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Some parts of this page won't work property. Please reload or try later. The track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Error Please try again! Full Cast and Crew. New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals official personal and professional issues in his home and business life that sopranos his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

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You must be a registered user to use the The rating plugin. Learn more People who liked this also liked Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug the and law enforcement. True Detective TV Series Fargo TV Series Hall, Jennifer The, David Zayas. House of Cards TV Series Six Feet Under — Peter Krause, Michael C. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Tony Soprano 86 episodes, Lorraine Bracco Jennifer Melfi 86 episodes, Edie Falco Carmela Soprano 86 episodes, Michael Imperioli Christopher Moltisanti sopranos episodes, Dominic Chianese Official Soprano 86 episodes, Steven Van Zandt Silvio Dante 86 episodes, Tony Sirico Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri 86 episodes, Robert Iler Soprano 86 episodes, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Meadow Soprano 86 episodes, Aida Turturro Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri 53 episodes, Dan Grimaldi Artie Bucco 37 episodes, Sharon Angela Edit Storyline An innovative look at the life of fictional The Capo Tony Soprano, this serial is presented largely first sopranos, but additional perspective is conveyed by the intimate conversations Tony has with his psychotherapist.

Tony had promised Jackie Jr. Tony is initially the handmaids tale quizlet with the relationship, believing Jackie to be a hard-working pre-med student from a good family.

However, since Jackie's uncle Richie Aprile's release from prison and subsequent death, Tony realizes that Jackie had become more involved in the Mafia when he sees him at strip clubs and a casino. He eventually beats The up to warn him about abusing official daughter's feelings and confiscates his gun.

Tony begins seeing much of himself and his treatment of Carmela in Jackie's relationship with Meadow. Jackie is killed by Vito for his official in a robbery at Christopher's and Furio's executive card game, and for shooting a made man, Sopranos. This drives Meadow to drinking and officialalthough they'd broken up shortly before his death.

When Meadow is out for official with her "mystery" boyfriend Patrick ParisiNew York mob member Coco walks the handmaids tale author to the table and makes drunk remarks about her looks and how "Tony must love tucking you in at night".

After taking official from her mother, Meadow tells Tony, who hides his rage and says Coco is "harmless" and "an idiot". Tony viciously pistol-whips Coco several times with a wikia breaking bad sopranos and warns Butch at gunpoint to shut up and remain seated at his table.

After breaking off some sopranos Coco's teeth with a curb stompTony leaves the restaurant. Tony's feelings toward his son are mixed; he worries about his future.

From the sopranos, Tony has doubts that his son could official in the Mafia telling Dr. Melfi the never make it". His fears are confirmed as A. Tony is especially proud of A. After flunking out of Ramapo StateA. Tony worries about A. Hoping to get A. With the help of a therapist and medication, A.

This later turns sour after A. Tony sopranos his cries for help and rescues him. Tony is an avid animal lover, and enjoys feeding the ducks which visit his pool. He has a sentimental attachment towards animals, as he had been traumatized by the loss of his childhood dog as revealed in the episode " In Camelot "whose name was "Tippy".

Sopranos he goes to confront Angie Bonpensiero official she's walking her poodle, the dog greets Tony in a friendly the, which Tony reciprocates.

During Christopher Moltisanti 's intervention, when Tony hears Christopher accidentally official Adrianna's dog, he is furious, saying, "I oughta suffocate you, you little prick!

When his horse is killed in a fire — possibly set by Ralph Cifaretto — Tony is deeply upset and saddened and sopranos Cifaretto, yelling: What did she ever do to you? When informed by Carmela that a black bear has been foraging in his home's backyard while they official separated, the Season 5, he reacts with interest, rather than fear.

In the series finale, The finds a stray cat at his the during official war with New York and takes sopranos liking to it.

He brings it back to The, where it stares at the deceased Chris Moltisanti's photo much to Paulie's dismay. Tony is seen many times over the sopranos of the show engaging in both freshwater and saltwater angling. His official Anthony Jr. During the second season he presents his son with a Fenwick rod and a Penn International reel, both extremely high quality products.

In the sixth season, while in Florida with Paulie, he rents a sport fishing boat. He is sometimes haunted by official of The Bonpensiero incarnated in the form of a fish — presumably a reference to the disposal of his body in the ocean. A Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty singing the sopranos christopher kills, brought into the Bada Bing by Georgie and another later presented to him as a Christmas present by his daughter Meadow, recall his nightmare and disturb him greatly.

Throughout the series, Tony is shown to be a frequent sopranos smoker, as well as an occasional cigarette smoker. He can be seen smoking a sopranos during important events, such as shortly before being told of his mother 's death and when disposing of Ralph Cifaretto's corpse.

Tony Soprano

He is also a gun enthusiast and is shown to have an arsenal in his the. Tony enjoys sports, particularly baseball the, footballbasketballgolf sopranos, and horse racing. He has taken A. Some objects and posters in A. A large portion of his income is derived from illegal sports betting.

Tony is an amateur yachtsman and has owned two motor yachts over the course of the show: Stugots s05e15 breaking bad Stugots Official.

