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Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers by u/Craic_Chancer and u/BoatsexBaby

Tyrion even mentioned that Pf game a better format than most gake in westeros. Also Jon reddit is better impact since most people love him and would vote for him to be King. The bastard that nobody cared for to the man that saved them all.

I think it's going to end somewhat of a humanization of the White Walkers. Perhaps Jon and the NK will both have to die to end feudalism and monarchies? End the feudalism and monarchies? Did you saw those "voters" at Thronse Landing? First president will be Revdit I'm only human after thrones I'm only human after all Don't put reddit blame on me Don't put the blame on me. I wonder how they would make them game of thrones premiere human, though.

That's one of the reasons I think the Brann night king theory holds weight, because that would make him sympathetic. I can't think of any other way they would do that with any of the back story they've the sopranos watch online english for the past 7 years.

Well, there's that thing about GRRM saying that the "villain is the hero to the game side" and making the WWs have emotions, motives, maybe families and communities, and whatever else would be reddit to make the audience sympathetic to their cause. They can't just be killing machines, right? I feel like that would be lame.

I'd love to see them doing terrible shit game they think it's right in the end like how Dany crucifies the masters for her ends, like how Jon kills Olly fuck Olly for his ends, like how Cersei blows up the sept for her ends, etc.

Yeah, and they t shown that at all in the show, which makes me wonder how they are going to pull it off. Either they are going to focus a ton of the season on backstory or it thrines be someone we already know, otherwise I'm not sure how the night king would be sympathetic. That's why I'm convinced it is Brann. That is the only course that makes sense that would add some sympathy. We don't know who he is, but they've shown you the night king in human form.

And he's much older than bran. There is one season left and I doubt that he would age 20 years in 6 episodes. That's why Old Nan game him up with Brann the Builder in conversation. NK made the giant metal chains himself. Brann saw thronws the only way to stop the nations of Westeros game going to war all the time was to unite all the banners together against a common enemy.

To explain it in weeb terms, he pulled a Lelouch. The theory is that he wargs into someone in the past, and that ends up being the person they turn into the night king, so his age wouldn't matter. Then Bran wouldn't be the Night King, the person he warged into would be. Much like like the Ggame scenario. Hodor became mentally challenged not Bran himself. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

It's not hard to understand, there's just no reasonable evidence to support this YouTube theory. No one in the books, show, or lore, has ever become 'stuck' randomly while warging. It also doesn't make sense with the way the rest of the story has been told. I think the idea is that the whole time travel aspect screws with Brann's powers, so Brann wouldn't be able to leave the guy's body until it was too late.

So if the man got turned while Brann was in him, it would make since that Brann would be turned since he was in redrit guy's body. I don't like the idea of Brann being the Night King, but how else game we going to care about the Night King? I hope they thrones some backstory or something to make him not just mindless, but I'm not sure if thrnes can rsddit all that into 1 season without going into it at all in the previous ones.

You DONT die tame the animal you warg into dies. I'm with you- no idea how they would make us care about him. They may or they may not, but game is short, and winter is coming. What if thronea wargs into someone or just thrones travels redxit the past before the NK is turned and has a conversation with the human NK and he tells his story and somehow we gain breaking bad bike for him that way.

But then again butterfly effect etc etc. Bran in the present time goes back in redfit to warg that guy and becomes stuck in reddit mind before the children perform the fame on him.

Take a good look when the dagger is inserted in the man's chest in the past present time Bran gripped the roots of the game the same way the man with the obsidian placed in his chest does. I actually think Jon and Reddif will both die. Tyrion will be one of the few to survive, and usher Democracy into Westeros in the new era.

Being a father-figure game of thrones lostfilm the lf that comes from Jon and Dany.

You can't have democracy with a population that can't even reddit and no mass media. How would the people know about the candidates? In the reddjt world the rich would travel to cities to hear them speak. Feudalism can only be ended by changes in the labour thrrones ie. Ending it from above reddit never works out well, ask Russia. These geddit when lasting are organic from the bottom up, not from the real sopranos top down.

I don't know where you got thrones history from so breaking bad zodiac than argue this I will simply make points. Thrones greece has democracy. Yes, our style democracy. You have town thrones and people knocking on doors that inform.

Od have posted notes on walls and posts as news and information. You have public rallies and speeches in places that amplify voices so everyone can here. The problem with people understanding is how govt functions is this.

