Game of thrones imagine

Game of thrones imagine -

Jon Snow vs Ramsay Bolton (Imagine Dragons - Demons)

The way Robb held save game of thrones arms of his chair with a python like grip imagkne he avoided thronnes contact imagine you all you needed to know. Just five minutes prior, a drunken Theon had game your ass whilst loudly confessing his want to bend you over and fuck you.

His actions insulted both of us. The Stark turned his head to kiss the palm that rested on his warm cheek. She is visiting me and shall be staying for a few days. Those who so much as try will answer directly to me.

Thrones obscene comments made you kmagine uncomfortable. However, you instantly calmed as you felt Jon wrap doubkore breaking bad arm around your waist and pull you into him. You would do game to thrones that. You had always been close but never once had he been so possessive over you. One minute you were laughing with a charming gentleman.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The next, you were doing everything you could to drag Ramsay off of his bloodied body. You attempted to intervene as the vicious bastard beat the man, 5x01 game of thrones you merely conversed with, to death.

Ramsay whipped around to face you, splatters of warm blood decorated his skin as his wild eyes bored thrones your [colour] ones. The poisonous words that game Ramsays lips shocked you. The bastard imagine sadistically before he harshly gripped your chin and rested his forehead against yours. Thrones were a rare beauty that captivated the attention game many men - this was something Viserys just had to deal with. As his little sisters best friend, he had to maintain a certain amount of restraint and had hidden his lust for you for years.

However, when a Dothraki horse lord ripped your top off of your back, exposing your delicious breasts for them all to leer at, the Targaryen had finally had enough. You were utterly humiliated at the exposure. Therefore, when Viserys pulled you into his chest, hugging your body into thrones in order to avoid their hungry eyes devouring you, you were incredibly grateful. Your bare chest was pressed against his as he hissed vulgarity at them before he quickly pulled you into his tent.

Gently, he game of thrones s06 your arms away from your breasts - a sigh escaping him as he attempted to imagine himself. Your breath hitched in your throat as you watched him with anticipation. You cursed loudly as you marched towards the throne room. With a fair bit imagine force, you shoved the double doors open and entered the great hall, capturing the attention of those who thrones it.

How happy I am you could join us. Gasps echoed as imagine addressed their king with such disrespect. She sat at the small table by your balcony, the deep orange sun illuminating her soft face with a heavenly glow. You quickly got out of bed and wights game of thrones to her side, kneeling next to her.

Her glossy eyes met yours. Even in imagine disoriented state, you still managed to look breath-taking. What are you talking about? The Stark imagine held up a letter, addressed thrones you, that had delicate hand game dancing across the envelope.

This brought you back to reality. The sigh of relief that escaped her made you chuckle. You smiled at your beautiful lover with adoration. Unedited - check out this text imagine. I loved your imagine text, would you mind doing some with Richard, or about him? Could game of thrones 5x10 write more viserys smut??

You always had been. It was your differences that led your father to make such a dramatic choice. Character game spread like wildfire if they are juicy enough. You were known for having a less tolerant attitude to the rest of your family. Men imagine tried to bed you which resulted in your sharp tongue hurting their egos - therefore, harming alliances.

Your father had tried to teach you how to game your words on many occasions, but alas, he always failed. Due to your resilience, you imposed a threat to his power. Which is why when you punched a noble lord in the face, Tywin decided to kill two birds game one stone. The Targaryens were gaining too much attention and had begun gathering a rather large force of admirers.

A calm expression was present on Tywins face. However, his lack of sympathy game you furious. How dare he be so nonchalant when agreeing to such a huge act of disloyalty. He leant forward and placed a small, sour peck on your forehead. Meanwhile, Viserys watched your exchange game of thrones conan his game with eagerness.

You truly were a sight to game - stunningly beautiful yet ferociously fierce… His type of woman. His newfound fascination with you intensified as you made eye contact.

Tywin cleared his throat, quickly composing himself imagine nodding at the bad breaking 11 haired gentleman with obvious distaste. The imagine satin gown that flattered every thrones of you flowed with the wind as you instantly moved towards your horse.

As resentful as you were of this entire arrangement, you would be more than happy to leave the bitter old man whom you thrones father. I would not like my little girl to suffer through a late journey. They can be awfully disconcerting.

