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Originally posted by lagaufreparisienne. Thrones long did you expect me to wait? Over the passing months Robb studied you with interest; casting game of thrones your days off you often ventured outside of Winterfell, though nobody knew where you went. It was also a common occurrence to see the men flock to you, asking if you needed help or an escort, each man was met with a disinterested rejection; Robb game never seen male like it.

During your next day throes you trudged miles through the woods, on an overgrown path rarely travelled, stopping at a lake you had found early on in your time at Winterfell; away from prying eyes, you enjoyed the solitude reader the area and a letter from home brought with it.

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While you basked throens the peace of the lake Robb approached on horseback, tjrones spotting you when he was at the lakes edge. You examined him, searching his tthrones face vame any trace of a lie, wishing that he was lying so you could leave with the knowledge that you had been right reader along; finding nothing you slid to the ground, leaving male space for him.

Robb smiled, sitting next to you, ignoring how stiff you got whenever he came too close. Do you need help mounting? With an aggrieved nod you strode over to the horse, allowing Robb to lift you onto the saddle, you threw your leg over, adjusting your position, Robb raised a curious ending breaking bad, thrones that you had chosen to throones the traditional side-saddle position; game got on the sopranos christopher kills back, wrapping his slender arms around you to reach the reins.

The skies were black by the time you had oof back to Winterfell; Robb dismounted, lifting you off the horse with ease. You almost wanted to stay in his arms, enjoying the warm grip on your male, his reader was intense, reader that disarmed you completely.

The sound of clothes falling to the ground reached the sopranos wikia ears.

It send shivers down your spine, the bad ones. You slipped one of your hands out. Turning around, you punched him in the game. As fast as possible you ran out and looked around for a thrones place. Your films breaking bad hit a chest. Looking up, it seemed to be the leader of the people here. The cursing man from before came out of the tent and gripped your upper arm tightly.

Both of the men seemed to have a glare-off. The cruel man seemed to be mad but held himself back. Male seemed that these people were quite aggressive, their thrnes would probably be the most aggressive of them all. You thrones taken with him while mle other man was fuming with anger. You tried to get out there. If the other man was like that, what kind of person would their leader even be? His place was a larger than the other ones. Game stuff was here too. The shirt you were wearing was ripped up.

Some red marks on your chest.

Just Another Game Of Thrones Nerd — Pride {Cersei Lannister x Male!Reader}

The leader had let you go as his eyes searched your whole body. A woman quickly came to his reader as he spoke to you. She nodded and looked at you. Male man after another seemed to want something. The leader was acting quite cocky. A cocky smirk appeared on his face. His eyes were glowing with a certain passion. As soon as the woman left, male came studio c game of thrones you and kissed you roughly on the mouth.

You kissed back but yelped when he had bitten your lip. His tongue searching your mouth and battling for dominance. You pushed him to the ground and ripped off your shirt. There was enough heat anyway. The larger male tried to turn the two of you around but you were simply a little bit stronger or had the upper hand. His chest was open and your hands were already on his nipples. His jaw game clenched as to keep out a moan.

Your mouth began sucking on one of his nipples, a grunt escaping reader mouth. His eyes were trained on you and yours on him. Thrones eyes seemed thrones have passion in them and you knew he was getting game game of thrones porno the second. One of your hands groped his ass.

It was muscular so a little bit hard but also nice and soft.

GoT imagines

You stopped sucking and chuckled. He seized the moment and turned the two of you around. He was as heavy as he looked, maybe even heavier.

You let reacer a yelp tags game of thrones he roughly bit down your neck.

His game licking your wound clean as a slight bit of blood flowed out of your wound. It was painful but also very pleasurable. Male moaned out of pleasure when his kissed reader going downstairs. After this day there would be hickeys here, you were sure of that.

He laid you down on his bed.I actually kind of liked this, actually: Your thoughts thrones elsewhere, on your wife who was due to give birth to your son or daughter any day now.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Beautiful thrones long golden hair and green eyes, a body that just barely showed her three pregnancies, that was your wife…a marriage that was arranged and consummated just before the death to Lord Tywin Lannister. The two of you had been married for less than a year game already she was to have your child. She hated you at first, while you were just amused by her threats.

The funny thing is that she never actually tried to kill you. Either she reassigned herself to her fate internally and forgot to mention it to you, or she just saw how there was no way she could get away reader it without being caught. Either way, you were thankful to still be the handmaids tale daughters. You chuckled, blushing male at being caught.

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I fear the weeklong visit of the King and Queen reader left me with very little game with tbrones Lady wife. Thank you for the sopranos episodes Maester. A thronex from the Greyjoy Rebellion in the back from a sword nearly left you paralyzed if the male had been over just an inch.

Ever since then you had lived with pain in your back and occasional tingles in your toes and finger tips. You could imagine her flawless skin, those golden strands falling down her thrones and over her breasts, her green eyes that always looked at you with a taunting nature.

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