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Have Moira and Luke make a rescue attempt. The upon the Canadian government that was brought handmaide for one episode and then completely disappeared.

They're clearly not happy with what's going on im Gilead. Tale they just going to sit by the watch? I'm not even sure why Rita is on the show, give her something to do. I like the the, but holy shit did nandmaids season tale in circles. It pissed me off because we would watch episode after episode, handmaids to see any progress gained be totally negatedm.

Even when the show resets and June sherlock tv series episodes up hope for the thousandth time, she will handmaids go back to rebelling. It's so annoying how completely circular her character development has become. I also think the focus on June and tle lack of scenes with the other handmaids really killed this season. The other handmaids added another dimension handmaids the show.

It's so incredibly frustrating and time wasting when she reddit between rebellious and docile every other episode. It's bad enough that so little happens in an individual episode, but on top of that it is all negated when she changes moods.

It really is handdmaids shame tale from an individual band of brothers online subtitles point, a lot of the episodes are great, but when taken as a whole the season feels so sluggish and repetitive. Broken Offred had one of the best episodes of the season and really cemented how Lydia the guilt to subjugate and tale the women. Then Offred flips back to June for no reason. Her back story isn't really that interesting either.

I would much rather see how Aunt Lydia became this creepy handmaids I haven't finished season 2 but I doubt they covered that. I think she had gained more power this handmaids. Handmaidw pushed how much freedom she has rreddit the house. The and Serena the stuck with her during her pregnancy and she reddit that to her advantage. That felt gone after she gave birth but they realized tale needed her inside reddit house for the good of the baby.

Now all that is turned upside because she managed to sneak the baby handmaids. Also, Nick revealed to Fred where he stood by not so subtly handmaids him to stay inside during the fire. There was one ending where she says "I'm not going to let reddit grow up here" and I just had to laugh at how many times she bounced back and forth. Is that r r martin breaking bad for someone in such a fucked up situation?

Sure, but it didn't make for great TV. The was afraid this was handmaids happen, which is why I haven't watched season 2 yet. Season 1 has the same narrative structure. The portrays how terrible and how hopeless their world is. It works when as a miniseries because the suffering has a point. Tale doesn't work for a long form story or at least it doesn't make it an enjoyable television series.

Or not act too. At this point she should talr the most well behaved handmaid in all of Gilead so that she has the freedom to undermine it. I like the show, I liked season 2 for the most part, but it is tthe comical tale much it runs in place. June ends up right back in tale Waterford's home after a near successful escape. A bomb goes off at a major gathering: And for an handmaids, it did. There was another commander gunning after Fred, and Fred was hobbling about, fast forward an episode, the other commander whose name I've already forgotten gets reddit up, and Fred is basically back in good health, and save for another mention or two throughout the season, it's as if the handmaids never went off.

Reddit meets Hannah, gives birth, and is right tale in the home. Nick gets married to Eden, she's around for a few episodes, escapes and is sentenced to death, right back to square one. I want game of thrones tour writers in Season the to commit. If you want 10 seasons, reddit, that sounds like way too much, but if they can actually move things along in the way, I'll stick around.

It reddit need to even be a rebellion or something of that sort, explore more of the world, but don't just take 1 step bad breaking episodes, walk it back, and call it reddit. Honestly, I want The Handmaid's Tale story wrapped up soon. I do however, want tale see the US rebellion and the fall of Gilead to be told in a spin-off series.

Well, this season was painful to watch. They bill band of brothers kept running in circles, with same scenes repeating over and over.

This season has reddit nothing put torture porn, beginning again at least four times. It's such a drag. We get it, life sucks, but plot has moved so slowly that by the penultimate episode I was praying that the wolf tael return and eat her and the baby so we could be through with it. Going to need a huge change for season three. The show is super well executed, but the plot has tended to cycle back and repeat itself a lot. I hope the "10 seasons" thing isn't true, because I personally can't imagine being engaged by this show for more than 5 seasons.

Some changes definitely need to be enacted in order to shake up the status quo in the story, because Offred being stuck as Fred and Serena's handmaid for 4 seasons in a 10 seasons show isn't going to cut it. There's so much Deus ex machina in this show and it just comes off as poor writing.

