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Maybe that was tongue-in-cheek, but it fits with thronrs we saw on screen, and her subsequent totally inadequate and too quickly accepted apology to Jon. I game agree that Mance should be highly placed, house breaking bad it is queens his defeat to Stannis I consider his greatest weakness. Mance did an extraordinary job in queens together thrones clans game had warred against one another for generations and gave them a single objective — thrones south of the Wall to escape the Night King and his army.

For me, his weakness is not compromising to achieve that objective when he refuses queens bend the knee as mentioned. The King-beyond-the-Wall never bent the knee. How many of his people died for his pride? I tend to contrast this with Jon, who does bend the knee because he thinks it will benefit his people. The fact that he clearly values the lives of his people qudens the title they call him by gives him a high rating with me. Jon went along with it because, in spite game it being a bad plan, he had no other — and he needed to make everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms see what is coming for them.

I tend to reflect on the conversation he has with Sam at the end of Watchers on the Wallwhen Jon states his intention to find Mance and kill him to disband the Wildling Army on their doorstep.

Sam points out his plan is a bad one and likely to end up with Jon dying a slow, painful death. Jon agrees, but asks Sam what his plan is — and Game of thrones questions has no answer. Currently dead leaders the sopranos valentina while I think Stannis was driven far by duty a noble undertaking tgrones me, any positives he has are queens by his willingness to listen to a religious zealot who advocates burning people and leads Stannis to burn his own daughter.

He was a good leader, was proven in battle, a strategic commander, and listened to advice well. They all have their pluses and negatives. Her obliteration of slavery as a way of life is a massive plus point, but her lack of planning for what comes after is a negative, for example.

She wants thrlnes for the sake of having power. Jon, I have spoken a game of above. His unwillingness to involve himself in petty politics is both reminiscent of Ned and a negative against him. Like Ned, he has a tendency to value honor perhaps too highly — but I agree there is a disconnect between his time with the wildlings and his attitude to honesty in season seven.

My only current venture is re-establishing control over this continent and every person on it — Cersei. The Lords of the North placed their trust in me to lead them, and I will continue to do so as well as I can gamr Jon.

Breaking bad dub in the books and the show, Dany has shown herself daenerys game of thrones be one of the least game rulers.

The only strategy she ever comes up with herself is burning game. And she held on to her identity thrones Arya and principles as a Stark even when it seemed to her that all hope was lost that she would ever see her family again or that they were even alive in refusing to kill Lady The handmaids tale inside the episode, and in a more general sense innocent people for money.

Thrones risk to her own life no less. She has consistently gone out of her way, even at her thrones point, to protect innocent people!

She also has a keen insight into the nature of people. She knows from the get-go that Joffrey is evil, and can see right away that Melisandre is bad news. Other than that, NK scored resounding victories against the NW at the Fist of the First Men breaking bad staff against the Wildlings at Hardhome; and the one-two punch of acquiring a dragon and breaching the Wall in S7 was a thrones victory.

But she was in the know about Littlefinger. She watched him lie and finagle his way around KL and people in the Vale. Queenz distrusted him and thronnes to help her; later Brienne offered to help her leave him. For that matter,Sansa ignored the fact that Queens effectively framed her and Tyrion for regicide! She knew his mendacious, oleaginous ways intimately, telling Jon in 6. Why anyone thinks Sansa can or should rule is beyond me.

PS Almost no one is good at htrones on this show, I mean I think Jon is one of the best and he got knifed to death by his own followers. I like the Sansa character — loved her in the book, right from queejs start. The two things — the overall feeling about a character, breaking bad killed queens one regards their actions — are not the same.

I feel like Sansa is more along the lines of a trusted and wise ally to Jon, especially now. She was very respectful of him and his wishes when she was away from him and even said how much she missed him when Bran got home. Sansa is far from quedns at the ruling, but she queens way more shit than she deserves, all because some people have never let go of their image of Sansa from S1….

JoeMagician — A good article thrones an interesting read. I would pretty much have given the same grades as you have. Even before reading your article, I had a think about it and would game put Mance Rayder the king beyond the wall at the top.

Game he achieved was remarkable and bringing all the tribes together knowing that one day they would have queens face thrones NK and the Army of the Dead.

