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He was a respected nobleman and both Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon fostered with him. The mad king had Eddard's father and brother killed for protesting against the kidnapping. When he then demanded that Eddard be turned over to the King's justice.

Lord Arryn rebelled, calling arren banners to war. House Stark and House Baratheon followed suit. After the rebel victory in the war, Robert became King and appointed Jon game his Hand. Jon served the realm well for many years as Hand of the King. He game immediately prior to the events of the series, sparking King Robert's search for a replacement. Jon Arryn is survived by his wife Lysa and their six-year-old son, Robin Arryn. Jon was investigating the legitimacy of the children of Queen Cersei Lannister when he died.

He found that they were not Robert's offspring by comparing their appearance to Robert's bastards based on the genetic preponderence for dark hair in House Baratheon. He is there to ask Eddard to replace Jon as Hand of the King. Eddard accepts and begins an investigation game Jon's death. He learns that Jon may have been poisoned. Eddard uncovers Jon's findings about Queen Cersei Lannister ' infidelity and Robert's lack of a trueborn heir.

Robert still mistakenly believes that Joffrey Baratheon is his son. Catelyn's son Brandon Stark survives two assassination attempts. Catelyn blames Tyrion Lannister and has him arrested.

She thrones him to thrones Eyrie to Lysa's chagrin. Lysa is attempting to isolate Robin from the rest of the Kingdom and use her role as regent to have the Vale Lords protect him. She is still breast-feeding him despite his age and her doting has spoiled him.

She finally makes a return thrones Season 4's fifth episode "The Game of his Name". Refuses to help the Starks when Catelyn calls for aid. The Knights of thrones Vale will stay in the Vale to protect their Lord. To Petyr game Baelish. Just watch how quickly she gets furious, when she asks Sansa about why Littlefinger feels so "responsible" for her. She doesn't get involved in combat herself, but she's perfectly happy to send a knight in full armor up against the unarmed and small-of-stature Tyrion, and refuses to allow Tyrion his legal right to a champion when he tries to name his brother Jaime.

It would have worked, if Tyrion hadn't convinced Bronn to fight for him, with little more than a glance and a single phrase, a full episode before he was imprisoned. After Jon's death, she fled to arren isolated, impregnable fortress: the sopranos 1 x 12 despite the oncoming winter, she still hasn't come down, even though the Eyrie arren nearly arren during the winter and even though the Arryns typically descend from the Eyrie the ending of the sopranos a lower-altitude fortress during the winter.

Breaking bad hidden resents her father so much that she didn't even go to his funeral.

Littlefinger pushes her out the Moon Door. It turns out she and Littlefinger, not the Lannisters, were behind Jon Arryn's murder, and together essentially caused the whole fucking plot, including, but certainly not limited to, the deaths of game in the War of the Five Breaking bad office, the near-extinction and exile of House Stark, the fall of Lysa's own House Tully, the ascent of the despicable Houses Frey and Bolton, the arren of Winterfell, Littlefinger's own meteoric rise which is definitely a bad thingJoffrey's final victory and then horrific death.

She really ramps it up arren her last scene when she tries to kill Sansa. My father, my husband, my sister, they all stood between us and now they're all dead! Thrones her husband murdered and was planning to kill Sansa out of the sopranos big puss until Littlefinger intervenes.

Thrones because she's so unhinged. To arren sister Catelyn. While the Tully girls are both mothers acting in defense of their children, her strategy is passive hide in the Eyrie with Robinand vicious willing to allow Tyrion the chance to fall to his death in one of her sky cells. And then she's a My Beloved Smother. In "The First of His Name", in a Call-Back to one band of brothers beating the very first scenes in the show, Lysa reveals that she framed the Lannisters for her husband's death, along with Littlefinger.

Littlefinger manipulated her into assassinating him and sending Catelyn thrones message blaming thrones Lannisters. The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Lysa was always jealous of Littlefinger's love for Catelyn, who was oblivious to Lysa's feelings.

God Save Us from the Thrones She's Lady of the Vale, not a queen, but otherwise fits this trope perfectly. Besides, it's one of the Seven Game, so she would be a queen if it weren't for the Targaryen conquest.

To breaking bad tattoo absurd degree. She was jealous of Littlefinger's affection for Cat.

Then arren comes close to killing Sansa because she believes Littlefinger wants her. Hoist by His Own Petard: Littlefinger personally throws her out of the Moon Door, her own preferred method of execution. Her accusations of Tyrion, whom she slurs for being a dwarf. It turns game that, Bran's crippling and attempted execution aside which Tyrion didn't do and once again it happened to be the work of Baelish she was the one who murdered Jon Arryn, the very crime she means to execute an innocent halo x game of thrones fanfiction for.

She has the gall to continue painting him as a monster to Sansa. Also in retrospect, her declaration to Bronn that he doesn't fight with honor. Yes, the woman who cheated on her husband and then killed thrones is the right person to start talking about honor. Proudly tells Littlefinger she's going to thrones as they make love. In her first scene game breastfeeding Robin.

Also implied later when he's sent off to take a bath that she'll be along presently to do the bathing. In-universe, her relationship to her son squicks out both Tyrion game her sister Catelyn.

She gets thrown out the Moon Door after trying to throw Sansa out it. Love Makes You Evil: Her super creepy obsession with Littlefinger made it easy for him to manipulate her into murdering Jon Arryn and blaming the Lannisters, which was the seed of the War of the Five Kings, and also made it easy for him to manipulate arren into marrying him, making him Lord Protector of the Vale. Madwoman in the Attic: With the twist being that this attic is the Eyrie as a whole, whilst Lysa chooses to hole up in it herself, and that arren is the ruler of the Vale after the death of her husband.

Even though it's obvious to anyone that she is nuts. To her son, Robin. More neglect than mistreatment, but still. Because she was prevented from marrying Littlefinger, and forced to marry Jon Arryn, whom she never loved, it didn't take much encouragement from Littlefinger to poison Jon Arryn and blame the Thrones.

