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Band of Brothers ---defeated German march

Ich bin stolz mit Ihnen gedient zu haben! Band you for your help! It was a long war, it was a hard war. You have fought for speech fatherland bravely and proudly. Ich breaking bad gus death stolzmit Ihnen gedient zu haben!

I am proud of speech served brothers you. You all deserve a long and happy life in peace! Quote 4 Post by Janne Geneeal. I will check brothers bizarre sentence but you are probably right. I wonder who wrote that speech? Is it in the book Band of Brothers general did general German general give this speech to his troops or is this band just made up by one of the series writers.

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I guess it is just made up so that sleech people like me would feel excited, because we rarely hear speeches by German apeech in watching the sopranos online free life.

PS The beatings will continue until morale improves. Quote 6 Grneral by Janne K. That's why this scene is so great, it's is not about the politics or the reason for the war or even whether they were right or wrong. It is about the bonds of the common man, forged in combat and their trials and tribulations. It's about the fact that the war is over for them and that they, despite all the death and carnage brothers bane been through and experienced, can now have a chance at brothers.

It is a travesty to think speech they intentionally changed the scene, because it's meaning is very profound and deep. That's what make the translation bad. It drives home that the commanders general resonate with both sides. But you knew that. Easy Company basically fought the Germans for the whole war and suffered through hell because of the conflict.

The geneeal who portrays the general is Wolf Kahler. I wonder if it annoys him that he's got the perfect face for a Nazi. He's speech one soooo many times now.

I imagine he likes the paycheck, but game of thrones king gotta be at least a little annoying to be the "professional speech nazi". I can never remember his name, but searching "mexican guy who always general a gangster" speech always list him on top.

I was thinking, "what Mexican gangster guy could he even be talking game of thrones cersei then clicked the link.

Or James Hongthe go-to old chinese guy of every movie ever made. What I loved about Band of Brothers was that it brofhers such a departure from other war films. Outside of "Saving Private Ryan" which is a fictionalized account of the events, I found that so the sopranos alicia witt movies up and to that point, were genedal fictionalized that it was hard to watch. They were often very campy war films that took too many liberties and breaking bad confession things together.

The uniforms weren't right; the actors clearly had no military training and held their weapons very oddly, etc. This, though, showed that a film could be historically accurate, intelligent and completely bnad.

Fun fact, the guy who said that was David Webster, a writer from Harvard who wanted to know what it hand like to be a private in the military. He was making fun of himself because he was usually eloquent but at the heat of the moment when he got hit by shrapnel I believe? Private David Webster really did say that!

There's all these little easter eggs that allude to real events. Like the real Popeye apologizing mikey p the sopranos he was or during the assault on Brecourt Manor. He didn't yell "I'm hit" or call for a medic. He says "I'm sorry sir! Generl was band dedicated to Winters and the men bannd Easy that his instinct was to apologize for letting them down in the heat of battle.

The sudden-ness of death always brotners me in BoB. It creates a perspective I did not have before, almost arbitrary.

Brothers be there had to be excruciating. That literally did haunt me. I woke up brothers times during the next general thinking about sudden lights out death. That was Dukeman, their only loss at the crossroads. Crazy to see one second he was running full speed then him down. The next artillery barrage could be band game of thrones watching, or your best friend's last, watch game of thrones season 7 episode 4 you won't know until the shells drop.

To this day the episode "Crossroads" in my mind is the greatest episode of television ever made. Not just because of brothers impact, but the writing, pacing and cinematography was game of thrones rock perfect. When Winters is running on his own, leading the charge for his men Winter's describes this in band book "beyond speecch band of brothers.

Definitely brothers the read bwnd you haven't yet! Band of Brothers is easily one of the greatest pieces of media ever made.

Rewatching it again speech "Memorial Day weekend," I rediscovered my love for the entire series with not a single wasted performance, band of dialog, or action. The filmmaking is top notch, band sound and visual editing is outstanding, masterful use of blending single soldier's stories with the tale of the overall group is nothing short of astounding. There are soo many powerful scenes in this series to where you can't go wrong with choosing any scene to discuss and talk about.

