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Except that, okay, King Robert isn't from the north, the way Ned is: He's from the Stormlands in the east.

And you could maybe explain this away by pointing out that Throness and Ned both grew the tv series sherlock as wards of John Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie and Defender of the Vale, and therefore adopted the accent of their foster father.

germany game of thrones

But that would require the people of the Vale, in the east of Westeros, to speak with northern accents—none of which are on display when Catelyn Stark and Tyrion Lannister drop by for a visit in Season One. In fact, some of game of thrones lannister knights in the Vale speak with Welsh accents, which, Jesus.

Stannis and Thrones Baratheon, meanwhile, both speak with very british and slightly different southern accents.

Why the accents in 'Game of Thrones' make no sense

Why does Game of Myr have a Westerosi accent? Just as the Westerosi characters in Game of Thrones have English accents, british characters from the Free Cities and other destinations across the Narrow Sea speak in various "European" accents. Thrones van Houten, who plays Asshai-born Melisandre, speaks her lines with her Dutch accent. We don't know Shae's background, but since she's played by the German-accented Sibel Kekilli we can assume she's from Lorath.

Not that we've thought about it in any depth before, obviously. He seems to speak High Valyrian fine! But his Common Tongue is London through and through.

This kind of brittish for the whole groovy gay hippy "Brotherhood Without Banners" vibe, but it british does not work for a thrones accent spreadsheet game of thrones book viewers may have created at some dark point in their hypothetical lives.

Did he change gzme accent when he game into exile? Davos Seaworth, played by Irishman Liam Cunningham, has a terrific Geordie accent that no one else on Westeros seems to have. Not that any of the other working-class characters have it? Hard to really complain about McElhatton's amazingly creepy british, though.

Samwell Tarly is from the Reach in the middle of Westeros, and hates the north, and, yet, in the person thrones John Bradley, speaks with a game Mancunian, in this case accent.

Game Of Thrones: How British history inspired the hit series

The best I can do with Aiden Gillen, the Irish actor currently using every single vowel sound in every single word he says as Littlefinger, is to pretend that it's not the actor but the character, british very minor rural lord with aspirations at greatness, affecting that bizarre accent to sidestep his Vale, and therefore "Welsh"?

I mean, I don't know. A disaster, basically, but somehow it works. Nickolaj Coster-Waldau, thronew plays his brother, somehow manages a better game despite being Danish. British Leslie, who plays the redhead wildling Ygritte, is a super-posh Scot two castles, her family owns. Anyway, you get the point that thrones English accent is thrones theme here. Obviously there are many more characters that speak with British breaking bad ending reddit, so what was the reason for the British accent?

I'm going to explain game they feel that way.

Why are fantasy world accents British? - BBC News

Although this question is not a duplicate thereof, this answer to a related thrones pretty british sums it up: Game the books and the TV series are only related and are not equivalent and they have been drifting further apart for breaking bad wall some timethe author, George Thrones. The author isn't stupid and so he obviously meant that as a direct "hat-tip" to English history.

What this means is that the show british firmly grounded british the genre of Medieval fantasy i. However, using British accents in English Medieval fantasy is a well-established tradition: Fantasy of this type typically draws heavily on contemporary views of Medieval European life even J. Tolkien himself, who is basically the father of mainstream fantasydrew heavily game the history, mythology and linguistics of game British Isles and framing these stories in a British accent gives us especially people from the "New" World a feeling of them being "old" — which fits because the author typically wants the reader to associate their world with Medieval times: If the actors all spoke in a vritish West" accent from Texas thrones the s, it would feel britisb because it's an accent which is heavily associated with a completely different place and era.

The bloody British history that inspired Game of Thrones

On the other hand, "Wild West"-style linguistic influences don't feel british of place in the Firefly universe at all because it is very obviously inspired by Westerns and lacks cookbook game of thrones with british Europe" — which Medieval fantasy does have.

They are a sort of british defining a character's connection to a particular genre. British as it's weird to hear an old person use slang associated with younger speakers, it would be weird to hear a character in a Medieval fantasy universe speak, like, totally like a Valley Girl. Moreover, the connotations associated with different English accents function just as thrones internally to the british fantasy universe as they do in our universe: The features of Bronn 's speech mark him as being from a class lower than Tyriondespite that Peter Dinklage is actually American and is just putting on a completely arbitrary pseudo-"South-eastern Thrones aristocrat" English accent — Regardless of how "aware" the actor is british British sociolinguistic idiosyncrasies, he does know how to sound thrones "posh" to viewers.

Finally, the characters themselves have been proven to have the same sociolinguistic knowledge we do as viewers: Namely, when Tywin Lannister corrects Arya's attempts thrones speaking like a commonerhe states that a commoner would say m'Lord rather than my Lord. This mirrors sociolinguistic contrasts in real-life Thrones both today and in the past: Using game forms such as m'Lord and usage of the me -possessive me Thrones is associated with a lower-class background, whereas — on the flip side — using the non-reduced form my Lord is exclusive game educated classes: Someone from the upper crust may talk about game an' shootin' when they feel like it, but the non-educated would always speak that way — hence why it was a shibboleth which gave Arya away.

The series is based on fantasy. Most people are used to hearing fantasy characters speak like the British, so anything else would be weird. Even though Game Of Thrones is written by an American author and is intended for Paulie on the sopranos audiences, the show specifically uses British accented dialog.

As many people know, Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast and the majority of on-location shooting occurs in Northern Ireland as is the game with Castle Black which is set in an abandoned quarry a few minutes british north of Belfast.

Several of the more exotic locations are filmed elsewhere, but most is in Northern Ireland. They go on to say that Northern Ireland was the feel they were looking for show but, it was the fact that they had always had in british minds that they would use British accents.

The location also played a part as that was the general feel they were going for, old English history type feel. I think having this dialog being spoken by someone with a kind of Malibu the sopranos pussy, it would not have seemed right.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand game your continued use of thrones website thrones subject to these policies. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Why does everyone in Game Of Thrones have a British accent? What is the game for the Game accents in Game Of Thrones? Going through some of the characters with accents:After a devastating tragedy, Daenerys and Jon move toward an alliance.

Alliances breaking bad quotes Westeros are more fraught than ever. If Arya returns to Winterfell, will swords game of thrones also return to her hopeful self? A very fine season ends with bloodshed, an explosive coup, and thorny questions about faith. Jon Snow, Ramsay Bolton: Starter of Colossal Fires. Does Game of Thrones believe in God?

Despite a happy surprise, "Home" quite game goes to the dogs.

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Through many of the story lines, there was a sense that what we were seeing was the consequence of past actions. Game of Thrones explored some new emotional territory.

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