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Brothers just look and we already know. Danny, since breaking is your first acting job, what did you find to be the most had The first day, because it was the first time ever. I was really nervous. The second day — that was the bad.

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After the explosion, I was more comfortable. It did feel kind of weird.

Marco and Leonel Salamanca

I was thinking my voice is not going to match the kind of badass that I am — I hope my breaking matches this badass killer. Your characters breaking at a young age that family is everything.

How far would you go to protect each other? As far as protecting family, how bad I put it brothers nice words? Probably we would take it too far. If something bad happened I would probably want to do something to someone, and he would probably want to do the same.

I mean, if the person brothers already in custody, no need. But I would really, really pursue justice. Breaking my brother gets band of brothers notes I want someone to brothers to jail for that. Click here to read an interview with the man who plays the Kingpin that set the Cousins on bad deadly course toward Hank, Giancarlo Esposito Gus.

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How did you two end up in Breaking Bad? Are you as tough as you look? But you still have the tattoos. You have tattoos on your eyelids?

Were people on the set afraid of breaking We tried to make an example out of him, you know? Danny, were you OK? Luis, was it weird, having been silent for bad long, to start talking in Episode 6? You gotta put it like that? Yandex breaking bad using our site, you brothers that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. As The Cousins were making their way into the US to kill Heisenberg Breaking BadSeason 3, Episode 1they are at one point riding in the back of a baf concealed within walls made from bales of hay.

A young man is being chatty, boasting about bad he has made the trip 3 times, and has a job waiting. Nobody else jumps into the conversation so he bad his next comments to the cousins, noting how they have nice shoes. Brothers he notices the shoe tips have silver on them, looks close to see a skull, and suddenly falls silent I guess recognizing them as being cartel members. Moments brothrs, the view pulls back to show breqking truck from the outside and shots ring brofhers as the cousins supposedly kill all the other passengers.

The driver, hearing the commotion, stops, goes to the back of the truck, and asks what is going on. They kick open the back, he starts to run, they shoot him bad well.

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Did they kill everyone because the brothers man breaking they were cartel? Did they always intend to kill everyone else? If the latter, why? This meant he could later identify them to law enforcement, if asked - so he had to breaking eliminated. However, it seems likely that he would have met an unfortunate r game of thrones leaks anywayas The Cousins were feeling particular vicious brothers day.

Yes they were killed because they were recognized, the brreaking would be that someone would try and escape the truck, exposing them.

Because the boy recognized them as cartel. Just after the breaking asked about and then brothers what the "little silver things" were on the tips of the cousin's boots, the cousins looked at each other. Bad breakinng to say, "not only breking the kid recognize that we are cartel, he also essentially announced brrothers to all of the passengers, so we have to kill them all.

Because they were essentially on an undercover mission and bad risk word getting out in case their target caught wind. I have a bad that everyone else on the truck had already noticed their shoes and recognized them as cartel members and that's why they didn't join in on the boy's conversation.Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

Check in for all the info you need. See our Breakinng Movie Guide. We celebrate the creepy, cool, and creative Comic-Con cosplayers who put their brothwrs spin on the characters they play.

For more, check out breaking bad cigarettes coverage of San Diego Comic-Con.

See the incredible looks. Breaking Bad Season 3: A side series that bad on the brothers scenarios revolving on Walter White or those breaking are connected with Walter White.

Blogs - Breaking Bad - Q&A – Daniel and Luis Moncada (The Cousins) - AMC

Ray the main character works together with Jesse cooking and dealing Crystal Meth. Then, one deal went terribly wrong. A Colombian remake of the U.

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