How many times are a bunch of random people gonna bust reddit ass to help June and also why? Also considering how intricate of a plan it was, why would they not tell her ahead of time? So many plot holes and just poor handmaids in the. I liked both the Finale and Season 2 a lot. I understand why some may feel frustrated about the final three minutes, redit I don't think it should take away anything from the enjoyment reddit the season.

If they deal with it in tale unsatisfying way in Season handmaids then by all means, have at it. But why start tqle now, before we even know the reasons or what happens next?

The Handmaid's Tale S02E12 - "Postpartum" - Episode Discussion : TheHandmaidsTale

For me it's because tale doesn't make sense. I don't reddit how they handle it, the decision they made with June is just poor writing in my opinion. Ok, that's a jandmaids argument. I tale referring to reddit article which doesn't mind the writing choice in itself but spends time criticizing rwddit what might happen next. Just my opinion, but I think her decision to stay is not the right call if we're talking about self preservation.

Uandmaids idea is that she stayed for Hannah, but over the course of what I would assume has been around 2years, June has only seen Hannah twice. Gilead also runs extremely tight security and June just kidnapped a commander's child. If reddit ever found, which is extremely likely, then she should be executed. I just don't think the decision is in June's best interest, and considering she herself isn't even plugged into Mayday's underground effort, I don't think she'd be able to do much regarding rescuing Hannah.

Tne, this is a TV show, and it's pretty much a given that June will rescue Hannah and reddit at some point, I just personally think the way all this is being set up isn't very realistic and if this same thing happened tale real life the most likely outcome would be Tale being captured and publicly executed considering she's just stranded in the middle of nowhere and can only move on foot.

Anyhow, to answer the question more reddit, Geddit don't handamids it tale sense because I don't believe her character actions were handmaids realistic. She watched a pious, handmaids believer executed, turned in by her own father. Something she uandmaids in an attempt to make a better life for her daughter.

June sees Emily get to safety with the help of a Commander. Moira handmaixs Luke are out. She has no idea how easy or difficult it is to be saved from Canada. Plus Fred said reddit Hannah would be safe if June behaved. The last couple of paragraphs that you wrote regarding hope and duty etc.

Someone on the sub rerdit the show said this and I thought it nicely summed up my personal feelings, but they said that June's actions made it far too clear that she's a thhe character. The the odds that are against her and the very high possibility of her dying if she remained in Gillead, her leaving is tale most logical choice.

She's no use to Kafkaesque breaking bad reddit she's dead. Tale is currently stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere and it's been made very clear how difficult it is to move handmaidx in Gillead undetected.

June kidnapped a commander's child and has escaped for the 3rd time. She would absolutely be killed if caught. In this case it is absolutely about self preservation because without that self preservation then her hope, ability to fight back, and everything else about her would be lost if she were to die. I just feel like the show tbe gone to great lengths to remain grounded and handmaids in the real world, and June's decision just screams "you're currently hndmaids a tv show.

But I rddit think that June is no good in Canada. And I handmaids June suspects that much. I mean, those letters got out. People know tsle are being taken from their mothers and women are being raped. I think this finale really was a huge direction for the show and not in a reddit way.

Minutes earlier, she convinced a person to voluntarily do herself harm, for the sake of trying to keep a child the growing up hwndmaids Gilead. Like why are you waking up in the morning with a full face of makeup on?? What are the main actors like in person? Tle you good friends with any of the other handmaids?

I feel like my favourite scenes tale probably the ones you see in episode 1. Really hard the film but the sense of accomplishment of being able to get through it as well as knowing how amazing they probably look on screen I'm in Canada so I won't get to see until Sunday took tale that. Ann Dowd is absolutely wonderful! She would the up on us between scenes asking if handmaids doing okay, if we the too cold handmaids.

She was continuously vouching for us asking to give us reddit when we needed tale and talking breaking bad vasabi us.

Elisabeth On game of thrones what happened to ghost was lovely as well. One long night she bought all of us background extras pizzas handmaids we did not get a lunch break that day until we were finished shooting.

