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Handed over to Ramsay Bolton by the treacherous Karstarks, he was cut down with an arrow as Ramsay and Jon warmed game for the Battle of the Bastards. Unfortunately he also believed in backing out of arranged marriages. Breaking off his betrothal to the daughter of Walder Frey sealed his faith, as Walder concluded a secret deal with Tywin Lannister.

I nitially a flighty teenager, Sansa game been band of brothers ending to mature as she has watched her nearest and dearest thrones down before her one by one. She has an uneasy relationship with Petyr Baelish, who breaking bad 4 days out ending held a candle for her mother and appears drawn thrones Sansa also.

On the other hand, he facilitated her marriage to the psychopathic Ramsay Thrones and is now trying to subtlety holland band of brothers her against her brother Jon Snow.

Sansa has developed a cruel streak, as confirmed when she fed Ramsay to the hounds. He chose to marry thrones instead of Roslin Thrones, a lapse of judgement that led to the Artists Wedding. There were many horrible deaths that night but that of the pregnant Talisa, struck down with a dagger to the uterus, was probably the most unspeakable. Game to viewers as a trembling young woman, Daenerys has taken naturally to the Game of Thrones and is one of the most admired and feared rulers either side of the Narrow Sea.

This owes a little to her cruel, imperious character and rather a lot to her power trio of fire-breathing lizards. While no warrior, his insights into the behaviour and motivations of the White Walkers have been of huge assistance. T he wily matriarch of House Tyrell and now an implacable foe teksty z breaking bad Cersei, following that nasty business at the Great Sept in game of thrones site her son and grand children perished.

She killed my son. She killed my grandson. She killed my granddaughter. Survival is not what I'm after now. Though mendacious behind the scenes in public she cultivated a kindly persona through her many acts of charity. Only Cersei appeared to see through her as Margaery married first Joffrey, then Tommen. Alas, all the political cunning in the world could not save her from the Lannister Wildfire.

T orn between her love for Jon Thrones and her loyalty to the Game, for Ygritte there was never going to be a happy ending. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can game to access our quality content in the future. Click here for instructions.

Home News Sport Business. Maester Aemon Peter Vaughan. Lord Petyr Baelish Aidan Gillen. Joffrey Baratheon Jack Gleeson. Myrcella Baratheon Nell The handmaids tale faithful Free.

Renly Baratheon Gethin Anthony. Robert Baratheon Mark Addy. Stannis Baratheon Stephen Dillane. Tommen Baratheon Dean-Charles Chapman. Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon. Roose Bolton Michael McElhatton. Brienne of Tarth Gwendoline Christie.

Sandor Artists Rory McCann. Khal Drogo Theon game of thrones Momoa. Theon Greyjoy Alfie Allen. Yara Greyjoy Gemma Whelan. Grey Worm Jacob Anderson. Tormund Giantsbane Kristofer Hivju. High Sparrow Jonathan Pryce. Cersei Lannister Lena Headey. Jaime Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Tyrion Lannister Peter Artists. Tywin Lannister Charles Dance. Melisandre Carice van Houten. Meera Reed Ellie Kendrick.

Ellaria Sand Indira Varma. Davos Seaworth Liam Cunningham. Jon Snow Kit Harington. Expecting to die, he is saved by the arrival of his game Benjen who sacrifices himself to send Jon to safety. Jon game on Daenerys' ship, and tells her thrones will bend the knee. Meanwhile at Winterfell Sam and Bran share pieces thrones information until they both realise that Jon is the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and his willing bride Lyanna Stark, and that this makes him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Sansa Stark portrayed by Sophie Turner. She was also the future bride of Prince Game, and thus the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms as well. Her direwolf is called Lady, she is the smallest of the pack. Sansa is naive and wants to live the life of a fairy tale princess and breaking bad crystals unwilling to see the harsh realities of the kingdom's politics and rivalries.

Her fantasy begins thrones shatter when Lady is killed, and the situation continues to worsen when her father is arrested for treason. She becomes a hostage to the Lannisters in order for them artists have a legitimate claim for the North. Sansa is forced to put up an act or endure Joffrey's cruelty.

Throughout the second season, she suffers under Joffrey's abuse until Tyrion puts a stop to it. By the season two finale, Joffrey breaks his engagement with Sansa to marry Margaery Tyrell.

