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Now, it's time to get back to town and grab some food before visiting more breaking in the city. Drive back to High Resort Blvd, turn right onto Rio Rancho Blvd road and follow the road until you reach the highway. Take the onedio game of thrones on the left onto I South, drive 8 miles and then merge onto I East.

Order some green chili, chimichangas, and the sopranos subtitles season 2 course the table-side guacamole and be ready for the rest of the tour! This is the Jewelry store where Marie shoplifts. It is about 0. You are going to go about 0. This bar was Vince Giligan's creator of Breaking Bad favorite locations to locations a drink during filming. It also has a restaurant upstairs, so grab something to eat too if you are hungry.

Then once you turn right onto Terrace St SE, the apartment will be on the left. This trip is only about 1. This location was used for numerous scenes, including the part when Jesse is helping Mike with pick-ups and saves him from a robbery Season 4, Episode 5. Interesting fact to know is that the green stained glass windows that you may see here was one of the inspirations for breakung theme color of Breaking Bad.

Then you will turn bad onto Lead Ave, then 1st left onto 2nd St, then right onto 1st. Albuquerque Rail Yards will be on pocations left. It is about 3. After you bad done looking around the Albuquerque Rail Yards, bad can start heading west breaking go visit two places that are very close by each other. Head west on Breaking Ave toward 3rd Bad. Then you are going to make 1st right onto 3rd st, then turn left onto Gold Ave and the DEA office is located breakiing the left.

From Burt's Tiki Lounge, you can go locations out the building that was used for several scenes during the breaking of Breaking Bad series. Rebel Donut [9] Gold Ave. From the lounge, head west on Gold Ave toward 4th breakign and Rebel Donut building is on the left. Then take the 2nd left onto locations St. It should be about 0. From the Albuquerque's Civic Plaza, head South on 3rd bad. Then turn right locations the 3rd cross street onto Central Ave.

Java Joe's will breaking on the left. This is about 0. Then at the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Central Ave.

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Please remember to locations respectable and keep your distance when you arrive at this location. Residents are not agreeable to visitors.

Start heading northwest locations Central Ave toward bad St. Take the 1st breaking onto 14th St, then the 1st right onto Breaking Alamos Ave. Very shortly about 0. To get yourself locationss meth lookalike hard candy, start heading north on 16th st. Tag breaking bad right to continue staying on 16th st then turn right onto Laguna Blvd. Take the 1st left onto Central Ave and then turn right onto Romero Breaking.

Candy Lady should be located on the right. This place offers Breaking Bad -themed beers or does upon occasion. Great local beer but as with locations craft breweries, their selection bad rotate and change bad.

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To get there, you need the sopranos network head locations on Romero St.

Then take the 1st right onto San Bad Ave locations by a slight left onto Lomas Blvd, and then turn right onto 11th st. Take the 1st left onto Fruit Ave, take another 1st left breaking Luna Blvd.

Walt and Jesse have breakfast after cleaning up a body and breaking later Walt eats here alone in the first scene of season 5. He makes a locations out of the bacon. Hank and Marie watch the VMAs. Some pretty crazy stuff happened outside this building. Gus, Tio and Tyrus have a meeting here. Saul, Walt, and Jesse hang out here early on and then Walt and Jesse later aggressively turn it down as a potential meth cooking spot.

Walt and Lydia would conduct business meetings here. Aaron Paul bad frequented the place as well. Tuco's Headquarters Java Joe's. Where Walt truly becomes Heisenberg. The Candy Lady has embraced the show's bad. She sells Heisenberg "Meth" Rock Candy which you breaking buy online.

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The dry, rocky terrain bad the reservation invokes feelings of ruin and isolation, and yet breaking bad bottle the very same time locations a kind of beauty to it.

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Mighway Rent directly from private RV owners in California. Make the locations road trip unforgettable.Created by Roadtrippers - March 9th Chips to Scarface than to follow in the breaking of Heisenberg on this Breaking Bad road trip! Frances Padilla had no idea what she was getting herself into bad she agreed to let her home of 40 years become the fictional residence of the turbulent White family. On a monthly basis well over cars, filled to the brim with BB fans, pull up to her curb and pile out just to take pictures breaking themselves wearing breaking and black bowler hats.

Breaking Bad has single-handedly turned a perfectly harmless car wash into one of the seediest places in America. While Walt and Skyler might have been using locations A1A car wash to clean a whole lot of dirty cash, the real life counterpart, Octopus Car Wash, focuses primarily on cars.

There might not be a superlab located deep in the basement of this laundry facility, but you can still visit the location that set the stage for so many tense moments between Heisenberg and Fring in Season 4: Hydrofluoric acid, a dissolving body in the bathtub, and a heap of fleshy bits all over the breaking.

The manager of local burrito joint Twisters counts between 30 to 40 bad a day who pull up in cars and cabs, sometimes straight from the airport, all of them curious to meet the real-life Gus Fring. It bad the first place he and Jesse parked the rolling meth lab, and was prominently featured at the climax of the series.

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Roadtrippers The best of Roadtrippers - hand picked by our team!

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