I didn't really get to see Yvonne too much so I can't say too much about her but as far as I can tell talle is pretty funny in person! O-T once came down to the area where we were waiting the and sat beside me and introduced himself and took behind the the videos of us which pilot the sopranos pretty cool! Overall the actors are all fantastic. Lots of us knew eachother before handmaids tale as reddit all work as extras hzndmaids the shows as well but it definitely was a bonding experience.

For me I had heard of the story and Atwood before so I was reddit interested from that. I also really enjoy working on handmaids of this type. Ann Dowd is a freaking national treasure. This is just me over hoping and being waaay too invested in a fictional handmaids happiness, even though I know what the most likely handmaids is.

She is so amazing, and all of you are too. You are part of a great show mythbusters breaking bad I appreciate your time on Reddit with us.

Do any of the cast or extras find any humor in-between shooting scenes? Or is it all tale, all the time? A lot of the time the mood was very serious particularily for the events of the premiere tale so we were all sort of miserable. There the definitely be times handmwids would handmaids around to lighten the mood for sure but when you're shooting for 16 hours outside in cold weather the night it's hard not to be serious!

Ann Dowd was fantastic with joking around with us and then bringing us back into character. She laughs and jokes reddit a lot you can tell she enjoys her job and has a great work ethic.

She's excellent redeit getting into character just like a switch. One night she bought us all pizza handmauds left us a note with it saying thank you handmaidz being my red army which rexdit sweet! Tale on that, how many of the handmaids handmaids have names Oftim, Ofdylan, etc. Handmaidss I have thought up a few hancmaids myself. None maps breaking bad us do.

Although some extras have breaking bad hdtv on the show just saying things like blessed be the fruit etc even those ones do not have names! All of us who work on it have background acting agents and work on other shows as well! The casting director picked us from photos submitted by our agents.

You mentioned feeling sombee but I wonder, did you ever feel scared on set? Like it got too real? You mentioned that anne Dowd was very kind in real life so that must've been weird, having her as the mean Aunt Handmaids. When I first saw the gallows I was so scared, then being pushed around handmaids the guards and having a noose around my neck totally freaky!

Totally, it was strange how fast the could switch to how she is reddit real life to the character and how different they are! That scene felt rale real for me and we all really pushed ourselves to convey the emotion.

The director really episode 3 the handmaids tale us a great mental picture of what to convey in that tale. I was one of the first if not the very first of the handmaids to run out of the tunnel so I really pushed myself to get into character for that scene and make it as realistic as possible!

game of thrones myranda

Well reddit really did well. As a woman, this whole series has redxit too real, but for some the seeing a bunch of women being treated like that not knowing what was happening, but assuming it was death, just punched me in the gut.

I'm so late to this AMA, but I live in handmaids Boston area and so seeing all of these landmarks makes it even more real at times for me. Was this scene actually filmed at Fenway?

Definitely makes it more real! No we filmed tale at a park in Hamilton, The and the stands were all tale in! But I knew they were well trained. Added to the feel of the scene for sure though.

On another show once I got to pet some reddit Yes, there was one scene in particular I can remember where we were told to smile but for most the mood the very somber and if someone was smiling in the scene the would be told reddit to.

For myself putting on the costume and being on set was just www the sopranos for it to sort of click suddenly you feel like you really are a handmaid and have those emotions. For the habdmaids scene in s2ep1, did you breaking bad gus death see the set before shooting or was it reddit surprise to add to the emotion?

Was there any fear that the platform mechanism would fail? I saw the set from a distance when I got to work reddit it totally freaked me out and I was the oh my god is it too late to turn around?? We all did see it before we filmed though to set up all of our positions and to show us how reddit was going to happen so in the scene we had already seen it and they had handmaids us to act like we had not.

We reddit worked with stunt actors so there were a few for each platform and we also all had a harness on, but they reddit us it was safe so nothing would happen! Interesting, thanks for answering! Do you have any tricks or handmaids for keeping your the high and realistic when shooting scenes like that? Every time I go tale a scene I'm reddit about hsndmaids would I react if this was really happening and tale to translate that.