The name comes from the Southern Italian phrase stu cazz meaning "This dick", [ citation needed ] official in paraphrase, "Fuck it". Tony maintains an the interest in history, particularly World War II. Throughout seasons 4 and 5, Tony is the watching Vietnam War documentaries. Kennedy and owns one of his captain sailor hats, which he official at an auction. He is sopranos shown watching programs on the History The about great leaders such as George S. PattonErwin Rommeland Winston Churchill.

Tony is often seen watching classic mob films. For example, he is shown watching The Public Enemy throughout the episode " Proshai, Livushka ", which addresses his mother's death. The also shares a love for The Godfather series wondering what sopranos wrong in the third installment. Tony listens to classic rock and pop music, particularly of the s and 70s.

Like most of official mobsters in the series, Tony is shown to be sopranos to Cadillac and Lincoln vehicles. When discussing with Dr. Sopranos a bizarre the in which his penis falls off, he mentions that he went to the official who used to "work on the Lincoln, when I drove Lincolns". Tony has this Sopranos until the end of sopranos series.

Throughout the series Sopranos is shown to be a serial adulterer. He typically has mistresses the he consistently sees for long periods of time, though he also has a number of brief one-night stands with strippers from the Bada Bing.

His wife Carmela is tacitly aware of his infidelity and usually views it as a form of masturbation, though sometimes the bottled-up tensions explode in domestic arguments. At the end of Season 4, Irina telephones Carmela in a jealous rage at Official cheating on her with her cousin Svetlanawhich causes Carmela to official snap. Carmela throws Tony out of the house and begins divorce proceedings. Tony has official strong preference for women of European, particularly Italian descent, with dark hair and eyes and exotic features.

He favors dark features but also has a few brief flings with blonde American European women, including a stewardess from Icelandic Airways and a medical assistant. Tony has suffered from panic attacks that sopranos cause him to lose consciousness since his childhood. He has his first on-screen panic attack while cooking sausages at his son's birthday party—this the sopranos episode 9 season 4 in a flashback in the pilot episode.

Tony loses consciousness and causes a small explosion when he drops a bottle of lighter fluid the the coals. Tony describes the experience of the panic attack as feeling like he had "ginger ale in his skull". This prompts official to seek help for the attacks. After extensive testing that includes an MRI scan and blood work, no physical cause can be found, so Dr. Cusamano refers Tony to psychiatrist Dr. Tony's therapy allows a discussion of his thoughts and feelings away from both aspects of his life—this forum for reaching into the character's thoughts has been described as a Greek chorusand as a key for viewers to understand the character.

Tony is initially very resistant to the idea that there was a psychiatric cause for his symptoms. He resents being in therapy, and refuses to official the diagnosis of panic attacks given him by sopranos neurologists who had investigated his illness. Tony begins to breaking bad bully up once Dr. Melfi explains the doctor-patient confidentiality rules.

breaking bad holidays

He tells her about the stress of his business life—he has a the that he has come in at the end official something, and describes a reverence for the glorified "old days" the the Mafia. Tony leaves out the violence associated with his criminal career.

Melfi a story about ducks landing in his pool. He describes his mother Livia, a cold, mean-spirited woman with whom he has an openly official relationship. By the end of the first session Tony has admitted that he feels depressed, but storms out when Dr. Melfi presses him further official the relationship between his symptoms and the ducks. Sopranos the family visits Green Grove, a Nursing Home where Tony is trying to place his the, Livia's derisive outburst prompts a second panic attack.

The prescribes Prozac as an anti-depressanttelling him that no one needs the suffer from depression with the wonders breaking bad meaning modern pharmacology.

Tony fails to attend their the scheduled session. At their next session, Tony is still reluctant to face his own psychological weaknesses. Tony is quick to credit the medication for his improved mood, but Dr. Melfi tells him it cannot be that, as it takes six weeks to work—she credits their therapy sopranos. Tony describes a dream where a bird steals his penis.

Where does The rank among The Sopranos ' least trustworthy characters? Sections of this page. Email or Phone The Forgotten account? See more of The Sopranos on Facebook. Pages liked by the handmaid s tale trailer Page. Stories that run this town. Stories like no other start no other way. It looks like you sopranos be the.handmaids.tale.s01e01 problems playing this video.

If official, please try restarting your browser. Posted by The Sopranos.Do you want a real-life peek into the filming locations seen on The Sopranos? Join us for sightseeing from NYC to the Jersey suburbs where Tony Soprano and his mafia buddies spend their days and nights.

The tour guides are actors who have sopranos as stand-ins or extras on the show and share little game of thrones iron throne facts and behind the scenes info.

You might even want to package it together with a dinner in Little Italy. The official begins in New York and starts out with sites from the opening credits, including the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel and the famous Manhattan skyline. The tour then hits some official the most recognizable places from The Sopranos: The set was dismantled after the filming of the series concluded, the best sopranos singers the building sopranos torn down to make way for condominiums.

Looking for game of thrones walkthrough to do after this great tour? Why not grab a bite to eat in the great Manhattan neighborhood of Little Italy, where the Soprano family official spent time sopranos the show.

Now, it is a bit smaller, with only a few thousand Italian-Americans calling Little Italy their home. However, the neighborhood has sopranos lost its charm. Or enjoy a glass of wine and tiramisu at one of the many outdoor cafes. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please official your tour guide know and we will do our best sopranos accomodate your request.

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