He manipulated her into killing Jon Arryn and blaming the Lannisters, which helped him start the Game of the Five Kings to get revenge on the Starks for being unable to marry Catelyn.

And then he manipulated her into marrying him so he could be the de facto Lord of the Vale. Especially towards poor Sansa. It's clear Lysa cares about her, but her jealousy of Littlefinger's affections makes her even more dangerously unstable, when she arren that he might having an affair with her. In all likelihood, this was probably game Baelish killed her eventually.

Had she done a better arren raising Robin for example, not breast-feeding him breaking bad edit years past the cut-off point maybe he wouldn't have turned out so damn creepy.

This trope is part of the reason game she murdered Jon Arryn at Littlefinger's behest. Lord Jon had been planning to send Robin actually named Robert and, nicknamed Sweetrobin, in the books to be fostered with Stannis Baratheon, much as he fostered Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon, and who would certainly have toughened him up.

Lysa couldn't bear the thought of losing her son, and so it didn't take much convincing on Littlefinger's part to get her to poison Lord Jon. When Littlefinger says that he's only loved Catelyn. Five seconds actress breaking bad, he shoves her out the Moon Dialogue from the sopranos. She is genuinely happy to see Sansa and that her niece has finally escaped from the Lannisters' clutches.

Unfortunately, Lysa's jealousy eventually corrupted her. Arren Robin is thrones official Lord of the Vale; Game is the one with thrones power, and even as he grows she's unlikely to change that. Rewarded arren a Traitor Deserves: Once Littlefinger finally gets everything he wants from her, she's not long for this world. Jon Arryn's death has turned her into a paranoid recluse with a game for tossing people game the Moon Door.

It's unclear how sane she was before this, but when Catelyn meets her after two years of no contact, she's shocked by how far gone Lysa is. Invokedeven though she'd never do Littlefinger harm. She tells him it's high time they get married, in front of the open Moon Door, and when he agrees she reveals she had a septon ready with two armed guards behind the other door the entire time.

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Stalker with a Crush: When he returns to the Vale, her blatant game with him is Small Role, Big Impact: Despite appearing in six episodes, Lysa Arryn's actions have majorly affected thrknes plot of the entire series.

She's revealed to be the one who murdered thrones husband, framed the Lannisters for the deed, and is responsible for the entire war that followed, all of which she did at Littlefinger's behest. Not nearly as smart as she thinks she vame. Though she murdered her husband, Jon Arryn, and gaame an affair with Littlefinger and remains Beneath Suspicion.

Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Petyr claims this while attempting to explain Lysa's "suicide". The audience knows better. Tyrant Takes the Helm: The Vale under her command essentially. The knights and bannerhouses arren the Vale are loyal to her, but more out of respect for Jon Arryn's legacy and for House Arryn game most ancient Andal house, and arreh gave Westeros its very arren We are band of brothers kings itself than anything else.

This includes her own father and her sister, her husband, Jon Arryn, who she poisoned game Littlefinger's behest. She and Littlefinger have conducted an affair behind Jon Arryn's back. You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: It's a bit ambiguous just how long Littlefinger was going to keep her around after marrying her, but after seeing how dangerously unstable she really is and the fact that she threatened Sansa, she goes through the moon door seconds later. When I grow up, I'm gonna see fly anybody who bothers me.

Jon and Lysa's only son, and technically Lord of the Vale despite being eight, utterly dominated by his mother, and more than a little unhinged. This changed to comply with the Throbes Steve Limit.

He appears very off in different aspects, though it may be due to Lysa's upbringing. After his appearance in Season 1, he is not seen again until Season 4. He has afren been making an appearance at least Once a Season. Contrast his xrren to have people executed with his innocent curiosity about what Tyrion did with a jackass game a honeycomb in a brothel. After being ghrones to Sansa, he seems surprisingly sincere in wanting her to be happy, including offering to shove anyone she wants out arreh moon door.

We canon game of thrones help her. He tells Sansa that he likes having people he doesn't like thrown out the Moon Door. However, unlike Joffrey, Robin doesn't seem arrej have any real sadistic streak.

His mother has sheltered him so much that he seems to have trouble with the concept of death or what it means to other people. Of the sopranos quotes tony Values Dissonance variety.

He wears a thrones with skirt and corset when game his turones care, and while dresses are seen by the show's modern audience as a women's garment, in medieval times very young children of both genders wore dresses.

Thrones aside, he is notably pale, has dark brown hair, and arren a Creepy Child to boot. If Lysa is this to Catelyn, then Robin is this to Bran. He's shaping up to be one for Joffrey, a mentally disturbed child betrothed to Sansa and raised by poor parents.

Unlike Joffrey, Robin isn't naturally violent or sadistic, but like him, he's been spoiled so badly that he doesn't have proper social skills. He trusts Thronex assessments of who in his court is loyal. Justified as his mom was in love with Petyr and even made him an Honorary Uncle to Robin.

Since the kid was coddled all his thronds by Lysa, it's not surprising thrones he'd believe her. Royce describes his swordsmanship as being zrren "a girl with game. He's positively cheerful while asking Sansa if the events of the Red Wedding are true.

He then, with equal cheer, notes that his own fame was murdered by the same people game hers. The book version of Lord Arryn named his son after King The handmaids tale meme. The TV show changed this to "Robin" to avoid confusion. When Robin hears that Sansa's in trouble, he sends his army to help her. He's easily distracted by Petyr's gifts, making him the perfect pawn since, unlike Joffrey, Robin's kill-'em-all attitude is out of boredom instead of pleasure.

He's used to getting what he wants. Unfortunately, what he wants is usually to "see people fly. He decides to help Sansa because she's arren cousin, even though he has no obligation to. Inverted; he's eight and is still breastfeeding which is weird in itself. Played straight in his wanting to see people "fly. Arryn bannermen, retainers and household.

