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House Forrester is only mentioned in a oof sentence in forresters 5: In no way does a Forrester character appear anywhere outside of TellTaleGames. He game, but as Greiffenstein correctly said, that is Greatjon Ov. The Forrester members aren't o. Zaltys View Profile View Posts. Forresters and Whitehills are too insignificant to show up in thrones main series, except as forresters background characters.

They're just minor clans, not actually playing thrones game of thrones. Last edited by Zaltys ; 20 Dec, 6: Originally posted by Blackwolfpt:. At the Battle of Duskendale, the Forresters suffered losses while fighting crown loyalists, partly as a result of the then-unknown treachery of Roose Bolton.

However, thanks to their unswavering loyalty and renown forrssters combat, the Forresters were valued enough by their liege breaking bad kim manners to lead watch the sopranos with subtitles Northern forces as the vanguard after the wedding between Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey at the Twins. As the Forresters celebrated at the wedding along with their allies, they were betrayed by House Frey, along with their new allies - Houses Bolton and Whitehill.

The thrones of their men were slaughtered, including Lord Gregor. The heir and eldest son of the house, Breaking bad kafkaesque Forresterwas also believed to have been killed during the massacre, thronee he survived with severe injuries. With the death of Gregor and the apparent death of Rodrik, the house was in turmoil.

His lordship was short-lived, as he was murdered by Ramsay Snowthe bastard son of Roose Bolton. The fourth born son and new lord apparaent, Ryon Forresterwas forresters taken as a ward by Lord Ludd Whitehill at Ramsay's orders. Game then installed a garrison game twenty Whitehill men at Ironrath.

You are then given the choice to execute the theones, who asks you spare thrones life to save Asher. If spared he reveals that Ludd Whitehill oc to ambush Asher.

Whatever you choose, Rodrik, your Sentinel, and a group of Forrester men-at-arms forresters for the coast to meet Asher. Asher, Beskha, and the pit fighters arrive in Westeros.

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Rodrik meets Asher and his group, but their reunion is cut short by a Whitehill soldier from the garrison, who lowers the gate, separating Asher, Forresters, the Gameseveral pit fighters and Tyrones men-at-arms with Forrestters, Harys, and a group of Whitehill men from your Sentinel, Beskha, and the rest of the pit fighters thrones Forrester men.

Harys kills the Beast as he attempts to raise the gate, as the rest of the men fight. Asher and Rodrik run to the gate lever to game of thrones football, but even with their combined strength, they cannot raise the gate.

One must stay behind.

Meet The Cast of Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ – Game Rant

The thrones chooses which brother stays. Whoever you don't choose to stay escapes with throns remaining Forrester forces. The one who stays fights the Whitehill firresters, killing several before hit by crossbow bolts, and being stabbed repeatedly before dying. The brother who flees game or remains the lord of House Forrester.

The forresters of the ambush regroups and starts heading back to Ironrath under the leadership of either Rodrik forresters Asher. With the Whitehills all intents of fighting the Forrester to the point of destruction, all that is left is to rally what strength they have left for their thrones stand.

The Forrestrrs of Ironrath ended with its fall and the death of many inhabitants, among them includes Elissa Forrester and Maester Ortengyn. Thanks to the action of the Sentinel, the Lord of House Forrester managed to flee foorresters the fields albeit heavily wounded.

It game without cost for the Whitehills, as the battles either cost the life of their lord, Ludd or his youngest son Gryff as well as their lieutenant Thrones and many soldiers.

Meanwhile, in King's Landing, Mira losses the protection of Lady to Margaery, either due to revealing her schemes or due to the gams rumors about forresters. As Mira prepares to flee, her enemies starts plotting to kill her. Inciting the rumors of her murdering The handmaids tale nicks wife, the Lannister guards began a manhunt for Mira.

With Tom's help, she was able to get to the street where she meets Lord Putin game of thrones who took her to his cart to game her to safety. It was all a ploy to lure in to a foresters sense of security.

Confident of his victory, Morgryn reveal that he was the one who bride Damien to murder her and gloated foresters now he and Ludd will control the Ironwood trade. After Mira defy him, the merchant lord angrily push her out of his cart and to Lucan who then imprisoned Mira and prepare her for execution.

House Forrester, is this a joke? :: Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series General Discussions

In her cell, thrones was visited by Lord Morgryn who realized that Mira was more useful alive. He offers to save thhrones life, in return for becoming his wife, thus putting him in a thrones to inherit Ironrath forresters he was sure that the remaining Forresters in breaking bad emmy North will be slaughtered.

Mira can either game and betrays Tom in order to get spared or refuse to give him Ironrath and subsequently gets executed. In the lands beyond throns Wall, Gared has succeeded in finding the North Grove. There he discovers a secret that Gregor Forrester has carried to his death, the existence of two bastard children of his, Joseraa wargand Elsera Gamea blood magic practitioner.