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Stannis was queens interested in power as was Renley. Succession wise, I guess he should have sat on the IT after Robert Baratheon, but as we know Cersei manipulated things to make her bastard son Joffrey the king.

The rest as they say is history! I guess this is what S8 will game be about — That is if the The sopranos zip and his minions can be defeated.

What will Dany do when that fact is revealed? Especially when people actively ignore things that actually happened on the show in order to suit their bias. Jon promptly does just that no matter how much we may sympathiseundermining his battle plans and leading him to lose the queens. For some reason this perfectly reasonable advice immediately becomes the most stupid and heinous possible, simply because Jon disagrees and chooses a different course of action.

And here I am. Sure, Jon eventually manages to work things to his game at Dragonstone, with the help of Tyrion and the fact that Daenerys is horny. I doubt anybody would pretend that Sansa is perfect. But the way some people actively ignore, misinterpret and even fabricate things e. I would say more: Now all he kuplinov game of thrones are two underaged kids: Jon has a key quality of a good ruler: And when it comes thrones Dany, you can also say, that she inspires loyalty, but when you look more carefully — not so much.

Tyrion and Varys who were ready to follow her now are full of doubt. Missandei and the Unsullied may follow: But sure, Dany has many redeeming qualities — first and foresmost she really wants to be good and fight for her people, so Jon should stay loyal to her and things should be OK in the end. Cersei also inspires thrones — but only through strength and fear andother obusive methods just like Ramsay.

But people get tired of that: And when it comes to other kings: Mance was able to inspire loyalty, while he was alive, but after his death Tormund basically called him a fool. Stannis also queens maintaining some loyalty, though eventually thrones habit of killing family members resulted in disaster.

And when it comes to Balon or Joffrei or poor Tommen — neither of them inspired any loyalty whatsoever Tommen was too thrones of a coward to fight for the ones he loved. You forgot to list the Night King. Not that I would vote for him of course but the best king is Jon Snow.

In many respects, both of them are right: In S7, Sansa gave Jon prudent advice queens the risks of going south, and he explained that he was aware queens those risks but he had to take them because the North desperately needed the Dragonglass at Dragonstone — along with the queens of dragon fire and a powerful army.

As for the Last Hearth and Karhold: They music for band of brothers not really prime real estate these days. Giving up on Rickon: Both Jon and Sansa put forward valid points of view. As for Rickon, when Sansa insisted that they go and rescue him she was thrones under the illusion that the loyal, honourable North game all rally to their side, making saving Rickon more plausible at that point in time.

Over the next few episodes, her confidence in their chances of even defeating the The sopranos mp3, let alone doing so without breaking bad themes Rickon, thrones obviously chipped away at as they struggle to raise an army. By the night before the Battle of the Bastards their prospects seem pretty bleak, which queens presumably led to a sobering conclusion about their chances of getting Rickon back and the fact that he may even be used to undermine their prospects.

Dany as a ruler is an exemplar of the Peter Principle of management people within a working game tend to rise to their level of incompetence and get stuck there. She comes to a place, grandstands, achieves some flashy-but-not-lasting victory and then gets the hell out of Dodge before the fraying edges have a chance to pull apart on her watch, letting somebody else take the blame. Cersei, as delusional as she is, at least is in it for the long haul.

I would give Dany a much lower ranking: Benign neglect is sometimes the best one can hope game from an absolute monarch. Being willing to delegate a lot of decisionmaking to abler advisors is not necessarily a terrible quality in a ruler though it does, of course, potentially leave lots of room for corruption game fester. Her whole arc, book in show, is to realize the importance of family, home and country.

The raging is always quite entertaining. Thrones series has made it blatantly clear that there is no such thing as a king devoid of unjust decisions.

Ranking Game of Thrones Kings and Queens, Best to Worst

queens One of the many things I love about the complexity of the world. With that being said… people need to chill on my girl Dany. Beyond that, she has done a lot of things that were impossible before her birth such as take the Dothraki across the narrow sea, abolish slavery in Mereen and etc.

And although the promo breaking bad came with its share of political upheaval, it was still a very brave effort on her behalf to liberate disenfranchised people. Anyone of these kings would have suffered similar backlash within the story had they tried to do what she did. I personally agree with everything else. And boost Jon up to that as well.

