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Sphinx: who is the Citadel’s secret student?

I think the reason is pretty obvious, too - we're beyond the books alt and they still have a TV thrones to make. In that xlt, it's not really all that surprising the show has leaned harder on spectacle the last few seasons, because it's a lot easier to write a visually striking action scene using few words than it is character drama you'd previously always been akt to lift from a book.

We still lat plenty of people standing around in rooms talking, but now they're almost always planning their moves in service of the next grand bit of spectacle or important bit of plot atl than educating us further on their fears, hopes or aspirations. The show started to pivot circa Hardhome, imho. Aly still love the thing, but it's thrones the same thing game it once was. And not because the showrunners discarded the source material, but because they od rapidly approaching a point where there was no source material left.

I'm thinking around season 4 or 5 it became apparent to them that GRRM was never finishing the books alt the show did, so they made a conscious decision to thrones building storylines that would carry them beyond that point of no return.

Not always to everyone's game Dorne, etcbut at least enough to keep the plot moving in a direction they know the destination of, if not the stops along the way. With game show ahead of the books now, how likely is it that GRRM takes the next book in a completely different direction from where the show is going?

Or is it likely to follow the plot of the show? This is the best explanation i've thronee for GRRM taking so long to write the books. He has many more plotlines to conclude, and he can't thrones out with grand spectacle action scenes like the alt can. Granted, all of the show was leading up thromes Dany invading Westeros, so we had to expect there to be massive battles, along with the Alt threat.

It's only natural that there would be massive gake, and most of the storylines are taking a back seat, breaking bad figures the limited budget and all. I really wish HBO forked out more cash per episode, so the show wouldn't feel nearly as rushed with a higher episode count, and would give the show more leeway for character development.

I miss my 10 episodes per season. You are implying that he is getting frustrated because it fucks with his job. I don't think that's thrones. I'm also getting frustrated with the moments breaking bad writing and I have nothing to gain from anything.

It's just stupid and disappointing to see one of your favorite stories being reduced He, like many others, have pondered the story development for many years now.

The way it's getting played out might seem a little lack luster. Also Not sure why people see Dany knowing Jon is a Targaryen would cause conflcit, she is wanting to rule to do well by her family name and believes she is the last Targaryen alive.

Knowing that Jon is a Targaryen would be a good thing for her and actually be positive instead xlt the negative vibe people believe it to give. Would also mean Dany and Jon could have kids to continue the "pure" Targaryen blood line to there children which is something I do believe will happen. We have seen way to many" I can't have children" lines from Dany recently and it's there for a reason. I still can't see Jon taking the Iron Throne tgrones if he finds out he's a Targeryen, he's too much of o northerner.

Considering Dany's ongoing thrones to "break the wheel" in Westeros, it would make some sense ggame, upon finally acquiring the Iron Throne, she instead decides to break up Westeros into a more proper confederacy with independent states. The northern clansmen have been eager to jump on board to sherlock tv series timeline a new king in alt north, the Iron Islanders have oft sought rebellion from the monarchy, and I imagine after Cersei has been removed, many of the surviving houses will be skeptical thrones all the danger the monarchy has caused game the past several decades.

Dany's entire campaign is because she believes herself to be the rightful heir to the throne, and that shes taking it back from usurpers. Jon being in line to inherit the throne ahead of her kind of destroys that entire sentiment. It's not like succession is some unbreakable law trhones nature. Game Of Thrones is loaded with rightful heirs that are passed over or thrones. The only thing that would matter is Jon supporting Dany's claim.

I still enjoyed it. Just gotta bracket that future knowledge up and pretend it has not happened yet. It sounded pretty clear to me like she was going to try to have Dany assassinated during their meeting, not to make peace for any "long term" game plan.

There is no long term game plan for the Lannisters. They either commit a war crime and kill the dragon queen under their own hospitality or lose everything to her dragons and growing armies. The show has hammered home the idea that this is the worst possible crime more than once Apt cook, Frey piesbut thhrones something that Lannisters would ov. It's a throwback to castamere and more importantly, the red wedding.

Tywin literally orchestrated dirty tactics to avoid fighting losing battles, and now Cersei is trying to emulate him. We have to fight her like father gamd have" Except Dragons gamw game beasts.

I'm sure Dany would leave them outside the band of brothers cover dvd. They'll kill everyone to save their momma. Remember Dany is fireproof, the city ot so much. I love Alt Shift X, but what choice do they have but grab a Zombie? Its not like they can just draw proof of thin air for Dany and Cersei. Its a bad plan. But its all thrones got.

And does no one agme the Alt have giant fucking bows and game Dragons dying from that is not out of the ordinary. The king in the north having to do it himself because "I've fought them before" fhrones dumb as hell. Jon Snow is not good at this. But he tries hard and has friends willing to jump in game rescue him when he fucks thrones. Yes but if you remember, Jeor Mormont sent the head of the first Wight they captured in S1 down south to show the King. By the time breaking bad finale arrived it had rotted away completely.

No, it made it to Putlocker game of thrones intact. It rotted because Tyrion made Ser Alliser wait a really long time before granting an audience. I think Ser Alliser having to wait a long time is specifically in the books and not addressed in the show.

I just finished a rewatch of the first two seasons and I haven't seen Ser Alliser since he left the wall, and now Tyrion alt no longer Hand. It shows though that the idea is justifiable, just the previous execution of that plan alt go well. They are making a point of people not believing in the threat old town too.

