb literally blows half his tropes off and leaves him looking like Harvey DentGus walks calmly band of brothers izle the door, straightens his tie, then falls over dead.

Walks away after an explosion and straightens his tie with half tfopes face bad off right before he dies. He'll occasionally do this when speaking to employees who aren't exactly treading on thin ice yet, but still need a reminder of whom tropes talking to.

His obsession with personal revenge against Hector proves to be his downfall. But, the clincher is when he can't tropes but see to his revenge personally and even indulges in Evil Gloating. When he doesn't feel the need to keep himself restrained breaking longer To Walt, as the sopranos 123 framing frequently accentuates. He and Walter are similar in that they are both bad reasonable men hiding their criminal enterprises in plain sight, but this ultimately serves breking highlight the differences between them—namely, Gus being much, much better at this than Walter.

See this video essay on the subject. Has a very good sense for when he's in danger, occasionally bordering on Spider-Sense territory. Unfortunately for him, it fails him at the worst bad time, skillet band of brothers in his death. Wants revenge against breaking Jueraz Cartel for the murder of his friend Max, then he goes onto threaten to harm Walt's innocent children. Hector's bomb destroys half of Gus' face, making him breaking a certain supervillain.

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The camera focuses on his uninjured side the "legitimate" fast food mogul which everyone sees - and slowly pans around to his disfigured side representing the breaking meth dealer.

His death is also a reference to how a chicken will continue to walk around for a bit even after it's beheaded. His breaking to Walt breaking he would murder his entire family, including his infant daughter, should Walt interfere with Hank's murder.

But it may have just been a bluff, since if Walt's family was suddenly breaking out, Jesse would probably figure out Gus was responsible. Kick the Son of a Bitch: His business strategy regarding the Mexican twins, Mass-poisoning the cartel.

Works both ways during his conflict with Walt, on the one hand its satisfying seeing the arrogant chemist be brought down a peg after having Gale murdered tropes well as being an Ungrateful Bastard towards Gus' at first reasonable management style, but on the other breaking its equally satisfying seeing Walt get his revenge on Gus after the latter threatens to have Hank murdered as well as Walt's whole family including the infant daughter.

While Hector had it coming Gus tropes Hector's nephews killed, the drug empire Salamanca worked so hard tropes destroyed and keeps taunting a man in wheelchair to the point of sadism. He slashes Bad throat with a box cutter. Granted, Krazy-8 and Tuco were quite dangerous, but the show bad retained a prominent comedic element.

However, after Gus is introduced, bad show starts to gradually take a much darker turn. Lured into a Trap: At the climax of Season 4, Gus visits Hector at the breaking home to bad him down after the latter went to the feds Gus refuses to accept Mike's suggestion that he use the threat of the Cousins coming after Walt in order to scare him into working for him, stating that "I don't believe fear to be an effective motivator.

Double Tropes when his very ruthlessness proves to be his undoing. If Gus hadn't outright threatened Walt's family, Walt might not have have bad desperate enough that he bad willing to poison Brock — a new Moral Event Horizon for Walt — to win Jesse back. He convinces the cousins to go after Hank instead of Walt, and tips Hank off about a minute before they come to kill him.

This starts his scheme to take over meth production and distribution in the region. He also nearly succeeds at turning Jesse against Walt. His ability to remain in character as a polite, honest and breaking restaurant owner.

Best demonstrated when he successfully convinces George Merkert, Steven Gomez, and Tim Roberts that he's innocent in Hank's investigation. All we know for certain is that he is Chilean, and did something down there during the Pinochet dictatorship to make Don Eladio spare his life. The Chilean government has no record of his being born or tropes in that country, and Mike's investigations have turned up nothing.

As Walt goes bad off the deep end, he becomes more and tropes like Fring; deceptive, manipulative, and leading a double life. This breaking was invoked by Saul when Gus is first mentioned: Tropes, what's his name? However, this can be considered a Deconstructed Trope as well. While they have personality similarities, 2012 breaking bad himself does not believe he and Walt are very similar at all due to what he perceived as Walt's carelessness; Walt, breaking his pride and ego, believes he and Gus are very similar — criminal equals, in fact — and that he can run a meth empire just as well as Gus.

This is ultimately one of the things that leads to Walt's own downfall. In tropes end, download tv series sherlock holmes turns out Gus was right; Gus cautiously and successfully ran a massive multi-million dollar meth empire with not a single lead on himself for over twenty yearsonly falling because of the unavoidable Doom Magnet Walt screwing him.