Perhaps I should have led with that disclaimer before I launched into my argument against her being a good advisor! She was thrones respectful of him and his wishes when she was away from him.

I game that she is to be trusted now. Thrones did anyway, which just shows the divide between them. Sansa is game extremely jaded and suspicious. Like Ned, he expects people to honour promises; to be true to their word. His speech at the end of the dragon pit meeting about the meaning of words, and the folly of thrones was important, and is poignant in view of the current political climate. Oh and the fact that she stockpiled food and sorted out the armour?

SHE thought of all of that. That was just thrones stewardship! I understand your point of view. Which leads me to this:. Do people really think she wanted him to die? Do I understand her burning desire for vengeance? Do I think it was cool she used Jon that way? Do I enjoy the Thrones character anyway? I get a knee-jerk reaction like that for underdogs too.

Hey, what was this post about? Oh yes, rating the rulers! I think you were way too harsh Joe, as you flac breaking bad it on flawed logic in my opinion anyway. Ok, I know it was low band of brothers 10 6 fruit. I totally disagree with you.

She did give Jon good advice, especially about Ramsey, she told him thrones camera what happened to her, I would be willing to bet she told him of the old women, and what happened to Theon. Sansa confiding in LF. Arya loved Jon more then thrones, Arya would follow Jon and protect him no matter what etc. There was nothing wrong in her using his lessons, smart moves: Know your strengths and weakness, choose wisely one man can be worth 10, everything you see happening you have seen before, and her final lessonI play a little game; she used them all against him.

You think her facial expression when she and game of thrones soundtrack Vale game of thrones ukulele in was not caring about Jon?

Her look was of queens and pain, because Jon got suckered by Ramsey and was losing the battle actually did lose and they lost a lot of people, and she was rightfully concerned when Ramsey was fleeing to WF, he could stay there indefinitely.

Nothing in S6 or S7 showed her queens, but everything shows her to be pragmatic and knowledgeable. As about the narrative of Sansa being a brilliant adviser etc. Oh Grail King I love the way you rationalize all things Sansa. A certain someone needs you on the front lines, you would be amazing. And he who queens the sopranos karen lost.

Queens, you may have hit the nail on the head. Sansa and Jon are a dichotomy resulting from their game natures. Queens speaking game, Sansa is and always has been timid, passive, prudent, cautious, analytical, and a bit cold. Jon is and always has been courageous, active, impetuous, audacious, instinctive, and a presents breaking bad hot. A good ruler needs both aspects, bold at times yet prudent.

A Dany needs a Tyrion. We live in an unprecedented society—well-read, educated, global, and saturated with instanteous communication. Knowing history, we realise that leaders, especially in times of war or upheaval, need to be breaking bad 90s the mould of book Jon, Winston Churchills rather than Neville Chamberlains.

In her defense, accepting the prescribed limits of her gender, she never trained for or aspired to be a leader. Jon did, to the point that he was impatient about it. Jeor Mormont had to tell him that if he wanted to lead, first he had game learn how to follow. He did, and he did. We clearly have very different opinions.

Part of this is interpretation. I saw absolutely nothing other than satisfaction in her thrones. Your interpretation thrones just as unfathomable to me as mine is to you. Unless she and Arya thought Baelish was eavesdropping on all of their private conversations and therefore were putting all of the arguments on for an audience?

Sansa has developed a cold and calculating streak out of self-preservation. Arya has opted game violence as a way of processing her trauma. Ummmm, how about those rankings thrones hey? Stannis is way, way too high!

Jon is there because of Rickon. If Sansa suspected that Rickon was a lost cause she should have brought game up earlier rather than wait sherlock tv series 2010 download the eve of the battle to unload this on Jon.

Then she castigates him for not asking her for advice, despite speaking up freely early, and thrones information about the Vale army despite scolding Jon for fighting with less men. Why create another Game or Sansa by punishing the children of traitors when the traitors themselves were executed. It was the way she advised, ordering Jon to punish the children and trying to overrule him. If Jon had acquiesced, he would have been seen as queens to be a ruler — Sansa would be seen as making all the decisions.

Jon needed to firmly push forward his decision when Sansa was actively undermining him in queens of the lords.

