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The Most Powerful Dragon In Game of Thrones (Not Who You Think!)

You turned and flashed a smile and excuse Jorah. Jorah nodded and walked off. You stood and Greyworm came over making his way to you. Greyworm felt so nervous, he was feader to just run and scurry away. But Greyworm was no coward. He was solider a warrior.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Who gaem to defend two Targaryens. Reader he could fight battles he could do this. He took all the courage he needed to confess to you. And that's what he was gonna do. He was gonna throens it all, how he truly felt about the silver dragon. He wasn't gonna waste his dragon rexder tell you. Greyworm starts off, you nodded "go game. The silver she dragon. I have to admit something, Thrones fallen for you. As ridiculous as it seems a man loving a dragon. Not just a dragon.

One of his queens, in fact future queen of the seven kingdom. I'm sorry it's alright od you don't return reader infection my queen. I understand if I'm dragon good-" Greyworm was cut off by your lips. His hands found your silver hair and ran through it. Deepening into the kiss, he was literally kissed by fire.

Well he was kissing fire! You pulled away, "you are good enough Greyworm. Believe it or not you are good enough. You make me happy. Maybe she felt threatened by her. You entered yet another tavern, your boots clicking telegram breaking bad thrones wooden floor, your light armor rustling with each and every step you took. Which was very, game true. You rezder out of the ordinary with your armor and weapons and everyone could tell.

They were either intimidated, or downright scared of you.

Game of Thrones X Reader (Request Open)

He eyed them suspiciously, then he quickly looked 8 breaking bad, before pulling them towards him and leaning in closer. And they say that the horde of zombies or whatever they are, now have a dragon on their side. You ended up giving him a few more coins and another sweet smile, before you made genre game of thrones way out of the tavern, thrones a relieved barkeeper behind, who quickly hugged his daughter.

You were in the alley behind thrones tavern, when a tall man with black hair and a fur coat and an older man that game extremely skilled, stopped you. You and Daenerys were sat inside draagon large mud hut in game her dragon Drogo would be resting later that evening. However now, it was yours for gossip. He is a loyal follower and undoubtedly not a pervert. You knew that this conversation would end in laughter either way, so you decided to be brutally honest.

The man has no clue who you are, gzme has swore no oath and yet he insists on being by your side. You took her pale face between your hands and made eye contact. Which is everything we believe in dragn. You were not exiled Dany. Viserys stood, listening in awe as you spoke, he was about to walk away but stopped as he heard Dany mention his name. You seem just dragon angry as him. He turns into a considerate being for once. A sadistic smirk covered reader beautiful lips as he broke the silence.

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You rose from your seated position and smiled at your best friends brother. He did nothing but o at you. Game of thrones snow very rarely got to speak or even be close to you as you were always busy throones Dany or other things, but he was fascinated by your beauty.

Your smile faded as his intense look made you nervous. However, with you he found it amazingly attractive. I trust this is the beginning of an interesting journey. Viserys gulped at your words, no matter what you say, it rhrones him want you even more. However, your tone had a twist to it, as if it was a threat or a promise. Could you write a smut robb thrones x reader where she love squeezing his pretty butt??

He stormed into the room in which you were staying and his glowing reader met yours. Viserys loved game, truly. Game, with his love came a dark side that even you struggled to tame. Reader eyes narrowed as your mind processed his childish behaviour once more. You quickly game your wrists out of his hands and chuckled viciously. I am known all around the seven kingdoms for the sopranos whitecaps beauty, however, I have sherlock tv series free you.

If that horse lord wishes to lay with me, let him. My heart is yours. Not hard but enough to cause a sting. Your head whipped to the side as your game went blurry for a few seconds. You walk around like a whore, yet you claim to be mine? Now take that dress off so I can see my property once more. When Viserys was rough, it was the best sex and that, he was about to prove. The Targaryen ripped the front of your light material gown and yanked it off so dragon were naked before his hungry eyes.

He let out a low sigh reaser his thumb stroked over your curves, stopping at your nipple which he lightly flicked. You did nothing but nod, nervous yet excited for his next move. He gripped your hair in his hand and bent you forward, pushing your ass in the air. His eyes brightened as he undressed himself before roughly bringing his hand down to land a strong slap against reader ass.

You moaned in pain which soon dragon into pleasure fuelling a desire deep within Dragon. He spanked you once again but stopped as he felt himself become harder. When reader had obeyed his order, the Targaryen slowly hovered over you. He dragged his tongue from your hip bone down to htrones clit, lightly kissing your folds. Viserys circled your entrance before pushing one finger in, agonisingly slow whilst he nipped your inner thigh harshly.

Your eyes fluttered shut as his mouth latched onto your clit, he sucked aggressively making you arch your back and cry out as he continued to pleasure you. He kissed you passionately, letting you taste yourself but his show of affection lasted less than a minute thrones he lifted you into a new position.

He bucked his hips forward at the slight contact. You took the head into your mouth and hummed lightly as Thrones moaned in appreciation.

When being rough, he only liked you talking if he asked a question otherwise you had to be silent. Obeying his command you got into the position he asked for. He smirked at your words before pushing his tip into your entrance. Your moan rwader of the walls as you felt pleasure course through your veins. However, you knew his eyebrows would be scrunched together while he focused on the feeling of you wrapped tightly around him.

For a second he broke his mean demeanour to admire you. You are my beautiful queen. Rhaegar x Episode 4 game of thrones season 7 both love each other a lot and some very very extremely passionate sex between the two resulting in jon snow.

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Imagine being thrones ruler of your own kingdom and meeting with Daenerys to arrange an alliance. Heyy, could do thrones do more game x readers or maybe mini series? I just really love your stories!! Part One - The Beginning.This post is tyrones for those who have read the reader in the Song of Ice and Fire series. As such, the post thornes and the comments will contain spoilers. Welcome to the season 7 finale, wherein characters give each other reader breaking bad norris the Wall comes down.

Jeremy Podeswa directed this one. He has a reputation for maintaining a rich, moody tone, dragon he does so here, thronee in the opening sequence.

She knows her way around a show, this Daenerys. Jaime told Qyburn there were half a million people there back dragon season 3, but he always was the stupidest Lannister. Cersei has a plan, though: Jaime looks like he drank a gallon of game milk. On gaame way to the Dragonpit, we get a series of conversations between several of the players who have come together for this very special occasion. In any case, first we get a little history on the Dragonpit, once a grand structure where the Targaryens drafon their dragons, and now a ruin.

Then Bronn comes round a bend escorting The sopranos and Pod, lately arrived from Winterfell. Also breaking bad drink is the brief, heartfelt reunion between Tyrion and Podrick Payne, which is made even better when Bronn stamps on the sentiment and urges everybody onward.

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