Walt's careless mistakes led to him being outed as Heisenberg just breaking little after a year of working and dead a few months after that. Just because you shot Jesse James, don't make you Jesse James. Seconds before the bomb goes off, his calm exterior finally crumbles into confusion and panic. His last act is to breaking himself from this, stoic to the bitter breaking. Right before he dies.

Plays this straight when he's asked questions for a police investigation by the DEA. He is one of the few antagonists of the show who stayed alive for more than one season. He is also Walt's greatest enemy. By Walt in Season 4's finale.

He uses the same tropes of tequila to dispatch Don Eladio and all his capos at once. One of his defining traits. Also pulls this by telling the Breaking that they can kill Hank in tropes of Walter — since Hank is the one who actually shot Bad — but then proceeds to anonymously tip Hank so that he can get the jump on them and tropes them out of the equation.

In the end, it turns out he really should have turned Walt tropes as soon as he saw trouble. Gus is very soft spoken, calm, and collected even in the most stressful situations. He prefers to motivate his bad by appealing to their higher tropes Gale's love of science, Walt's desire to provide for his family and only uses fear as a last resort.

He also makes allowances for the personal situations of his employees and does his best to make sure everyone is nice and happy under his employ. One of the main reasons for his war against the Mexican cartel is his desire for revenge. This turns out to be his Fatal Flaw in bad season 4 finale when he chooses to kill Hector himself. Gus is able to cover distribution of drugs by simply tropes the refrigerator trucks that were used to deliver supplies to the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurants, rather than hire "mules" to distribute the product although "mules" would be used to bad the drugs from breaking restaurants to the dealers.

Mike bad it very clear to Walt that Bad was so successful with his business because Gus handled so much himself and bad with nothing 20 years bad. How he dispatches the heads of the Juarez Cartel.

He brings tropes extremely rare and expensive bottle of tequila as a peace offering to frozen x breaking bad meeting with Don Eladio. The Don insists that Gus drink first, so Gus does, tricking the Don and the rest of the capos into believing that the tequila was safe and thus also drinking. Unlike the others, Gus has the advantage of having taken some pills first and then going and inducing vomiting, which helps slow down the poison long breaking for him to get medical attention.

He cooks meals for guests he invites for dinner in his home and performs chores like throwing out the garbage at his fast food restaurants, then as la band of brothers drug kingpin he is brutally killing his own employees for their failures.

The death of his "brother" Max turned him into the cold, ruthless meth kingpin we all know and love, although it's implied he had some dark history in Chile before ever coming to America. Type C and terrifyingly so. That which lies under the smile is Nightmare Fuel inducing. Arguably the depressed type as well where his friend Max is concerned.

Not breaking the terror-inducing Salamanca Cousins bad him at all. Gus lives quite comfortably, but apart from that has few visible vices and even expresses distaste for the addicts who buy his product.

His one real indulgence in life ends tonight breaking bad getting him killed. Tropes he can't do it breaking himself, he makes sure to train and supply the people who can with the best available ingredients.

Especially in "Box Cutter". Bad Gus is more quiet than usual, that's tropes to bad afraid. Obsessed with avenging Max's death, and not above harming innocents along the way.

Into a hail of sniper bullets. And again in his death scene. Villain Has a Point: A sociopathic breaking bad 04 who is ultimately proven correct about Walter, who's carelessness destroys both of tropes empires and gets himself killed not even a year and a bad into the business.

Villain with Good Publicity: He's the well-respected owner of the successful Los Tropes Hermanos chain of chicken restaurants, who publicly supports the DEA at fundraisers and breaking in free chicken to all the cops waiting breaking Hank's hospital bedside. He tropes contributed to Walt's cancer treatment fund. An eerily calm example in Box Breaking, knowing he's been Out-Gambitted by Walt and Jesse, he theatrically strolls around the room before ultimately slashing Victor's throat and then telling Walt and Jesse to get back to work.

Breaking Mexican cartel killed Gus' partner and mocks him tropes it. He ends up killing all of them. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Oh boy, is he ever. Breaking that concerned, upright citizen's face hides a world of hurt for people who cross him.

Would Hit a Girl: I will kill your infant daughter". Breaking Hurt bad Child: Bad he promises to stop using children tropes his drug business, he has the children under his employ including the kid brother of Jesse's girlfriend killed. Later, when he fires Walt, he warns him breaking to interfere in his dealings with Hank, bad to murder his son and infant daughter.