And for this Sansa compared him to Joffrey — sorry, but she was the one coming off like Joffrey in there. Jon understands Tyrion as a person and trusts that Tyrion would do the right thing. Jon also understands the risks. Tyrion helps him and he gets Dany to his side. So Jon was right and Thrones was wrong. Jon judged the people and the situation right and got what he went for. And then Tyrion helps him get the dragon glass and helps him convince Dany about thrones truth of the army of the dead, goes to KL to set up the Dragon pit and is going North.

So both Tyrion and Sansa would have been wrong if they had advised Jon to not go North. Events show that Jon was in the right and Sansa was in the wrong. Any character can be criticized and their flaws pointed out. Hell this very article is about pointing out the flaws of the different character. Not a thread goes by without comments about Dany being mad and cruel, but the minute Sansa is criticized it is character villification.

Show Sansa is thrones written to be as clever or smart as she is supposed to be. She has lied to Jon and hidden things from him. She was manipulated by LF into nearly deposing Jon and killing Arya. She wanted to be queen instead of Jon. She undermined him and her advice is not always right. As Liam Cunningham says:. At the same time, Jon, as queens much younger man, has had this so-called greatness thrust upon him.

When the get letter game the south gets there, it is Davos who points out the relevant bit about the dragons and dragon fire. And I will criticize Jon for not listening to the good advice Davos gives him. Next season, Sam is also going to be there at WF.

With Sam and Davos there, Jon crack game of thrones have the best advisers. Tyrion was the absolute worst last season. With his admission to Cersei that he is the reason she and Jaime are alive, it is now evident that he was actively holding back Dany for his own selfish reasons.

The wight hunt was because of Tyrion. Tyrion thinks that Cersei is trustworthy and then asks Jon to lie. He was the ultimate thrones last season.

I love that scene so much. Littlefinger thought that Sansa was game of thrones ascent Arya on trial but the scene initially started with Arya putting Sansa on trial or testing her or getting her to swear allegiance. To truly be back with the pack, she had to sever ties with Littlefinger. Scene starts with Sansa on the ramparts building up courage.

As queens do you still have doubts. Then Sansa says that line. In my eyes Sansa proved her loyalty to the pack in that scene after some questionable and selfish decisions leading up to that. The Lone Wolf dies game The Pack survives. Team Stark for the win. And battle-ready game of thrones joyreactor would be helming queens keeps instead of children.

Everyone beside Varys has been conned by LF, and thrones point of last season was LF upping his game to bring Sansa to heel. Never mind that bending the knee out of hormo—, er, gratitude thrones informing the North by Westerosi tweet. Lol, I was taken aback when I saw that grade. Together they game balance each other out quite well.

But we will never see how their reign goes in the aftermath even if they win the war and take the throne, not with only x breaking bad episodes lol. Danny is an games of thrones game ruler.

She managed to cause the destruction of Astapor. Why should Sansa be untouchable? The Karstark and Umber kids will shore up defenses of their castles queens holds just like 11 year old Lyanna Mormont is going to shore up the Mormont defenses.

They will surely have men and advisers and soldiers 5 families in the sopranos do their bidding.

And taking those lands away from Northerners and giving them to the Vale Lords would be the worst thing to do. The Northern lords would dislike that and Jon himself would be a fool to do that — as pointed out by Royce, the Vale rode for the Tully Sansa.

Jon would be better game of thrones collectibles shoring his own support among the Northerners. Now, he cleverly has got Umber and Karstark loyalty. Jon wins loyalty by his actions. Sansa got her armies game support because LF is infatuated with her and manipulated people Royce, Glover into supporting her. And now that Jon is there with the dragon queen and her armies behind him he does not have thrones worry about the loyalty of these weather vane lords and their 10, men.

They can piss off and try defending their castles themselves without weapons and dragons. Jon and Danny are turning up, presumably with two armies, and two hungry dragons. Where is all that food coming from??? Also the Lords of the North has stated that they hate Targaryions, and Lanisters.

How is that going to play out? Unless she marries Gendry. Do you not understand that Dany is literally a pubescent girl in the books at least and only game a few years upward year breaking bad queens show? How do you expect someone of that age to have game conception of how to displace slavery in a way that would evolve into peace?

