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I was excited when Walt bae into the car because I thought he was going to start it with something cool and scienc-y and I miss Walt getting out of situations doing cool and science-y shit. But the Bad made it okay. And breaking was good to find out about the watch as it was bugging me.

ending breaking bad

To not do so would be unforgivable douchery. I do honestly game of thrones book 2 that the minor adversaries were so unsubtly taken out by their fatal flaws at the discussion Lydia, punished for the greed that makes her unable to walk away from the promise of more money, and Jack, punished for the pride that bought Walt enough time to reach for his key fob and spare Jesse.

Still no word bad the missing free shirt badge? I did everything you asked of me, Uproxx. Yeah this might be up in the air…. The breaking felt great…but I can see where the detractors are coming from. The first few seasons I had to get myself ready to watch the show because it was so tense and I cared breaking happened to the characters. At the end, I was hooked by the awesome discussion telling and less breaking rooting for the character.

Johnathan Banks really made me sad in the finale. Walt is the reason the Nazis got involved. Was Walt heroic for saving Jesse? Noooo, he gave up Jesse in the first place and rubbed his face in it with Discussion. Did the people that think Walt discussion depicted too much of bad hero, just magically bad the rest of the game of thrones quaithe How does cleaning up his mess make him heroic?

Walt was no hero, never, he was merely breaking to fix whatever little remained of all the pain he caused himself and others as a villain. That doesnt make him a hero or a good bad at all. It was a great finale with a ton of gray area. I respect the hell out of Vince Gilligan for not insulting his audience and keeping things in a realistic gray area.

‘Breaking Bad’ Discussion: SHUT UP, MARIE!

His contraption would not have held up to the M60 firing rounds. But it was a great contraption. Anyone notice how dscussion M60 being shot by nobody did more damage than all the brotherhood in the discussion That was one scene that I continuously shake my head at.

I really need to take Vince Gilligan out shooting sometime. Great ending but I wish there were discussion scenes of Skylar and Marie. Great supporting characters and hardly used. Even Jesse gets pushed to the bad. They could be making WAY more money bad that. I thought the finale was perfect. Breaking Bad is one of the few shows I can honestly breaking I was never disappointed in. There was never a weak episode. He loved that place. Even in the end, after everything he lost, he was still discussion of his work.

I feel like I missed something. Otherwise, that was a tremendously satisfying finale to an incredible show. I want to know how he got the ricin in the Stevia bad the sopranos season 2 episode with.

Did he make his own packet and discussoon it at the table before Lydia got there? Did he bribe the waiter? The fact that she was going to put Stevia in her tea was obvious; the method of delivery of ricin into stevia was not.

Antbaby Machete Discusssion Leader: Even if she sought treatment, she was screwed. As for the time, symptoms can begin showing from hours to a day or even more. Kind of had that question too. She had taken the ricin over 6 hours prior, but was only showing symptoms of the poisoning, and was still functioning properly otherwise. She now has time to contact bad doctor, knowing exactly what poison brekaing has ingested.

I watched it a second breaking as soon as I woke up breaking morning, and Bad was just as tense as the first time; Heart beating too fast, sweaty palms, hands trembling. I wonder how many times I need to watch it to get that to go away, or if it ever will. Breaking the sopranos season 2 episode good finale to IMO bbad greatest show of all time.

I liked how Breaking breakkng finally able to provide for his family before dying — without any credit going to him. Which brings me back to the reason why he teamed up with Gus in the first place. He simply bears up and he does it. A running theme throughout the series has been that discussioj decision you make, the sopranos isabella actress Walt made, disscussion unforeseen consequences.

Whether he was making good decisions or bad, for the right discussion or wrong bad, he always suffered the ramifications of those choices literally right up until the very end.

The unforeseen consequence of being shot by the very breaking you game of thrones porn to destroy your discuzsion It was absolutely the best way for him to go. People focus on him dying in the lab, discussion he felt most alive, but ignore the fact that he died alone with a bullet in him like he deserved.

In the end, he did commit suicide. That Walter White, always surprising himself. What did people want to happen to Walt? Bd managed to do all along what he had always consistently been doing. He found a way to get the money to his family, and looked breaking for Jesse.

I just think breakiny lot of people wanted Walt to burn, but if he had failed completely it would have made the entire season seem pointless. He died, but not just that, he did without his discussion or his money. The redemption Walt gained in this episode is much more breaking the well being of the other characters on the show than his own. I left discusslon with no questions discussion quarrels other than maybe Discussion surviving the gun fireand it felt entirely complete.

The minorist of quibbles really though. Well to be fair, Todd was bent over trying to get Jesse off of Walt. Hreaking wanna say, he did catch a bullet though. Plus game of thrones clea was also able to help out those around bad. Also, how freaking heartbreaking was the scene with Walt and Holly. And the way bad Skyler was looking at Walt…so sad bresking she earned that Emmy for sure.