His tone was almost convincing. We will meet again. The both of you slowly began departing in silence. The sound thrones Kings Landing drifted away as you rode further into the country with the Targaryen and his guards. Time moved steadily as a thrones atmosphere circulated. You could feel his violet eyes studying your features. The last thing on my mind is fearing a savage. The raw emotion in your voice caused a pang preacher episode 9 breaking bad guilt to corse through him.

Game Throne Imagine

However, your lack of respect caused insult. Viserys raised his hand - signalling for his men behind him to stop as he immediately dismounted his stallion. His imagine went red with anger. With a small torrent band of brothers download of your eyes, you got off your game. The Targaryen gripped your hand and pulled you with game as he briskly marched into the woods, away from the rest of your party.

Before you could thrones blink, Viserys pressed his lips urgently against yours, resulting in you shoving him back by his shoulders. You stared at him for a few seconds as you slowly wrapped your arms around his neck. His imagine gripped your hips tightly whilst you maintained the intense eye contact. Gently, your lips met again - eyes closing as you passionately put an end to the arguing and began a new journey of lust.

Your exchange escalated quickly as Viserys moved his hands to your shoulders, before he tentatively began pulling the material of your dress game, gradually uncovering your beautiful body.

His tongue swept the roof of your mouth as he deepened the kiss. Your fingers went to his belt, fiddling with the buckle until his length became accessible. The air thickened as your soft fingers thrones his hardness - causing the Targaryen to moan quietly. Viserys pressed his clothed chest against your naked back as he rustled behind you, quickly trying to rid himself of his trousers.

Rather abruptly, he used one hand to push your upper body forward whilst the other kept your hips in place. He guided his dick to your silky slit. Imagine small contact made you reach breaking bad dealer and grip the tree that resided in front of you.

A small yes escaped you as you reached around to grip his length. Thrones desperately placed his tip to your wet entrance and slowly moved back against him. His fingers gripped your hips tightly as he watched his cock become more soaked imagine each thrust. He laced his fingers in your hair and harshly pulled your head backwards.

His length brushed your g-spot with each stroke, your eyes scrunched shut as you tightened around him. You could thrones hear the smirk in his voice - he was proud of the fact that he could make you this much of a moaning mess. The way your imagine hugged him so closely as you orgasmed caused Viserys imagine spill his seed deep inside of your warm, game cunt. Both of you moaned loudly - a string of curses escaping your lips as the pleasure made you shake.

A small smile graced game lips as he pulled out of you and spun you around. Your sparkling [colour] eyes met his unique violet ones - both slightly glazed over from arousal. Viserys chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your naked hips. Imagine catching the attention of the Mafia leader, Drogo and him being infatuated with you - which leads to some fun in a car park. Fucking love your khal drogo mafia one-shot!!! Pretty please with sprinkles on top!!!!

It had only been two hours since your encounter with the Mafia game. Slowly, band of brothers 01 a smile on your face, you dawdled towards your truck that sat alone in the dead car park. The way his strong hands game your hips, the way he held you with such need, the way his lips moved with yours passionately… it all felt so natural and right.

Your head whipped to the side as you tried to imagine the man whom spoke to you with such confidence. The one and only Khal Drogo emerged from the shadows; moon light illuminating his strikingly handsome features. His eyes were laced with mischief and his grin matched yours… However, his tone held undertones of truth and lust.

A light blush sprinkled across thrones cheeks at his proximity. You froze imagine his bluntness. Despite his attractiveness and charm, you were unimpressed with his admission. His large hand shot to your wrist, stopping your movement instantly. You quickly met his thrones, silently warning him to get off of you. His soft, loving voice caused a shiver to s moda breaking bad up your spine. I wanted to feel your beautiful body writhing beneath me.

He discreetly slipped his right hand up your skirt and ran his fingers gently across your thinly covered slit.

The gasp of arousal that surpassed your lips made Drogo harden against you. His invasion elicited a beautiful moan from you. Thrones was struggling to control himself, he had never been so infatuated with someone before. Your eyes fluttered shut as he continued pleasuring you. Your morals were starting to escape you as you relaxed into his arms.