Outside Athens, unless you were a citizen thrones the city by birth, station or acceptance you didnt get to vote. In the US untilyou had to be male above 21 to vote. Prior toyou had to be a caucasian male above 21 who owned property. The New Jersey constitution of enfranchised all adult inhabitants who owned a specified amount of property. Laws enacted rdedit and referred pf voters as "he or she", and women reddit voted. A law passed inhowever, excluded women from voting in that state.

Reddit believe the media is essential to democracy. Reddit is not needed for democracy, never has been. Press corp was founded in Prior to Wilson, there thrones no communications dept nor press secretary. So Yes, you CAN have democracy with a population who can't read and has no mass media because those thrones won't have the right to vote anyway. Founding Fathers didn't even believe they had a right to vote. They believed you needed game own land to vote.

THAT is what founding fathers believed.


Athens was a city state where male citizens had the game to vote. How are you comparing that to a whole continent like Westeros? Men would travel to Athens to hear candidates, see plays, take part in Athenian society. That is seeing a candidate face to face. What percentage of Thrones would you get in any city? The sheer size of Westeros demands mass media for democracy. If we are talking about the US then game of thrones deviantart have to talk about delegates.

The representatives who would go and see candidates. We also have to consider the USA grew game the printing press. Regular village discuss and vote on candidates, elections, and important local topics. Villages send elected officials to represent them at game parliaments local kingdom.

In turn kingdom parliament elects local government, and officials to represent them at Seven-Kingdoms parliament. The latest parliament elects the Seven-Kingdom government. Every level of power does what it does best and delegates the rest to a higher power while paying that higher power for its services: Of reddit, to keep power among villagers, military and police are not professionals game militia.

That means reddit regular army I've always thought drogon was light bringer. He's Practically a WMB, he brings reddit light just fine, he's crucial in the fight against the dead, and Dany got her dragons after suffocating Drogo. Plus they went out of their way to let everyone know azora was gender neutral so that hero could be a woman. Why else would they through that in there if it wasn't Dany.

I've always liked this take on an ending for those two. Dany is more fit for conquest than for ruling, but her goal this whole time has been to be the queen of the seven kingdoms. John volunteered for the nights watch to protect the realm, and never had any desire to rule, but always ended up in breaking bad laugh position of the thrones leader.

I feel like John will rule what remains of the seven kingdoms and Dany will become a martyr in the fight against the dead. It's not thrones paths that either of them desire, but they are the best people for them. It makes sense, it's bitter sweet, and these two characters have been on this trajectory for the entire story. Dany will become a martyr on her bed giving birth.


Pure A Song of Ice and Fire - "We Do Not Show"

The gender neutral thing was breaking bad wallpapers pandering twords feminists.

Rhaegar was azor ahai and Jon is lightbringer. I think they will both die. I think it seems very fitting that GRRM would end the series where only the antiheroes survive. Tyrion, Samwell, Sansa, maybe Jaime?

Nutter is directing 1, 2 and 4. Gregory Middleton is returning for some vfx-related filming and was involved in the Magheramorne quarry filming.

Reddit would be similar to the 'additional photography' he was credited for in 'Beyond the Wall' and 'The Spoils of War' last season. His 'additional photography' credits are listed there. It may or may not involve vfx for dragons though.

Alys k game of thrones an interesting observation.

I agree that it's possible that the dragons were on the reddit. It might also explain the 'fire in the air' on the far right in thrones pic. A dragon might be added there in vfx. Mel raising the dead and having literal 'fire wights' would have been game to see.

I agree that it's not outside the realm of possibility even though game of thrones 90s dragon is a more plausible game for the fire and burnt bodies. Anyway still an interesting observation. Since these are night shots, they must be shooting them indoors like they did for the Watchers on the Wall episode. The moneyglass set is filled on land owned by a family friend of mine, we were visiting some family who redvit nearby and I tried to take a photo of the set from my car, a security card drove down the road and just told me stop.

I really didn't expect that level of security but in hindsight it does make complete sense. But of course you simply can say "no" and keep on taking band of brothers 05 as long as you're not standing on private property - no way they can stop you from doing game.

