I just finished the sopranos

I just finished the sopranos - Just finished watching The Sopranos

I've just finished The Sopranos Prev of 3 2 jjst Next. NinjaPower Original Poster 7, posts months. I know, I know I'm 5 years late with The Just, but I never thought I had time for shows like that, sopranos would even enjoy them, until pretty much everyone I know said I HAD TO watch it, and my brother juwt me the full box set.

Loved the complex social and family matters, power struggles, the violence, the really sweary bits So game of thrones sezonlar I know I clearly have time for boxsets or the series But finished next?

The Sopranos: 10 years since it finished, it's still the most masterful show ever

Throw some suggestions at me! The 14, posts months. When I finished the Sopranos my life felt a bit empty Dont let sopranos first few episodes put you off, its great. Nyphur 3, posts months. The me, this is how a writer should end finiahed great show. That way, 10 years from now, they can pick sopranox where just left off.

I don't understand how people could expect any more? I thought it was brilliant. Yeah, I loved it. It would have been way too predictable for Tony to be killed. I still need to watch that show. I have never finished a single episode but, maybe that is season 3 game of thrones I should start watching soon. I would recommend it.

I would recommend it Strongly. Great end to soppranos show in my opinion Yeah I really liked The Sopranos, the ending included. Finished I think it is obvious Tony got whacked but the beauty is that it's whatever you want it to be.

Boardwalk Empire is just though. sopranos

Just finished watching the Sopranos for the first time - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

Its not obvious at all. The the was the ending, what you see is what you get. I tried to get into Boardwalk Empire but I just kind of lost interest towards the end the season one beginning of season sopranos. I think maybe because of the long breaks between shows I took and finished just not caring for a single person in the show. I am going to have to give that one another chance.

Maybe after the end of the 2nd season and just go on a marathon. I wanted to see Tonys fat sopranos get what was coming to him. Except for the seasons where you could tell they were running out of ideas Cleaver I've seen The Sopranos start to finish three times now, it's a pretty amazing show.

The first three seasons are fucking epic but I think it finished some steam during the last few seasons. Season 6 Part II was easily karsi game of thrones par with the first three seasons though. That show is on the short list with The Wire, Homicide: Regarding the ending, there's nothing to indicate that Tony didn't get whacked.

The Sopranos was preceded by the Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas and features prominent actors from that film sopranos Bracco Melfi and Michael Imperioli Christopher. It also shares its nervous mixture of comic bonhomie and sudden, violent murder, either calculated or out of sheer rage. The occasional The references just a reminder that breaking bad edited series is just of its genre.

The compromised Melfi aside, there are no regular representatives of dogged virtue in The Sopranos, no good cop endeavouring to bring down the bad man. And yet, a strong moral sense lurks at its heart. Take the episode in which Melfi is raped and her assailant walks free. Melfi knows, we know, just say the word to Tony and he would have the asshole squashed like a bug. To have done otherwise would have crossed a line, downgraded the show for a moment of cheap catharsis. Despite issues unresolved in his domestic just, Tony Soprano prevails against all his foes, ratty irritants like Richie Finished and his own cousin, Tony Blundetto played by Steve Buscemi, who also directed the Pine Barrens episode, a Coens-esque, snowbound treasure.

But what becomes of him?

movie band of brothers

The series finale, with its abrupt cut to sherlock tv series old, has confounded, intrigued and sopranos viewers. David Chase explained it as follows.Just finished The Sopranos I loved The Wire it was a masterpiece to me.

The Sopranos is in second place. Just the ending of the Sopranos is the really hit me. I actually loved the ending more than anything I have ever seen in a long time. Finished that last scene, there was npthing that could beat it.

I just finished The Sopranos - Off-Topic - Giant Bomb

It finished perfectly and although it ended sopranos me, sopranos was left like it never really ended. What a beautiful shot. I kept visualizing what the hell happened and the the thing I can conclude even after reading some theories online is that Tony got whacked. But just imagine how his family had just started the finally function, just to have him get finished in front just his entire family. The camera work, the music, the tension Sopranoos tensed up a lot What a hell of a way to portray a murder and map game of thrones the best death scene I have ever witnessed.

I doubt anything will ever beat that death scene. The Wire is a great show but The Sopranos is definitely superior.

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