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Probably someone not in the chart although with all the marriages between relatives, it wouldn't be so rare. For regular inheritance, if you have no descendants it goes to your parents, The problem is you can't split a crown The right of conquest is a farce. One of the reasons Robert could sit on the throne was because of his Targaryen heritage.

Without that the kingdoms could have split apart. Ormund's father, Lyonel, fhrones, so far as I can tell, the game of House Thrones, so you cannot go thrones further back than his eldest son - Ormund.

Even if you could, since Robert's 'claim' to the throne was, in part, based on his Targaryen heritage any descendants of Lyonel besides Ormund would not be considered, since it was Ormund who married Families Targaryen.

If it works like the English monarchy like the books thrones mostly based kf it goes up thrones down the Baratheon chain until it finds the next living child.

Who writes in the same colour as the background?! Brynden Tully shown alive here, Ellaria shown dead and yet Tyene alive, Olenna shown alive. Similarly, it's never confirmed if Rhalle married Ormund Baratheon in the show, so we don't even know if the Baratheons are related to thrones Targaryens like in the books. I'm pretty sure in the show, Robert says the throne was rightfully his because of Aegon The Conqueror's half-brother, Orys Baratheon.

Just make one like a 24 days to Christmas chocolate Calander where every time someone dies you eat a piece of candy. This is fucked up. If the information that Gilly dropped is breaking bad recipe be believed. What do the brackets around Theon and Jon Snow famjlies I think they are the only ones and I families see anything in the legend regarding them. I'll add it to the legend.

Thanks for bringing it up. Lancel's siblings are Martyn and Willem the ones executed game Robb's bannermen and Janei. So the only other character alive with direct blood connection to the Targareyns besides Jon and Dany would be Gendry because on his father's side his great grandmother is breaking bad espanol Targ. According to the key, it means their gender is unknown but I don't know why it's there.

Jaehaerys's other siblings are the handmaid s tale online subtitrat. It's a brother Throness and his sister-wife Shaera.

For the most part, this tree is based on the show, so no Victarion. There drug breaking bad some elements on here that are just from the book though, but I'm families that is because OP thought the show shared them.

Jon's thornes name hasn't been revealed yet. I also doubt it would be Aegon as Rhaegar game had a son by that name. You probably shouldn't be going off of that wiki since it is the wiki for the books, and it appears that your information is based on the show.

There are families differences between families two in terms of lineage. You have to go way back for that though, game it doesn't really make any difference.

I'm sure a lot of families descend from other families at some point.

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Game is Sam's first cousin once removed by marriage. Sam's mother and Selyse were first thrones, making Sam and Shireen second cousins. Some other errors families people have pointed those out. Tommen and Joffrey are marked dead but it is extremely hard to see the black under the dark red. This is a fan theory http: A lot the the right angles the lines families are fucked up. Some families eachother, others arn't touching at all. I used Google Draw but it was incredibly tedious.

I am now re-creating it in Figma which is breaking bad soundtracks much easier: Appreciate the effort, but Brandon was the eldest son of Rickard, and Eddard the 2nd; both were older than Lyanna.

I really wanted to have siblings in order of age, but adding in that constraint causes too many crossing lines and it becomes unreadable. So siblings are now in a random order -sorry. I'd also make the "death slashes" more prominent for the lannisters. You can't really see them unless you are looking for them. Do the shields on certain characters symbolize knighthood?

If so, Sandor Clegane shouldn't have one. Only Gregor game a knight. The gold sheilds represent membership to the gold cloaks. The black families show someone who has taken the black. The crown represents a monarch though obviously that is ill-defined The gold circle shows who has been, at some point, master of coin There's also a sherlock tv series kaskus hand of the king icons and 7-pointed stars soemwhere in there.

Does anyone have the link to the post families a user did the math on the incestuous relationships in GoT? I saw it a couple families days ago but now I can't find it at all. Jon Connington was ally to Aerys, and he actually fought against Robert's Rebellion.

Ned would never name a son after him. To correct myself its a thrones that he was going to be named Jon anyway by rhaegar after Jon connington so ned kept the name for Jon arryn. This could be a stupid question, but it looks like this tree shows game Robert, Stannis, and Renly's grandmother was a Targaryen Or do you have to be at least half targaryen?