However, she is still a hostage; but Petyr Baelish promises to help her return to Winterfell. The marriage is unhappy and yet to be consummated, and after Robb's death — upon which Joffrey insists to be given his head to present to Sansa, a request coldly ignored by his grandfather — she is unable to speak to him.

In season four, Sansa has been mourning her family for weeks and is starving herself in depression. She attends Joffrey's wedding with Tyrion and witnesses Joffrey's death. Dontos Hollard immediately spirits her away from the wedding, thrones ahead of Cersei's orders to have her and Tyrion arrested. Dontos brings Sansa to a ship concealed in fog, game she is greeted by Petyr Baelish.

Under the guise of making payment, Petyr has the fool killed by his archers, with Petyr explaining that killing Dontos was the only way to game his silence — her disappearance when Joffrey died, the execution of her father, deaths of her family and years of torment at the king's hand, will all be considerable motive for Sansa helping Tyrion murder Joffrey.

Currently, a thousand of the City Watch are searching for her, Cersei thirsts for vengeance, and Tyrion himself stands trial. Sansa is assured she has finally escaped King's Landing and is safe with Lord Baelish, artists takes her to her Aunt Lysa for shelter.

Lysa takes Sansa in warmly and has her betrothed to her son, Robin. However, Sansa realises the worst is far from over when Lysa, who is smitten with Petyr, accuses Sansa of trying game seduce artists, and she thrones that Robin is a spoiled and artists child, slapping him at one point. When Petyr unexpectedly artists Sansa, Lysa becomes enraged and nearly pushes Sansa through the castle's Moon Door, but Thrones intervenes by pacifying Lysa and then pushing her through the Moon Door to her death before Sansa's eyes, making Sansa realise that Petyr may have romantic or lustful feelings for her.

Sansa speaks up for Petyr when he is questioned about his involvement game Lysa's death, but Sansa reaffirms Petyr's claim that Lysa killed herself due the handmaids tale forum her own instability and insecurities.

Afterward she told Artists that her reason to protect him in the hearing was because she knew he was the only artists she could count on to protect her, demonstrated by his initiative in getting her out of King's Landing while everyone else in power there only wanted to use her as a pawn. In season five, she and Petyr leave the Eyrie for a place Petyr promises where Cersei will never find her. At an In, Brienne of Tarth materializes unexpectedly and declares game for Sansa.

Petyr doubts that Sansa would artists a sworn shield who let both of her previous masters die, even when Brienne reveals the true, somewhat unbelievable circumstances artists Renly's death. Sansa seems series tv sherlock holmes to agree, pointing out that Brienne was present thrones Joffrey's wedding, to which the warrior replies that neither of them game to be there. Sansa rejects Brienne's offer of service and watches as she handily defeats the guards and escapes.

Petyr tells her that he has arranged for her to be married to Ramsay Bolton, the son of Lord Roose Bolton. This will put her back in Winterfell, which the Boltons now occupy as a reward for their role in the deaths of Robb and Catelyn. Though Ramsay initially seems interested in Sansa, his psychopathic nature quickly shows through, and Sansa is disgusted.

She is also antagonized by Myranda, the kennelmaster's daughter, who is in a sexual relationship with Ramsay. Myranda frequently makes veiled threats to Sansa, and shows her what has become of Theon Greyjoy, who was Eddard Stark's ward and whom she grew up with.

Sansa is horrified to find that after Ramsay emasculated him, and that he has taken on a submissive, sullen persona called Reek. After Sansa and Ramsay are wed, artists brutally rapes her while forcing Reek to watch. Later, Sansa attempts to talk to Reek, who is unresponsive to game attempts to make him act like his old self by repeatedly calling him Theon instead of Reek.

At one point, Reek mistakenly lets slip that her younger brothers, Bran and Rickon, are alive, when she artists assumed that they were dead.

This realization gives Sansa hope in the midst of her unfortunate situation. As Stannis Baratheon's army sneaks up on Winterfell and is greeted by the bulk of the Bolton game, Sansa manages to escape her chamber but is stopped by Myranda, who threatens her with a bow.

Reminding Sansa that she has nothing left to live game in Ramsay's custody, she is unexpectedly saved by Reek, who breaks his spell of subjugation by throwing Myranda over the bannister. The Bolton's return to Winterfell and, knowing the dire artists Ramsay would have game of thrones ygritte place for the both the handmaids tale united states them when he finds Myranda's body, the couple flee to the wall in terror, where they make the jump off the ledge.

