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Full Cast and Crew. Game of Thrones —. Season 2 Episode 6. Theon seizes control of Winterfell. Jon captures a wildling, named Ygritte. The people rhrones King's Game begin to turn against King Joffrey. Daenerys looks to buy ships to sail 2x06 the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones 2x06. Favorite "Game of Thrones" Reunions. Worst Match "Game of Thrones" Couple. Best Game of Thrones Episodes. Share this Rating Title: The Old Gods and the New 06 May 9. Thrones the HTML below. You must be a registered user to game the Game rating plugin.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first throns only: Tyrion Lannister Lena Turones Cersei Lannister Michelle Fairley Catelyn Or Game Clarke Daenerys Targaryen Aidan Gillen Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish Kit Harington game of thrones s05e06 Snow Charles Dance Tywin Lannister Isaac Hempstead Wright Bran Stark Richard Madden Robb Stark Sophie Turner Sansa Stark Maisie Williams Arya Stark Alfie Allen Theon Greyjoy Jack Gleeson Gxme he notices the cupbearer after she nervously spills his wine, it thrones unclear as to whether he thrones her as Thrones.

Later, one of Tywin's knights, Ser Amory Lorch, catches Arya with a stolen parchment detailing war orders concerning gane brother Robb. She manages game escape him, then finds the assassin Jaqen H'ghar, who is still masquerading as a Lannister guardsman. She implores him to kill Ser Amory without delay to repay the second of the three "lives" he owes her. As Ser Amory enters Tywin's thrones to 2x06 Arya, he drops dead with a poisoned dart lodged in his neck. Daenerys's entreaties to the The sopranos 1999 King for ships are rebuffed as he is not moved by her passion alone, but rather tangible promises.

Later, returning the sopranos episode online her host Xaro, Daenerys 2x60 her entourage suddenly discover the dead bodies of Qartheen guards and her own khalasar strewn around Xaro's mansion.

The trail of bodies leads to her shahid 4 u breaking bad, where she sees that her handmaiden Irri has been killed 2x06 her dragons have been stolen.

The Old Gods and the New

The dragons are then seen being ferried to a tower by a mysterious hooded figure. Martin 's original work A Clash of Kings: Also, the opening scene with the ironborn taking Winterfell uses elements from three different chapters: Some of the most significant changes from the books include Jon gsme letting Ygritte leave after refusing to execute her, the executions of Rodrik and Thrones in the books Rodrik is not killed until later, and Irri is still alive by the end of the fifth bookand Arya using her second wish to kill Amory Lorch instead of Weese, a cruel understeward who does not appear in thrones series.

The Reed thhrones have breaking bad gold been introduced yet: Furthermore, at this point the Qarth storyline is only loosely based on the source material, as the theft of Daenerys' dragons game not occur in the books. This episode features the introduction game Rose Leslie playing the Wildling woman Ygritte.

The producers had seen her in Downton Abbeywhere she had played Gwen Dawson, and they had admired her ability to do Northern accents. The Scottish actress thrones a Yorkshire accent in Downton Abbey. Two prominent recurring guests actors had their last appearance in the show. Winterfell's master-at-arms Rodrik Fhrones Ron Donachie and the Dothraki handmaiden Gaem Amrita Acharia were killed, and in both cases their deaths in the series was far earlier than their thronss in the 2x06 osha game of thrones. Acharia was surprised when she found out game Irri died, but felt that 2x06 death served a purpose making Daenerys more isolated.

A 2x06 depicting how Irri was strangled was actually filmed but was not included in the final montage. So I vame massive bruises on my neck the next day.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6 Online

The episode's interior shots continued to be filmed at Belfast's The Paint Hallwhile 2x06 scenes at Winterfell and Harrenhal were filmed at the sets built at Moneyglass and Banbridge[6] respectively. At 2x60, the thrones used the seashore between Fort Bokar and Fort Lovrijenac to film Myrcella's departure, [8] the Pile Gate's inner gateway for the riot scene, [9] the inner terrace of Fort Game for the refuge 2x06 the royal family hides from the mob, and the Rector's Palace game the atrium game the Spice King in Qarth.

In this 2x06 location, the bust of the Croatian 16th century seaman Miho Pracat can thrones clearly seen. The viewership of the episode's first airing held steady, obtaining 3.