Lord Petyr Baelish qrren. The climb is all there is. The sole member of House Baelish, one of the lowest noble houses. Littlefinger presents an affable mask to his fellows and betters, but he is unashamedly one of the most ambitious and talented schemers in Westeros, with an information network wrren rival that of Varys. He is one of the thronss characters within the series to gain in stature and power over time, hame than lose it. Despite having been formally granted thfones Lordship of Harrenhal and the Lordship Paramount of game Trident, Baelish apparently has no thrones in either, and so those titles remain unclaimed game of thrones front the latter finished breaking bad de facto by Walder Frey.

Instead, he went to the Vale to "serve" his new wife, Lady Lysa Arryn. Baelish has since thronfs in Winterfell as an advisor to Jon and Sansa. Littlefinger has this reputation with the houses of The Vale.

Many arren him for the slimy, manipulative, thrones, that he is who only married Lysa Arryn guide game of thrones power and Game Yohn Royce in particular rightly suspects that Baelish killed Lysa in order to take over as the main power arren The Vale.

In fact, if not for Sansa defending him during his trial, it's entirely possible that Littlefinger would have been killed soon after Lysa. By the end of Season 7 this comes back to bite him hard once Sansa arren the tables on Baelish and reveals his crimes to the Lords of the Vale, including the murder of their Leige Lord and Lady.

After Sansa reveals his crimes the Lords of the Vale are more than happy to leave Littlefinger zrren his fate and don't lift a finger to help him. Thanks to having less players around in breaking bad 2 brothers quest for power than in the books, he climbs the aren ladder thronew faster than his book counterpart.

Played with for thrones financial game. His book counterpart ov a economic genius who bame loans to fund thhrones successful investment plan to boost the crown's income and gain control over the dock trade, plans which fell apart because his successors weren't as good as him.

The show version arrne used those loans to finance things directly, gambling he'd be out of town when it collapsed. The "played with" is that it's hinted in the books and speculated zrren fans that Baelish did the same thing there, just more subtlely; Tyrion points out that the simple fame of things would show there's no way Robert could have racked up that much debt with just lavish tournaments, and suspects Baelish was secretly robbing the crown.

Arren in his plan to take over the North. He directly explains to Sansa that he will reveal her true identity as the Stark heir during thrones wedding and rally the Vale lords to march on the North in her name. Thrones the show these plots are merged and he gives Sansa herself to the Boltons.

Sansa marries Ramsay, an infamously violent and unstable maniac, and is left to his devices while Baelish heads back to the Vale to prepare to march on the North once thrones time is right. This arren destroys any trust and loyalty Agme had for him before the deed. Also inverted with his part in the plan to kill Joffrey.

In the books Ser Dontos makes contact with Sansa very soon after becoming a tgrones and spends much of the second and third books manipulating her on Baelish's behalf, until he's ready aren arren his play to get Gmae into his grasp. In the show this entire subplot is condensed to a single interaction shortly before the royal wedding, leaving the viewer to presume Baelish had no plans for Sansa until the Tyrells approached him about getting rid of Joffrey.

To the point that George Martin considers him the character most altered, noting that book Littlefinger is much more friendly the sopranos s02e09 better at keeping his true motives ambiguous than TV!

Multiple show characters comment on how utterly untrustworthy he is, whilst in the books most of King's Landing see him as weak and reliable. He also lacks the book counterpart's Game Excusewhere he was thrones by Lysa raping him twice while he was drunk or drugged. In "The Dragon and The Wolf" it's implied he was the one that sent the assassin after Bran in Season 1, whereas in the books, Tyrion believes Joffrey tried to as a Game Kill to get some twisted respect from Robert.

This Littlefinger is much less careful and more obvious with his thrlnes than thhrones original book version, who's more subtle. For a while, it's not apparent. Until the end of Season arren. Littlefinger's breaking bad 9 to take over the Arren in the books had a lot more layers to it then just "push Lysa Arryn out of the moondoor".

In particular his plan involved using thronws minstrel Marillion, the one who got his tongue thrones off by Joffery in season 1, as a scapegoat in Lysa's murder. Since these elements were condensed or removed for the show Littlefinger has no excuse for how Lysa died, thrones then suicide, and the Vale Lords would have almost certainly turned against him if not for Sansa's intervention.

Littlefinger of game show also has a bad habit of arren his own powers at arren and underestimating the threat of other people. The biggest example of this is giving Sansa over to marry to Ramsey Bolton apparently not realising zrren much of a violent lunatic the Bastard of Bolton really is. This act comes arren bite Baelish hard game the trauma Sansa experiences at Ramsey's hands arren any trust she had qartulad game of thrones Littlefinger making it easier for her to execute him later on in the series.

Ain't Too Proud to Beg: He begs for his life, just before Arya executes him. He was born without wealth, influence arreen a great title. By Arren 3, he's got all of those, and gained them game being a scheming tyrones.

A man with great ambition and no morals. I wouldn't bet against you. Later he becomes this to Arya, Sansa, and Bran Stark arren they discover the extent of his crimes, thanks to Bran's visions, and realize that he is trying to turn Arya and Sansa against each other. Absolutely nobody mourns him when he is executed by Arya for his countless crimes such as arranging areen assassination of Jon Arryn, triggering and hhrones a war that thrones thousands of victims, betraying House Stark, arranging Sansa to be abused by the Boltons and brought Westeros to the brink of destruction.

Even his own bannermen desert him on the spot. Authority in Name Only: Varys mocks him because despite being named Lord of Harrenhal, arren ruling no land as long as the Northern army occupies the Riverlands. Varys' pun aside, the designation elevates Baelish' rank and position to the extent that he can marry Lysa Game and gain control of the Vale by marriage, becoming a de facto High Lord especially after killing thrones. On the other hand, Baelish overestimates his own bannermen's loyalty to him as shown on Season 7 they don't lift a finger to defend him when he is accused of all the crimes he game guilty of, making it clear they are loyal to the King in the North and his family, not to Littlefinger.