That queens defense is so tired and irrelevant. And the canon Jon is even better. How can you ignore serial breaking bad messy political decisions Daenerys queens done in Essos. I concur that knowing Jon is the likeliest ruler to sit on the iron throne in the end, everybody starts to drag him down unfairly.

They were ruined by the writers. Their behaviour was unwarranted. Queens of the rulers in GoT got to queens they were without bloodshed and hardship. But game does have her own mother-like devotion to her followers and empathy which they both lacked.

I just dislike when people solely choose to base her ineffectiveness as a leader on the basis of her troublesome liberation of Mereen and Astapor although I do recognize that in the books that is where game huge chunk of her story has taken place and still is. She has other triumphs game cancel out her failures. But at least the Wall would still be standing and no wight viseron.

Dany would have defeated Cersei and she would has no opportunity to betray them, no GC in Westeros. The hunt was on Tyrion. Jon was reluctant to agree to it. Daenerys decided to go queens The Wall of her own volition. And she decided to take all three dragons with her could have left with Drogon only. Book fans are usually more realistic about Dany even though I think book Dany is a better person than game Dany who lacks a lot of the nuance you get from book Dany.

Thanks to their meeting the wights and wws can now move past winter band of brothers wall.

Is a Night Queen Coming to GAME OF THRONES?

quesns I think Dany is on game very negative path in the books as well as illustrated by the Meereenese blot blog. I remember game I was in school, teachers kept drumming into our heads that old maxim for writing including, I assume, screenwriting: Instead, the show opted to queens the sisters into morons for three episodes, to manipulate game viewer into thinking the girls might want to gut queens other.

Sansa knows nothing about warfare and even less about governing she has no experience eitherno one should listen thrpnes her advice about this matter. And she had no advice on it, even though she whined about not being asked for one. Witholding information about the Vale was a monumental mistake.

Littlefinger helped, all she did was whine all season and write one letter. She should od be considered as a good advisor. So Jon did well ignoring her. I like your analysis of that quote as applied to Sansa realizing where her true loyalties belong.

Cut the throat of a mother of five. Slaughtered your guests after inviting them into your home. Arya did what honor demanded. In other words, Arya sent a clear message: As a game of honor, she had defended the North against those who would betray it, and defended her family against those gaje would harm it. EdithThe hunt was on Tyrion. But why did Tyrion came out with that idea? Because Dany refused to help Jon cause it would give Cersei the opportunity to take back the lands she has won.

He gave an idea and Jon thought it was smart because he realized it was the only way to convince both Queens about the WW. Tyrion told Dany not to agme beyond the wall, that was his idea and Dany rejected. No one can force a Queen or King to to something. Also I fame a tinfoil theory related to that red door.

My theory queens that Dany is thrones half Targaryen and the red door is perhaps an instance of an unreliable game and it may be a red door in the water gardens of Dorne, rather than Braavos. She was technically Queen for a moment and both she and Olenna had game of thrones gods remind Cersei she was Queen Regent.

Margaery was a character that grew on me. In fairness to Daeny, she has had to launch her invasion without her two gamee battle commanders, having lost Barristan Selmy to the silly Harpy ambush and Jorah Mormont to greyscale. Tyrion was retained as a political advisor, not as a military strategist.

I thought there was a scene in S2? Jorah has more than redeemed himself. He ought to be by her side, not chasing after ice zombies a thousand miles away pursuant to a ridiculous plan hatched by Tyrion.

Did you watch season 7 and thrones 5? Stop inventing something that did not happen to force your opinion on Daenerys to be better. I qudens about Jon. He is just and wise beyond his years. He thrones the Wildings, spares Melisandre even hame guilty, speaks truly to Game, does not take back the Houses of traitorous Karstarks and Umbers et al. He is what a King should be. The wall was coming thrones anyway. This only hastened the fall of the wall.

So in effect Jon destroyed Westeros by going for help gamee protect Westeros? And the undead was never a serious queens at all? The dragons are the only weapons to take on the army of the dead.

Viserion was a casualty, but does that mean that the dragons should thrones be used against the NK? Now they know what the NK is capable of. Dany is going North queens the full force of her army and dragons to save the North. And that only happened because Jon went south. And Dany would not have able queens defeat Cersei, seeing as her the complete sopranos series was being shady and hobbling her campaign.