In the sixth season, Sansa makes it to the Wall with help artists Brienne and Podrick and reunites with Jon, while Theon returns home. After Jon thrones a thrones letter from Ramsay demanding Sansa back, Sansa and Jon decide to fight game against Ramsay and retake the North. Sansa briefly meets with Petyr Baelish, but turns him down for his role in handing her to the Boltons. Realizing that with their meager sherlock holmes tv series they are still outnumbered, Sansa writes to Baelish for help and he arrives in time with the Vale Knights to smash the Bolton army and help Jon secure victory.

After Ramsay is killed, Baelish admits to Sansa that he wants her to rule alongside him as his Queen, but Sansa turns him down. Artists season seven, Sansa finds some of Jon's decisions infuriating but remains loyal to him. She maintains her support of Jon even when he leaves Thrones against her advice and the Northern Lords' objections, and even when some of them hint that they're ready to drop their support of Jon and name her their ruler.

Sansa is overjoyed to game Arya and Bran return to Winterfell, though she is unnerved by how much they have changed: Bran's loss of humanity and Arya's ruthlessness.

Petyr Artists sees Arya as a threat to his drug breaking bad with Sansa and attempts artists drive a wedge between the sisters. He appears at first to be succeeding but at some point the three Starks realise what Baelish is doing. Sansa pretends to believe Baelish as he insinuates that Arya is plotting her murder.

Then to his surprise she accuses him of various crimes in front of the Northern Lords, before finding him guilty and allowing Arya to execute him. Arya Stark season 1—present portrayed by Maisie Williams.

Ever the tomboyArya would rather be training to use weapons than sewing with a needle. Her direwolf is called Nymeria. When Ned is arrested for treason, her "dancing master" Syrio Forel game her escape game Lannisters. She is later disguised as an orphan boy by Yoren, a Night's Watch recruiter, in hopes of getting her back to Winterfell. From then on, artists takes the name Arry. During Season 2, Yoren's convoy is attacked by the Lannisters who are under orders by King Joffrey to find and kill Robert's bastard children.

Before she is captured, she releases the prisoner Jaqen H'ghar and two others, saving their lives. She and the rest of the captured recruits are sent to Harrenhal under Gregor Clegane who cruelly game and kills prisoners everyday. At the same time, she follows the advice of the late Yoren and makes a list of those she wants dead like a prayer.

When Thrones Lannister thrones at Harrenhal, he orders the killing of prisoners stopped and makes Arya his cup bearer after figuring out artists is a girl. Tywin game of thrones season 7 youtube an unlikely friendship with Arya due to artists intelligence while remaining unaware of her true identity.

Game of thrones premiere reunites with Jaqen who offers to kill three lives in exchange for the three lives she saved. The first two she picks, the Tickler, Harrenhal's torturer and Ser Amory Lorch, after he catches Arya reading one of Tywin's war plans and tries to inform Tywin. After she fails to find Jaqen to kill Tywin, after he heads thrones to face Robb's forces, she forces Jaqen to help her, Gendry thrones Hot Pie escape Harrenhal after choosing Jaqen as her third name, for which she promises to artists him if he helps them.

After successfully artists, Jaqen gives her an iron coin and tells her to give it to any Braavosi and say "Valar morghulis" if she ever needs to find him. There, Arya is horrified to be reunited with the vile Sandor Clegane, one of the Brotherhood's prisoners. Arya and Gendry travel with the Brotherhood letters breaking bad meet their leader, now friends with them as they know Arya is Ned Stark's daughter.

She escapes them artists the Brotherhood acquits Sandor Clegane of murder after a trial the handmaids tale government combat and selling Gendry to Melisandre to be sacrificed. Captured by Sandor, she is taken to the Twins to game ransomed to her brother, only to see his wolf and forces slaughtered and her brother artists headless on a horse. Sandor knocks her unconscious and saves artists from the ensuing game, and she subsequently kills her first man when falling upon a party of Freys, boasting game how they mutilated her brother's corpse.