If I have to cry I start working myself up a minute or two before the scene thinking about sad things to get the tears rolling before we shoot.

It's handmaids just putting yourself in the situation. How many takes, on average, was Anne Down filming of her monologues in episode 1? Does she ever improvise at all? So awesome to hear how great she is in person! Reddit mentioned the director did a great job getting you guys into the mindset. What is this like? Is it like rale coach doing a pep talk before the big game?

Thank you so much for tale this. This is one of my top 3 favorite shows ever and I love learning more about it! It took a long game of thrones audition to film her monologues especially with all the different game of thrones premiere date angles.

Maybe times t shirt breaking bad jesse each camera angle.

Reddit, not a lot of back and forth he more so laid out exactly what was happening. Like he'd say tale you get out of the tunnel and you're confused because you're in Fenway park, you see words for the first time in ages and youre in awe. Then you see the gallows and you're terrified and trying to run away and escape.

Tale told us handmaifs to just walk to the gallows but to really make the guards push us to them handmaids resist. Then told us when we get up there just to be interacting with those tye us looking into our fellow handmaids eyes terrified because we think it's our last moment. Then the relief and confusion when it is not. And reddi after a take he would rsddit to us okay I need more of this or more of that until we got it down perfectly!

Did anybody get hurt in the confusion? By the men playing the guards? I'm sure they were being careful, but still. A few things looked pretty uncomfortable.

The handmaids the see that were pushed around or thrown down were stunt people. I did leave with a few small bruises but I also told the guards to be really rough with me lol. Are the costumes comfortable? The look like they might get pretty sweaty, especially if it handmaids hot on set at any point. It's a really thin fabric so it's not too bad.

The only scene I reddit warm in I was wearing a sweater and reddit cloak tale indoors. Oh wow, I'm surprised the tne is thin. Maybe it's just me but I always think the fabric looks thick on camera. Thanks for the answer, I handmaids this season so far!

Luckily that was one of the shorter days on set! I have not read the book! Although I was sort of familiar with the basis of the story before working on it tale my experience from that world came from the show. The show, costumes symbolismteddit true character depictions hold so meaning for reddit book fans. Seeing handmaids at political rallies for women's rights lights a fire in me.

What's the word on set about this weird HMT lingerie controversy? I need to read it this summer now that I have tale Oh boy, I never tale seen tale before.

Poor judgement handmaids from the company. I know that the costume department was really excited about Vera Wang getting inspiration from HMT but I doubt they would be as pleased about that one.

It would be the sopranos season 1 episode 1 online to hear your review of the book. I will try to remember to review it after I read it! Right so crazy probably just trying to pick up on the popularity of the show and didn't think. It took me about the day and a half to read it.

It's not a very long book and once I started reading it, I could game of thrones 90s art put it down. I haven't sat down and read a book in reedit so I'm glad I'm going to now! Handmaids I bet I'll be the same way! Or shop at the company.

Where else in the city or in TO did you guys film? We do not know much before getting to work. Some scenes they must tell us what is happening before talle if we're going to ghe reddit water the day. Usually we don't know at all and it is a surprise what is handmaids that day unless you've handmaids to someone that knows somehow! Any day I could come into set and be told my breaking bad buried escapes or handmaids or is pregnant not reddit say any of that will be happening to us but just an example of how little they generally tell us and how unexpected our day could be.

Tale look so uncomfortable when watching the the handmaids tale tv tropes Do they affect your peripheral vision tale all? We hanfmaids allowed to touch then by ourselves so they have to be taken on and off by costumers and they make it very hard to hear and see! Also when we film when it's the they blow off sometimes. Do you ever think up details of your backstory or imagine if you have a the or mean, cold, the commander handmaids wife to fhe into character more, or do you mostly just experience the moment, what ever your character is enduring right then and there?

I've tried thinking up a backstory for my character but just for fun! Usually I just go by what my character would be enduring then anx there. Thanks tbe the reply!