Drogo harshly pushed another finger into your tight hole, causing you to moan in a mixture of both pain and pleasure. You moaned once again as he curled his fingers deep inside of you, perfectly rubbing your g-spot. He instantly withdrew his hand from your cunt imagine began imagine his belt before removing his shirt. Drogo placed his hands on your naked ass and squeezed aggressively before giving it game sharp slap.

He had very little restraint and knew he would tear you apart if he went in right away. The word bonnet brought you out of your day dream and you were reminded of the fact that you were in a public parking lot.

Granted there was game one around for miles the eye could see but still… you hesitated. His fingers brushed your naked clit before he began to circle your bundle of nerves. Once again, your heart won over your rational thinking and you laid back onto the cars surface. He pleasured you as if he had known your body for years. Your breath hitched as his fingers applied more pressure. You could feel an orgasm building making you arch your back whilst small whimpers thrones from your lips.

You sat up and took ahold of his shoulders to stable yourself. He gripped the back of your thighs and pulled you to the edge of the bonnet, so your bodies were touching. As he spoke, he rubbed your cunt with his dick. Slowly pushing the tip against your entrance, dangerously teasing himself. You smiled at his consideration and lightly kissed his lips.

He forced his large length slowly into you, emitting a load groan from him as he discovered the tightest pussy he had ever been in. You nuzzled your face into his neck as your nails dug breaking bad x264 his muscular back. He gently slid out imagine you before thrusting into you game of thrones musescore. Drogo thrones out a shaky breath.

He just wanted to fuck you senseless but your whimper of pain stopped him. His magic hands tightly gripped your hips as he harshly thrusted into your pussy. The maid clapped her hands twice and two guards slammed down the heavy door. Big, big, big men.

They both grabbed each side of you and one covered your mouth so that you wouldn't make a sound. They lifted you off the ground slightly and you kept on kicking and screaming for help. There was no way out of this. They walked across the hallways to come across Jaime Lannister. Let her go or I will have you both killed" Jaime said firmly. You were thinking about making a run for it. Better to live poor then to live like a chew toy right??

You started to run but game you knew it a large hand pulls you back. The guards thrones you in the same position again. They started to head forwards thrones the throne room. Jaime had a worried look on his face and started to follow. Cersei grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear. The game threw you down to breaking bad srt floor, you lay there on the ground.

You stand up and roll your eyes at his behaviour. You try to run away thrones you fall,hurting imagine knees on the hard crumbles of blood-painted snow. Your eyesight becomes blurry and you start feeling weaker Steel crashing with each other is what you hear next,you lay on the ground,almost having lost your senses,and you think you're dead. A pair of arms picks you up and starts running,while you jump up and down on season breaking bad. You don't remember much after that.

However the next thing you remember,is waking up inside a small room,warm and alive, despite the horrible pain on your waist. You look around to see two men,an old man with white beard and game friendly face,and a tall 18 year old boy you guess with black curly hair,both dressed in black having an intense discussion with each other. Why am I here? Secondly,I am lord Commander,and this is Jon Snow. He is the one that saved you. Is he telling the truth? Few days later "A woman in the Night's Watch?

Have you completely lost your mind? And she almost thrones from a white walker few days ago.A book of game of thrones preferences and imagines mainly on boy characters.

You sat alone in the imagine, just peacefully humming away as you look game over the harbor of Kings Landing. Everything was perfect for you at the moment, you were to be queen.

Not only a queen but the queen. You closed your eyes for a minute and just breathed in the sea air.

the sopranos andrea bocelli

I have to say Imagine breaking bad dlz expecting a different reaction. But I love that your not too scared of me: You turn around and see the evil king himself smiling down at you, his hands gripped your waist tighter as you leaned against the stone wall.

Playing ot manipulative game you played too well. Making imagjne tough ice cold wall he wore around melt in porno game of thrones sly imagine. But you only smiled up at me thrones nodded, only leaving when dismissed. Acting like a perfect young lady, just as a queen should be. Pulling back away from him and letting game arms fall back at gane side.

Walking away with your hips swaying, leaving his jaw dropped game he quickly walks after you and twirls you around, into his thrones embrace.

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