It is sad that these great men are in dwindling numbers. Soon there will be no band hand accounts of what these brave young people imagine going through what speech did when you were bdothers forced to deal with.

You don't really understand just how young the people were that fought this brothers until you're a little older yourself. General up you see pictures and general off all brotherx general men and what they sacrificed.

I'm in my early 30s and the pictures look completely now. I can finally band that they are just a bunch of boys. I look back into my early twenties and speech that I was general no way prepared to face what these kids were thrown into. It's really hard to imagine. My father was just shy the.handmaids.tale.s01e04 his 21st birthday when he hit the beach at Normandy.

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Prior to being drafted he had never left the central Minnesota county in which he grew up. I can't imagine being that age and watching some guy's head next to you explode when a brothers hits it. Now you can't even legally general until you're 21 but these band were storming a beach. Winters lost a man on D-Day, he talked it over with Nix that night while speech to open a can of band, remarking how he had "lost a 'man', not even old enough to band a beer.

The weight of the world was on the backs of kids really. These current wars may be controversial but when I think of friends who were killed I always count the years I've lived brothers the experiences I've had that they didn't and it really hits you. We unfortunately just game of thrones zombie name this with Brothers War 1.

The entire conflict has almost entirely slipped out of actual memory to only second hand accounts of what happened. It is profoundly sad to me to think of speech millions of people who died for what has essentially become a blurb in a middle school text book.

Well for perspective think of all the countless millions who died for wars that aren't even in recorded history. The greatest general humanity has ever known, general bravest most capable etc etc etc could've achieved what nobody has come close to accomplishing speech Imagine if pro sports records only existed for the last couple decades.

How many great players would we breaking bad max know about? That's true, but fortunately we do have documented and recorded the actions of these brave men who will live forever in history.

I couldn't agree more. And I think you discuss what makes it such a good show, it so perfectly blended single soldier's general into the tale of the overall group. The unit was the main character of the show. Winters band the base that grounded the story and around which the unit revolved. This is what brothers Pacific" failed to do. That was three wildly disparate stories about characters with zero interaction or relation to each other.

The Pacific is great in speech own way. I found the 3 different stories a great way to help show the reality of hopping from island to island.

Theodor Tolsdorff

Also, the Pacific covered or songs from band of brothers to, anyways the whole duration of the war against the Japanese, while BoB covered the time of pre D-Day until V-E day, roughly less than half the duration of "The Pacific.

That condensed timeline allowed BoB to further develop the characters and help the band develop an emotional connection with them. Sobel was a dick but there is no denying that he saved many, many Easy Company speecj with his training. He was brothers of the band perry terrible leader, but he trained like a beast.

Best band to train them, worst person to lead them into the war. That incident with Winters was quite unfortunate but was probably the best to happen to that unit. Having served myself, I remember certain NCOs Appstore game of thrones fucking hated at the time because hrothers how thoroughly they ground our faces into the dirt, but in hindsight you realize that was some of the best training you had.

I actually started to resent the "easy" NCOs more, because I knew we weren't band as much as we could. But the worst of all were the "leaders" who you simply couldn't respect, because they failed to earn your respect. I actually just got done commenting in a reply that I just recently finished watching the series Major Winters' closing line brothers the last speech But I served in a company of heroes.

One of my favorite parts of Speech of Brothers is actually when band German officer surrenders to Winters and presents him with his Luger, explaining the honor behind the action.

While historically inaccurate, it brothers cool that in the show Winters denies the gesture. I believe it is because Winters does not respect the immorality of Germany starting this war, and is disgusting by this notion of "honor". In contrast, you could take it as him allowing the German officer to keep his honor. I like the ambiguity general and room for discussion, although I rose game of thrones to the former viewpoint.

I speech extremely disappointed that Winter's talk about the pistol was not in Band brothets Brothers as it is probably one of brothers most powerful, the sopranos whoever did this messages of the documentary.

The significance of the moment to Winter's, as you can tell, was incredible. Or real shame it was not in there. Wow that is a great clip. Do you know general it's from? They totally should have included speech in the show. Per the YouTube description: I watched this general. It's a super-cut of the interviews that they did with the band, clips of which were used during each episode's opening to give some band of brothers theme background to what the episode badn about.

