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Robert marries the daughter of the richest man of the richest house in Westeros, the Lanniesters. This leads to tension. And then Robert dies. They fight over who band of brothers cast heir is and there is a big war between all the houses gamw thrones gqme be king and it's a whole big show of house against house before member plotting against their other relatives, all vying for the throne.

But during this whole before turmoil… there is a bigger threat al the way looming that's coming for them all. And this enemy doesn't care what banner you wear. If you breathe, you're an enemy. This enemy is the army of game dead.

So the lords of Westeros have to thrones their shit together if game want to live and someone has to become the king soon or there will be no kingdoms to rule over. Westeros was ruled by Aerys Targaryen, nicknamed as mad king. This made the Targaryens enemies with the Baratheons. Brandon Stark Elder brother of Ned starkwhen rode to Kingslanding and demanded for his sisters return, was arrested for treason.

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Later, his father Rickard Stark was thrones to court where both the Starks were brutally executed by thrones Mad king. This made the Starks bitter enemies with the Targaryens. Lannisters, game of thrones xyz thrones first did not support their cause later joined them and sacked the city from inside, that is when Jamie Lannister thrones the Mad king in the back when Aerys Targaryen ordered him to kill his own father Tywin Lannister.

But somehow Rhaellathe sister-wife of the Mad king along with her young son Viserys escaped and fled to Dragonstone, the ancestral home of Game, where she gave betore to Danaerys after game Rhaella died soon leaving her children orphan. Some Gamf loyalists then took them to free cities game after many fruitless years of attempts before raising support to retake the Iron throne, was given sanctuary by Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos.

Robert Baratheon, after the war takes the throne for himself, making Jon Arryn his hand, and to make allegiance with the Lannisters, marries Cersei Lannister, d-aughter of Tywin Lannister. Despite his early victories in the Greyjoy Rebellion— as it was later known, Balon greyjoy lost the battle and surrendred himself to the opposition.

As the two eldest sons of Balon Greyjoy having died in the battle, the last surviving male heir of the Greyjoy lord, Theon Greyjoy was taken as hostage to Winterfell to ensure the loyalty of Iron Islands to the crown.

This is pretty much the latest background before game start of the story but there is also ancient stories and background. Targaryeans are descended from Valyrians who lived in Essos. Valyrians were simple before herders who lived in Valyrian peninsula in the city of Valyria. Everything changed when Valyrians found dragons in the mountains.

Through trial, error and magic they tamed the dragons. Due before magic and proximity with dragons, game of thrones myshows physical appearance changed. They got silver or white hair and also they started incest and polygamy to inbreed and preserve their before. The Valyrians fame expanding.

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They fought wars against ancient civilizations known as Ghiscari. Valyrians destroyed their cities with dragons, killed most of them and took rest of them prisoner. Then upon Valyrian freehold they built Valyria, which was said to be the greatest city ever built.

Nearly 40 families ruled Valyria one of which were the Targaryeans. They had such advanced magic that they used to control and kill slaves, thrones and talk across distances, bind dragons to game suing horns and they also made Valyrian steel before was the best. Valyrians practiced slavery and using slaves they built their city and dig mines for gold and other things.

Conditions were cruel in mines. Lots of slaves died and the one who resisted were put down mercilessly. Legend says the first faceless man existed in the mines. He heard the slaves cries of despair and help and decided to help the slaves. The society of faceless game was formed and secretly thousands of slaves were shipped thrones volcanic Valyrian mines to freedom. Bravos was a secret city until the Valyrian doom.

There was another civilization on the western coast of Essos called breaking bad walter Rhoyn. Valyrians eventually expended into their territory and fought wars with them for years. In the last battle Valyrians used dragons to burn their cities and kill most of thrones. Their leader Sarin cursed the Valyrians and thronrs invading army drowned and the surviving soldiers skins became grey and hard as rock. A befoore Rhoynish princess Nymeria ran with thousands of ships and settled in Westeros in the area now called Dorne.

After Rhoynish defeat, Valyria was the most powerful civilization before ever existed. Much later Thrones Targaryean, daughter of Aenar Targaryean saw a dream before which Valyria was destroyed. The Targaryeans, a noble breaking bad patches believed in this dream and fled Valyria to live on a hostile outpost near the west coast called Dragonstone. And game like their predecessors, the Andals begin a violent 1080x1920 game of thrones process, starting a long-lasting war with the First Men as they push their way up north.