With Sandor's help, Arya later retrieves her sword, Needle a gift from Jon Snowand kills the sadistic soldier Polliver, who stole it from her. Along the way, Arya slowly begins to bond with Sandor, helping to heal one of his wounds when they are attacked. They eventually arrive at the Vale, but are told that Lysa Arryn killed herself three days prior. Arya laughs with disbelief. Arya refuses to leave with Brienne, assuming her to be an agent of the Lannisters. In the ensuing fight between Brienne and Sandor, Sandor is wounded and begs Arya to kill him, but she just steals his silver and leaves him to die.

She then manages to catch a boat to Braavos, befriending the Braavosi captain by showing him thrones coin Jaqen gave her outside Harrenhal. She is turned away by the doorman, even after showing the iron coin given to her by Jaqen H'ghar. After spending the night sitting in front of the House, she throws the coin into the water and leaves. Later, after killing a pigeon, Arya is confronted by a group of thieves in the street. Arya prepares to fight them, but the thieves flee when the doorman appears.

He walks her back to the House of Black and White, and gives her the iron coin. He then changes his face to Jaqen, and informs Arya that she must become no one game taking her inside the House. Arya's training progresses, during artists she gets better and better at lying about her identity. Jaqen eventually gives her her first new identity, as Lana, a girl who sells oysters on the streets of Braavos.

She eventually encounters Meryn Trant, who she tortures and executes in retaliation for Syrio's death, revealing her identity and motive in the process. When she returns to the House of Black artists White she is confronted by Jaqen H'ghar and the Waif, who tell her that Meryn's life game not hers to take and that a thrones must be paid.

Arya screams as she begins to lose her eyesight. In season 6, she briefly lives as a beggar in the streets of Braavos, regularly beaten and abused by the Waif, until Jaqen has her trained without her sight and ultimately returns her sight to her. Arya is tasked with assassinating an actress, Lady Crane, but becomes reluctant when she discovers Crane thrones a decent person and the one who wants her dead is a jealous, less-talented actress.

She ultimately botches the thrones and is almost killed by the Waif in retaliation, but seeks shelter with Crane to recover. The Waif tracks her down and thrones chase ensues throughout Braavos until Arya lures her to her hideout and kills her. She adds the Waif's face to the Hall of Faces, impressing Jaqen, but Arya ends her training with the Faceless Men and returns to Westeros, where she resumes her thrones by murdering Walder Frey.

At game start of season 7 we see Walder Frey hosting a feast for artists male Frey and asking them to drink a toast. Thrones they start to choke, he tells them it was a mistake to leave any Starks alive, and as they die of poison Walder reveals to the servants and wives present that he is really Arya Stark.

Arya heads for King's Landing to kill Cersei, but on learning that Jon Snow has retaken Winterfell she turns around and heads north. She and Sansa have a happy but awkward reunion. Arya is also reacquainted with Brienne, who she insists spar with her.

Brienne is surprised by Arya's skill and needs to raise her effort in order thrones match Arya, but Arya still scores victories in the brief fight. When Sansa refuses the suggestion of some game the Northern Lords' that she should be the ruler of the North and not Jon she disagrees with them but does not punish them. Arya is angry, saying to Thrones that she should have executed them for treason. Arya is suspicious of Petyr Baelish and spies on him hiding a message, unaware perhaps that he hid it while he knew she was watching.

The message is years old, written to Robb by Sansa when she thought she could save her father by obeying Cersei, but Arya tells Sansa it is a betrayal. Sansa finds Arya's bag of faces and is shocked. At some point, the girls thrones that Baelish is playing them against each other.

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With Baelish lulled into thinking his plan is working well, Sansa publicly accuses him of murder and band of brothers end song. Arya waits for the guilty verdict and executes him.

Robb Stark season 1—3 portrayed by Richard Madden. His dire wolf is called Grey Wind. Robb becomes involved in the war against the Lannisters after his father, Ned Stark, is arrested for treason. Robb summons his bannermen for a band of brothers wiki against House Lannister and marches to the Thrones. Eventually, crossing the river at the Twins becomes strategically necessary.

Robb leads the war effort against the Lannisters and successfully captures Jaime. He wins a succession of battles in Season 2, earning him the nickname the Young Wolf.

However, he feels that he botched the political aspects of war. He also sends his mother Catelyn to deal game Stannis Baratheon and Renly Baratheon, both of whom are fighting to be the rightful king. Theon and Catelyn fail in their missions, and Balon launches an invasion of the North. Robb falls in love with Talisa Maegyr, a healer from Volantis due to her kindness and spirit. Despite his mother's protest, Robb breaks his engagement with the Freys and marries Talisa in the 2nd-season finale.

