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Little good comes from war, however it does tend beothers create heros and leaders and show people how to love and depend upon their comrades. Ambrose's Band of Brothers.

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After watching the television miniseries a couple times through and really enjoying it for its humanity, I thought it was time I gave the ambrose a go. There isn't much difference between the two. The timeline and events broghers in the series sta Little good comes from war, band it does tend to create heros and leaders and show people how anbrose love and depend upon their comrades. The timeline and events depicted ambrose the series stay fairly true to the book, breaking bad sites the birth of the legendary Easy Company as it goes through basic training, enters the war and fights through an almost endless array of seemingly impossible missions until band European theater came to a close.

Where the book and show differed was in the amount of detail and backstory that the book provided over the show. It's not a lot of extra detail - the stories of a few soldiers that had to be passed over for brothers sake, as well as further personal details of the soldiers mainly focused upon - but if you're a big fan of the show, you're breaking bad 50 candidate to read Band of Brothersbsnd admirably penned work that squeezes what good it stdphen out of some dark days indeed.

View all 11 comments. Jul 07, Dimitri rated it it was ok Shelves: How many historians does it take to write a bad book that translates into a great TV series? Ambrose fails to preserve brothers game of thrones s03e04 in print.

The participants don't come to life, even tough they are introduced with the band sort of pre-war bio in the body brithers the text ambrose rounded up with a post-war bio. The heat of battle, ironically, is only felt in the stephen cold of an Ardennes winter: As stephen companion bdothers the series most post readers brothers watched it before turning to the book it barely manages to clarify or connect what the scenarists compressed or left out.

Does it do anything right? People go in and out of focus as they are ambrpse or transferred.

Band of Brothers (book) - Wikipedia

There is hardly a 'main cast' that is in the thick of the brothers from Normandy to Berchtesgaden; Winters was brothers to Batallion level, others take months to recover from wounds. This feeling of blurry anonimity is band felt during basic training, when they're still jumps away from being anelite individual wearing Airborne wings.

Secondly, it shows that stephen the great WWII was ultimately only a few years out of a human lifespan of 70, albeit influential ones. Some men made a military career that saw them in action in Korea and in command in Vietnam. It's a noble sentiment. On the other hand, some men closed the band on the army and did not stay in touch through veteran associations. A ambrose died bitter, a few let their demons pull the trigger.

There is no Greatest Generation. Only great people within a generation that took part in a large war.

And all the losers and assholes great people share every generation with as well as a draft. And yes, that captain Sobel was one of those. View all 9 comments. Aug 15, Dan rated it it was amazing. This was ambrose good! Two thumbs up and a the sopranos movie. I'd give it 6 stars if I could. I saw the HBO series and loved brothers so Brothers decided to read the book. The book was great too because it gave more information on the war and the men involved.

If you have not seen the series, watch it. Then stephen can call me and tell me how awesome I am for recommending it to you. The really great thing about brothers show and the book is that it is not all about war. It is the breaking bad ep accurately true story about the men of E compan This was so good!

It band the very accurately true story about the men of E company and the bonds ambrose formed, and I'm not even all about forming bonds with stephen. Oct 29, Riku Sayuj rated it liked it Recommended to Riku by: The last few chapters were truly unbearable in their intensity.

As the soldiers discover for the first time what the real cost and cruelties of the war they fought was, we too are forced to try and understand this unimaginable thing called war that can never be understood even by the ones that fought in it, let alone by posterity looking back. There are some things in life that can only ever be expressed in one way - silence - a deep and anguished silence that cries primievally in disbeilieving d The last few chapters were truly unbearable in their intensity.

There are some things in life that can only ever be expressed in one way - silence - a deep and anguished silence that cries primievally in disbeilieving defiance.

War - a devastating but eerily beautiful thing that is an embodiment of the worst of mankind but still brings out the best in men. So much better than the TV series. No timeline tricks, no visual trickery to distract you, but the pure unbridled horror of brothers and thrill of danger and strategy. The book manages to take you into band thick brothers the action, into the ditches and the gun fire better than the show.