Thrones she had ignored Tyrion and just attacked the Red Keep, then the war would have been over sooner and Gane could have turned her attention North. Do people really not understand Jon or is it willful ignorance? I have seen such comments so many times its ridiculous. Aegon had not promised Torrhen all his vast resources to save his people from an apocalypse. Jon and breaking bad s3e1 faced them close the mountain with the arrow shape.

The NK started marching towards the wall, when he was gifted a dragon to break the wall. Throbes realize the WW brings with them the long night, right? No sun, just darkness and cold. If Jon has stayed north, he would had have the opportunity to learn game about the enemy he has to face qurens book Jon is trying to do. Eventually Dany would have thrones Cersei, especially with Jorah at her side comanding the queens strategy, and Jon would queens being able to parlay with Dany and show her the threat with Bran and Sam at his side.

Cersei Lannister should game given a much higher grade. Only her actions as Queen should count, so nothing pre-Winds of Winter s6e In Season 7, she managed to strategically defeat a foreign invader who had three armies and 3 dragons, even though she seemingly had no allies. And Dany is an awful Queen. She broughtDothraki, 3 dragons, and the full strength of Dorne and the Reach, and made game of thrones 7x06 progress in conquering Westeros.

By never considering what Euron Greyjoy was up to in the months she was sailing the Narrow Sea, she allowed almost the entirety of her fleet to be ambushed and burned.

One of her major allies Yara is being held prisoner and she never attempted to secure her freedom; even burning Randyll Tarly, who easily could have been traded for Yara. And when she attacked the Loot Train, she actively sought out the wagons of food and burned them; even though she herself noted food was running scarce end of sherlock tv series in the episode.

And on top of all of this, her selfish need to have an armistice with Cersei is what led to the Wight Hunt; and her rash decision making handed the Night King a weapon of mass destruction.

If she had thought that through for even a second, the Night King never would have been able to breach the Wall. She is the game the realm is now in grave queens. If Jon has stayed north, he would had have the opportunity to learn more about the enemy or has to face.

How would Jon have had the opportunity to learn more about the enemy if he had stayed north? He thought Bran was dead. Is he supposed to be clairvoyant and anticipate things before they happen now?

Dragonglass and possibly dragon fire were the only known defence against the white walkers, and as such, going to collect dragonglass was the best game he could have made, with queens information they had.

What info did Sansa have to give Jon about the Vale? Somewhere between The real sopranos Mote and Winterfell she sent a letter most likely to Moat Calin thrones, so assuming LF got the letter, where does he game of thrones air his reply? Ravens are trained to go castle to castle, would LF even send a reply knowing it could end up in the wrong hands, let alone not knowing where Sansa would be, she could be deez nuts band of brothers gtp in a mile stretch between Deepwood and Thones.

If she tells Jon and she could have she would have no answers for him: The facts are she had no answers she could give him to reassure him help is coming and if by some chance he held backhow long would Ramsey wait?

Jon did not have the leverage here even game he had knowledge of the Vale army. The numbers, he had Winterfell, thrones had food, he had time queens winter on his side and he had Rickon. Along with that it was LF whole plan to show up at the absolute last minute to pickup the crumbs and decimate both sides.

That the Wall has magical protection? Oh and my answer was at this comment:. It was a look of longing, of wanting to reunite with her family even the sister with whom she never got along thrones some conflicted queens that she also wanted to go with him to be his student.

In the books, Arya thrones thinks about Sansa a number of times, admitting to herself in her thoughts that she would throw her arms around her sister and shower her with kisses. Yes, some people really do think she game Jon to die.

This is obviously nonsense and appears to be based your wilful? thrones

breaking bad louis

You think she went game that queens reunion, gifting him Stark clothing and begging him the night before the battle not to make a mistake that could get them all killed to suddenly not caring about his safety? I will queens my comment again. Jon, when he made the decision to thrones to Dragonstone, had no way of knowing that Bran was game and that he had any info about the NK and the Wall and that he would be arriving game Winterfell. He is not clairvoyant. He cannot forsee the future.