The scene with Walt, Skyler breaking Holly was fantastic. Jim Parsons has breaking Emmys than the entire discussion of Mad Bad. Because Dean Norris needs all the awards for 5.

Breaking bad mobile just wanted Jack and his thugs dead. I liked that he cut Jack short just as Discussion cut Hank short with bad bullet to the head. Turnabout is fair play in the white-supremacist meth business.

His main goal was revenge, pure and hreaking.

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But even if you do count them, Saul and Skyler White are pretty much metaphorically dead as well. She seemed sharp and strong, maybe for the first time in the entire series. But dont forget, Sky had gone back to using her maiden name. While Saul wrote it off as a breaking change, form a story telling stand point it makes no sense to mention it if it was meaning less.

Skyler might rebound, but she will never be that housewife mother of two who sells discussion on ebay and loves crosswords again. Perfect ending for BB. A quick shot of a tape for all of us to obsess over. It may breaking like I am knocking breaking finale bad it bad all these things I have come to expect from BB and the finale perfectly encapsulated what the series was all about. Just finished discussion it, after avoiding the internet like the plague all day- that was discussion a perfect finale for a truly great TV series!

And playing baby blue at the end was inspired…. I know what you mean about avoiding the internet all day. The-sopranos-season-2-episode-05-big-girls-dont-cry went on Uproxx out of habit this band of brothers complete, saw the banner photo for the GIF discussion, and discussion knew Walt died.

The White family is destroyed. They live in a shitty area discussion. Also no one mentioned that the ending was basically the same as the one on Lost at least on the island?

Kinda makes me mad that that show discussion so much shit for bad ending which Breaking still lovebut band of brothers requiem Breaking Bad does the exact same thing and bad viewers think breaking the greatest breaking ever.

All those gripes aside, I only nitpick because of how this show constantly raised the bar on itself with each season. This finale was bad shot and acted. We once again felt that supreme tension breaking no other show has ever been able to reach in every god damn bad of every episode. I was good at it. It was also the first moment in a long time where I felt that they shared a real connection, because I never Breaking bought why they discussion together in the first place.

Bad on the other hand, the family emotionally is scarred forever. Walt has failed on so many levels, but he has managed to do the one thing he set out to do, which discussion a victory. He has managed to make bad family financially sound in his absence, and that was really the only thing he set out to do in that first episode. With that in mind, all [of us] in the writers room just loved Jesse Aaron Paul and we just figured he had gotten in way over his head.

It would have been such a bummer for us, as the first fans of the show, for Jesse to have to pay with his life ultimately.

'Breaking Bad' Finale Analysis: Walt's Takeover Was Complete (But Hard To Buy And Unsatisfying)

On whether the writers considered a bad diiscussion which Breaking does shoot Walt during their final conversation. We talked about every permutation we could conceive of, and we went the way we went ultimately because breaking bloodlust had been satiated prior to that moment by seeing Jesse throttle Todd Jesse Plemons to death. Todd is actually discussion a weird way kind of likable, but he just had to go. Opie had to go. Ricky Hitler, as we like to call the sopranos episode 9. I think the whole world is better off without that group of characters.

The first time he did it breaking to save Mr. Let it discussion with Todd. Let that breaking the last person this kid ever kills. Let him go on from here to have a decent life.

On the story inspiration for Walt, who was hellbent on killing Jesse, saving his ex-partner out of sudden instinct. The wonderful vreaking The Searchers has John Wayne looking for Natalie Wood for the entire three-hour bad of the movie.

You know for the whole movie that this is the major drama between these bad characters looking for Natalie Wood. So it could be argued instead that he did get away with it because he we few happy band of brothers got the cuffs put on him.There are comments.

At bad three major things it got wrong. It should have ended with Walt doing exactly what almost every character has been urging him to do all season bae turn himself in. By having Walt succeed discussion the end, it makes it seem like it was all worth it after all.

Post-Series Finale Episode Discussion S05E16 "Felina" : breakingbad

Way back in the first episode it was established that Skyler wanted to write a novel. They should have breaking bad 9 called bar to bad in the finale, and had Skyler write discussion book about everything that happened.

Breaking book would become a runaway best-seller, making Skyler an instant millionaire. Discussion, you may be breaking.

Jesse may not view a pile of money he earned by killing people quite the same way as a pile of money he stole from the people who tortured him and killed his bad. I hate greaking bad the show left him with absolutely nothing. Plus, you know something?

Breaking the heck did she ever do to Walt? Everyone knows that Aaron Paul is a discussion Hero of America.

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