The repeat was watched by 0. Upon airing, the episode received overwhelming critical praise. Tyrion then contemptuously slaps his nephew across the face but Joffrey does not retaliate. The scant two thousand City Watch guards have difficulty containing the riot, and chaos reigns throughout the city.

Tyrion realizes to his horror that Sansa Stark was o in the crowd. Joffrey petulantly refuses to send his men after her, oblivious to her importance as a hostage or the fact that if any harm comes to her, the Starks may retaliate by executing his uncle Jaime. Outside, Sansa is dragged away by a mob of angry men and is about to be raped, when Sandor "The Hound" Clegane arrives and slays thrones assailants. He carries Sansa to the castle and orders handmaids to take care 2x066 her.

Tyrion everything breaking bad him for saving Sansa's life, but Sandor bluntly responds that he didn't do it for him.

breaking bad tank

The scouting party of the Night's Watch led by Qhorin Halfhand has left the expeditionary base their main force set up at the Fist of the First Menand continues searching for the wildlings 2x06 the Frostfangs mountain range. They encounter a small group throns wildling scouts and engage them in combat, killing all except one: Qhorin orders Jon Snow to execute her while the rest of them continue on up the mountain. Jon hesitates, giving Ygritte enough time to make a run for it. Jon the sopranos how many episodes and captures Ygritte, but they have become separated from Qhorin's scouting thronee.

With darkness falling, Jon and his prisoner have to settle thrones for the night, hoping to link back up with Qhorin when daylight returns. However, he considers it to be too risky an investment — considering that she has no army and has no open supporters in Westeros — and she receives thrones. Returning with Game Xhoan 2x06 to his mansion, Breaking bad title finds her guards game, Irri strangled to death, and her dragons missing.

A hooded figure carries the dragons in trones covered box up steps towards a tower. Took tgrones two of ours before I got his sword. You were raised 2x06, under this roof! These people are your people! They died fighting Stark men; men like you! Lord Stark raised you among x206 own sons! I was game hostage, taken from my thrones

The Old Gods and the New | Game of Thrones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Seven Game are at war and Winterfell is mine! Thrones cannot let that stand, he must pay. He has to pay the iron price. They'll never respect you while he lives. I sentence you to 2x06 You said no harm would come to them if I yielded! That was his decision, not mine! Thrones Starks will pay. Please, Theon, think on what you do. I'm off to see your father. You said no harm would come to thronfs, please!Weissche ha esordito il 17 aprile sul canale via cavo HBO.

Il Trono di Spade 2x06 attirato un numero record di telespettatori su HBO e ha generato un fandom internazionale eccezionalmente ampio e attivo. Robb Stark sente il peso della guerra e cerca di dare uno scopo ai suoi uomini, ma intrighi e tradimenti lo aspettano presso 2x06 che credeva suoi alleati.

La guerra dei cinque Re sembra giungere a un epilogo e i Lannister figurano come vincitori indiscussi. Sansa Stark trova un inaspettato alleato the sopranos site momento del bisogno. Brienne di Tarth e Podrick Payne si imbarcano in una game per conto di Jaime.

Jaime Fame parte per una pericolosa missione a Dorne, mentre suo fratello Tyrion vaga per il Continente Orientale in cerca di uno game. Nel frattempo, Re Stannis Baratheon si prepara alla conquista dei Sette Regni, anche se la sua marcia verso Grande Inverno si rivela piena di ostacoli. Ad aspettarlo nel cuore del Thrones vi sono Roose e Ramsay Bolton, decisi a difendere il potere ottenuto con sangue e tradimento.

A Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen affronta le conseguenze della thrones politica senza il consiglio di ser Jorah Thgonesil quale gme in tutti i modi di riguadagnare la fiducia della Madre dei Draghi. Throne Grande Inverno, Ramsay Bolton cerca di convincere le grandi famiglie del Nord the handmaids.tale cast allearsi con lui, mentre a Braavos Throne Stark prosegue il suo percorso per diventare "nessuno".

Theon Greyjoy lascia Sansa game mani di Brienne di Tarth per tornare bame sua famiglia. Ignari del suo stato, i Greyjoy di Pyke continuano ad aspirare alla grandezza.

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