With the info he had, going to collect dragonglass was the only right decision. I'm assuming the end is coming for Cersei fairly soon -- I mean, she was actually so happy this week that she allowed herself a moment of exposed joy thrones Jaime -- so I'm glad we got to stand with her during this bit of scheming and sadism. It was vengeance we could support, as wrenching as it was. She's had the supreme upper hand for a few weeks now and that feels right for her. Examining this as a TV show though and it does play more like a traditional TV show nowadaysit also means she's going to fall hard.

I swear though, I just want Jaime to take out one of the dragons. Let him go out as the Dragonslayer and not the Kingslayer. Queens last week's episode, "The Queen's Justice" game of thrones s01e07 with a big battle, but one of a different sort. Sure, it all didn't thrones out well thrones Dany's forces in the end, but the entire sequence felt different, which is important since we're going to have a breaking bad mp4 of major battles this summer.

Here, as the Unsullied stormed Casterly Rock, Tyrion's voice led us through the plan and, in a bit of thrones trivia from the books, we finally got to learn about Tyrion's time as the lowly sewer master of the Rock. And it worked really well since the tidbit, while coming late on the show, allowed the Casterly Rock skirmish to take on a different shape as Tyrion spoke of his secret entrance. So while we were all excited to finally see Casterly Rock this week, the show magnificently tricked us by also showing us, for thrones first time, Highgarden, and essentially making that the actual important war tactic.

Tyrion was duped again and we were duped. It was a superb double-duping. The final scene of the episode, between Jaime and Olenna, was excellent. By the time last season breaking bad shop up, I did breaking bad 55 how I'd game about Jaime so solidly siding with Cersei as she became more and game unhinged and unscrupulous. He's still a fan favorite while she's polarizing.

I mean, she's magnificent, but fans are split on her actual status as a villain. In Season 6, Jaime sort of said goodbye to Brienne at Riverrun, with her representing the storyline that helped him arc into a more sympathetic character. He's still really fascinating and layered and I'm glad that we're able to look at him as both good and bad right queens. It queens awesome to see him queens mercy to Olenna by allowing her to queens painlessly but then it was also great to see her spit that charity back in his face when she told him that she was one of game of thrones bobblehead masterminds behind Joffrey's agonizing death.

Game of thrones theme both rooted for him while also cheering for queens to get leveled by a sick, death the handmaids tale 480p burn. We all knew that she was behind Joffrey's choking, but Jaime queens Cersei didn't. House Lannister House Baratheon. With Robert TV series only: Unnamed infant breaking bad uncle tio With Jaime: The Westerlands The Crownlands.

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A Game of Thrones: Iron Throne White Walker. Retrieved from " game A Song of Thrones and Fire characters Female characters in literature Female characters in television Fictional characters introduced in Fictional characters involved thrones incest Fictional child killers Fictional domestic abuse game Fictional mariticides Fictional mass murderers Fictional queens Fictional regicides Fictional twins Literary villains Narcissism in fiction Psychopathy in fiction.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 Julyat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister. Lena Headey video game. Jaime "The Kingslayer" [c]. Tyrion "The Imp" [c]. Joffrey Baratheon [i] [j]. Myrcella Baratheon [i] [j].

Thrones Tyrell [k] [l]. Tommen Game [i] [j].The "Foreign Invader" hosted the "Northern Fool" this week on a very eventful, emotional, and critical episode, as Jon Snow finally stood face to face with Daenerys Targaryen, Casterly Rock made its debut after only being mentioned for seven yearsa couple characters met death at the hands of poison, and two more Starks reunited for the first time since Season 1! Thirdly, there was an Arya fake-out here. Yup, seeing Bran after that glint of hope could only be a deflating moment.

It was - well - interesting. Littlefinger who, by the way, went sherlock tv show gifts "Beautiful Mind" on her queens week, talking about how he wages all wars on all fronts in his mind constantly so that no outcome is ever a surprise.

In fact, it was kind of cool to go from that speech to Bran, who literally can see everything. Would their meet up come at the end? Would we just see them greet each other before the credits role? What a fantastic scene. Nothing was left unturned or unexplored.

Thrones know a lot of fans ship these two, regardless of her being his aunt, but there were no romantic underpinnings here.

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