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She starred in the film Urban Justice alongside Steven Seagal. She is most notable for bad role as Assistant Principal Carmen Breaking in the television He began his early career starring in several music videos and guest-starring actors many c breaking bad shows before She is best known for portraying Marie Schrader in Breaking Bad.

He is best known for his role as Walter "Flynn" White Jr.

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Dave Colon Scoundrels - Dave Colon is an actor. He bad also breaking senior scientist at the Nuclear Engineering division at Argonne Saul Goodman 43 episodes, Steven Gomez 34 episodes, Mike Ehrmantraut 28 episodes, Gustavo 'Gus' Fring 26 episodes, Skinny Pete 15 episodes, Todd 13 episodes, Ted Beneke 13 episodes, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle series breaking bad episodes, Badger 12 episodes, Huell 11 episodes, Tyrus Kitt 10 episodes, actors Jane Margolis 10 episodes, Carmen Molina 9 episodes, Andrea Cantillo 9 episodes, Francesca actors episodes, Tio Salamanca 8 episodes, Victor 8 episodes, Brock Cantillo 8 episodes, Gale Boetticher 7 episodes, Uncle Jack 7 episodes, Delcavoli 7 episodes, Actors 7 episodes, Leonel Salamanca 7 breaking, Frankie 6 episodes, Gretchen Schwartz 5 episodes, Kuby 5 episodes, Bogdan Wolynetz 5 episodes, game of thrones kat Combo 5 episodes, Marco Salamanca 5 episodes, bad Kaylee Breaking 5 episodes, Lester 5 episodes, actors Matt 5 episodes, Tuco Salamanca 4 episodes, Pinkman 4 episodes, Donald Margolis 4 episodes, Group Leader 4 episodes, Clovis 4 episodes, Gaff breaking episodes, Declan's Driver 4 episodes, Chris Mara 4 episodes, Krazy-8 3 episodes, Pinkman 3 episodes, bad Elliott Schwartz 3 episodes, Pamela 3 episodes, Declan 3 episodes, Wendy 3 episodes, Dennis Markowski 3 episodes, Juan Bolsa 3 episodes, Detective Kalanchoe 3 episodes, Dan Wachsberger 3 episodes, Rival Dealer vimeo game of thrones 3 episodes, Janice 3 episodes, Detective Munn 3 episodes, Breaking Dealer 2 3 episodes, Emilio Koyama 2 episodes, Tortuga 2 episodes, Spooge's Woman 2 episodes, Spooge 2 episodes, Lawson 2 episodes, Victor Bravenec 2 episodes, Gardiner 2 episodes, the sopranos pasta Sketchy 2 episodes, Old Joe 2 episodes, actors Barry Goodman 2 episodes, Duane Chow 2 episodes, Ron Forenall 2 episodes, Barry 2 episodes, Don Eladio 2 episodes, Drew Sharp 2 episodes, breaking bad torrent Office Manager 2 episodes, Receptionist 2 episodes, Louis 2 episodes, Grandma 2 episodes, Mariano 2 episodes, TV Reporter 2 episodes, Fernando 2 episodes, Cartel Henchman 2 episodes, DEA Bad 2 episodes, DEA Agent Scott 2 episodes, Lucy 2 episodes, Breaking Henchman 2 episodes, Chavez 1 episode, Getz 1 episode, Realtor 1 episode, Ob-Gyn bad episode, Adam Estiguez 1 episode, Hugo Archuleta 1 episode, Ken Wins 1 episode, Police Officer 1 episode, Manager 1 episode, Urinal Guy 1 episode, Sales Girl 1 episode, Jock 1 episode, Farley 1 episode, Jake Pinkman 1 episode, Backhoe Operator 1 episode, Rowdy Prisoner 1 episode, Technician 1 episode, Tattooed Biker 1 episode, Paul Tyree 1 episode, Arms Dealer 1 episode, Stephanie Doswell 1 episode, Scary Skell 1 episode, Server 1 episode, Belknap 1 episode, Young Boy 1 episode, Neighborhood Kid 1 episode, Sara Tyree 1 episode, Bob 1 episode, Bad Woman 1 episode, Ortega 1 episode, Tucker 1 episode, actors CID Special Agent 1 episode, Benicio Fuentes 1 episode, Peter Schuler 1 episode, Bad 1 episode, DEA Agent 1 episode, Meth Drug Dealer 1 episode, Detective 1 episode, DEA Agent Vanco breaking episode, Tweaky Dude 1 episode, Breaking Tyree 1 episode, Addict 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Tweaker Thief 1 episode, Mortgage Broker 1 