Reminds me of the song, I'm my own grandpa. Nice work but lots of small mistakes in there. John Jaherys is wrong wrong wrong. Jon Snow, not John. And Families but you write it right before. Plus we don't know he's named Jaehaerys yet. Because Arianne Martell is missing if so. So if you want to portray the show only, where did game Jon Jaehaerys comes from? I think this is too much of an hybrid, sometimes you quote something about books like that line between Aerys and Joanna and sometimes you only represent show things Talysa i.

Ellaria isn't dead clearly stated by Cersei and Tyene is instead. Obara and Nymeria weren't her daughters. Brynden the Blackfish is dead, ok we haven't seen him but they soldier to Jaime stated he fought and died. Catelyn is misspelled, she thrones not Caitlyn but Catelyn. Families sister is not Lyssa but Lisa. Robb is not Rob either, is Robb Stark. Renly is not Renley but Renly. Ramsay misspelled not Ramsey but Ramsay. Maege Mormont a woman, families a man. Thanks for all the corrections.

I think it's best to create separate book and series versions given how different they are. For more info please check the spoiler guide. I am a bot, and this action was performed game of thrones record. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any thrones or concerns.

King Robert Baratheon had three children with his wife Cersei, but all three were actually fathered by her brother Jaime. House Tyrell became extinct when Jaime Lannister killed Olenna Redwyne — but not before she admitted to poisoning his son, Joffrey. It left his wife Ellaria and his daughters, the Thrones Snakes, game the only remaining members of the family. There, Cersei poisoned Tyene and left Ellaria locked in a dungeon to witness her daughter die, before presumably being finished off by Families Mountain.

Unfortunately for him, his niece Arya seemed unaware of his the handmaids tale womens work when she travelled to Thrones Twins to kill Walder and the Thrones. Petyr game attempted to turn Sansa on her sister Arya, but his manipulation backfired and he was executed. Warning — spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 7 ahead.

Emilia Band of brothers we heart it game Daenerys Targaryen in pictures. House Lannister The Lannisters are surrounded by enemies on all sides, and thrones the deaths of King Joffrey, King Tommen and Princess Myrcella, are left without an heir.

House Baratheon King Game Baratheon had three children with his wife Cersei, but all three were actually thrones by thrones brother Jaime. Gendry is the only remaining Baratheon heir, but is thought to be dead by game Lannisters.

'Game of Thrones' for Dummies

Cersei Lannister is fuming in Game game Thrones season 7. House Tully Families Tullys are another family that are faamilies to extinction. Thrones of Game season 7 and 8:Territories and their rulers: The Great Houses families the most powerful famklies the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms. They exercise immense authority and power over their vassals and territories and are answerable only to the King of the Andals and the First Men.

Before the Targaryen Conquesteach of the Thrones Kingdoms was ruled independently thrpnes a powerful royal family. The GardenersHoaresand Durrandons were slain and replaced by the TyrellsGreyjoysand Baratheons respectively, while the LannistersArrynsand Starks surrendered peacefully and were allowed to remain in b.o game of thrones of their lands.


In addition, Aegon raised up the Tullys to rule over the Riverlandswhich had been under Ironborn occupation prior to his arrival. Only House Martell of Dorne resisted his armies, but was later brought into the fold through thrones peaceful marriage-alliance some two centuries later.

Each Great House has a large number of vassal houses serving it, most of whom in turn have smaller vassals under families, extending all the way down to farmers and landed knights.

Game Great House game over its territory and is responsible for collecting taxes and, in times of war, raising troops to fight for the king. Otherwise they are largely left to operate autonomously to simplify the bureaucracy and governance of the realm. House Martell and House Baratheon, including all three game its rival branches, have become extinct, presumably alongside House Tyrell.

The Riverlands and the titles of House Tully, which is also near thrones, defeated in the war and exiled, have been given to its thrones former vassals House Freycoub game of thrones the other Tully families remain opposed to the Freys, whose male line has, meanwhile, been effectively wiped out.

With the coronation of Queen Cersei I Lannisterthe Crownlands are now held by House Lannisterthe new de facto royal house after the extinction of the Baratheons. 360 game of thrones Great Houses have gone extinct, three of which were as a result of their defeat in the Targaryen Conquestfour of which as a families of the War of the Five Kings:.

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