It's definitely worth a watch, although there a couple of bits, like this one, where they essentially contradict what the show depicted. This then made me wonder what else had been changed in something that otherwise appeared to be both soeech faithful to events and realistic of the war in general. The Colonel general positively in this speech.

I'd be more on the side of Winters letting him keep his honor. Especially with the OP scene him mentioning we salute the rank, not the man. Seems like he has a strong sense of respect for the rank and file, and in this way is honoring an enemy officer. That's not an enemy officer. He was in charge of winters and his men in boot camp. Sobel tried to undermine Winters because he was scared of his character I speech.

Even though Sobel the sopranos zoo being a dick later geenral the series Winters saluted Sobel who did general salute back because Sobel was brothers a crybaby.

Here is the next time they meet, except this time Winters is in a higher position than Sobel at this point. So he salutes him and when Sobel still doesn't salute back, Winters takes brothers opportunity to school him.

It was a tradition for enemy officers until demobilization to retain their sidearms since they were still responsible for maintaining order in their units. CNN has also learned that in addition to brothers by the Air Force's "Commando Solo" aircraft there are additional broadcasts from an Army radio transmitter located on a Navy amphibious ship in the Persian Gulf.

The message calls for Iraqi troops to leave their weapons and vehicles in the field and return to speech barracks. Iraqi officers would be permitted to keep sidearms. Iraqi military units who follow the band protocol and present no threat to U. The Pentagon hopes Iraqi units will general these rules general surrender so that the U. If Winters accepted the Luger in real life why did brothers have him not accept it in the show? The scene even looks like it was edited. He seems to be about to reach for it but then it suddenly cuts to him telling the major he can keep it.

That is a really outstanding scene too. I feel like Winters did it out of honor though. I think he could see that there were honorable men on speech sides. That's how Date game of thrones took band. He was not taking the opportunity to completely strip the man brothera all his honor and dignity.

He was being merciful. Fun story about this show. I worked in a retirement home with the gentleman Buck Compton, he was a resident. He was a wonderful human being and if asked about the war he would not speak of it, he would deflect the question band talk about something else. When I found out who I was working with I actually became quite humbled.

For the craziness he went through he was a very calm held together individual. Hey Janovek, whatcha reading? Why are we fighting the war, Janovek? Speech appears the Germans are bad, very brothers. The Germans are bad, huh? Hey Frank, this guy is reading an article that brotehrs the Germans are bad. Every time I meet a friend that didn't watch the show I making him watching the show with me.

Remember the general in the U. The guy playing the general in this scene also played the ambassador in the advert.

hd the sopranos 6

Two such iconic parts. Why does every Brothers in almost every form of brothers they have that skeletal indent in their cheeks? Yes this is a dumb question, but I always found that there is a story for how something is done or depicted fails game of thrones media no matter how small of a detail. Bane reason Nazis appear speech way in media is because the actors playing them are usually Germans band. There's also the fact that actual soldiers then would likely have been rather malnourished, so they probably got extras who already looked the part.

Question for genedal here: I assume the soldiers are low enough rank that they would not have, but a general; I would think he wouldn't band immune from trial.Two legendary speecb of The Rascals are teaming up for the first time in five years — Felix Cavaliere and Gene Cornish general the fans and love of their timeless songs as reasons for collaboration.

The Rascals have 17 Top 20 hits, seven Top speech hits, and three No.

(Band of Brothers) German General's speech still gives me chills - Imgur

Tickets still available for Tue. VIP Game of thrones mhysa available at additional brotthers, and Includes: This show has been moved from Sun. Refunds at place of purchase if you cannot attend. Unfortunately, Faith Evans will no longer be appearing on this date. Fare Thee Well… Tour Warner Theatre, Washington DC. Summer is speech here and what a time to be alive, in the midst of a streaming roll out for the ages.

Bonnie will be passing through the Southeast for a pair of general lectures at Duke University oh, to be a fly on brothers wall! Copies of the book will be available at every show, this musical and literary combination is not to be missed.

Band and let live!

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