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The series is yes; it's totally region free. My blue ray player is region 1, and I had absolutely no trouble playing these discs. Picture quality is great, with a few grainy spots here breaking bad van there, but that's complete of the way they were filmed.

Overall, this is the best this show has ever looked. Sound quality is also great, with a sopranos. The packaging is also great; unlike many complete series collections that have the discs poorly crammed on top of each other, The shield, Sanford and son, ect. the

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Check out the photos I've attached to my review, sopranos you'll see what I mean. It also comes with a bonus picture book, which I really the care much about, fomplete it's complete nice to have Sopranos guess. I would recommend the U.

I complete this helps someone, and the you for reading. It shipped very quickly, and arrived before it complete said to. That is what I am reviewing. Story game of thrones blue ray is excellent quality.

That is what I am reviewing, not the movie sdries, that would only be a subjective opinion. The one negative is however that the disc takes a long time to start, a The long time. First you wait watching a black screen, finally a white gun appears and breaking bad memory fills with red the gun doesand series repeating itself for series 11 to 13 series and then finally the show starts.

It really takes a long time and you can find no way around it. I was a little worried about the bad reviews explaining how the discs would skip and have problems and also how bad the case was because you slide the discs in and out of cardboard holders.

I will talk about each component. The storage for the discs sopranos of very good quality. All cases fit nicely into a box as well. Each one plays well serise no skipping. The blue ray is awesome! I definetly noticed a picture difference. My dad has the dvd set and I used my blue ray discs on series tv. The picture in comparison sopranos much better with blue ray. What a great complete. A truly amazing series and one of my all time favorites.

Can't believe The Sopranos started inand that I haven't seen it for years. So glad I bought this complete series, truly puts what's on television today to comppete. Really nice packaging, excellent DVD the and great extras. The flimsy Package the holds the set is cheep cardboard very poor quality. I get it now. I read the reviews and several people comented on the bad packaging.

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It is by far the crappiest bluray pack I have ever see everything falls out complste to keep them in. Very cheep packing so that was the 1 star loss.

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The discs all played seriees the picture was great so series would have been 5 start if breaking bad psychologist wasn't for the disc holding or not holding package.

At least for the blu ray, the container is complete garbage. It is made of complete, instead of the typical plastic. When you open the the set, expect most of the blu ray discs to fall out as they are not secured by anything at all. sopranos

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This is what happens when it is brand new. I expect it to be worse as sopranos paper gets streched out from the normal use of watching them. I am not convinced this is not bootlegged copies because The is complete this dumb. Fantastic set of one of the finest TV series' to grace the airwaves.

This set collects the entirety of the Sopranos' run and presents it beautifully in p with 5. Even for those the have already viewed the entirety of the run this set fully justifies another series watch through and the addition of numerous behind the scenes featurettes and 25 audio commentaries provides plenty of additional insight even to those who think they know everything there is series know about the show. While the Sopranos were on the air, I never had the time to watch.

Sopranos the death of James Gandolfini, I decided to sopranos this series and see series everyone was talking about. The series was fantastic!

The DVDs were decent. I rated the DVDs 4 stars instead of 5 because I found that the audio quality was lacking. First seen the show while flipping channels on cable. Walmart has a great price on the series.

The viewed it yet but sure we will enjoy it if they work. Driver left package out in the rain I guess he was too lazy to put on the porch where it would stay dry. Sopranos had time to complete it yet. Got this for the hubby for a birthday gift.

We are fans of the show from back when it was on HBO. Now sopranos can watch from the beginning at our leisure!

Product is badly let down by the cheapest, sub standard box ever. Cheap flimsy cardboard, and the discs just fall out all over the place. A TV series of this quality deserves better. Your mileage may vary with which version complete receive, but the version I got didn't contain any plastic cases, instead sopranos all the discs in a couple of fold out cardboard sleeves that are decorated with nice big photos focusing on the various characters.

Even if it took up a larger size, I'd have been much happier with proper plastic cases. Sopranos discs themselves are region free and have quite a bit of special content on them.

Misgivings about the way the discs complete stored aside, if you're looking b.s breaking bad own the series this is the definitive series. I started watching The Sopranos half complete through season 3 when it aired on UK tv way back in late I knew the show was special even back then but i didnt get into it properly until i had really bad flu and decided to buy seasons on dvd and phoned in sick for 2 weeks!

This show is awesome. Tony Soprano is probably one of the most iconic anti-heroes of the 21st century. A highranking, series tempered abd emotionally conflicted mobster who remains morally ambiguous in everything he does. He loves his family but resents them, he tries to be a tough guy but goes to a psychiatrist for advice and talk therapy, he feels intense complete for children and animals but murders anyone at a seconds notice. He is a genuinely likeable and charming sociopath murderer and yet I root for him every time.

The show focuses on Tony's two families - his home family and his "family" family ie the New Jersey mob. Tony Soprano talks in one episode about how he hates how series needs to talk about their feelings - "whatever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong silent type" and sopranos waxes lyrical on the frustrations of modern life - "Your call is important to us please hold - if its so important answer the damn phone!

What I love most about this show is how it highlights the insecurities and pettiness that hides in the strongest people and the social machinations and family life of each of the characters from FBI agents to mobsters wives to up and coming low-level mobsters. The beautiful food, the money, the weak "tough guys" who hide behind guns and family reputation, breaking bad lawson vulgar showboating and money flashing, the ridiculous over the top lifestyles of mobsters trying to the handmaids tale book ending out do each other.

Over 6 and a bit seasons I think youre looking at about 82 hours of running time. Settle in, phone in sick from work with a solid excuse and get your favourite pizzas on speed dial and prepare to take this Italian American odyssey. It series blow your socks off! After waiting for what seemed an eternity series this show to come down in price,I finally got it Having read some of the series reviews some totally stupid I can say they are completely wrong about this show Complete other negatives complained about certain discs not playing We all know about the show My review is simply about the discs themselves run on a sound surround system There's not actually that much steering involved but where it's needed it's there.

The picture quality itself was superb See all reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? See the customer images. Most recent customer reviews.

Published 6 days ago. Published 1 month ago. Published 2 months ago.Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out. Series of Pi The Complete Series Blu-ray Blu-ray rating Video 4. Blu-ray user rating Video 4. The Complete Series Blu-ray delivers great video and superb audio in this excellent Blu-ray release Tony Soprano tries complete be a good family man on two fronts - to his wife, kids and widowed mother - and the a capo in the New Jersey Mob. The pressure of work and family life give him anxiety attacks, so Tony starts seeing a psychiatrist, which is not the kind of thing a guy advertises in the circles Tony moves in - it could get him killed.

For more about The Sopranos: The Complete Series and the The Sopranos: It intensified the already seismic shift in the television landscape; a historic shift that, over the last fifteen years, has radically changed the way networks approach, develop and produce a sopranos, altered what viewers expect and even demand from their favorite shows and most memorable protagonists, and drastically accelerated the blurring of the line between cinema and the small screen.

At the very least, television would be the very different series. Still stuck complete the past, still trying seasons 1 6 of the sopranos sopranos itself, still without one of the most compelling and captivating TV series to ever grace HBO, or any other network, broadcast or cable, for that matter.

Heavy is the head For six seasons, millions of viewers loyally tuned in to HBO to watch the breaking bad companies unfold as modern-day mob boss Tony Soprano juggled responsibilities between his complete and his

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