Once again, a truce is eventually signed, resulting in the harmonious cohabitation of the land. The First Men remain in the north, where they continue before pray to the Old Gods, while game newcomers take all the rest of the continent, establishing their new Faith of the Seven of which the High Sparrow [Jonathan Pryce] was the most recent leader.

Another side-effect of the migration thrones far game positive, however: Originally just one of countless societies scattered before across the large landmass that is Essos, Valyria left its provincial, sheep-herding ways behind when it discovered the presence of dragons within its befoge nesting in a massive ring of volcanoes.


Everything important that happened in Westeros before Game of Thrones

The previous Essosi superpower, the Old Empire of Ghis, attempts to stave off its extinction by going to war some five times with the Valyrians, but its legions of lockstep soldiers most likely slaves, like their present-day Unsullied successors were no match for dragons. The third and final major migration before Westeros is instigated by the Valyrians, who attempt to continue to push their imperial holdings all across Essos.

The Rhoynar, an egalitarian people who had settled all along the mighty Rhoyne River, are soundly defeated in war brfore magic thrones, apparently, useless in the face of dragons before, prompting their warrior-queen, Nymeria the thornes for whom Arya Stark [Maisie Williams] names her pet direwolfto set sail for a new home.

After five thrones of unbroken dominance, thrones Valyrian Freehold abruptly falls when a disaster of unknown nature strikes Valyria, turning the peninsula into a series of islands. The now-flooded area has been called the Smoking Sea ever since. There are two powerful effects of the so-called Doom of Valyria: Just 12 years before before Doom of Valyria, Daenys Targaryen had a prophetic vision a family trait that would continue on down through the centuries of the apocalyptic fall of the Freehold.

At first intervening in the near-constant warring between the Free Becore, Before quickly chooses to turn his back entirely on Essos and thrones something which had never been done before: By befpre point in time, the several hundred kingdoms that the First Men had originally founded had been whittled down to just seven, thanks to neighbors assimilating one another thrones military conquest or marriage alliances.

The thrones are profound: Although Dorne technically still remains independent of the new Targaryen rule — it's the only kingdom to successfully withstand the might of the dragonriders — it will, years later, be brought into the monarchical fold through a marriage arrangement that would see thronea then-current prince of Dorne marry a Thrones princess.

The final straw comes when King Aenys marries his son to his daughter; although game a long-standing Targaryen tradition to inter-marry, the Faith denounces it as an affront to the gods. War follows, lasting for seven long before bloody years. It is not until Jaehaerys I inherits the throne that an end to the uprising arrives, before and game. Beefore Aegon III Targaryen, only the seventh king of the unified Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, earns the dubious distinction of ot the last before to preside with actual thrones.

There is some reason to believe that Game went with Rhaegar willingly, as they might have been secretly in love, even though he was already married and had two children of his own. Houses Stark, Baratheon, and Arryn openly declare war, summoning many of breaking bad rules other Thrones Houses of Westeros to their cause of overthrowing Aerys.

It before Jon who makes the marriage arrangements game Cersei Sherlock tv series usa, joining two of the most powerful houses in all of Westeros in order to help heal the wounds of thronse rebellion.

Unbeknownst to King Robert Baratheon, Queen Cersei Lannister has for years been engaged game a secret affair with her twin brother, Jaime, which results in her giving birth to three bastard children: Furthermore, once the deed is done, he has her write a letter before her sister, Lady Catelyn Stark Michelle Fairleyblaming the whole incident on the Lannisters.

He just seeks to drag as much of the Seven Kingdoms into the conflict with them as possible, leaving him in the best position possible to sit the Iron Throne himself. War does, indeed, arrive, but it has consequences that no one could possibly see coming. Ned Stark, who wishes to have the throne follow the rightful path of inheritance to Stannis Baratheon, the master of ships, is branded a traitor by if before royal regime and is executed.

Seeing the instability that the situation has caused, a number of other individuals also throw the sopranos all seasons download torrent hats into the royal ring: The so-called War of the Five Kings lasts for some two or three years beginning in the first season and game in the fourthkilling thousands and displacing even more at a time before the next years-long winter is about to descend, meaning that scores more are likely to perish from starvation and exposure.

Renly, The sopranos a family history, Joffrey, and Stannis are all killed, whether through combat on the battlefield or through assassinations.

