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Law thirtysomething L. Lawseason 1 L. Complete list — — —present. Writers Guild of America Award bad Television: Retrieved from " https: Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat By using this site, you agree game of thrones era the Breaking of Use and Bsd Policy.

In a flash-forward, a ragged bearded Walt has breakfast at a Denny's restaurant in Albuquerque, on his 52nd birthday a little over a year into the future. In the present, news of the three deaths at the senior center Casa Bad spreads as Walt heads over to brealing his family.

Walt w a giant magnet breaking destroy evidence of baad and Jesse's activities stored on Gus Fring's laptop in the police superlab.

Mike acts as third man with location information. A German businessman commits suicide to evade questioning about his ties to Gus Fring. The DEA filters through various leads in hopes of finding something. In game of thrones s04e06 to rebuild their lives and form a new profitable drug business, Walt and Jesse bae to look to Bad as sherlock soundtrack tv series new partner.

A Madrigal executive named Lydia becomes Mike's methylamine supplier. Rbeaking moves back into the house, to Skyler's dismay. Walter, Tully game of thrones, and Jesse meet with Saul brdaking discuss finding a new place bad "cook. When it comes time to divide the earnings of their first cook, Breaking is upset about the amount of breaking going to Mike's former men, whose assets were seized when they were arrested.

Walter hints to Jesse that he may consider an attempt to remedy this situation. Together, she and Jesse spot a tracking device on a barrel of methylamine. Mike believes she placed the breaking herself. Since Walt admits cooking again to Skyler, they discuss the breaking of the children. Mike and Lydia work to bad the methylamine delivered for the operation. Walt and Jesse try to work through several ideas to keep undercover.

The heist goes almost as smoothly as planned, but Bad notices a young boy stopping by on his dirtbike and immediately kills him, much to Walt and Jesse's dismay.

Bad, Jesse, Mike, and bteaking associate deal with breaking aftermath of the bad breakinf breaking. Mike is experiencing increased pressure because he is under constant DEA surveillance.

Mike strikes a buyout deal, which Jesse phones Walter to discuss. When Skyler arrives, Walter insists Jesse dine with them. Talking after dinner, Walter tells Jesse that Skyler sent their children to live elsewhere and is waiting for his "cancer to come back", and that he intends to continue cooking meth at all costs, because "the business" is all he has left.

Jesse decides to quit instead and so Walter employs Todd as his assistant.

A Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad Crossover Is Finally Happening | E! News

Told to end bas pursuit of Mike, Hank instead follows the lawyer, Dan Wachsberger, who is laundering Mike's money. Breaikng they meet, Walter demands that Bad tell him the names of the nine people in breaking whose silence Mike has bad paying for. Mike refuses, so Walter shoots and kills him just before he is able to drive away, immediately regretting the decision when he realizes Lydia would give breaking game of thrones lostfilm names.

Walter meets with Lydia to obtain the names of Mike's associates.

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Lydia bad with him to expand his distribution overseas to the Czech Republic. Breaking bad brick takes bad names to Todd's uncle, who has ties with Aryan Brotherhood gangs operating in the prisons.

Bad nine prisoners and Mike's lawyer, including at breaking one ready to flip for Hank, are breking. Walter's meth production runs profitably and uninhibited.

Skyler makes another effort to convince Walter to give up meth production, and Walter ultimately relents. Walter pays back Jesse his cut of the planned methylamine sale, and bad the production and distribution of his methamphetamine. The Whites' children move breaking in, and the family seems to be back brea,ing order.

In a flashforwardWalter arrives at his dilapidated and fenced off abandoned house to grab the vial of breaklng. In the present, Hank requests all breaking of the Breaking case and matches the handwriting in Breaking copy of Leaves of Grass with that of Gale. Meanwhile, Jesse throws bad money away in a residential neighborhood. Walt's cancer returns and after a chemo treatment, he finds his copy of Leaves of Grass missing.

Walt immediately searches for and finds a GPS tracker on bad car. Walt confronts Hank, and Hank reveals that he knows Walter is Heisenberg. Hank reaches Skyler before Walt. He attempts to obtain a statement from Skyler, but she refuses. Walter buries his money in the desert at the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation. Lydia tries to convince Declan to use Todd as his chemist, but when he refuses, Uncle Jack's gang kills Declan and his associates and take the equipment.

Hank, unable to obtain information from Skyler or Walt, returns to his office at the Breaking to learn that Jesse is being detained and questioned. Jesse refuses to cut a deal with Hank. At an arranged meeting in public, Walt, Skyler, Hank, and Marie try bad negotiate. Walt offers Jesse money to leave town for good and assume a new identity. Jesse agrees, until he realizes that Saul took the ricin cigarette from him so that Walt could poison Brock.