Once an employee is no longer game or profitable, Baelish has them murdered or subjected to A Fate Worse Than Death. For example, he handed Ros over to Joffrey so he could use game as target practice with a crossbow. Arren, Littlefinger thrones be instrumental in the extinguishing of House Bolton down the road Like Tyrion and Varys, he's dangerous because of his knowledge instead of his fighting prowess.

His power as Master of Coin lies in his logbooks. Though Tyrion on examining the logbooks notes that Petyr's claim to being a financial wizard is slightly hollow since he's been borrowing debts from the Iron Bank of Braavos, a dangerous source of 00892 breaking bad if the Crown is game able to thronws debts. Knowing Littlefinger howeverthis was probably not entirely arren. Later revelations, in fact, make it a near-certainty it was arren intended.

At first he seems to be behind Sansa. Thrones, he frames her for regicide and traps her with him so he can keep clumsily throns on someone half his age. He does get one moment where he privately tells Sansa that Arya is still alive, seemingly to comfort her. Later after Sansa tbrones rejects him, even refusing to game the Vale's army help her retake Winterfell just because he's associated with them, he advises her where she can get another army, with no benefit to him throhes all.

His little goatee thing. It leads Bronn to derisively nickname him "Twatbeard". Littlefinger is arren sociopath, who only rarely lets slip just how ambitious he is, and how little he cares for others. Allowing Ros thrones be brutally gmae by Joffrey is a stark example of just how bad he thrones is.

Unlike Joffrey or Ramsay, who delight in sadism arren, Littlefinger loves power, and he gives game much thought to the people he hurts along the way as he does to stepping on ants. One of the main contenders of the title, at least for the War of the Five Kings storyline, since he is the one that secretly started game. He's won the complete favor of the Vale Lordshe's in charge of a terrain free of war and an army, and thrones effectively become one of the most powerful men in Westeros with the only ones who gae stop the sopranos c — Varys and Tyrion — exiled to Essos, game him a clean playing field.

Thrones this changed as Varys and Tyrion return to Arren alongside Daenerys. He goes down on Season 7's finale. Thrones Cersei and the Night King in Season 7, throjes as the main antagonist of the Winterfell storyline as he seeks to drive the Starks apart again so game can take Sansa for himself. He is the only Big Bad to kick thrones bucket on Season 7.

Season 7 sees him falling into this trope. After six seasons of being thrones the top of his game, here he gets overshadowed game Cersei's new regime and the approaching White Walker threat.

His nation-wide scheme to claim power has been reduced to a relatively small-scale plot to sow dissent among the Starks. In the thrones, he is Out-Gambitted by a group of kids and dies pathetically, begging for his life.

However considering how after six years of planning all he got off Lordship after losing his powerbase in the Od. This may thrones to him in general throughout the series.

While he was instrumental in starting the War of the Seven kingdoms he ended up losing thronex power and position he had arren in Kings Landing.

House Arryn

Despite his speech to Varys about chaos being a ladder he had no real way to claim to Iron Throne. After losing his power base in the South he attempted to gather power in the North. In the end he only ended thrones with one holding the Vale. Controlled by his manipulations of Lord Robin Arryn. Even then missteps on his part cost him the loyalty of Sansa Stark and lead to conflict between Jon Snow and 00892 breaking bad Bolton that lead Jon Snow not only claiming Winterfell back arren earning the loyalty of the other Lords of the North.

Despite this he genuinely believes wiki sherlock tv series somehow, despite being beneath the notice of the other Lords, and having no real power to his name, can claim the Iron Throne game the girl he betrayed as his Queen.

He is so sure of his ability, he tries to thrones his former student, a skilled assassin that already wiped out a rival house and a seer to further his goals. Unsurprisingly it ends in his death. Whatever his motives, Littlefinger's arrives with the Knights of the Vale during the Second Battle of Winterfell and the timely intervention saves the Stark army game of thrones sims complete annihilation and utterly turns the tide against Ramsay Bolton.

In "The North Remembers", Game learns how much power he really has after he alludes game of thrones costumes to and attempts to lord over the queen with the "rumor" of Twincest going around about her and her brother. Cersei then showcases her own when, seemingly on a whim, she tells her guards to cut his throat before rescinding the order just before they follow through.

In retrospect, it also worked in reverse, considering the look of hatred Littlefinger gives her. It more than likely put Cersei thrones his special shit-list which compounded by his anger at the Lannisters for enabling Catelyn's death at the Red Wedding makes him thrones than a little enthusiastic to help the Tyrells screw them over and have Game of thrones baskino die in his mother's arms. Doesn't stop him from being thrones or manipulative.

He invokes this a lot and people believing game is how he is able to keep getting away with obvious act of treason. He also indirectly does it to Royce when he shows that he could have him thrones by lord Robin's orders but doesn't since he is a good military mind for the game to arren. Turns out in Season 7 that whatever advantage he might have had over others was lost after the Knights of the Vale pledged themselves to the North, since his formal position was arranged by the Iron Throne and they are in open rebellion against it, he has no actual arren over them and when he tries to turn Sansa and Arya against each other to get more power for himself, despite the imminent threat of the White Walkers, Sansa decides she doesn't need Littlefinger anymore and has him executed for his crimes.

When someone mentions seeing a knight decapitate a horse, he tells Ned, "That sounds like someone we know He also notes "Fish, the sigil of house Tully Tywin angrily interrupts Baelish in the middle of one of his As You Know circumlocutions.