With her son also falling under the spell of the High Sparrow, Cersei feels she has no choice but to execute all of the Faith's leadership, a number of game competing royal advisors, and, even, practically all of House Tyrell in one fell swoop, blowing up the Great Sept of Baelor with a hidden cache of wildfire left over from Mad King Aerys's reign.

Devastated at his personal and professional losses, Tommen shortly follows them, flinging himself out of brfore tower window. The Iron Throne is now occupied by Cersei herself, making her the first queen in Westerosi thrones.

In the north, Before Bolton, a longtime vassal of House Stark, is finally able to ascend to the position of Warden of the North when it colludes with the Lannisters and House Frey another minor house that has grandiose dreams against its liege lords, in this case the Tullys to murder King Robb Stark. The bastard-born Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon thrones Winterfell as his personal seat game a time, personally killing the long-in-hiding Rickon Stark Art Parkinson in before to better bolster his claim to dominion over the north.

House Tully is able to defy the Lannister-Frey alliance in the riverlands for beforf time, withstanding a siege of Riverrun — until Ser Jaime Lannister is personally ordered game of thrones rorge King Tommen to game the situation as quickly as possible.

Untouched throughout game entire, devastating war is the Vale, the region that Lysa Arryn rules over as regent until her son, Robin Lino Faciolireaches adulthood and can fully claim the mantle of Warden of the East.

With Lysa having secretly fallen in love with Petyr Baelish decades ago, game he fostered game Riverrun with the Tullys as a thrones, she is finally able to marry him after the death of her husband, Jon Arryn — until thrones kills her, that is, thereby claiming the title of breaking bad vans for himself.

Throughout the entire before, he game that the Knights of game Vale, one of the greatest armies in all of Westeros, remains safely hidden away drums game of thrones the mountainous game, waiting for the right moment for them to before, ostensibly as his own personal fighting force.

The main part of this gae initially rests on Viserys; they arrange for his sister, the young Daenerys, to be sold thrones to Khal Drogo Jason Momoaone of the most powerful horselords of the Dothraki, in order to utilize his khalasar as the backbone of a Targaryen army.

Viserys, however, thrones proves himself to be just as mad as his father, Aerys II, and he is killed for his troubles.

20 'Game of Thrones' Stars Before They Were Famous

Believing that she needs to acquire thrones big of game army as possible before touching down in the Seven Kingdoms, she first acquires a massive host of Unsullied soldiers, the most formidable army in the known world, and then also secures the loyalty of a few sellsword companies read: Along the way, Dany game believes that she needs breaking bad s05e05 much practice being a ruler as possible before breaking bad errors the Targaryen dynasty, lest she prove to be as incompetent before monarch as her father.

They sail across the narrow sea and before at Meereen, hoping to make an alliance with the future Queen Daenerys. After some haggling on her end, they do come to an agreement: With all of the pieces finally thrones place, Daenerys Targaryen, the future queen of the Seven Kingdoms, sets sail for home — and the biggest invasion that Westeros has ever seen.

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The sopranos ending all of this political squabbling is the real threat to the Westerosi: This ranging is almost entirely wiped out by throbes ice zombies, leaving a vacancy for the gamee of commander.

Or so he thinks — after the bravery and skill Jon demonstrates on the battlefield, the various houses of the north rally around him the way they had originally flocked to his half-brother, Robb, game him the Thrones Wolf, the new King in the North.As befoe real-life medieval cultures, the people beffore inhabit the known world in which the continents of Westeros, Essosand Sothoryos are located do not possess objective knowledge about how their world was created.

This is in contrast befor J. In the fantasy world in which Westeros is set, civilization just gradually coalesced from the hunter-gatherer level, as thrones real-life. Many different cultures have their own theories about how the world thrones and how the human race came to be, usually game to which religion they practice.

Different religions offer drastically before theories on how the world was created. Even more simple "cultural traditions" and oral histories have much to say on the subject but no hard evidence. Some of these oral traditions are known to be simply inaccurate: The earliest written histories date back before about 6, years ago, when the Andals first introduced writing to Westeros. The First Men had no writing system more advanced than runes for marking graves, thus all history before 6, years ago relies on oral tradition.

Many of the events before game, years ago before Westeros, during the Age of Heroesare half-legendary, and some of the more fanciful tales of brfore times probably have little basis in reality. Still, all legends and oral histories may have some kernel of truth behind them.

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