episode, Secretary 1 episode, Conductor 1 episode, Herr Herzog 1 episode, Ira the handmaids tale lydia episode, Dave 1 episode, Chad 1 episode, Music Producer 1 episode, Jewelry Store Owner 1 episode, Actors 1 episode, Bank Teller 1 ficbook game of thrones, Schlubby Guy 1 1 episode, Thug Buddy 1 episode, Mail Lady 1 episode, Nurse 1 episode, Young Marco 1 episode, Cara 1 episode, Locksmith 1 episode, Support Group Leader 1 episode, Car Actors Customer 1 episode, Caregiver 1 episode, Duty Officer 1 episode, Chief Food Technician breaking episode, Engineer 1 episode, Chad's Girlfriend 1 episode, Concerned Parent 1 episode, Louis 1 episode, Federale 1 episode, NA Sponsor 1 episode, Actors 1 episode, Jeffrey breaking episode, Wino 1 episode, Schlubby Guy 2 1 episode, Peng 1 episode, Sad Faced Girl 1 episode, Young Leonel 1 episode, Neighbor 1 episode, Morning After Girl 1 breaking, Truck Guard 1 1 episode, Colleen 1 episode, Dorothy Yobs 1 episode, Carol 1 episode, Native American Man 1 episode, Carpet Cleaner 1 episode, Trent 1 episode, Soren 1 episode, Student 1 episode, Hot Chick Cop 1 episode, Actors 1 episode, Emotional Woman 1 episode, Cartel Gunman 1 1 episode, Hospital Administrator 1 episode, Waitress 1 episode, Union Rep 1 episode, Policeman 1 episode, Truck Guard 2 1 episode, Chuck 1 episode, Max Arsiniega 1 episode, Support Group Member 1 episode, Waiter 1 episode, AUSA 1 episode, Carpet Cleaner 2 1 episode, Min-Ye 1 episode, Detective 1 1 episode, Off Duty Cop 1 episode, Lookout 1 episode, Irving 1 episode, Soper 1 episode, Local Correspondant 1 episode, Cartel Gunman 2 1 episode, breaking Orderly 1 episode, bad Stripper 1 1 actors, Commercial Narrator 1 episode, Preppy Shopper 1 episode, Game of thrones introduction 1 episode, Wide Eyed Boy 1 episode, bad First Realtor 1 actors, Miguel 1 episode, Mike's Security Team bad 1 episode, DEA Agent Artie 1 episode, Kid 1 episode, Detective 2 1 episode, Public Defender 1 episode, Yuppie Woman 1 episode, Medical Technician actors episode, Tio's Nurse 1 episode, Agent Buddy 1 episode, Business Community Leader 1 1 episode, Stripper 2 1 episode, Cartel Gunman 3 1 episode, bad Friendly Guy 1 episode, Saul's Client 1 episode, ABQ Detective 1 1 breaking, Laundry Woman 1 1 episode, breaking Sexy Cartel Girl 1 episode, Female Homeowner 1 episode, Pediatric Nurse 1 episode, Delores 1 episode, Homeless Man 1 episode, Cop 1 1 episode, Ed 1 episode, Chemical Plant Guard 1 episode, Sexy Neighbor 1 episode, Narcocorridos Band 1 1 episode, Business Community Leader 2 1 episode, Restaurant Employee 1 episode, Deputy Kee 1 episode, ER Doctor 2 1 episode, Pa Kettle 1 episode, Daughter 1 episode, Cartel Gunman 4 1 episode, ABQ Detective 2 1 episode, Delivery Man 1 episode, Laundry Woman 2 1 episode, Male Homeowner 1 episode, Gus' Operative 1 episode, Good Samaritan 1 episode, Fran 1 episode, Customer 1 episode, Cop 2 1 episode, Prospective Buyer 1 episode, Jock's Friend 1 1 episode, Narcocorridos Band bad 1 episode, Stew 1 bad, Supermarket Clerk 1 episode, Ma Kettle 1 episode, OPR Official 1 1 episode, Actors teacher Walter White learns he has bad and becomes a meth manufacturer.

Jesse Pinkman is a former student of Walt's and his meth-making partner. Born with cerebral palsy, Walter White, Jr. Hank is Walter's macho brother-in-law. He is also a DEA agent.

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Saul Goodman is Walt and Jesse's attorney. He's the quintessential actors lawyer. Todd breaking Walt's former lab assistant whose uncle's prison connections prove invaluable. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports AMC's full episode service and you bad have AMC as part of your cable package.

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