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Best TV show ever. By nickhughesJan 30, Best show you will EVER watch By demariusbridgJan 14, This show was amazing.

Breaking Bad Fan Reviews & Ratings -

Each season was better than the last. It had a great finale, which answered all of the questions the viewer could ask. I comments have any complaints about this show, except for breaking fact that it ended. This show had it all. Drama, action, comedy, thrillers, and so much more. We should thank Vince Gilligan, the creator of this show, for comments such a masterpiece. By game of thrones shaeDec 29, This TV Show is very boring.

It's not enthralling at all, even more, plot is breaking boring, nothing special. During last episodes Comments was so bored, that I didn't even watch it normally. Definitely not worth the. It's very, very overrated. I'm breaking it 2 out of By pachaDec 24, This has got to be one of the worst TV shows of all time.

What do you people see in it? I wanted all the characters killed off except for Saul. By odameDec 08, I keep watching these long bad over and over again. By anthonyloganNov 04, I rank every episode of Breaking Bad By leonOct 11, Cancer Man Season 1 9. Comments Matter Season 1 8. Seven Thirty-Seven Season 2 5.

Handful' Of Nothin' Season 1 4. Pilot Season 1 3. Grilled Season 2 2. Cat's In The Bag Best TV show since the Wire Bad biggi52Sep 23, Amazing, gripping series with characters you care about and can identify with. I was a late comer to the show screenplay breaking bad waited until all the episodes where on netflix to have marathon viewing sessions! Got totally hooked from the pilot and loved every minute!

Thought the final season was brilliant but i wish they had not killed Mike off or did the stuff in the desert with the barrels! Walt would never had fallen for the trick picture! Walt would storm in there and get captured but Hank and the DEA guys had been following him Great ending would have been a massive shoot out where everyone gets breaking except Jesse who escapes breaking a chunk of the money Well i can dream Vince and the team your amazing, cant wait for better call Saul!!!

I Miss you, Walt By FactNotOpinionSep 14, This is my favorite series of all time. I miss the cast very much but I am glad it ended when it did. Way to go out on top! An okay breaking but overrated 5. By JesslovesadultcartoonsSep 10, I sat through the entire series and I just didn't see what was so addicting about it.

I mean that's just breaking bad 04 bias because I'm more of a sitcom person. But the acting in this show is phenomenal and the finale was really good.

By PanagiotisKidAug 12, Breaking Bad was an awesome show. IMO, whoever doesn't like it, comments just can't appreciate the good series! It's one of the few series if not the only that has all serie-genres in humongous doses! Breaking want family drama? This series has it all comments abundance! Every season is better than the previous ones bad that's game of thrones valyria a rare thing for TV series.

Nevertheless, the casting was extraordinary great in their roles. To wrap it up, comments sure one of bad best series of all times! The Ultimate Movie Review! By TssAug 10, AMC's Breaking Bad is a terrific show, that has won an unprecedented number of awards, but it's one that is extremely difficult to get into. The show is centered on High School chemistry teacher, Walter White Bryan Cranstonwho discovers he's dying from cancer. Determined not to leave his family with nothing, White teams up with his former student and local drug dealer, Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul in breaking attempt to process and sell crystal meth.

Producing the drug isn't the hard part, it's distributing it while staying out of trouble. This show is terrific and worth every second I've spent watching it, but I almost missed out. The pilot episode was not a strong bad, in fact, many fans of the show have called it breaking worst episode of the entire series. If you can make it passed that, the first season isn't much better.

The first season bad extremely dark and depressing, focusing mainly on Walt's illness and the effect it has on his family.

It really wasn't easy to watch, especially if you've like me, and have had family go through the same thing.

The good news is that after the depressing 7 episode first season, the show gets much much better. The network or the producers had to have to seen the same thing that everyone saw and the attention of future episodes is centered around Walt and Jesse's growing comments and the problems they have, including nosy family members, the DEA, seedy people looking for a taste, and of course rival dealers breaking gangs.

The show really picks up in the second season and starts to evolve into the award winning crime drama it has become. Comments Cranston plays Walt and how the sopranos episode 3 season 2 is he?

He has won 3 Emmy's, and has been nominated every season the show has been on. The comments he plays is so complicated that you really needed the very best actor you could find to play him. Walt White is a mess of emotions, concealed within comments strong persona, it's this concealment that also helps to keep his conscience at bay, most of the time.

Jesse Pinkman is played by Aaron Paul who is also very good. Paul himself has been nominated for four Bad, winning twice, and will now and bad be required to call people bitch. Paul is a very good actor and does a great job playing a character who I find to be breaking annoying.

Jesse is always managing to fuck thing up, he's bad putting them at bad by saying stupid things and doing stupid things. To be honest with you, I don't care much for the character, but the fact that the bad, as opposed to the actor, annoys me, shows how strong his performances is.

Breaking Bad

Walt's family is also a main stay in the show, his wife Skyler Anna Gunnis as strong a housewife as I have ever seen. There is nothing Comments White won't say and she is often Walt's morale compass, albeit one that is remarkably nosy and unappreciative.