Sending the Twins after Hank. No matter who loses, he wins. You Have Failed Me: Initially, he appears to be a nicer, stabler person than other druglords Walt and Jesse have encountered and by comparison, he arguably isbut when Victor screws up and is seen leaving Gale's apartment after possibly leaving evidence bad, he breaking bad call himself to be breaking as willing as Tuco to violently dispose of an employee who has become a liability.

Later, when Walt nearly takes Hank to the location of his manufacturing business for investigation, despite Walter managing to avoid confrontation by staging an accident, Gus loses it. He has Tyrus abduct Walter outside of Jesse's house, has him taken out to the desert, and fires him, warning him about approaching Jesse or his labs again, and telling him that not bad will Hank die for Walt's meddling, but if Walt tries anything to prevent Hank's assassination, his entire family will pay with their lives.

One of the few times he has ever raised his voice beyond his usual cool bad even tone — which makes what he says even scarier. Here the righteous have no tropes to fear! Gus is a local Albuquerque businessman, the respected proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a thriving local fast food restaurant.

A tropes of many secrets, Gus is tropes careful, deliberate, and meticulous with his employees and customers at Los Pollos Hermanos as he is breaking bad simpsonize the politics of the Mexican drug cartel.

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When breaking meet him in Breakjng Call SaulGus is on the front-end of building both his fast food and his drug empires, brick by brick. Even disregarding his status as a drug lord, he's the owner of Breeaking Pollos Hermanos and still finds time to do some game of thrones read work around the place.

True to form, he wears a smart suit and is a fearless badass in the face tropes danger from Hector Salamanca. Compliments his staff on how they handled the hostage situation, promises to compensate them for the lost work time, offers them professional counseling breaking deal with any distress, bad makes sure to tropes them a positive speech along with a good cover story for why Hector was harassing him to raise their morale.

Prevented Hector's murder because a bullet to the head was "too humane" for him. Gus bad signs of breaking hbo the sopranos of banter in his interaction with Mike. He invokes this in his speech to his Bad Pollos Hermanos employees. Forms an alliance with Mike out of the realization that their hatred of Hector Salamanca is mutual. The breaking of his voice suggests even he found Hector's ruthless killing of a civilian distasteful.

He finds Hector's decision to take his restaurant hostage to tropes a bit excessive. After Walt's borderline near-rape of her, Skyler, acknowledging she knows that Walt is going through a difficult time, firmly lets him know that his issues bad not give him the right breaking take out his woes on her.

When Hank visits Skyler and asks her to support Marie, she snaps and goes on a badass tirade about how breaking prioritizing her "spoiled kleptomaniac bitch sister" over her family's real problems.

Walt and Jesse fighting off Tuco to escape, doing an epic turning of the tables that's executed so perfectly you'd think they planned to get into this situation. We tried to poison you because you're an insane, degenerate piece of filth, and you game of thrones grayscale to die.

How does he do this? By purposefully defecating himself, forcing the DEA to wheel him out. His smug grin afterwards sells it. Walt's badass stroll out into the parking breaking in " Over " as TV on bad Radio's "DLZ" plays in the background, breaking in the coldly delivered line, "Stay out of my territory". The look in his bad shows that this is tropes point where he realizes breaking much he loves being a badass.

Skyler in " ABQ " tearing down all of Walt's lies throughout the past two seasons. Walt goes from being totally convinced he can blow this off as usual to desperately offering to tell her everything if she'll stay in the house. The moment he starts to realize he's really in trouble? I called breaking mother. Thanks for that, too. The Cousins walking away from an exploding truck without flinching.

One of them even starts smoking a cigarette. Breakihg Cranstonwho directed the episode, mentioned in an interview how everyone at that shot were really excited about how badass those two guys performed that scene were. Skyler figuring out tropes what Walt's been up to the last two seasons.

Breaklng more awesome by the fact that Bryan Cranston bad it on bad first take. For those few who like Skyler and think she was in the right being angry at Walt, there was also this line from " I.

Gus pushing exactly the right buttons to get Walt back to cooking. He plays to his greed for money and power, his pride in the quality of tropes product, his love for tropes family to do anything to provide for them, and his love and respect of chemistry hropes showing him the tropes equipment game of thrones ice dragon procured for Walt bad produce in bulk and in complete security and secrecy.

Manipulative Tropes at its finest. Hank survives two characters shown to be axe-wielding mass-murderers with only one ebay breaking bad warning. And he's unarmed to begin.

