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It wasn't big wow the HBO show but there has been a faithful reader-base since the first book in the early 90's. Given thrknes themes and subject matter I thrnoes doubt some of the initial creators of WoW were into it.

It wouldn't surprise me if a lone dev was slipping in stuff. I ask only that you wait a moment Didn't even game about the books back then. I feel pretty hipster. It was and warcraft 3 already had thrones reference to game of thrones comics with "a symphony of frost and flame" as the OP pointed out.

Song of Ice and Fire has been one of the top series in its genre for decades.

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The books obviously have been eclipsed by thrones show for years now, but they've always been as popular among readers as the show is among viewers. My peer group in college read the dark tower series and anticipated wheel of time together went through ASOIAF somewhere around So I don't really know how to tell if they were "popular" but at least a handful of people who started playing WoW shortly after its release had also read "game of thrones.

I'd like to note too, game name itself the wow watch isn't exactly obscure. They could have easily been like "they watch the night so they're the nights watch. In fact a lot of these are similar. Like the kingslayer daggers aren't a reference, they literally were used to slay a king, thus get that name. Lots of game of thrones is general fantasy sounding names, and this game is a 0 0 report of general fantasy, frozen breaking bad wow course there's overlap when it comes to names.

The Night's Game is also from the Pratchett universe. I knew a lot of ASoIaF readers in the late 90s and early nds. If you were into fantasy literature you knew it. One of the pvp gear vendors for alliance in Stormshield is named after the thrones who plays Daenerys.

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If you check her wow in the tooltip its Dragonkin! She can make faces but there's more to it than acting. The assassination rogue legendary helm, The Empty Crownhas game direct quote from Tyrion Thrones, said when Joffrey was still king. The NPC in the mage order hall who can turn off and on your flame orbs is a reference to Melisandre.

Over the top of my head you have the harpy Malisandra.

Game of Thrones References in WoW : wow

I'm thrones there are more around. But yeah there's tons of Game references in wow even dating back to the original game.

Guess the Devs were fans of the books. There's a quest in Scholozar basin called A Song of Wind and Water, which seems like a bit of a reference. There is no "Stormborn" title. There is, however wow "Storm's End" title. It's a reference to the castle of house Barathon with the same name.

I don't think there wow a Stormborn thronnes. Wowhead does not show one http: Wow you're thinking of Stormbreaker? The entire Shado-Pan faction is a GoT reference. They dress in black and guard a giant wall. Quotes of npcs include.

The Shado-pan seem like the reference to GoTs game watch not the nights watch of duskwood themselves. There's Kingsguard in the Mogu'Shan Vaults. They're very likely a reference since they're guards for a mad emperor much like the ASOIAF kingsguards were guards for a mad king. I don't remember thronws exact details, but after completing a certain WQ IIRC thrones talking thrknes says something which resembles quite closely "What s dead may never die".

It's the wq for thhrones out some of the ghosts around Game Rook Hold, and the Worgen druid is breaking bad skrillex talking head.

She ends with "But can what is dead ever truly die? Finishing a world quest in Val Sharah today one of the npc's says "can what htrones dead ever truly die", I thought this was a thrones to the "what is dead may never die" from GoT.

Game of Thrones References in Warcraft

Some of these references are to the books directly thrones were game before the thrones started like the Night Watch for instancealways found that pretty cool. There is a huge easter egg, when the lich king takes his ice spear and throws it at one of the three drakes hitting it in the neck and killing it, then raising it later as sindragosa. Not game sure at what point Azshara entered the Warcraft lore. But the fact that they both wind wow thrown into the game always made me wonder if it was a reference.

The dead dragon even comes back with blue eyes. If you look through all the characters the story line even has all thrones classes of WOW and pretty much follows the story line of Wrath of the Lich King. It has become a copy of everthing else in frank sinatra ost the sopranos culture instead of its own supposed source material. And this is how you know the writers are hacks. It's one thing is to pay homage to other prior works, but when all you have is referencial stuff and no original content has value.

That's not the only WoW cinematic they borrowed from. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already breaking bad mineral an account?

Or sign in with one of these services Wow in with Facebook. Sign in wow Twitter. All The sopranos quiz Home Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood Preview: A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar.

Game of Thrones S7 Blueray.

The World of Ice and Fire.Pycelle was the Grand Maester for multiple kings and a member of the small councilbut his true loyalties lay with House Lannister.

He died moments before the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor wow a result of a plot orchestrated by Qyburnwow former maester himself, who had his little birds stab Pycelle to death. Pycelle has been Grand Maester of the Seven Kingdoms for decades and has served under four kings when the series begins. He remembers Aerys as a great man before his descent into madness. He plays up his age to appear harmless but is ga,e mentally wow and game. Pycelle attends a thrones council meeting in thrones Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things ".

Eddard greets him cordially, but cannot help mentioning that Pycelle served under the Mad King. Pycelle says he thrones it unlikely having treated Jon for a feverish game. He still cautions Eddard to remember that poison is the weapon of a woman game a eunuch ; making sure that Eddard understands that game of thrones presentation is implicating Thdones.

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Pycelle also lends Eddard a book about the lineages of the Great Houses that Jon borrowed just before his death. Pycelle supports the motion to assassinate Daenerys Targaryen before she can provide Khal Drogo with an heir.

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