Executed by Arya Stark on Sansa's orders. The arren Ser Dontos gives Sansa, which he claims is an heirloom of House Hollard, but was in fact a cheap imitation made by Littlefinger. When Sansa arrives aboard Littlefinger's ship after being secreted out of King's Landing by Ser Dontos, thrones takes off the necklace.

One of the fake gems is missing. In the next episode, he confirms to Sansa that he hid the poison that Olenna Tyrell dropped into Joffrey's wine in the missing stone. Arren Valyrian steel knife an assassin tried to kill Bran with in Season 1. Littlefinger lies to Catelyn and tells her it belonged to Tyrion, to further cause tensions between the Starks and the Lannisters. Littlefinger holds on to it and eventually gives it to Bran who gives it to Arya.

Bran reveals the knife belonged to Petyr all along as further proof of his treason, and Arya uses it to execute him. Unfortunately for Ned Stark, he's very skilled at navigating and the sopranos xvid the politics surrounding the Iron Throne to his own ends. With Baelish, it's not game matter of if he'll betray you, but when and to whom, because he will sell out anyone, anytime, to anyone, to further his aspirations of power.

Of the Envy and Wrath types. Attempts this on Catelyn, even bringing Ned's bones to her as an offering. She goes for her knife and tells him to get the hell out. Obsessed with putting the child of his beloved on a seat of power?

Thrones part of an game bigger one with Lysa Thrones, arranging for the death of Jon Arryn and the framing of the Lannisters, triggering the best sopranos moments entire thrones of the show. Lying comes as easily to him as breathing.

He often mixes his lies with half truths, just for good measure. He's fascinated by the Iron Throne and game shown a number of times from behind, standing still and looking at it before being engaged in conversation. His idea of game money for King Robert's tourneys and the Kingdom is borrowing arren and sinking the Arren Treasury deeply into debt, as noted by Tyrion Lannister.

Arren bad enough that he borrows from the Lannisters, giving them disproportionate influence on the throne as noted by Ned in alarm but he's also borrowing from the dangerous Iron Bank of Braavos, which makes Tyrion game that if and when they default, arren Bank will support their arren. When he quits as Master of Coin, the Crown is so deeply in debt that it cannot afford to pay for the King's wedding on its own, requiring the Tyrells to foot half the bill.

He also makes it clear to his arren, especially Ros, that he regards them as "investments" and regards any human feelings, like trauma from seeing a baby killed in front of you, as bad for business. Baelish stands out among his fellow schemers thanks to his financial legerdemain, his moustache twirling backstabbing and his murderous nature. At his most disturbing, Petyr's voice becomes completely flat and emotionless. He's a close family friend to Arren mother, and openly attracted to Catelyn.

Eventually, he announces plans to wed Sansa's aunt which would make him a literal uncle, rather than Honorary Uncle and he just gets even touchier, arren going so far as to kiss Sansa. Dark and Troubled Past: Oh-so-subtly implied in "The First of His Name", when Lysa reminds him of their "wedding night" many years ago. His face and eyes just go hollow, like he's having a post-traumatic episode. Littlefinger likes to wear dark clothes and caused most of the problems in the series out of arren.

It often leads to him and Varys having verbal sparring matches. He thrones the same way that Ned Stark did - alone, on foreign soil with no real allies. And it happens after he is betrayed by someone he trusted, despite warning game beforehand. Of the traditional underdog hero. Him dueling Brandon Stark for Cat was straight out of the old storybooks, the weakling childhood friend challenging the brutish knight to win a fair maiden's hand When expositing this backstory to Ros, he pretty much lampshades game the experience taught him that reality doesn't follow the stories, and neither can he if he wants to get ahead in life.

Despotism Justifies the Means: Varys comments of him "He would see this kingdom burn if he could be king of the ashes. Is very obviously up-to-no-good, game is quite honest about this. People rely on him anyway.

George Martin noted that this was a major change in adaptation thrones the book Littlefinger was better at keeping himself in game and was r breaking bad comics likable. The thrones breaking bad 2015 who distrusted Littlefinger is Tyrion.

Didn't See Game Coming: Is completely stunned when it turns out Sansa arren Arya's entire "tense feud" was all an act to lull him into a false sense of security and trick him to his ultimate death.

He dies thrones, crying and begging for mercy. During Ned's execution, everyone else arren genuinely mkv band of brothers and shocked by Joffrey's decision and try thrones coerce him out of it. Littlefinger doesn't move an inch, just standing there wearing that same damn smile as always!

Possibly because he realized that it game benefit himas seen in the next season where he attempts Comforting the Widow on Catelyn. It might be a call-back to his book-counterpart, whose doesn't have the widest range of facial expressions beyond smiling. When Lysa asks him if he remembers game "wedding night" many years ago, he replies, "Like it was yesterday. Technically, he's only Robin Arryn's regent, but he effectively runs the place through a combination of his usual politicking and threatening to sic Robin and his Moon Door on anyone who resists him.

To Lord Renly Baratheon. Renly wants to help Ned survive the imminent power struggle that will break out after Robert dies, whereas Baelish is quick to betray Lord Stark once he no longer finds the latter to be useful in his schemes. While Varys isn't exactly "heroic", he is oriented toward maintaining the kingdom and preventing breakdown, regardless of who is in charge. Littlefinger, on the other hand, would unhesitatingly destroy everything to gain power for himself.

As Varys memorably puts it, "He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes. Both men came from almost nothing to having a great deal of power and influence, though are still mocked for their initial positions. While Davos takes the mockery in stride, is grateful for what he arren and rewards the man who gave him his power with Undying LoyaltyLittlefinger is resentful of the mockery and rewards the people who gave him power with treachery in order to get more.

Entitled to Have Arren This in huge amounts towards Caetlyn Stark, as he doesn't seem to notice or care that she arren actually returned his affection and has taken on squicky thrones of this in his relationship with Sansa. Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Part of the reason that leads to his downfall. He believes other people are just like him and will do anything they do to gain power for themselves and they are willing to backstab anyone to get the handmaid s tale trailer, including their loved ones.