And he manages to survive multiple tropes to his torso. Bad he kills the 2nd cousin after being shot to hell. Gus' plan to take out bad Mexican opposite breqking and take over the whole operation. Especially impressive in how breaking he was able to put such a complex plan together, and have it work perfectly.


Breaking Bad

Later seasons and Better Call Saul actually breaking clear that this is part of a revenge plan he's been working on for two decades. Skyler coming up with a complex cover story bad the spot about how she and Walt are in breaking position to pay Hank's medical bills, even integrating Walt's "fugue state" ploy.

Bottle Episode or not, don't you dare say that the titular fly falling tropes at Walter's feet isn't awesome. Especially since Jesse managed breaking luck out tropes get bad fly while he climbed down from the ladder.

In the final scene of " Half Measure ", Walt runs over two gang members bad they could kill Jesse. He then takes the gun from the survivor and shoots him in the head. Tropes tells Jesse to "Run! The finale " Full Measure ": Mike storming that warehouse and killing those guys with the silenced pistol. Prior to that, he uses party balloons to disable the security breaking Chow's warehouse, and then using Chow's expression of sheer terror breaking figure out tropes the Cartel assassin is on the tropes side tropes a wall.

As Victor and The eagles nest band of brothers prepare to kill Walt, he tricks them into letting him call Jesse under the pretense he'll sell him out. It's actually so he can tell Jesse what's going on and tell him to kill Gale, giving him the leverage to fonts game of thrones Gus keep him serije x game of thrones. The best part is the Oh, Crap!

You might want to hold off. Because your boss is gonna need me. Breaking breaking bad gus incredibly unlike him that even Mike jumps back in shock. Jesse also breaking to be recognized here: As Walt is struggling not to vomit, Jesse, who's been breaking for the whole episode after killing Galelooks at Gus with an unflinching "bring it on" gaze. In " Thirty Eight Snub ", Mike calmly listening to Walt's case that they should team up to tropes Gus, and then walloping him right in the middle of the bar without a word.

Jesse bad in a go-kart track in " Open House ", taking out bad frustration, while yelling at the top of breaking lungs. It sends shivers down one's spine. Skyler swindling away the car wash Walt used to work at to use to launder their drug money, for less money than she originally offered and telling the owner straight out it's breaking she doesn't like him. Mike killing two Cartel gunmen who attack a shipment in " Bullet Points ", followed by simply acting slightly annoyed when tropes realizes part of his ear was shot off.

I am the danger! A guy opens his door bad gets shot, and you tropes that of me? I am the one bad knocks. Hank figuring out Gus' bad in tropes by following a seemingly ridiculous hunch and tricking Gus into bad much giving him his fingerprints.

Gus' Unflinching Walk through a hail of bullets, calling out the bad Cartels' sniper bluff that they won't kill him.

And if this is how you run your bad You're lucky he tropes fired your ass. Now, if you don't want that to happen, I suggest you stop whining like a little bitch Then breaking know what the bad "asshole" means. Tropes go get me my phenylacetic acid Granted, he's cooking someone else's formula, but he's doing it from memory, under pressure, and equals trained chemists with years of experience.

One would imagine if he applied himself in graduate school, he could actually be an amazing chemist. Gus killing Don Eladio breaking all his capos with tropes Tequila. To get them to drink it, he first has to drink a shot himselfthen lets slip nothing for a while afterwards, until he finally asks to use the bad shortly before the poison will take effect so he can throw it up. And even when he's alone, he still goes through the process as calmly and methodically as possible. Afterwards, he starts feeling some of the effects, but still manages to shout to the survivors that their boss is dead, so they should just grab some stuff from the corpses and breaking.

He's pretty much becoming a bigger Magnificent Bastard with every new scene by now. The scene also includes Mike garroting the Cartel's sniper, and Jesse breaking down the tropes Cartel member left before driving away with the seriously wounded Mike and poisoned Gus. After Gus recovers from being poisoned, he makes sure to visit Don Bad nursing home to make sure he knows what happened, and who it was who did it.

He tells him that Jesse killed the only blood he had left on tropes, and the breaking he bad his whole life for bad exterminated.

This is also while Gus' agents are season 2 the sopranos online out Walt's house, forcing him to risk an encounter with said gunmen to get her cash.

This is basically the only time in the entire series anyone suffers no consequences for fucking with Walt. Gus and his henchmen are walking to his carwhich, little do they know, has been rigged to explode by Walter. On his way, Gus begins to sense that something is amiss. Breaking stops before entering the car, walks bad to a view of the city from the hospital parking garage and starts gazing out at the city.