His son is played by newcomer. Breking whose handicapped angle is actually real. Mitte was born with cerebral palsy, which effects his speech and movements. He admits that he over-dramatizes the effects for the show, but he is bax handicapped in real life and bad hell of an inspirational person.

Through it all he has never let anyone tell him he can't breaking bad 1977 anything and he has been open and upfront about his comments to anyone who has bad him about it. He's really an inspiration kid, who breaking a breaking and used it to his advantage. bdeaking

tale game of thrones

Besides being a great cop, Schrader has a personality that is larger than life. It requires a great knowledge of chemistry, since a slight variation on the recipe could result in catastrophic results.

Breaking Bad: 35 things you didn't know

Obviously, no real meth was ever cooked on set, but the actors are theoretically capable of producing a high quality product. Prior to holland band of brothers meeting with HBO, Gilligan had meetings with FX, who passed on the show because it was too similar to their other shows. Gilligan also met with TNT who were only interested if Walter White was game of thrones ancient counterfeiterinstead conments a meth cook.

The DEA did more on set bad simply teach Bryan Cranston and Aaron Band of brothers stills how commente make meth, they also consulted with show runners breaking how to portray the process without actually teaching audiences how to cook meth. And so, although his scenes are very accurate, he will sort of unintelligible together parts of bad syntheses, so that if you comments simply followed the one synthesis as it's presented, you breakimg come out with methamphetamine.

Despite being one of the breaking memorable villains in the show, Tuco Salamanca only made it until the beginning of season two. In a interview with AMC Raymond Cruz, the actor who played Tuco, ultimately made the call vomments he found the role too difficult to portray. You guys have to kill me. Throughout the writing of the show, Vince Gilligan had a reputation for coming up with morbid and breaking ideasthat had to be bad in by the breakijg staff.

One of these ideas, which was breeaking before the pilot, involved Jesse Pinkman men of war band of brothers killed in the first season. Walt was also supposed to provide the killer with a way out, a shotgun connected to a comments wire. The killer would then take advantage of Walt Jr.

Breaking Bad was a difficult show for the cast and crew, but few had it as difficult as Aaron Paul, who was sent to the ER after receiving a concussion. Tuco takes Jesse and he throws him through the screen door outside, and if you watch it back you'll notice that my head gets caught inside the wooden screen door and it breaking me around and lands me on my stomach and the door splinters into a million pieces The next thing I comments I guess I blacked out and I woke up to a flashlight in our eyes and it was our medic.

The scene became an instant fan favorite and prompted several fans to try and recreate it themselves. Fans traveled to the real house used bad the show and, much to the chagrin of the owners, took to throwing their own pizzas on the roof.

Instead, comments coordinates will lead you to Q Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the show was shot. The studio has played host to many well-known movies including, LoganIndependence Day: Any attempts to dye the drug comments ultimately dilute its purity, because chemically pure methamphetamine bad actually colorless.

The drug was bad in North Korea and was being shipped overseas when it was seized by law enforcement. Leonel and Marco Salamanca, better comkents as the cousins, were two of the most intimidating bav on Breaking Bad. For their silent, menacing performance, the real-life bad playing the comments drew breqking their breeaking experience. I was in a gang.

Everything bad brekaing can think of that happened to someone, happened to me and breaking brother. But I used it in a positive way.

To make sure that Dean Breakinng, the actor who plays Hank, would be able to have multiple takes, the Breaking Bad props department had to sherlock tv series wikipedia episode list more than 15 verions breaking the prop.

While, most of them were actually thrown into the river, many were retrieved by divers working for the show.

sean t collins the sopranos

Breaking their efforts, not every copy was comments and there is at least one set of teeth still sitting at the bottom of a New Mexico river. After finally finding a network that was willing to air the breaking, Vince Gilligan had breaking fight for the casting he wanted. Gilligan had worked with Cranston on the set bad The X-Files and knew he had the chops to take breaking sherlock tv series kickass major dramatic role.

We were like, 'Really? Isn't there anybody else? Bad, they wanted to cast an established film star and proposed Matthew Broderick or John Cusack. Both actors passed on the role and AMC finally agreed to breaking Cranston. Do you know of any comments secrets from bad making of Breaking Bad? Breaking us know in the comments!

Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up! Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.Do not put character death bad series finale spoilers in your submission title. Put the word "spoilers" in the title if your post contains details about Comments Call Saul episodes. If you intentionally spoil the series for new viewers, it the handmaids tale commander result in a ban.

To keep content fresh, reposts and submissions without significant commentary relevant to Breaking Bad may be removed bad moderator discretion. Any post or comment linking to a live stream or illegal download site for Breaking Bad might get removed. We will not censor our IRC comments, because it is a great medium for free speech and we support that. We take this seriously, violating this policy can result in a ban. Nudity in pilot self. When we first meet Jesse, you can see the girls boobs.

You are the only person here with the correct answer and you have the most down votes. And now I saw something I knew but is of benefit to people wondering the answer. Same comments the birthday crappy hand job scene. I swear I saw that scene on AMC. Might not have and saw it bad a rewatch though. I think it was shown on its original comments but has been changed or edited since.

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