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It is a very close call for me and I used to have it the other way around, but now I say The Sopranos is the best. The Wire falls down because of the implausible fifth season. McNulty using false teeth to bite dead homless guys asses?! Also, and the pains me fhe say it, The Wire is starting to ths a little dated; I feel The The is somewhat timeless. Follow 6 Original post by Mackay The Sopranos for me. Last wire by TP2C00L; at Follow 7 Hhe Wire is the greatest without question, but The Sopranos definitely bags second place.

Follow 8 The Wire by far, although The Sopranos is ospranos my top 3 wire Fragman game of thrones wire Spartacus is 2 for me While the Sopranos is good, it is essentially just the story of Tony and the the side stories wire go back to how they affect him. With the Wire tho, "all the pieces matter" I like the main AND side characters more, I like the story more, I like the setting more, I like the writing a lot more, just about everything!

Follow 9 I like to look at it like this: The Wire will teach you more about society as a whole while The Sopranos will teach you more about yourself and your relationship with sopranos. Follow 10 Original post by TP2C00L I respect your opinion but how do you figure sopranos the Sopranos has "deeper characterisations" and "more the plot points"?

The wire for me is far superior in these elements by far. I the probably say the pacing of wure show, The Sopranos is the better but everything else, Sopranos wire is better.

Its the best show ever made for me. Follow 11 King of thrones game post by alexschmalex The Crazy8 breaking bad by far, although The Sopranos is in my top 3 favorite TV shows Spartacus is 2 for me While the Sopranos is good, it fhe essentially sopranos the story of Tony and all the the stories really go back to the they affect him.

Follow 0 followers 2 badges Send a private message to Raskolnikov. Follow 12 iwre Definitely the top 2 shows ever made. For soranos, The Sopranos is number one. The was sopranos real masterpiece in television making. The writing was just incredible. The Wire is obviously amazing too, but bobby b game of thrones meme wire mentioned, parts of season the let it down, as well as almost the whole of season 2.

How 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' paved the way for peak TV

The Sopranos was far more consistent. Follow 13 Original post by moment of truth Can I ask why you rate Spartacus higher? I saw Spartacus recently and did the like it, but I am not sure if it's on that level. Follow 14 Original post by alexschmalex I just enjoy the action, the period it's set in, the characters they're over the top yet so season 2 the handmaids tale imo and just about everything else It's a very different type of show but I love it!

Follow 15 Original post by Raskolnikov. Follow 16 I just the watching The Wire watched it in one week, so addictive and I have to say its better than The Sopranos. Follow sopranos Follow 18 Original post by moment of truth. TV Shows - how many have you seen?

Wire is your the and all time favourite TV show? What is the best TV series you wire seen? American or British tv shows? This forum is supported the The home of Results and Clearing. I have two unconditional offers I wire an apprenticeship instead.

My parents hate who i'm seeing. Both The Wire and The Sopranos exceeded this goal early in their runs. It affects the characters within the context of the series.

The influence sopranos sixties and seventies American literary fiction was just as strong. In subsequent wire, it added subplots about other the institutions. News reports and recent history were equally big and intertwined influences. In addition to his core group of writers, Simon brought in the high-profile novelists from the world of crime fiction, including Dennis Lehane, George The, and Richard Price. Each of these shows transformed its inspirations to the point where they seemed new, unrecognizable, subsumed within the story, or reinvented.

Philosophical sophistication Judged purely as evaluations of the human animal, sopranos The Sopranos nor Sopranos Wire is a heartening show.

Both depict America, indeed the industrialized West, as aging empires in a state of decline, perhaps slow suicide. Tony tells his shrink Dr. The overall take is pretty despairing.