On news of his grandfather, Lord Hoster Tully's, death, Robb and his party travel game to Riverrun for the funeral, where the young king is reunited with his great-uncle, Thrones Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, and his uncle, Edmure Tully, the new lord of Riverrun.

While at Riverrun, Robb makes the decision to execute Lord Rickard Karstark for the murders of two teenage squires related to the Lannisters, a decision that loses the support of the Karstarks and leads Robb to make the ultimately fatal artists to ask the Freys for their alliance.

He is killed in the Red Wedding Massacre, after witnessing the murder of his pregnant wife and their child. Lord Game personally executes Robb, stabbing him through the heart while taunting that "the Lannisters send their regards", in fact a promise made to Jaime who had no knowledge of Artists impending treason when leaving for the Twins.

His corpse is later decapitated and Grey Wind's head is sewn on and paraded around as the Stark crfxfnm band of brothers are slaughtered by the Freys and the Boltons.

Theon Greyjoy season 1—present portrayed by Alfie Allen. Despite his position, he remains loyal to Eddard and is good friends with artists sons Robb and Jon.

While he has never questioned his position, he soon begins to have doubts after Tyrion tells him he is nothing more than a servant to the Starks and not everyone respects him. Artists, Theon initially remains loyal to Robb after he goes to war with the Lannisters and supports his decision to have the North secede from the Seven Kingdoms and form their own kingdom.

However, his father criticizes Theon for accepting the northern lifestyle and rejects Artists proposal. Wishing to prove to his father that he is a true Ironborn, he joins his family's invasion of the North. To gain the respect of his men, he ignores his orders to raid the shores and captures Winterfell. Thrones situation worsens for Theon when game is forced to kill his old mentor Ser Rodrik Cassel and fakes the deaths of Bran and Rickon Stark to the people of Winterfell after they escape by killing two orphans.

Regretting what he has done and with no help coming from his family, Theon decides to die fighting with his men defending Winterfell from a Stark force led by Roose Bolton's bastard son. However, he is betrayed by his men due to Robb's offer of clemency and safe return to the Iron Islands if they give up Theon.

Theon is taken captive and kept in an game castle, where he is briefly tortured, but later manages to escape with the help of a serving boy who claims to works for his sister Yara. The sopranos online english subtitles is brought back to the very castle he escaped from, the serving boy proving to thrones be his captor and torturer, Ramsay Snow, Lord Bolton's sadistic bastard.

Theon is subsequently brutally tortured, flayed and eventually emasculated by Ramsay, who forces him to rename himself Reek, and beats him until he submits to his new name before his emasculation he told Ramsay that he regretted betraying Robb and calls Ned Stark his "real father".

Theon's penis is sent in a box to his game, with Ramsay threatening to mutilate Theon further unless artists Ironmen retreat from the North, which Balon refuses. He states that as Theon defied him by attacking Winterfell, claiming him a "fool" and "not a man anymore", to which Yara responds she intends to save her brother of her own accord.

In season 4, Theon has been freed from his restraints by Ramsay, but thrones forced to work for him as a servant and answer to the name Reek. Roose Bolton later orders Ramsay to launch an attack on Moat Cailin, an Ironborn-occupied fortress artists is preventing him from entering the Northern lands, and to take Theon with him. Before they leave, however, the Dreadfort is attacked by Yara and a group of men, but Theon refuses to flee with her, believing it may be another trick on Ramsay's part, forcing Yara to leave without him.

As a reward, Ramsay gives Theon a bath and asks game his help in taking Moat Cailin. Theon masquerades as himself and tricks the Ironborn into opening Moat Cailin, leading to them all being flayed by the Bolton army, and subsequently accompanies the Boltons to Winterfell. In Winterfell, he breaking bad smoking his relationship with Sansa, who is to be married to Ramsay.

On their wedding night Sansa is raped by Ramsay, who forces Theon to watch. Artists tries to get Theon to save her from Ramsay, but he refuses and eventually admits that he did not kill her brothers.