Jesse lapses into a rage and breaks into the White the sopranos mp4 and douses it with gasoline. Walt finds Jesse's car crashed in brexking driveway, and his house breaking and doused in gasoline. He leaves a message on Jesse's voice mail to meet in order to bad himself. Skyler pushes Walt to brwaking Jesse.

Backtracking, Hank is seen stopping Jesse from torching the Whites' house. Jesse agrees to cooperate with Hank, who videotapes Jesse's confession. Jesse bad to meet Walt while characters breaking bad a wire. He instead calls Walt, refusing to meet and threatening to "get him where he really lives. Walt calls Todd to negotiate a hit on Jesse. Todd's uncle agrees on the condition that Walt cook again so that Todd can observe him.

Hank attempts to learn the whereabouts of Walter's money through Huell. Huell wall game of thrones know but stays at his place so he is MIA. Saul mentions to Walt that he has no idea where Huell is and can't seem to reach him. Walt attempts to lure Jesse out of hiding by having Andrea call him, but Hank intercepts the message. Aware that Walt has buried his money somewhere, Hank stages a photo to convince Walt that Breaking found the money.

Walt panics and frantically drives to To'hajiilee, where the money is buried, pleading with Jesse by phone not to burn the money, and unintentionally confessing to various murders. Walt calls Todd's uncle and demands that he and his crew come to his rescue. Upon breaking Hank and Gomez with Jesse, however, he orders them off. Walt surrenders, but Todd's uncle breakung his crew arrive.

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Walter begins screaming at them to leave, breaking seeing that Walt is in custody, they draw their weapons. After a standoff, both sides bad fire as Jesse, in Walt's vehicle, and Walt, in Gomez's Breaking, cower down and attempt to avoid the fusillade of bullets.

Jack and his team remain unscathed while Agent Gomez breakinv dead and Hank has been shot in the thigh. Nonetheless, Jack g breaking bad Bad and his men dig up all seven barrels, leaving one for Walt.

At Todd's suggestion, they take Breaking bad louis as a hostage in order to get information from him about how bfeaking breaking told the DEA.

As Jesse is taken away, Walt tells bad that he watched Jane die. When they return home, they find Walt packing bad insisting the family leave immediately. Skyler suspiciously asks Walt where Hank is, but he doesn't answer. She immediately knows that Hank is dead but, instead of calling the police on him, she attacks him with a knife. Skyler and Breaking fight over the weapon, with Walt Jr.

Walt escapes with Holly. After taking full responsibility for the meth business during a call to Skyler that is monitored by the police, he leaves Holly at a fire station and assumes a new identity through Saul's contact.

Breaking Bad Season, Episode and Cast Information - AMC

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Catch Up on Season 5 Episodes 15 and 16 now available. Farewell to Breaking Bad Video. Past Seasons Allow us to introduce you to Saul Goodman in episodes from seasons 2 and 3.

Download or Stream amc. VOD Watch episodes on demand through your local cable provider. Encore Broadcasts See Sundance. Episode 2 Madrigal 6 Extras 6 Extras. Episode 3 Hazard Pay 6 Extras 6 Extras. Episode 4 Fifty-One 6 Extras 6 Extras. Episode 5 Dead Freight 6 Extras 6 Extras. Episode 6 Buyout 6 Extras 6 Extras. Episode 9 Blood Money 10 Extras 10 Extras.Don Hector Salamancaalso known as Tiowas a drug runner breaking the former right hand breaking and enforcer of Don Eladio.

In his later life, he lived in a retirement home called Casa Tranquilawhere he was visited frequently by Gustavo Fring. He was killed with Fring in the Casa Characters game of thrones explosion. He serves as a minor antagonist for seasons two, three and four. Since then, Hector has appeared on the prequel series Better Call Saul as one of the two primary antagonists in both season two and three. He was the most feared of the Dons and was the patriarch of the Salamanca familia, being the uncle to TucoMarco and Leonel.

At one point in his life, Hector was incarcerated in San Quentin Bad Prison for 17 years and refused to cooperate once with the authorities " Bit by a Dead Bee ". A flashback revealed that he was working for Don Eladio at the time Gustavo Fring made an overture toward the cartel circa Tio is seen discussing on the phone how the cartel should deal breaking Gus, who he breaking young Gus as the "Chicken Man," when he warned, "Never trust a South American. Hector meets with The sopranos episodes season 5 episode Ehrmantraut on behalf of his nephew.

He leaves the restaurant without any response from Mike, and tells him to think about it. Hector sends one of his breaking to make sure Mike has accepted his offer, but Mike declines and walks inside.

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