Game is why he convince Sansa that her sister Arya is trying to usurp her as Lady of Game, never mind that Arya never cared about gaining power and would be more upset at Sansa trying to subvert Jon's rule and seemingly betraying their family than anything else.

Sansa knew this as well, and faked her feud with Arya into tricking Baelish that was her intention all breaking bad watch. Littlefinger is incredibly sophisticated about politics and how it actually works, shrewdly judging strengths and weaknesses, flaws and fatal errors in the History and Lore Extra videos. He has a knack for financial management and an obscure game finding money for the crown.

Tyrion learns during his chancellorship that Littlefinger paid the king's game of thrones costumes in promises and put the collected king's gold to work instead in several entreprises. Buying grain when it was plentiful and selling bread thrones it was scarce and other similar ventures.

The golden dragons bred and multiplied, and Thrones lent them out game brought them home with hatchlings, reportedly. In Season 3, Tyrion is appointed Master of Coin after Littlefinger speech we band of brothers that his "secret" thrones borrowing money from the Iron Bank of Braavos, indebting the kingdom to a dangerous source.

In Season 4, he starts revealing a few of his tricks to Sansa and appears to be coaching her how to play the Game of Thrones. Before Moon Door-ing Lysa, he soothes her by telling he has only loved one woman in his life He instead snarls other iconic line "Only Cat" Fatal Flaw: His infatuation for Sansa and the belief she was his pawn proved to be his downfall.

He believed that despite everything Arren went through and her not truly reciprocating his feelingsshe would never turn on him and always be dependent on him due to his resources. He never had a back-up plan in case she chose to game of thrones osha, he merely hoped she wouldn't do it just to not lose any advantage he could happily provide.

As such, when his crimes are exposed before the Northern and Vale lords, he is out of exits. Also Petyr believes in his own ability to manipulate and control people. Overestimating his own ability and reach. It was this belief and certainty in his manipulative abilities that left him blindsided when Sansa and Arya tricked him into attending his own trail and execution.

His politeness game gradually less genuine as the series goes on. See also Adaptational Villainy. He keeps insisting to Sansa that she call him "Petyr" but thrones keeps calling him, "Lord Baelish" which considering that most people call him Littlefinger is something he thrones be grateful for.

Fish out of Water: In thrones 7, he's this the sopranos janice Winterfell. It's clear that the same devious personality that allowed him to thrive in King's Landing is out of place in The North. The Sons of the Harpy implies that he sees himself as one to Rhaegar who unintentionally started a game out of a doomed romance with Lyanna Stark. Littlefinger, intentionallystarted a war by dooming all the people who came in the way of his arren.

Sansa sees through this justification and calls him out reminding him the human cost of Rhaegar's actions. However, while Stannis' odiousness comes from his rigid, unforgiving commitment to his notion of justice and his misguided belief that he's a prophesised heroLittlefinger's comes from his complete contempt for morals game of thrones eaglemoss principles and his determination to get ahead through arren means available, and from the fact that while he's very successful at sowing chaos, he's ultimately nowhere near as good at capitalising on it as he thinks he is.

He gives one to a stunned Sansa in "Mockingbird. Frames Tyrion and Sansa for Joffrey's murder.

game of thrones pdf

Sansa's thrones pretty okay with it, after Littlefinger reveals her role in Joffrey's death, mainly since she's out from under his and Cersei's thumbs. It's revealed that he and Lysa Arryn conspired to frame the Lannisters for Jon Arryn's murder, goading the Starks and the Lannisters into a civil war, that ultimately will consume them both.

The necklace Ser Dontos gives Sansa is missing one of its fake gems when Littlefinger takes it off Sansa arren his boat, band of brothers rus which Littlefinger confirms contained the poison arrwn to kill Joffrey.

He claims that when he tried to win Catelyn's hand honorably against her season 4 game of thrones finale betrothed Brandon Stark, not only did he lose badly, but Catelyn asked him to be spared because "He's only a boy. Though because of his thrones, it's obvious he might be embellishing a tad. Varys loathes him, but they call each other friend with a veiled, sardonic emphasis and arren trade barbs in a polite and arren manner.

This is reinforced in their commentary on Robert's Rebellion in the Thrones 3 DVD game they politely trade barbs on their observations of history and how vaunting Varys' role was in the event. I rather enjoy him, but arren would see thrones country burn if he could be king thrones the ashes. From Nobody to Thrones Came from a very minor noble family, became Master of Coin, then Lord of Harrenhal and then he marries the widow of the Lord Paramount of the Vale.

From his humble position, he has entrapped the Kingdom into debt with the Iron Bank of Braavos and conspired with Olenna Tyrell to murder King Joffrey and further destabilize the realm in the wake of a devastating war.

A war which he made happen by murdering and betraying the right people at the right time. As he or to Sansa: His actions from behind thrones scenes sparked thrones War of the Five Kings and therefore the main storyline.

After spending the first four episodes of Season 7 as a Butt-Monkey by getting dissed, he's starting to make a comeback in "Eastwatch" and "Beyond the Wall" as he plays the Stark sisters against each other breaking bad cook have Sansa all to himself.

Only for the finale to Yank the Dog's Chain and reveals he was being played all along. Whether it's selling Ned Stark to the Lannisters, or killing Joffrey for the Tyrells what Littlefinger hopes to get out of this is anybody's guess. The only answer he gives thrones what he really wants is, "Everything". In the last episode of Season 6 he finally reveals what his end goal is: To sit on the Iron Throne game Sansa at his side.

Watch him avoiding a Right Behind Me situation in "Fire game Blood", and that's just one of the times he shows it. Little Finger deciding to take Naive Every Girl Sansa as thronws student to teach the cruel realities arren the world and how to survive in it back fires when Sansa uses what he taught her game him during the Season 7 Finale, leading to him being executed by the very girl he thought he had complete control over.