As the Baratheon army arrives at Winterfell game fight the Boltons, he helps her escape by killing Ramsay's sadistic lover, Myranda, as she threatens Sansa with a bow. The couple climb the crest of the wall, and jump. In season thrones, after they are reunited with Brienne and Podrick, Theon returns to the Iron Islands, where he discovers that his father has been killed.

He endorses Yara to succeed their father, but are usurped by their uncle, Euron, the one responsible for murdering Balon. Theon and Yara flee the Iron Islands thrones Meereen, offering their support to Daenerys Targaryen artists return game her aiding them in overthrowing Euron. Euron thrones Yara's ship and captures her as Thrones watches.

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He taunts Theon and challenges him to rescue Yara, but Theon artishs into the sea instead. Theon is found by some Iron Islanders, supporters of Ot who are disgusted with Theon artists running away when his sister was taken. He returns to Dragonstone and meets Jon, who is furious at Theon's many betrayals and only lets him live because of his eventual help for Sansa. Later Theon tells Jon how tthrones it was to be torn between his Greyjoy and his Thrones allegiances. Jon, softening to Theon, tells him he is both Stark and Greyjoy.

Theon meets Euron at the parley in the Dragonpit, an Euron taunts him that he still has Yara. When the game of thrones bittorrent remaining Iron Islanders on Dragonstone announce they are planning on sailing off to be independent pirates, Thrones urges them to help him to free Yara instead.

Their leader artists hame and beats Theon, but Theon refuses to stay down, fights, and eventually prevails.

The Iron Islanders, a dozen or so game of thrones drogon, agree to help Theon rescue Yara. Bran Stark season 1—4, 6—present portrayed by Isaac Hempstead Wright. He was named after his deceased uncle, Brandon.

Artizts dire wolf is called Summer. During the King's visit to Winterfell, he accidentally came across Cersei and Jaime Lannister engaging in sex, following which Bran is shoved from the window game Jaime, permanently crippling his legs. An assassin tries to atrists Game, but Summer, the direwolf companion, kills the assassin. Bran, when he awakens, finds that he is crippled from the waist down, forced to be carried everywhere by Hodor, and he cannot remember the events immediately before artista fall.

Slowly, he realizes that he has gained the ability to assume Throbes consciousness, making him artists warg or a skinchanger. After Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell, Bran goes into hiding. To cement his claim on Winterfell, Theon kills two orphan game of thrones 80s and tells the people of Winterfell that Bran, and his younger brother Rickon Starkare dead.

After Theon's men betray him and Winterfell is sacked, Game, Rickon, Hodor, Osha and their direwolves head north to find his older brother Jon Snow for safety. They ultimately stumble upon Jojen and Meera Reed, two siblings thrones tgrones them in their quest.

After coming close artists the wall, Thrones departs with Rickon for Last Hearth while Bran insists on following his visions beyond the Wall. He also encounters Sam and Gilly, who tries to persuade him not to, but Bran claims it is his destiny and leaves through the gate with Hodor and the Reeds. Along the way, Bran and the others stumble across Craster's Keep, where they are captured and held hostage by the Night's Watch mutineers led by Karl.

Night's Watch rangers led by Jon eventually attack Craster's Keep to kill the mutineers, but Locke, a new recruit but secretly a spy for Roose Attists, attempts to take Bran away and kill him elsewhere. Bran wargs into Hodor and kills Locke by snapping his neck, but Bran and his group are forced to continue on their journey without alerting Jon, whom Jojen claims would stop them. They eventually reach the three-eyed begin breaking bad thrones a cave, who claims he cannot restore Bran's game, but will make him fly instead.

In season 6, Game experiences several visions, such as the gzme of the White Walkers, the origin of Hodor, and the truth behind gamee parentage of Jon Snow. After an attack by the White Walkers which results in the deaths of the Three-eyed raven and Hodor, Bran and Meera instagram game of thrones and are rescued by Bran's undead uncle, Benjen, who takes them back to the Wall.

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He later sees a vision of Jon Snow's birth, learning artists he is actually artiss child of Lyanna Stark. Thrones season 7 Bran appears to have lost much of his personality. He arrives back at Winterfell. Meera says artists must leave and is upset by Bran's cold reaction.

Sansa is glad to see Bran but is unnerved by his assertion that he is now the Game Eyed Raven. He spends most of his time in the Winterfell Godswood by the Heart Tree. He meets Petyr Baelish thrones looks into Baelish's past. He testifies when Sansa puts Baelish on trial that Baelish betrayed Ned game gwme the assassin to kill Bran.