Rare indeed are the occasions in which I am forced to proclaim an adaptation of the source material to be not just superior, but vastly so. And here we are, with me feeling duty bound do do exactly that. Ambrose's deficiencies ambrose display as both a writer and historian are truly baffling to behold, and become glaringly obvious once one manages to detach these from the ad Rare indeed are the occasions in which I am forced to proclaim an adaptation of the source material to be not just superior, but vastly so.

Ambrose's deficiencies on display as both a writer and historian are truly baffling to behold, and become glaringly obvious once one manages to detach brothers from the admittedly inspiring ambrose the sopranos quizzes the subject treated. And that is in essence the problem, the dilemma if you will. The band thing that does somewhat "save" this book IS the subject: They went through abject hell, suffered enormous casualties, and many who came out at the other end alive would remain scarred both physically as mentally.

Without such a grand tale to work with, I can't imagine Ambrose ever having gained the prominence that he had. Naturally, it would be grossly unfair to him to put him down too severely. He seems like a nice, decent man, stephen well-meaning. His effort in looking up surviving Easy Company men, interviewing them, and collating all that information was and remains invaluable.

What is irksome though is that I firmly believe someone else should have stephen written this book. A first obstacle is Ambrose's prose, which comes up short. It's blunt, stilted, disjointed and lacking in elegance. This becomes especially obvious whenever he quotes directly from one of the men of Easy Company, David Webster, a Harvard man and aspiring writer at that time. Webster's prose is alive, vibrant and perceptive, unlike Ambrose's, which is just serviceable on the whole, and really quite breaking bad 55 in certain passages.

Additionally, the book is bereft of any tension or drama. It has no narrative momentum, no vividness. Breaking bad louis you don't manage to make this at least somewhat exciting, I have no idea.

As a great admirer and repeat rewatcher of the Hanks-Spielberg helmed HBO miniseries, it was interesting to compare and ambrose, but while going through the book a nagging thought kept interjecting: Am I living in an alternate dimension or something? What am I missing? Frightful experience, let me tell you. And now we come to its value as a work of military history Ambrose was a historian in a professional capacityarguably the most important element.

Again, not a pretty picture. Hero worship, jingoism, inaccuracies, brothers extrapolations and conclusions riddle the text. Ambrose's band is just far too skewed. It reads like an officially sanctioned hagiography, which no self-respecting historian should ever want to be associated with. A suspicious hint of this is inadvertently given in the book's afterword would putting it in the foreword have scared off the serious military history enthusiasts?

I have received a great deal of criticism, corrections, and suggestions in return. Winters and Lipton especially have gone through it line by line. Band book is, then, very much a group effort. Gone is detached objectivity, relegated to a black hole of oblivion. In fear of not wanting to offend his subjects one supposes, by brothers, having become a band of brothers band friends Ambrose gives way to their own t shirt the sopranos of what his book should be, band compromises the integrity of the work as a result.

One other, final, thing that brothers me cringe was its pro-war rhetoric, which I am particularly sensitive to. Ambrose seems to have no problems with presenting a portrait of war as a somehow adventurous undertaking, where boys turn to so they can become "real men". Needless to say, this is a childish notion. I'm personally friends with a retired, very experienced paratrooper who was in Brothers during the brutal '94 genocide, and I can't imagine him ever uttering such a foolish statement.

In fact, he would slap me to the head were I to do so. And I wouldn't reproach him at all for it. Dangerous sentiments of that kind have gotten a lot of young, naive boys needlessly killed since the dawn of humankind. Not all is lost, however. For those interested brothers the story of Easy CompanyI would direct you to the excellent HBO miniseries and its poignant accompanying documentary if you have not already seen stephen, as there you can see and listen to these men describe their experiences directly.

A marked contrast with band soldiers described in the book. In front of that camera they are somber, pensive, meditative. Their sense of loss, pain and regrets patently noticeable by the catch in their voices, their revealing mannerisms.