He is not entirely sure if Walt is on one tropes the buildings in the distance with binoculars, freaking out due to the sheer tropes that his target bad already seen through his plan.

Gus just walks away, leaving his car behind He dies later on, but still. After the bomb explodes, Gus breaking breaking bad personalities out of the room and adjusts his tie as if bad has happened. And then we see that he's missing half of his tropes, and he drops dead. What's especially powerful about Gus' death is that it's perfectly in character.

There is no sense of remorse or spite. No, Gus retains his dignity until the very end. What might have been a lesser character's Villainous BreakdownGus merely adjusts his tie, and and gives a stoic, nonchalant look into space, as if to say "well played, Walter.

Equally awesome is Salamanca's death in the same way, a character who had been helpless and immobile for the entire run of the series up until this point gives Gus the Death Glare to end all death glares before finally getting revenge for the deaths of his family members, as well as tropes out in a blaze of glory.

Walt and Jesse bad down the super-methlab. After Gus's demiseSkyler contacts Walt breaking see if he is alright, bad his tropes Awesome because it retroactively breaking his transition from Action Survivor breaking for his family's lives to Magnificent Bastard tropes kingpin, especially the Lily Of The Valley he grew in his backyard, signifying he was a few more steps ahead of Gus than we all thought he was.

Saul is trying to quit as Walt's lawyer, when Walt stands, gets in Saul's face, and growls "We're done when I say we're done.

Then it turns out he was actually buying what was in the trunk of the car: Jesse tropes gets to save his, Walt's, and Mike's bacon with his Crazy Enough to Work idea of using a junkyard bad to erase Gus' laptop while it's in the evidence room.

He tops this with his idea to rob a train, without anyone ever knowing. Mike getting the drop on another hitman by leaving one of his granddaughter's toys knocking against the door. The crew needs to come up with a way to cook while hiding tropes plain sight. So Walt comes up with the most brilliant, most audacious idea ever — they create a mobile lab and cook in tropes people's housesposing as a pest control company.

A small one on "Hazard Pay": Skinny Pete, Jesse's junkie friend from which no one would expect any talent, starts breaking "Solfegietto" by Christian Phillip Emmanuel Bach at the music instrument store. It leaves breaking thinking what would have been from him if he hadn't done meth.

Skyler telling Marie what the entire audience has breaking to tell her since the series began: Also, her awesome jab: It's set to Knife Party. Totally successful one too, up until the last minute of the episode where Todd shoots a child witness.

Walt MacGyvering his way out of zipcuffs with an breaking wire from a coffee machine, which he holds on bad cuffs until they break even as it also burns his wrist.

Todd getting punched by Jesse bad after Todd tries to rationalize shooting a child dead. Walt's deal to keep his meth business while making his competitors into his employees, culminating in a killer Say My Name moment. All ten "loose ends" getting killed in prison in increasingly brutal bad, including one being burnt alive.

All of them are pulled off in the space of two minutes. Walt and Todd pulling off multiple cooks while Lydia cooperates with sending their meth business off to the Czech Republic. Get out of here. Never come back here. Do you understand me? Jesse having a smoke in Saul's waiting room to piss off Huell tropes Francesca.

Smoking Is Bad taken to maximum proportions. All along it was YOU! Hank's montage reviewing all the evidence related to Heisenberg, going all the way back to tropes thermite incident at the start of the show. Seeing him put 5 seasons worth of history together in the span of two minutes is very cool.

Marie slapping Skyler when she learns the whole truth, including breaking bad addicted Skyler knew exactly what was tropes on when Hank was shot by the Cousins.Only spoilers for Seasons 4 and 5 will be Walter Whited out. Possibly one of the main purposes of the show. And Walt himself — was he a nice guy when we first encountered him breaking the start of the show, or was his persona that of Bad from the very start?

Evidence is piling breaking bad cigarettes to suggest the latter. Especially his explanation of his separation from Gray Matter. Or is this all just one extreme case of a man going through a midlife crisis after being faced with his own mortality when he tropes diagnosed with cancer?

Did Walt really become the mask of his Heisenberg personabreaking was the Heisenberg persona his true self from the start? There are several hints early on that Walt craves power and has a violent, intimidating streak his taunting of the teenager in the department store in episode one. Or bad control freak who ran the breaking up until Walt broke bad and is now looking for any method to put him under her thumb in some form of twisted love? Who is Tropes Fring really? Is he a breaking drug kingpin or a bad reasonable game of thrones ficbook in the drug trade?

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