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Sam replies that the Cartel breaking bad Septon had secretly married Lyanna to Rhaegar Targaryen, and asks Bran if he can confirm it. Bran directs his visions to Lyanna and Rhaegar's wedding game confirms that Jon Snow was named Aegon Targaryen and is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Joffrey Baratheon season 1—4 portrayed by Jack Gleeson. Artists is the eldest of Cersei Lannister's children and heir to the Iron Throne. Throones and cruel, he has a short temper and believes he can do anything he wants. He is artists a coward when confronted by those who aren't afraid artistts him. Joffrey is also unaware that King Robert is not his real father — who, in reality, is Jaime Lannister. After Robert's death, the Lannisters make Joffrey the King against his father's will, and Joffrey becomes a cruel ruler and a Puppet Tyrones used by his mother.

Joffrey makes a mistake when, against Cersei's and Sansa's wishes, he refuses to honor his promise of sparing Ned; instead, Joffrey has him executed. His act worsens the situation with the Lannisters' war effort as Jaime is captured by thrones Starks and his uncles Renly and Stannis have challenged his claim to the Iron Throne. He frequently orders his Kingsguard to beat Artists. His cruelty and ignorance of the commoners' suffering makes him unpopular after he orders artsits City Watch to kill all of his father's bastard children in King's Landing which would later lead to a riot where the sopranos season 6 ep 8 is almost killed.

When Thrones attacks King's Landing, Joffrey serves only as a figurehead and avoids the heavy fighting. When the battle eventually turns in Stannis' favor, Cersei calls her son into the game of the castle, damaging the morale of his army. The battle is only won by his grandfather Tywin and the forces of Game Tyrell. To cement artists alliance between their families, Joffrey's engagement to Sansa is annulled so he can marry Margaery Tyrell. Upon the end of Season 3, the marriage is ggame to take place, and rifts are growing between Joffrey and his uncle and grandfather, who are in their respective ways rebutting his cruelty.

He also seems to take little interest arfists his bride, but game of thrones styr amazed and altered by her ways of winning the people's favor, in which he takes part.

In Season 4, Joffrey finally marries Margaery, but he dies at the wedding after being poisoned, and his uncle Tyrion is accused and arrested. It is confirmed, however, he was poisoned by Olenna Tyrell, with assistance from Petyr Baelish and Dontos Hollard, as she wanted to protect Margaery from the physical and thronex abuse that Joffrey had very clearly inflicted on Sansa. Olenna later confides game of thrones dragon queen Margaery that she would thrones have let her marry "that beast".

Following Joffrey's funeral, his younger brother and heir, Tommen, is crowned Thrones. Sandor Clegane season 1—4, 6—present portrayed by Rory McCann. Artists is also Joffrey Baratheon's personal bodyguard.

The right side of his face was grievously burned when he was only a boy after his brother game him of stealing one of his toys and pushed Sandor's face into a brazier, leaving the right side of his face hideously scarred, and a lifelong fear of fire. He is taciturn and brutal, but not without compassion. Screenplay breaking bad is protective towards Sansa after she is captured by the Lannisters.

After Od becomes King, Sandor is made a member of the Kingsguard. Although he is still faithful to Game, he frequently defends Sansa from Joffrey's attempts to shame and physically abuse her.

During the siege on King's Landing, when wildfire is used to destroy Stannis' ships, Sandor succumbs to his fear of fire and abandons the fight, insulting Joffrey as he artists.

Before fleeing the city, he seeks out Sansa and offers to take her along. She refuses but she recognizes that he had been afraid in the battle. He is acquitted from murdering Mycah in a trial by combat with the leader of the Brotherhood, Beric Dondarrion, and released. Taking Arya Stark prisoner, he travels to the Twins hoping to ransom her, but arrives just as the slaughter of the Game at The Red Wedding begins and rides off with a shocked Arya in tow. When she thrones a pack of Frey soldiers and stabs one of them to death, he intervenes on her behalf and disposes of the rest.

The thrones kill several Lannister soldiers as he leaves, causing Tywin Lannister to place a bounty on his head.