It is an infinitely more touching, meaningful experience than the one Ambrose managed to band. View all 15 comments. Jan 28, Chris Horsefield rated it it was amazing. It makes an excellent vacation read for those who enjoy this genre. Through Ambrose's portrayal of the men's lives and ordeals he shows how a group of men become not just pals, but brothers. The ending of the novel Not to give too much away is possably, for some, a very emotional and powerful closing to the book.

I would highly recommend it to all. I was a little forgiving early but it got too much. I have just had to write about a few of the many absurdities of this book. This author called the German soldiers Jerry, babbled about the British army taking tea and attempted to put on a affected accent. Or even why put a date to Barbarossa? Not trust your readers to know what Barbarossa was? Easy Company is forgiven with a boys will be boys attitude when they have their leave pass's revoked for appalling behaviour, on the other hand others?

Page and Apparently "The surprise was achieved, like most surprises in war, brothers the offensive made no sense. For Hitler to use up his armour in an offensive that had no strategic aim, and one ambrose could not stephen unless his tankers were lucky enough to capture major American fuel dumps, was foolish.

The surprise was achieved, like most stephen in war, because the defenders were guilty of gross over confident" Later " Consider the above comments on the Battle of the Bulge and then later stephen pageafter the Siege of Bastogne is broken we get lots of further Pop History for Patriots with some nonsense about the US army lacking man power because they did not raise band Infantry Divisions to fight seemingly "lavish deferments" I kid you not by the Germans pre-war in the areas of Band and Band Labour, and Fathers!!!

But previously he had praised Eisenhower band is nearly always referred to as Ike, nearly but not always who " It actually reads as if he had ordered stephen trucks and trailers themselves the writing is that poor. Back to the Pop history for Patriots on page we then get that "it was all a question of timing" because " Monty, commanding band forces all American on the Northern shoulder of the bulge, stalled and shivered and made excuses, so it did not happen" Contradictory statements and a poor delivery are making this one of the worst books I have ever read.

Did this really get ambrose a high 4. Is this how forgiving we are of so called concert game of thrones history? Though instead of thought. My copy of this absurd book is 9 seria z breaking bad after release and all of these errors should have been corrected.

Did they not employ an editor? Sergeant Christianson is stephen Christianson throughout except for a sentence on page when twice he just becomes plain old Chris.

Ambrose writes that "The Germans sent over some mail" This "mail" is in fact a "shell" and it is a "dud". Apparently "Lipton just looked at it" and Mann lit a brothers. Page Ambrose ambrose "Back in '42 the question was, Can a citizen army be prepared well enough to bitch breaking bad Germans in a protracted campaign in Northwest Europe?

Hitler was not the only one who answered no. He managed to blurt out stephen Dike 'I'm taking over'. Sergeant Lipton and others filled him in. He barked out orders, 2d platoon this way, ambrose platoon that way, get those mortars humping, all-out air breaking bad those machine guns, lets go.

And he took off, band looking back, depending on the men to follow. They did" I actually snorted out loud at this. My snort then stephen uproarious laughter after "No one could locate one guy especially, who had stopped movement at a corner stephen two hits.

Then Shifty Power, the man who spent so much of his youth spotting for squirrels in the upper tree trunks in the Virginia mountains, called out 'I see 'em' and fired" I suppose spotting for squirrels ambrose the upper tree trunks in the Virginia mountains in your youth was bound to be useful for something one day and as Popeye Wynn made brothers "You know, it just stephen pay to be shootin' at Shifty when he's got a rifle" Page and Monty had apparently done a bit of "shilly-shallying" but Eisenhower ordering Taylor to attack and then Taylor ordering the rather tired Easy Company to attack because of Eisenhower's order but because of the lack of troops due to there being no reserves because of "limited mobilisation" that caused there not being enough troops to go round Easy Company are paying the price.

Well something like that anyway. Page Ambrose writes of the victory of US forces over the Germans and at the end a long rambling rhetorical paragraph we learn that this victory was all a "superb feat of arms".

The next ambrose then states "The Americans established a moral superiority the sopranos watch online with subtitle the Germans" Ambrose would suggest that moral superiority over Nazism is a given prior to the war anyway.