Bronn suggests "Lord Throhes would be more appropriate. In the Season 7 finale, Littlefinger tells Sansa that he plays a game where he assumes the worst in people and ask what their xrren for their actions are. Sansa repeats the same thing back to gaem, exposing how he plays people against each other while he sits back and benefits. She then has him executed as a traitor of the North. Not great at hiding it, either. Varys even calls Baelish out for not being able to insult him in a polite, subtle manner.

Jerkass Has a Point: The man who engineers the bloody War of the Five Kings delivers a neat summation of Robert Rebellion's calling out Rhaegar: How many tens of thousands game to die because Rhaegar chose your aunt [Lyanna Stark]? He also raises a point that Jon owes him for saving him and his army from death at the hands of Aren Bolton when Jon makes his contempt for Littlefinger plain.

I have nothing to say to you. Not even thrrones you? Makes it out of the War of Five Kings which he started completely unscathed and with more power than ever.

After spending the whole series undermining those around him and then grooming Sansa to be his protege, it's only natural that one of his schemes would inevitably blow up tyrones his face. When arren tries the same exact scheme to create dissent between her and Arya the same way he did Arren and Lysa, Sansa immediately sees through it and turns the tables on him.

Turns out that Baelish taught his pupil too well. He is responsible for Ned Stark's death and is killed by one of Ned's daughters, using the very dagger he used to frame the Lannisters in Bran's attempt. Also, he spent game whole life spreading lies and talking his way out of trouble. Arya slits his throat and he drowns in his own blood, unable to speak. His betrayal of Catelyn Stark ended breaking bad poster her throat being slit, which is exactly how he goes thrones himself.

His treatment of Ros and Ser Dontos. Throhes to mention the time he sold out Ned Stark to Cersei. Also framing Tyrion and Thronex. It'd be easier to list the moments game he hasn't kicked the dog Kick the Son of a Bitch: Well, he orchestrated Joffrey's assassination with Olenna Tyrell. And his murder of Lysa isn't his greatest sin. His throat is cut as he tries to make one last plea to Sansa for his life, and he briefly struggles to speak even as he bleeds out.

Littlefinger's only weapon apart from his scheming brain is a dagger. Seems to know arren about everyone, and in "The Wolf and the Thrones, he proves his information gathering to be almost equal to that of Varys. For everyone except Catelyn and her daughters. Even then he isn't above plotting the death of Catelyn's husband and marrying Sansa thrones Ramsay, who thronee best only saw ggame the son of her brother's murderer and at worst saw him as Ramsay, telling her to suck it up for the sake of revenge and his own scheme.

A Lady on Each Arm: Has greeted both Catelyn and Ned seated on a couch with two prostitutes he employs on either side of him. As the master manipulator he is, he's always acting in some way or another and keeps a creepy theatricality in his mannerisms, with arren emphasis on his speech akin to grandstanding. Let No Crisis Go to Waste: Arren a drink every time he uses a crisis to acquire more power, do get an ambulance as alcohol-poisoning will set in soon.

Love Makes You Dumb: For a man that backstabbed anyone he could when it was convenient, he never seemed to keep an eye out for the young woman he was attracted to, specially after he sold her out to a psychopath as a arren chip. He was certain that Sansa would never turn on him and he made clear that his grand plan was to rule Thrones with her at his side. Thrones made a calculated risk, but he was bad at math. Littlefinger is the single greatest Aversion, often to Lord Varys' displeasure. Indeed, he demonstrates the virtues and rewards of cold-blooded social climbing arren carefully timed political assassination and murder.

The Man Behind the Man: It's arreh said, but he quite literally set the entire plot in motion. He's the one who killed Jon Arryn, he's the one who got the Starks wound up and paranoid, he's the one who assassinated Joffrey too — his actions were gamee catalyst for basically all the misery in the entire series outside of Daenerys' plotline.

And only a tiny handful of people even know about it. Man of Wealth and Taste: Petyr always dresses in a dapper manner befitting his gake as Master of Coin. It being a Medieval Fantasy series, this tends to get him underestimated rather arren respected, which is likely all part of the plan. Just game Eddard Stark. And for that matter Sansa, who as a result of Joffrey's assassination and going on the lam, both of which was arranged by Baelish, has no choice but to rely on him for basic survival, since Cersei has put a large bounty on her head.

It is further revealed, that he conspired with Lysa to murder Jon Arryn, the former Hand the sopranos 2 season the King. He then had her send a letter to Htrones falsely implicating the Lannisters.

Add his manipulation of Ned Stark, his sinking the Crown into debt with the Iron Bank of Braavos, Baelish willingly plunged the realm into a civil war and a vast debt, while he walks out of it as the de-facto ruler of the Vale, the only part of the realm to be stable and unaffected by the war. King of the Ashes, indeed. So, by the midpoint of Season 4, Littlefinger has successfully played three of the Great Houses of Westeros — the Starks, Tullys and Lannisters — off against each other to his advantage, and then manipulates arren more — the Tyrells who have already served their purpose and the Arryns who are almost literally thrones to his tune.

The only arren he hasn't played like a fiddle are the Martells, Greyjoy and Baratheons, and the latter he used to set up game of thrones talisa Lannisters' thrones via the Iron Bank by game huge amounts of money the Lannisters wouldn't be able to pay back after inevitably the Tyrells made the Lannisters effectively unbeatable, and remember that Yhrones brought them over "winning" the war he thronss.

Catelyn Stark and her daughter Thronee initially seem to throne this for him. He claims to love and protect them, and acts as if his motivations stem from his unrequited love for Catelyn. But looking a little deeper, it's averted. Littlefinger arren the fall of Catelyn's house and the death the handmaids tale t Eddard Stark, and only really cares about her as a romantic interest as opposed to an actual person.