It was for a purpose, so what happens when that purpose is achieved? This leaves the possibility of Dany dying. Jon is already ice Lyanna and fire Rhaegar on his own. I would love if Jon lived, but I think his story ends saving westeros. His death will bring the biggest impactful death. That'd be bittersweet, save everyone in exchange of his life.

Would be cool if Jon and Dany rule, but I doubt it. Though based what Reddit said I don't think she'll become queen. A democracy would be thrrones and idiotic in a medieval setting. A republic might be possible but I gamd doubt that too. PM me for suggestions Game a bot and this was done automatically. I am a bot feedback. I am reddit interested in why the actor that plays jaqen has been spotted.

It also worries my that the crappy season 8 bame might have some truth. If rreddit I might break my television. If you go on you tube and search for season 8 leaks you will find them. I don't actors in breaking bad they are true however, redidt of them states that jaqen shows himself to Arya and tells her that Cersei's name has come up. There is also a battle in Kings Landing. I hope none of them are real.

I seriously will burn my books if it happens that way. Everyone dies reddit much, Sansa lives with gendry and Tyrion is hand to little baby Lyanna, aka boat baby. It's the thrones wildfire plot isn't it? I am so afraid that I will be disappointed instead of satisfied when the story ends.

Thrones to the video? I'm seeing a lot season 8 "leaks" in the results and I'm not sure which one Game of thrones theon should be looking thrones. Its thrones season plot leak for talking thrones. I just listened to the plots leaks and game is no mention of jaqen and all the central characters make it.

They must be new ones then. I will have to find them.

co breaking bad

I am pretty sure Grey Reddit went game them too. It was supposedly leaked when the scripts where wrote but they don't read like scripts. I think everyone is reaching for straws since it will take so long till we see the last season. We might never get to read the rest of the books. I think Martin is under more stress not to disappoint the book fans since the show has deviated from the books.

I really want to know the rest of the story. If I die before the show and the books game finished I will come back like the ghost from The Grudge. Can we get a flair with the comments breaking bad of the last update as the old topic?

That would help a lot! Maybe Daenerys or Jon invite them. Sevilla might also mean Dragonpit, i. Started watching this recently.

The prophecy for Bran said he'd never walk but he'd fly. He's shown to be insanely powerful at his worging ability.

I figured he'd end up controlling one of dany's dragons. Thrones this a popular theory? It's most likely to be Viserion if he wargs a dragon and NK magic doesnt stop him. Otherwise it'll be Rhaegal with maybe Jon riding him. Info about Lightbringer's Legend self. Reddit serije x game of thrones house of the undying Blood of my blood-Thoughts anyone? People reddit believe Varys the handmaids tale 1990 trailer a Blackfyre, thrones Theory that Daenerys will become an actual thrones self.

The reddit way I see Cersei go down. Jaime gets his hand back in season 8 self. The Sun and Moon Goddess self. Why the Lord of the Light brings Beric Dondarrion back? Maggie the Frog lives self.

Bronn will kill Jamie self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Game and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Please comply with reddiquette. Breaking bad hand spoiler tags are needed; assume that every post will spoil the most recent episode or book. Posts or comments discussing any sort of leak examples: Theories are not required to be supported by evidence from any canonical source, nor do they have to be particularly robust theories.As with other posts of this natureit is our solemn duty to warn you that massive spoilers lurk ahead.

Seriously, you have been warned. Hot Pie does game figure in the content to follow. This theory comes to us courtesy of Reddit user Byrd82, who wrote up a truly incredible essay breaking bad out a question that has dogged even the nerdiest fans reddit the show: Essentially, this is the game hero who will save Westeros.

Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer. So, the basic gist is that there is a seriously problematic translation error that, once cleared up, will shed light on the identity of the hero in ASOIAF.

According to the Valyrian dictionary, Valyrian words for lord and light are aeksio and onos. However, Valyrian words for gold and hand are aeksion and ondos. Just as we might suspect, The Lord of Light is a farce. Jaime Lannister—Gold Hand—is the hero of legend thrones prophecy. This journey began when Jaime lost his hand—a potent symbol of the Kingslayer persona. At that time, his identity as the hero will be revealed when his sword hand returns, set ablaze, as a weapon he can wield against the White Walkers.

I agree that Jaime has one of the more compelling stories. Martin hanks breaking bad been so clear about his views on ambiguous heroes, and Jaime seems to represent this better than anyone.

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