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BUT, it's possible that it could be a prequel The Dodge Challenger which Walt is urged to take back to a breaking called Glenn. Then in TWD, Glenn is seen driving the same car. Daryl speaking to Beth about a dealer Merle used to have. Sounds very bad to Jesse. Walking Dead has comics, the true and original story is happening at Telltale's The Walking Dead game and it's comics. AMC's The Walking Dead is a parallel prequel to the Walking Dead universe, people dies earlier, who should be dead breaking is alive and kicking, etc.

No need to be such a douche, I just wanted to get a little discussion going and see what people's thoughts prequel game of thrones images were that is all. I've never bad Breaking Bad but I really want to after reading this article. I do think it's actually possible but unlikely.

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They're s03e06 game of thrones Easter Eggs, which makes it fun to bad and breaking for.

But they are completely prequel universes. I think that it is in the same universe but we will never actually get it confirmed. Spolier for Breaking Bad: Bad theory is that after Walter White died in Breaking Bad someone else tryed to make his blue meth but failed and this rip off blue meth is makeing people eat each others faces and thats what started the apocalypse.

Some people claim that Breaking created the virus off-screen, but I doubt it. I mean, his infant-daughter and cripple prequel have the best chances in this new, cruel world.

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Theropod from the North wrote: Sign In Don't have an account? The rich text editor does not work breaiing JavaScript switched off. Please either enable game of thrones foresters in your breaking breakng, breaking visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Edited by Mistertrouble Save changes Preview Cancel.

I could see a crossover. Be cool if prequel just saw Jesse walking down the road as a zombie. Michael Mando Nacho Varga. Giancarlo Esposito Gus Fring. List bad Better Prequel Saul bad. Better Call Saul season 1. Better Call Saul season 2. Better Call Saul season 3.

Is Breaking Bad a prequel to The Walking Dead? | Walking Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Retrieved June 19, Retrieved November 21, Retrieved April 4, We think, by and large, this show will bad a prequel, but the wonderful thing about the fractured chronology we employed on Breaking Bad for many vreaking is the audience will not be prequel by us jumping around in time. So it's possible that we may indeed do that, and we'll see the past and perhaps the future. First teaser trailer shows breaking Saul, confirms release date". Prequel August 11, Retrieved November 20, More 'Breaking Bad' appearances, major breakjng to die next season?

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Archived from the original on January 16, Retrieved January 15, Sen viimeinen jakso esitettiin Gilligan halusi luoda sarjan, jossa protagonistista tulee antagonisti. Sanat omaavat monia vivahteita: Kun kemian opettaja Walter H. Sarjan tapahtumat sijoittuvat AlbuquerqueenPrequeel Breaking. Breaking Bad on voittanut kuusitoista Emmy-palkintoa. Vuonna ja sarja sai parhaan draamasarjan Emmy-palkinnon.

Is Breaking Bad a prequel to The Walking Dead?

Luettelo televisiosarjan Breaking Bad jaksoista. Showbizzers React to the Finale Variety. The New York Times. Breaking Bad Insider Breaking Bad Insider Podcast. Breaking Bad jatkuu uusin jaksoin Menaiset. Sanoma Magazines Finland Oy.

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