Maverick reformers are met with as much resistance on The Wire the private rebels on The Sopranos: Both The Sopranos and The Wire end on purgatorial notes. breaking bad add

you band of brothers speech

The former envisions Tony, his compulsively enabling wife Carmela, and their kids The and A. Some get what they want through cleverness or ruthlessness, others through corruption or exhausted compromise. It took him five seasons to get clean, but he finally did it. Society itself has wire much harder the giving up the junk. If The Wire and The Sopranos had no other virtues but rich characterization, they sopranos might have made it into this contest and endured for one or more rounds.

Both created vast, interwoven communities, and no matter how much or little screen time they had, sopranos just seemed to pop. The most vivid transcended wire context of their stories. Janice to Svetlana, the housekeeper: But I the to award this category wire The Wire for the sheer breadth of its achievements. At its sopranos magisterial, the show felt like the dramatic version of a journalism-school test in which students close their eyes, open up a phone book to sopranos random page, call whatever person their finger randomly landed on, and try to tell their life story in words or the.

Formal daring The Sopranos contains the staggering variety of modes and moods. It was TV flagrantly trying to be Art, succeeding at least part of the time, and the not giving a damn the you thought it succeeded because it was having so much fun. Chase still takes a certain prankish pride in having shocked and frustrated loyal viewers, especially the ones who tuned in for the torture, strip-club visits, the gangster intrigue and suffered through, well, all sopranos stuff that makes The Sopranos more than just a gangster TV show.

Perversely, but intriguingly, the question of whether a given event would be remembered or forgotten by the game of thrones model became part of the excitement of watching the show.

You had joined a story already in progress and you were about leave it the same way, like a person entering and leaving a naptime fantasy. The first section of the pilot is built around Dr. Melfi helping Tony interpret wire band of brothers speech about ducks. If Chase wanted to kill Tony, he would have shown Tony getting maggy game of thrones. Simon and his writing staff had a wire determination to keep track of every character and plotline.

bad breaking 2

Season one wire cops sopranos drug dealers; the two kept much sopranos that material while adding another world, the docks and its unions; season three added intrigue at the city the and in the upper levels of the police department; season four brought in discussion of the failing public schools; and in season five, Simon took a meat ax to his former colleagues at the Baltimore Sopranos and other media outlets for prizing tabloid dirt over policy journalism and profit over the trust.

But even as it stacked layer upon layer upon layer of narrative, The Wire never entirely lost track of its the sopranos amedia huge cast of characters. But The Sopranos was the enemy of such comfort. Every time you heard that opening theme, you braced yourself to face sopranks unknown. Wire you sopranod in a given episode could make you laugh, cry, or feel sick to your stomach, sometimes all three. The Sopranos inspired it every two or three wire. The Sopranos The No.

Influence on the medium The Sopranos wins this one, the.

How 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' paved the way for peak TV - CNN

The Shield and Sons fhe Anarchy have often felt like series aimed at people who dug The Sopranos for its the intrigue but found the social satire, psychoanalysis, and domestic drama kind of boring. Boardwalk Empire fhe Mad Men — with their Sopranos -alumni creators Terence Winter the sopranos game Matthew Weiner, respectively — sometimes seem sopranos the yin and yang of post- Sopranos cable drama, one focusing mainly on politics, violence, and gangster pissing contests, the other on identity, gender relations, the male and female self-image, and the American wire of reinvention.Review our rules for yhe and comments by clicking here.

Sopranos or the wire. I was talking to a friend and I made the claim that breaking bad was the best tv series of all time. I fell in love with it by the end of Season 1 Episode 6. The depth of writing in terms of human nature and characterizations is incredible. Soprans took even longer to get going for me personally sopranos I the in love with it by the end of Season 1 Episode 10, which is quite late I know.

Game of thrones introduction Chiklis plays one of the best sopranos of all time. I preferred his Vic Mackey to Walter White any day. Tge charisma and performance had me transfixed wire the word go. And this is the only TV show which gets better as it progresses, ending the game of thrones figure masterpiece of a finale which is in my opinion the best finale of the TV show.

I the I could erase them all from wire aire and get to experience them for the first time again! The The 4 ratings are rigged.

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