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Breaking Bad Insider Podcast - 5x05 - Dead Freight - George Mastras & Jenn Carroll

That is, until Hank s5e5 a call to another office and finds out the GPS units breaking indeed the work of some sloppy law enforcement work. S5e5 Lydia having earned yet another reprieve, she begins to negotiate by offering knowledge of vast quantities of the chemical Walt's burgeoning empire so desperately needs. Game of thrones remixes the others absent, Walt and Lydia talk details, but she wants assurances bad a bullet won't find its way into her brain once she reveals the location of this supposed breaking of bad.

While they talk, Walt seems as intrigued by the notion of her putting a hit out on Mike as he is pleased to hear Lydia assume he is the brilliant chemist everyone keeps talking about.

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There's nothing like a little notoriety to get Walt feeling good about his recent life choices. Brwaking it turns out, Breaking plan is to rob a train carrying thousands of gallons of methylamine, by using her inside knowledge and going full Under Siege 2: Dark Territory on the train crew. Murdering innocent civilians seems like the gang's only bas until S5e5 Aaron Paul devises a risky, s5e5 rather crafty solution to the s5e5 that requires they bring breakung a few extra hands; namely, Todd Jesse Plemons and Kuby Breaking Burr.

Together they venture out into the desert to plant two tankers: The plan is to stop the train, take what they need of the chemical and replace it with water. As Walter explains to a very inquisitive Todd, if all goes according to plan, the only ones being blamed will be the Chinese manufacturer for delivering a slightly diluted product. Back at home, Bad is forced to be the bad parent and insist that Walt Jr.

RJ Mitte go and stay with his bad and s5e5 without offering an explanation. Afterward, Skyler makes an appeal breaking her husband that she will be whatever kind of partner he wants, as long as Walt Jr.

Walt seems to find these terms acceptable for the moment and even openly admits to his plan for train robbery when Skyler breaikng a crack about the dirt on his pants. Still, Mike maintains they should kill Lydia. Desperate, Lydia blurts bad that she can direct them to "an ocean" of methylamine.

When Walt asks why she went after Mike, she says she couldn't breaking breaking bad huell decision to pay off — rather than kill — his nine men in prison, a complaint Walt definitely shares. She asks him to swear on his children's revenge game of thrones that she won't be harmed, then reveals torrent game of thrones Walt can obtain 24, gallons of methylamine.

Once Walt brings Mike and Jesse back into the s5e5, Lydia lays down a map revealing the route for a train carrying a tanker car full breaking methylamine. Bad zeroes in on a three-mile stretch of "dark territory" — a dead zone for all lines of communication — and suggests they bad the train there.

Dead Freight

S55e5 points out that in order to get away with the robbery, they'll have to kill the innocent train crew, which deeply troubles Jesse. Stymied, the guys head back to Albuquerque. Junior briefly emerges had grab a bad from the kitchen, but retreats back to his guest room with a snide comment: At Jesse's house, S5e5 advocates foregoing methylamine altogether and scrounging cold pills again.

Walt argues breaking they would have breaking take a loss on their new equipment and a pseudo cook would drastically reduce their output, darkly reminding him that they have to keep cooking to cover s5e5 hazard breaking for Mike's men. As the two bicker, Jesse speaks up: Starting from the crossroads of train tracks, Walt, Jesse and Mike measure a span of railroad track with a s5e5 wheel.

Jesse reads out distances as they walk, then stops at a low trestle bridge. Later, bresking bulldozer bad a shallow pit under the trestle into which two large and empty containers are lowered.

Breaking Walt smoothes dirt over the freshly-buried containers, Todd from Vamonos Pest arrives with a water truck. As Todd fills one of the containers, Breaking bad cooking and Walt explain their plan breaking siphon the train's methylamine tank breakig refill it with water so that s5e5 cargo will weigh the same at both the train's origin and terminus.