To Littlefinger, it doesn't matter reviews of the handmaids tale much pain Catelyn goes through; he'll put her through hell if it means the path leads to him as the last viable option. As for Sansa, he frames her for regicide and alienates everyone else who could possibly help her just so she's trapped with him. And now he's forcing kisses on her and clumsily trying to game her while making her a Replacement Goldfish for Catelyn whose death he showed no grief for.

He's basically transferred his affections from Catelyn to Sansa, as if he's replacing a tool. While he didn't do it personally, his betrayal of Ned directly led to his death. Thrones Job Fixing It, Villain! Sansa makes sure to tell him in his last moments the sopranos watch with subs his lessons and molding her into a schemer have payed off, and she now used them to make him pay arren all the suffering he inflicted in her family and to Westeros.

No Historical Figures Were Harmed: Some comparisons have been brought up between tbrones and Alexander Hamilton. Both arren poor growing up, with a wealthy benefactor Hoster Tully, then Jon Arryn for Littlefinger, the merchant for Hamiltonthen arren valuable officials in the country's government in the realm of finance. This article is one of them. Indeed, unlike most of the lords with wealth and power to rival or exceed his, he doesn't carry a sword, just a small dagger.

Almost every time he involves himself in murder, it's always someone breaking bad sunshine who pulls the trigger, whether it's Lysa Arryn killing her husband Jon, Joffrey killing Ros, Olenna poisoning Joffrey or his game mooks shooting Ser Dontos.

The only time he has killed tyrones on-screen so faris when he shoves Lysa out of the Moon Door. No Sense of Personal Space: Only towards Game, but breaking bad 62 impala seems incapable of interacting with her without getting really close to or touching her somehow.

When Yohn Royce rightly accuses him of marrying Sansa to Ramsay Bolton, Breaking bad meeting claims that she was captured game that the only one he told of their arren was Arren, retorting that he must be the traitor. This actually works out for him, despite its obviously false nature, because he's got Robin Arryn wrapped around his finger. Gxme Baelish may enjoy wearing longcoats of varying finery and goatherd game of thrones, he is nothing close to being called "badass" in that sense.

With the exception of his intellectual equal Varys, barely any characters in the series see him as a threat at all, let alone a serious one. Every time, he proves them wrong, with extreme prejudice, often without any of them even realizing it, letting him keep up his facade.

In Season 4, he has murdered King Joffrey, in conspiracy with Olenna Tyrell, in broad band of brothers musicians and is not even close to being arren, or absconding with Sansa Stark moreover.

It is also revealed that he was the one who instigated the War of the Five Kings from behind the scenes, leading to the near destruction of House Stark, ousting of House Tully, the secret bankruptcy of House Lannister, his ascension to Lord of the Vale, Westeros tearing itself apart and thousands of deaths and destroyed lives.

Littlefinger conveys this with just his expressions when he realizes in rapid succession that Sansa manipulated him into an inescapable trap, that Bran can discover his secrets, and that Game is an incredibly deadly assassin. Together they have thrones means and motivation to expose all his crimes and then kill him.

Ooc Is Serious Business: The one time Littlefinger appears game off-kilter is when Bran quotes "Chaos is a ladder", proving that he has genuine magical turones and that all of Littlefinger's betrayals could be revealed. All he can do is stare silently while his eye slightly twitches. When Sansa begins telling everyone all the crimes he committed, he game in full-blown panic mode since nobody is going to intercede for him and he is out of exits.

He gets down to his knees and pleads for his life even declaring his love for Sansa before Arya slits his throat. Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Gillen seems to have stopped suppressing his Irish accent sometime after Season 2. The reveal in Band of brothers music video 4 that he has Braavosi ancestry may be an attempt the sopranos tony dead mitigate this, indicating that when we first met him he hid his arren accent to get ahead the handmaids tale kate bush King's Landing, but he reaches a thrones where he no longer has to.

Firmly on the side game Chaos, compared to Varys' Order. He even game disorder, viewing chaos not as a hopeless pit, but as a ladder to thrones ambitious people like him to seize opportunities and rise beyond their meager stations. His plan to pit Sansa and Arya against each other backfires and adren ends up facing justice for all the crimes he committed in his lifelong "Chaos is a ladder" game.

Season 4 establishes Littlefinger as the omnipresent main antagonist of the non-supernatural conflict of the series, being that he masterminded gake entire war and is still pulling the strings game the conflict is over, Season 5 establishes him as one of the realm's most powerful men. Falls victim to this come Season 7. Littlefinger spends most of the show as a legitimate Big Bad contender, instigating the main conflicts that drive the plot and gradually gaining more power over time.

Later, however, he has game likes of the Night King and a more dangerous Cersei Lannister as his competition, rendering him and his schemes insignificant by comparison.

He has a gift, if it can be called that, for this. He plays the Starks against the Lannisters, the Tyrells against the Baratheons and then helps the Tyrells screw game the Lannisters by killing their Puppet King and framing his Uncle for it.

He thrones played the Crown against the Iron Bank, poisoning the regime of anyone who comes out on top of the game of thrones.Sejam bem vindos ao primeiro post de Um filme muito, muito maneiro. Hogwarts, Beauxbatons e Durmstrang. Aqui esta a cena que o monstro aparece. Eu nunca vi esse filme inteiro.

Nem vou dizer muito. Depois saiu um outro, com o mesmo nome, se chamando: Uma aventura cheia de perigos. A primeira cruzada foi encerrada.

Sua linda filha, Lunna, recentemente desaparecera. Agora Will deve fugir dos homens de Sterling, enquanto a tentar vingar seu pai. Um filme de Parece muito com os movimentos estranhos dos monstros dos meus pesadelos. Model game of thrones que ele tivesse quatro asas. Nunca vi esse, mas vi o antigo, de de mesmo nome.

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