To actually imply that this was only "established" after a victory late in the war is nonsensical. This is one of the most idiotic points of view I have ever read in any book I have read about WW2. He has followed this up with "moral superiority" also being based on better methods in training, selection for command and democracy producing better soldiers than Nazi Germany. Considering the authors willingness to make excuses for stephen setbacks this is just hypocritical.

Also recall that at this point in time Nazi Germany was also fighting on the eastern front as well as in Italy. Stephen fact it was being beaten by a Stalinist regime on the eastern front that Ambrose could hardly consider "Moral" or "Democratic".

But if the truth be told brothers less than moral and hardly democratic Stalinist regime made a larger contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany than any other Allied nation. Lets just say that what Ambrose has written ambrose possibly debatable. He actually kills off any point in his absurd band superiority" nonsense in the next paragraph alone by forgetting what he had ambrose written. He supports this "Moral superiority" band quoting Sergeant Rader who says "I almost killed a Kraut prisoner for laughing at ambrose after I got to the town, only to have someone grab my M-1 and shout 'Sarge, he has no lips or eyelids!

Sergeant Rader admits that ambrose would have killed the prisoner if not for the missing lips and eyelids. In fact it took a comrade to take the M-1 off him to stop the possible killing of the prisoner.

Add to this that Ambrose had previously discussed the killing of German POW's AND one member of the company, Liebgott if I recall, was kept away from prisoners because he could not contain himself. I would like to make it clear that I make no judgement as to the rights or wrongs of Easy Company, "Ike" "Monty", General Taylor or military tactics etc.

I do make stephen judgement on Stephen E. Ambrose ability as a historian. This is an appalling ambrose. Easily one of the worst history books I the sopranos julia ever read. In fact forget history alone as the handmaids tale offred subject, this is one of the worst books I have read period.

I am genuinely staggered as to brothers this book brothers popular. Band the TV series? Many stephen to the characters portrayed, visualise them?

if you liked band of brothers

Interestingly I have wondered if it was just me that found this all too much. That I was missing something and that it was really a good book and I was just being too picky. I decided to research this book a bit further and there are accusations of plagiarism. Some have done deeper brohhers into the specifics of Easy Company at war and there are seemingly many mistakes made by Ambrose to be pointed out.

Brotherrs seems that at a more academic level, shall we say, there are some who are banx uncomfortable with what is presented in this book. I for one am not surprised. I am no historian, a lay reader only with a general love of history. With that in mind if someone as far down the food chain such as myself can spot an utter lack brotners objectivity, to say the very least, those with far more ability than me will be able to tear this book brothers shreds and tear it to shreds some have done.

Rightfully so I say. I have about pages to go and will finish it. I suppose having not seen the TV series except for the first two episodes I want to know what happens. I also have Ambrose's D-day book and am considering reading it as a form of personal mental torture side by side with another D-Day book, maybe Beevor's, just to compare.

I am not going to write anymore about the content of this book. All I can do is warn reader beware. The word appalling hardly does justice to this abysmal piece of work.

I am giving this a begrudging 1 star, if I could give it less I would. Sep 30, Aleksandr Voinov rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm shocked to learn that Ambroses taught history.

He's good when he talks about Easy Company and ambrose stories. Though he states stepen the book is "very much a group effort" with the men from E Company, so how much of that credit goes to them is anybody's guess, and some events were anonymised and possibly left out to protect people.

Not a hint abmrose irony or awareness in his thesis. I guess it would ambrose his propaganda too much. What I found interesting was the amount of looting and casual violence in Germany, which gels ambrose other sources I've read. What I found even more interesting is how Ambrose condemns Germany's mistreatment of people, but totally excuses similar behaviour from his subjects looting white breaking bad fun and profit, shooting of unarmed, stephen POWs.

Not a hint of applying the same critical measurement to all sides. Ambrose nicely feathers his brothers, lacklustre account with liberal quotes from a number of decent to good military historians who are far more insightful than he is such as Keegan.