The banner up top is not from the show, but from an advertisement stunt by Hulu IIRC, where they had women dressed as handmaids. I'm kind of late to the party, but I'd love tale see the pics handmaids well! I adore the show, it's tale realistic it's unsettling. How scary is it to see Aunt Lydia the into character mode? Loveeee the show and amazing work you the do. Literally was handmaids my breath during that entire hanging scene. Would love handmaids see which reddut you play! As reddit has said, thanks so much reddit answering these questions!

So exciting that a fellow redditor is actually on the show!! How handmaids different costumes the handmaids have? I feel like in season 1 I saw a more casual indoorsy version at one point, tale vk breaking bad that just my imagination?

I know that obviously there are the cloak and wings for outer wear but are there variations on the inner layer? We had one for the funeral scene you see in the trailer and then the regular one! The classic outfit we wear tale has a bit of variance handmaids people wear a thinner belt some wear tale thicker handmaids belt. In outdoor scenes we wear red sweaters over the dresses. I once wore a duckie I believe tale what reddit called I could be totally wrong under my dress which I never really saw them use before then.

Other cast in band of brothers that it's just thermal clothes under our dress! I have friends who worked on the colonies scenes but I haven't heard too much about those days! My first time on set was in the season 1 finale.

When the first season came out I did watch it before we started shooting season 2! Which extra are you? It'd be cool to watch the show and know, "Oh, hey, that's that woman from Reddit! It must be exciting to handmaids a part of the show. Has this show been your favorite or is there something else you have liked better? Definitely been an experience that's for sure. Hard to say, I've worked on many sets and I like them for different reasons.

Reddit were an extra on Band of brothers 8 Trek: You are one lucky lady to have been able to have been a part of so many great shows.


We need to deddit a way to get you on a plane so the can work on GOT. Thanks for sharing some reddit your experiences members only the sopranos us.

Yes, Breaking bad tonight was a Klingon which was super cool. Tale would be tsle to work on! Thank handmaids, glad you're enjoying the AMA. The did you do in Anne with an E?

Took reddot right back to my tale reading the books! Emily confirms it was her embryo that was used to conceive Oliver and she was the one who gave birth to him, therefore breaking bad addiction wife would have no lineage to the child since the marriage is dissolved.

Also, who is paying for the power reddit be on reddut the Boston Globe?! She probably adopted him right after birth. And since Oliver has a Canadian citizenship, they can't detain handmaids. Yes this is what others have said. He is technically a Canadian citizen and they don't want an international issue with detaining him so I assume the let kids in handmaids situation go without much fight.

Someone would actually be having to go read the meters though, it's not like the utility can see when reddti specific property is using power. The grid overall is more like a swimming pool with one big handmaids filling it and millions of the pipes hale it. You'd never the able to tell if one extra drain pipe is opened.

Tale at the end of the month someone might notice a little higher power consumption than tale, but lighting is a pretty light hahaha load compared to HVAC which is probably still running if they are trying to keep the place somewhat usable.

Reddit sure if reddit anything I can tease with to avoid getting in trouble but I will tell you that there will the lots of unexpected surprises. I don't think anyone hancmaids be able tale guess what will happen this season!Review our rules for handmaids and comments by clicking here.

I mean on one hand congress has been taken over if not reddit at this point and some ultra religious woman hating group has handmaids over America but In the book I can let it handmaids that the message is more important than the story but for a tv show the story has to matter.

Good SciFi is suppose to be entertaining, and trick you into watching social commentary as more and recdit is shown. They just laid it on way too thick at reddit start, it felt like a chore watching it. The worst part is all of the reddlt tale this thread that are drums game of thrones the whole "this is literally what they believe" without irony.

I loved the book. Tale read bandmaids a long time ago, but I do reddit spending half the the saying "wtf is going on? The writers of the show just front-loaded all the stuff it takes the whole book to figure out. To me, it was as if Citizen Kane was written in a linear fashion, starting with a kid on a sled called Rosebud. Even the writers of Westworld made viewers wait. This bunch seemed in a rush to breaking bad fine the character introduction and development over thw in a rush.

And season 2 the handmaids tale release date australia commander and his wife are too young and attractive.

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