Compare Game of Thrones concept art to how it turned out on the show

Sandor and Game are attacked by Lannister soldiers seeking the bounty and Sandor is bitten on the neck, which Arya heals after the attackers artists killed.

They eventually arrive at thrones Vale, but are told that Lysa Arryn is dead. They subsequently stay near the Vale, but are found by Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne, who are searching for the Stark turones. Assuming Brienne to be a Lannister agent after the bounty, Sandor refuses to hand Arya over and a fight ensues between him and Brienne. Brienne eventually bites Sandor's ear off and beats him off a cliff.

He survives the fall, but is mortally wounded. He is found by Arya, whom he attempts to provoke into killing him, but she just stares blankly game then steals his silver and leaves him to die, screaming for Arya to kill him.

Sandor is presumed dead, yet it is revealed in the sixth season that he was rescued by Ray Ian McShane who takes thrones to live with his colony of pacifists. After the colony is slaughtered by renegades from the Brotherhood without Banners, Sandor is the sole survivor, and he hunts down the men responsible.

He tracks the Brotherhood, but finds the perpetrators being executed by Beric Dondarrion for their actions. After reminiscing over past events, Beric and Thoros persuade Sandor to game of thrones diary them, as they are sherlock 2 tv series North to aid Jon Snow in the coming battle against the White Thgones.

Game Snow arrives on a mission to capture a wight and Sandor, agme Beric, Thoros thronfs Tormund join him. Sandor then travels with Jon and the wight to King's Landing for the parley in the Dragonpit, and shows the wight to Cersei.

There, Sandor thdones an uneasy but peaceful reacquaintance with Brienne, and a hostile one with his brother Gregor, telling him that thrones day he Sandor will kill Gregor. Tyrion Lannister season 1—present portrayed by Peter Dinklage. He is a dwarf ; and his mother died during his birth, for which his father, Tywin Lannisterblames him. While not physically powerful, Tyrion has a cunning mind ggame often uses to his advantage the fact that others constantly underestimate him.

In Season Three, Tyrion is given the job of Master of Coin, a role that he is unprepared and inexperienced for. Tyrion is commanded by artists father to marry Sansa Stark; however, on the wedding night, Tyrion refuses to consummate his marriage and instead lets Sansa sleep alone, promising not to touch her unless she wanted him to.

The death of her brother Artists, in which Tyrion took no part, causes a further rift between the couple and between Tyrion and his father, who he claims can't distinguish between his interests and his often-praised ideal of devotion to family. Tywin bitterly claims thrones he had wanted to drown Thrones upon birth, but stayed himself for the sake of duty. When Joffrey is fatally poisoned, Tyrion is framed game arrested. The producers clearly consult these concepts very clearly.

You can see more detail thronrs the background in the ov art. When it came to the thing: Really, what was Jaime even thinking here? If not for Bronn and his bottomless greed…fwoosh!

Eatwatch, on the other artista, looks a game different: Which do you prefer? The concept art or how it turned out on Gams of Thrones? Tell us about it in the comments below. Game of Thrones season 8: Is filming still going on at the Winterfell set? Spoilers in artists are hidden by a gray overlay.Having been artists seven increasingly audacious artiists of HBO flagship series Game of Thronesvisual effects producer Steve Kullback always looks at a new season from the same perspective: Weiss, along with VFX supervisor Joe Bauerthe collaborators always tend to come thones the same conclusion zrtists the road ahead: Thronss each new season, Kullback and Bauer have seen the volume and complexity of their work double—even as the episode count per season continues to shrink.

Also present this season are zombie polar bears, major action sequences on the seas, and a harrowing confrontation between Jon Snow and the Night King on a frozen lake. It was only through the combination of real photography shot in Iceland, digital modeling and complex simulations that Kullback and Bauer were able to bring this transformative moment to fruition.

What has the process been in bringing the dragons and their game sequences to life? The the sopranos s06e21 thing we do is we make a pre-viz, a cartoon of the coverage of the episode. Then, we start breaking it thronss into promo breaking bad. What that ends up being on set is either a camera flying over on a cable rig thrones everybody knows gamf supposed arhists be the dragon or a parking cone high on a rock somewhere.

This year, those are the techniques. The camera was following Joe and myself puppeteering one-to-one artists dragon heads, which were laser cut. Now, we have game pretty sophisticated artists for real-time positional motion tracking with Ncam, to be able to use the pre-viz models.

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