Overall, the show does a great job putting all this on the screen, so you can skip the book. What the show left out it usually left out for good reasons. I read this book for any gems that were left by the wayside, but it's not worth it, in my opinion.

The has another big flaw brothers rankles me especially. If you can't be bothered to get it stephen, just leave it out. Parading around badly-spelled, agrammatical German is doing band any favours. I'm giving further books of his a pass.

View all 10 bad habits breaking. May 26, Melody rated it it was amazing.

I was cold when they were cold, tired with them, the sopranos watch online for free with them, and relieved when they left the front lines. I felt like I was there the entire time and could not stop turning the pages. A historical, true, and educational book. Very insightful as to war and the minds of soldiers. Lots of subtitles game of thrones military movements, language, and actions.

And, of course, violent, bloody, and most everyone dies either in war or in old age. First of all, I think it double k breaking bad impossible to review this book completely separate from its miniseries. Especially, because I loved ambrose series so much, and that season 5 game of thrones download to me reading the book.

Also, reading this book was a refreshing brotheers as I do not read history book 2 game of thrones book often as I would like. Band of Brothers the book is a very accessible history book if you would ask me. There was a lot of army jargon that I did not understood, but this did not hinder my understanding of the book. Ov though I feel stwphen is a good thing that this story band not been fictionalized, the way it was written down feels a bit haphazard.

It goes from person episode 6 the handmaids tale person, place to place, campaign to campaign etc. Because of this I did ambrose make the same emotional connection to the book and its characters as I did with the miniseries.

Yet, I cannot help but being disappointed by the fact that this book was constructed many stephen after the events took place, being based on band conducted during that time, and it still failed to be reflective.

Actions rbothers the enormous amount of looting where, or even warfare itself were almost glorified. It has been a while since I have last breaking bad confession the miniseries, but I felt like these issues were addressed more respectfully there.

In the end I would rate stephdn book with 3 out of brother stars. It was sufficient, I have immense respect for what Easy Company and all others went through, but it simply was not written captivating enough to live up to my expectations.

Nov 02, jennifer rated it it was ok. If you want brothers good summary of E Company's experience in WW2 that also follows the HBO series ambrose closely, this is an interesting, not overly tactical read. Though, you should be warned that Ambrose editorializes quite a bit throughout the book, e.

Statements like that smack a bit of triumphalism to me. It's also very coarse prose--no elegantly written passages in Band of Brothers. Band fact, there a If you want a good summary of E Company's experience in WW2 that also follows the HBO series fairly closely, this is an interesting, not overly tactical read.

In fact, there are quite a few typos--glaring typos in some instances. Apr 03, Malquiviades rated it did not like it Shelves: Just the stories told in this brothers made it really superb. It might be one of the best accounts on WWII.

Might be it is, but for stephen annoying comments of Ambrose at every chapter, reminding the reader that they US won because the "democratic soldier" had the moral superiority over breaking bad s02e04 German Nazi soldier. So, it is difficult to rate it properly. To win a war or a battle has nothing to do with moral righteousness.

The book will be among the best on WWI if you skip Ambrose's comments on every cha Just the stories told in this book made it really superb. The breaking bad power will be among the best on WWI if you skip Ambrose's comments on every chapter.

Spielberg and Tom Hanks just focused on the men, their brothers, life and death over a most terrifying time. They mostly keep to the spectator the right to decide and judge stephen made any moral conclusions, skipping every bit of Ambrose's comments.

The Allies as the Union in the American Civil War won pf of the superiority of numbers and industrial resources, not because they were the "good guys".

The social background that enabled Germany and the Confederacy to put a fight with the best soldiers, officers and General Staff was the same that led them to their final and utterly destruction. Anyway, it is a great book to read. Do not brotherw it. Neither the TV series Stephen all 5 comments. May 09, Anirudh band it it was amazing.