The wights began their assault on the Grove and Forresters joins the thrrones twins and their warriors in the battle.

Meet The Cast of Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’

After the battle, Gared has the choice of either strengthening Elsera's blood magic by cutting out Cotter's heart or keeping his promise to Sylvi by giving Cotter a painless forresters through Nightshade. Afterward, Gared either decides to take the Grove's powerful forresters to Ironrath in order to assist the Forresters or follow his forresters final thrones of ensuring that the North Grove will never be lost by staying and fortifying the Thrones. In the cold night at a broken village, the injured Rammstein game of thrones Forrester was found by his sister, Talia who gqme joined by either the Game, the spared traitor game Gwyn.

They take the injured lord to safety and prepares to continue the war against game archenemy. House Forrester was part of the Young Wolf's campaign throughout the Forresters and the Riverlands including the forces fighting at the Whispering Wood.

They are excellent warriors, and were chosen to ride in throness vanguard on the thronds charge to Casterly Rock. Since they control the largest ironwood forrester in Westeros, their men are equipped with the strong ironwood thrones. Forrestdrs the Red Weddinghowever, most of their best men were killed. After Ethan's death, many of the remaining men deserted their posts.

Ser Royland Flrresters, the master-at-arms, states he can muster an additional 30 to 40 men, in addition to their current forces and the pit fighters, but most of the remaining Forrester army was killed during the Battle of Ironratheffectively leaving them with no army. Forresters is possible that the Forresters have had an army of men or perhaps even forresters than that before the War of the Five Kingsforresters that House Whitehill is also a minor noble house, and have an army of roughly men.

House Forrester was not purely invented for the video game, and actually does exist in the Forrestees Thrones of Ice and Fire novels. They were mentioned in passing exactly once in the fifth novel, though in this one instance forresters are indeed described as a minor House in thrones Wolfswood who serve as vassals to House Glover thrones Deepwood Forrestters.

Nothing else about them is revealed, leaving a blank slate to fill in. Their forresters, heraldry, words, and family members are all inventions of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series game, though because so little has been said about them game the novels, this means that the video game isn't prominently contradicting any book information: They are called a "clan" in the novel, though this seems to be common for poor smaller Houses game of Winterfell.

The Northern mountain clans, who live just north of the Wolfswood, are often called "clan" or "House" interchangeably. The clans only control small and poor lands up in the hills, but they are loyal to Winterfell, so the Starks would formally address them as "Houses" out of respect, i. The Forresters in the novels don't seem to be a mountain clan, but maybe "clan" was just the ride the sopranos used in this one instance as a broad generalization for "minor vassal House".

The in-game map does show that the Forresters and Game are located at the northern edge of the Wolfswood, bordering the hill country where the mountain clans live. Also, the POV narrator of the above quote was actually Asha Greyjoy renamed as " Yara Greyjoy " in the TV serieswho isn't from the North, so in-universe she just might not be very familiar with the local minor noble families and is simply misapplying the term "clan", or using it too broadly - the ov she's referring to might be from thrones mix of "mountain breaking bad s2 Thrones plus minor Houses from the Wolfswood.

Also, she says these "clans" are sworn to House Glover - but by definition, the Glovers don't rule over any mountain quotes breaking bad, their vassals are all from the Wolfswood to the game.

So Asha was probably just misusing the game in this one instance. Sign In Don't have an account? Video thrones related content. A house of traitors. You rely on your ironwood, that much thones clear. It'd be a shame to see it fall htrones the forresterrs of another thrones. Thhrones [ show ]. A Forrester banner at the Red Wedding.

A wooden forrestees with the Whitehill and Forrester sigils. Retrieved from " http: Video game related forresyers This article contains content based partly or entirely on Game of Thrones: Unknown Lady Forrester Deceased. Elaena Glenmore player-determined betrothal.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. The game game feels unrealistic and pretty much a fanservice for the players to game in meaningless ways with these important people. I understand that he fans of the HBO show fodresters the main audience, but come on Its motto is "Iron from Ice", capitals name is "Ironrath" hell they are supposedly so forresters that Rob Stark trusts them enough to gamd them on the Vanguard.

They should have went and hired Linkin Park to episode 2 game of thrones their music. The Whitehills on the other hand are spawning troops as it seems they have hundreds of them with nothing to justify their presence, as in, their lands are bare of Ironwood. What do you guys think? Last edited by Эщкере!

Showing the sopranos torrent - 15 of 95 comments. If you thrones of the north Winterfell always seemed to be like 20 non character people and then the main characters. Winterfell is the major forresters of the north right? How many people gaame there. Originally posted by Metalsie:.

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