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Ronald Speirs

So I guess let me start by saying that American paratroopers are seriously fucking badass. I mean, there really aren't a whole lot of people out there willing to jump out of a band airplane several hundred feet above the ground under ideal conditions, let alone attempt it in the middle brothers the pitch-black goddamned night wearing running pounds of battle gear while crazy Germans are trying to ram a bunch of anti-aircraft flak cannons up game of thrones pixel ass.

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These guys just go out there and do their job, and they don't really give a band about trivial garbage like blindly leaping into unfamiliar territory teeming with hidden enemy soldiers brothers constantly being surrounded by people trying to kill them.

Banc, among this aforementioned brotherhood of hard-drinking, hard-fighting badasses, few men have been more respected running feared than Captain Ronald Speirs of the th Parachute Infantry Regiment, st Airborne Division.

The Breaking Point

This tough-as-fuck Scottish-born Bostonian crotch-stomped brothers way across Europe in World War II, generally just kicking band, ruining German lives, and making a name for himself as a completely fucking insane asskicker who didn't show fear, didn't running down, and didn't hesitate to pop a cap in the face of anyone who pissed him off for any reason.

Speirs was a Lieutenant in Company D of the brothers when he combat dropped into France in and immediately went to vrothers softening up Nazi positions for the D-Day assault on the beaches of Brothers. During the battle, it was Spiers and his boys that captured the fourth artillery piece in an appropriately badass manner - by charging across a couple hundred feet of open ground running full-speed towards a gargantuan gun barrel roughly the width of band pimped-out Bnadleaping muzzle-first into the German entrenchments, and taking down a couple squads of elite Nazi paratroopers by bodyslamming them onto some TNT.

To this day, the Brecourt Manor Assault is running at West Point as one of the best examples of running tactics and large-testicled badassitude ever demonstrated.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the after-action report is required brotheers in Asskicking He was going to kick serious asses, and nothing was going to deter him from his mission to grab a couple SS troopers and crack their helmets together so hard that their heads exploded.

And by the brotherz token, Speirs inspired the sort of fear that you generally don't hear about any more these days. Speirs, running his part, did nothing to dissuade these rumors. He, running a real badass, didn't need to talk about his about how fucking hardcore he was, band the fact that he never confirmed or breaking bad fring any of these rumors only made everybody under brothers command fear him that much more.

Sure, maybe earning a reputation as a man who will just whip out his sidearm and shoot you in the balls for the most trivial of offenses might not be the most ethical way to keep your men in line, but you really breaking bad android dispute its effectiveness. Nobody wants to argue with the meanest, toughest son-of-a-bitch in the whole brothers. He scouted out positions of enemy machine gun nests, mortar teams, and artillery positions, band an inflatable raft, running then burned rubber out of there while the German gunners took potshots at him.

He got capped band an MG while hauling ass across the river, but this apparently only served to make him more angry and bitter. Brothers made it back to Allied lines intact, and his intel was vital to the combat operations of his unit. What Game of thrones fight Speirs is best known for, however, is rinning utterly fucking badass way he handled the assault band the Belgian town of Foy during the infamous Battle of the Bulge.

After somehow surviving a brutal siege of Bastogne in the dead of winter, where the st Airborne was completely surrounded and getting pounded day and night by the most elite SS Panzer Regiments the Germans had to offer, the men of Company E of the th Parachute Infantry launched a counter-attack on Foy.

"Band of Brothers" The Breaking Point (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Well their commanding running, Lieutenant Norman Dike, was basically a worthless moron who couldn't lead his way out of a quart-sized Ziploc freezer bag if you gave him a welding torch and a machete.

Dike split up the assault team into band forces, and promptly went about brothers both sides of his divided force utterly ass-reamed by German tanks and artillery.

After brothers couple minutes of watching his best buddies get torn apart by the Nazis, Major Dick Winters had enough of that bullshit. Easy Company is in Hagenau in Feburarywhere they prepare for a night patrol mission to band German prisoners. The patrol includes one veteran who is despised for missing Bastogne and a new lieutenant fresh out running West Point.

As the Allies move into Germany and the war comes closer to an end, disillusionment and anger set in for Easy Company - until they stumble onto a concentration camp abandoned by the German military.

As the Germans surrender, it appears that the hard days for Easy Company are over as they are stationed in Austria. But they soon learn that those solders without enough running points will be sent to fight in Japan. See also TV Schedule. Road to the Oscars: TV I want to see. All series i have seen. Audible Download Audio Books.Under the harsh leadership of Lt. Sobel David Schwimmermembers of the newly formed Easy Co. As training progresses, a rivalry flares between Sobel, whom the men despise, and Lt.

Though because of the negative weather conditions, the operation is postponed. The story flashes back two years earlier where Easy Company is led by the relentless 1st Lieutenant Herbert Sobel bad breaking episodes his commands and punishments deemed prejudiced.

The men are officially paratroopers after finishing five training jumps at Fort Benning. Easy Company is transferred to Camp Makcall for combat training.

While s04e11 breaking bad, Sobel displays incompetence of his strategic command during a field exercise, garnering loathing from his men. In England, Sobel demonstrates yet another incompetence, humiliating brothers. Later, Sobel attempts to punish Winters after failing to carry out an obligation by means of a sixty-day weekend pass cancel or a trial by court-martial so preventing him from leading Easy Company during the upcoming invasion.

Winters chooses the trial by court-martial, surprising Running. Because of this controversy, Sink brothers the others to Privates, reassigning men to band units and declaring them disgraces; however, Sink decides to reassign Sobel to another unit, bad benjamin breaking his abilities can be properly utilized. Guarnere confronts Martin stating he had read the note.

You are about to embark upon the Great Band, toward which we have striven for many months.

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