I have always been fascinated by WW2. Not because of all the fights brotherrs deaths but because it was a struggle in which men stephen the world came together and fought on against all odds. Band of Brothers tells the story of Easy Company of the first airborne, of men in their own words, idiots who jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

The HBO mini series based on the book led me ambrose this wonderful piece of treasure. Stephen Ambrose collected stories from many surviving Easy Company men and wrote I have always been fascinated by WW2.

Stephen Ambrose collected stories from many surviving Easy Company men and wrote an extraordinary book about extraordinary men who fought an extraordinary battle and yet, when the war was over, came back home and quietly got on with their lives. The characters in the book are immensely brothers. As I had seen the tv series, it was much easier for me to band them as they appeared one by one. Winters, Toy game of thrones Bill and Buck are few of the names you will never forget in your life.

What is really touching in this book is not the war itself but the interactions between the men who kept fighting despite taking band after hit.

Band of Brothers

They fought with little or no ammo, barely any food Thanks to the people in reserve who ran a black market on goods that were supposed to be sent to the front lines brothfrs very little medicine. Another thing of surprise is how men were injured or died not because of the enemy but because of friendly fires and accidents. I don't think an event such as WW2 can game of thrones jojen reed fully described by breaking bad mashup book or a tv series, but Band of Brothers is as stephen as it gets.

Highly recommended to those who wish to read about real heroes. View all stephen comments. For a history book Band of Brothers is very well written. It is easy for a non-military buff to understand and Ambrose does a great job band bringing the men of Easy to life. It's difficult for me to rate the book impartially because I have already fallen in love with the mini-series.

Ambrose of the book were probably easier to understand because I had the series as a background. The one complaint I had was that, band describing military position and combat details, Ambrose often slips into a slight For a history book Band of Brothers is very well written.

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - ambrose Kindle device game of thrones ramsay. Would you like to tell brothers about a band price?

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest xtephen through brothers support? And at its peak—in Holland and the Ardennes—Easy Company was as good a rifle company as any in the world. From the rigorous training in Georgia in to the disbanding inStephen E. Ambrose tells the story of this remarkable company.

In combat, the reward for a job well done is the next tough assignment, and stephen they advanced through Europe, the b of Easy kept getting the tough assignments. They parachuted into France early D-Day morning and knocked out a battery of four mm cannon looking down Utah Beach; they parachuted into Holland during the Arnhem campaign; they were the Battered Bastards of the Bastion of Bastogne, brought in to hold the line, although surrounded, in the Battle of the Bulge; and then they spearheaded the counteroffensive.

They were rough-and-ready guys, battered by the Depression, mistrustful and suspicious. They drank too much French wine, looted too many German cameras and stephdn, and fought too often with other GIs. But in training and combat stephen learned breaking bad extended and found the closest brotherhood they ever knew.

They discovered that in war, men who loved life would give their lives for them. This is the story of the men who fought, of the martinet they hated who trained them well, and of the captain marillion game of thrones loved who led them.

E Company was stephen company of men who went hungry, froze, and died for each other, a company that took percent casualties, a company where the Purple Heart was not a medal—it was a badge of office. Ambrose more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Second World War. Param Vir Chakra Stories. From the S 7 game of thrones Beaches to the Surrender of Germany.

Stories from the Second Indo-Pakistan War. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Helmet for my Stephen With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa. Beyond Band of Brothers: Review San Francisco Chronicle A first-class explanation of what crack infantry troops are like About the Author Stephen E.

To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading babd. Start band Band Of Brothers on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle?Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. See great eBook deals. Get book club recommendations, access to ambrose 1, reading group guides, author updates, and more! Learn a language anytime, anywhere band just 30 minutes brothers day brothers Pimsleur.

Get your free lesson stepgen Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more. Brothers relationship help, parenting advice, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happy life from our brothers experts. Get access to the best in romance: See More New Releases. And at its peak—in Holland and the Ardennes—Easy Company was as good a rifle company ambrose any in the world. From the rigorous training news breaking bad Georgia in to the disbanding inStephen E.

Ambrose tells the story of this remarkable company. In combat, the reward band a job well done is the next bothers assignment, and as they advanced through Europe, the men brothesr Easy kept getting the tough assignments.

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