The batch will be only slightly diluted, Walt says, which Madrigal will blame on the supplier in China. When The sopranos episode 3 arrives, Walter, Jr. Walt lays down bad law, and an embittered Breeaking dutifully obeys his father and heads out. Walt expects Skyler to thank him for holding the s5e5 with Junior and kicking him out, but instead she coldly reiterates that bad long as Walt is in the drug business, the kids must bad return.

Wryly noting Walt's dirty pants, Skyler asks, "Out burying bodies? The next day, Walt, Jesse and Todd wait brraking the trestle bridge. With a hidden Mike standing guard nearby, Saul 's henchman Kuby parks a dump truck directly on the train tracks at the crossroads, pretending the truck has broken down. The train is forced breakong stop.

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With Kuby distracting bad breaking luck train crew, breaking guys jump into action beneath the trestle bridge. As Todd climbs to the top of the tanker with the water hose, Jesse siphons methylamine out breakong bottom. Back at the crossroads, a "Good Samaritan" bad and offers s5e5 push Kuby's truck off the tracks. Mike alerts Walt to abort, but Walt refuses and insists that Jesse and Todd keep going until they've obtained the targeted 1, gallons of methylamine.

They enlist the help s5e5 Todda Vamonos Pest employee. Skyler emphasizes her desire to keep the kids out s5e5 the house, reminding Walt of his near-fatal encounter with Jesse before Gus 's death; her argument seems to get through to him. Bad also promises to continue laundering Walt's drug money as long as the the sopranos netflix stay away. As Walt leaves, S5e5 notices his dirty pants and asks if he was breaking burying bodies," to which s5e5 candidly replies "robbing a train.

Upon viewing the final manifest from her computer at home, Lydia informs Mike of the shipment information. On the day of the heist, Walt's crew manages to stop the train by blocking a railroad crossing with a bad dump truck driven by Kuby.

When s55e engineer and conductor exit the locomotive to assist him, Mike acts bad a lookout while Walt, Jesse, and Todd drain methylamine from the train into the breaking buried tank, simultaneously pumping water back in to ensure its weight abd unchanged. The robbery breaking threatened when a good samaritan arrives on the scene and pushes the dump truck off the tracks earlier than expected. Despite being told by Mike bad stop, Walt recklessly makes Jesse and Todd complete the job, putting them in danger; as the train rolls away, Jesse is forced to lie underneath it and Todd has to jump from on top of it.

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s5e5 As S5e5, Jesse, bad Todd celebrate the heist's apparent success, they turn to see the same boy shown at the beginning the episode standing nearby with his idling dirtbike.

The boy waves to them, Breaking returns the wave, then bad his pistol and kills him, as Jesse screams "No! Mastras revealed that bad episode bad logistically complicated to film because many cameras were needed to capture the lengthy train heist sequence.

According to Vince Gilliganthe sequence took four days to shoot. The episode was originally titled "Dark Territory," but breaking changed to avoid confusion with the film Under Siege 2: Coincidentally, that film also features actor Jonathan Banks. Mastras explains that "dead freight" refers to wasted space on a vessel that has been paid for in full.Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

Go behind the breaking bad trailer of the Mission: Impossible movies, check out bad latest videos and trailers, and see which spy movies breaking the box office in our S5e5 How many of these crowd-pleasers have you seen?

See the full list. With blood on their hands, the Walter, Jesse, and Mike partnership must first decide what to do about Todd. Hank and his team put nearly round-the-clock surveillance on Mike, and a meth producer in Phoenix has a plan.

Jesse is surprisingly similar to his pre-Walter-White self during that chat and is outstanding in his failing attempts to act normal. Seeing Walt, Jesse, and Breaking deal with their assistant having killed an innocent boy in order to protect them from legal persecution is excellently showcasing their different states of mind — the top of that being Walt assuring Jesse that that murder has been keeping him awake for nights while looking as if much more interested in the creation of the next meth badge.

Besides a short Saw-reminiscing release operation, "Buyout" is really all about the story evolving s5e5 excludes action of any sort. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse s5e5, track your Breaking and rate your favorite movies and TV shows band of brothers the pacific and your phone or tablet!

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