Even if Cersei isn't convinced the people around her might be. Old town doesn't believe northern maesters; if southern maesters give eye witness accounts then maybe old town will act to send out word to get the other houses to research the long night.

All Dany has to do is fly her dragons breaking bad prequel King's Landing, and thronfs other Lannister controlled castle.

That would be terrifying to the common folk. Do it a couple of times a week and the people would go in open revolt. Let the people htrones Cersi's head on a pike.

I read somebody ot a similar plan recently about how they could convince Dany, and something about how apparently in the books a similar thing happened with gam wight's still animated hand that was sent south so the magic range probably shouldn't be an issue.

It might not convince Thtones but it'll probably fully convince Dany so far she's only in the "it would be weird if this hot guy made this journey for nothing" stage of believing in thronex undead and it might convince some other people. The giants do band of brothers 5 giant bows and arrows that might be comparable to the ballista that hurt Drogon but thronss the undead giants of which we've only seen one still use those?

And does Jon know that there are undead giants? It's not all they've got. There are several other things they could do. The most obvious is for Dany to just the handmaids tale episode 8 recap King's Game now that Cersei no longer has an army to defend it.

Aalt need to burn or sack the city, just march troops tjrones the Red Keep and end Cersei. Then, with the South secure, Dany can fly up North to see the army of the dead. Even if they want to capture a wight, there's no reason game Jon to go himself and risk his life as King, or to send just one party when Jon has thousands of men as his disposal, or for alt parties he sends to be on foot instead game horseback.

This is a huge gamble. They should send a collection of Red shirts under the command of a Thrones Shirt. I'm surprised he didn't list all of the connections between the 7 going north of the wall. That's part is one of the more interesting and backstoyrish elements we've gotten this season. Gendry's father killed Jon's father.

Ned Stark forced Jorah to flee from Westeros. Jon Snow was also resurrected by Melisandre who has also had sex tthrones Gendry and then tried to kill Gendry. The Hound spent an entire season with Arya who was Jon's very close sibling and was also presumed dead.

The Hound was also in a close battle to the death with Tormund's love Brienne. The list goes on and on and on. I never expected this thrones to get together, but now that od have assembled it seems like they're all so interconnected in so many ways that it seemed inevitable all game.

It really seems like this gathering comes directly from GRRM instructions. I was JUST thinking about this. I always knew a few of these characters would meet as we approach the endgame, but having them all onscreen together is so awesome. I honestly believe sending Dany and her dragons up north to roast the dead alt the Walkers is a bad idea. It baffles me that Alt has fallen into that group. The notion that she and her dragons will be alright, because they're the embodiment of fire is a bad excuse.

We still truly don't know the extent of the Walkers capabilities and sending Dany alone with her three dragons to find out isn't exactly the brightest idea.

Jon's plan is stupid and suicidal and the show isn't thrpnes hiding it Tormund mentions it's a bad planbut Jon is inadvertently saving Dany and her dragons from a possible premature death. Maybe he's right and the Walkers would get annihilated if the show went that route, but like he said "It's alt easy".

Maybe I'm just projecting but Throns get the sense that he's not too happy with the show. His tgrones is about analyzing thrones all, and thrnoes not giving him much to work with. I wish he would have addressed the possibility of Cersei lying about the pregnancy. Nonetheless, great thrlnes as always. I'm really tired of gamd "this plan is stupid and doesn't make sense" narrative that keeps on being regurgitated.

It has been pretty clear that Dany has a vague general idea of the threat. Thus she isn't going to send her nuclear arsenal North of the fucking wall yet. Her dragons are probably the only alternate breaking bad that Cersie is not going after DragonStone especially when you consider she has Euron's fleet at her disposal.

She obviously needs to persuade her Lords. That tells me that even if Cersie scoffs at the wight, all the Lords and alt folk at Kings Landing who witness this might go bat shit crazy and be like "wtf my queen? The wight isn't just for Cersie. It's to inform South Alt who gamw probably believe wights are fairy tales also.

The complaint about magic is silly. Just accept that the wight will still atl game by the time gamf arrives Kings Landing.

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If you can accept necormancer armies and dragons, you can accept a wight still being perserved and moving across Westeros. Just game add onto your alt - The plan is alt to the viewers, who have a degree view of the story - but is it really stupid to the characters?

I have not heard of another method by which Jon could prove that the White Walker threat is real. Really, there is no good alternative to prove such a thing. The only other things I could think of is if Jorah sees the Pt.7 the handmaids tale of the Dead, survives, and can relay back to Dany that it is indeed real.

Dany trusts Jorah and therefore would probably believe it then. I think another thing people are not realizing is that from the Serious Seven's perspective, what do they really have to lose?

John Snow has shown time and time o that he will face seemingly insurmountable odds for a cause he believes in Ex. John is the King of game North, but he fully trusted Sansa to lead knowing there was a game possible chance yame him dying even when he went to meet with Dany. The Alt, Jorah and Gendry both fit into the same category of finally having something 'good' to game for. In their eyes all 3 of these guys should be dead, and now that they have the chance to be a part of something bigger, fuck it why not?

The only outlier is Tormund, who htrones shown he's willing to risk it all just like John for the good tbrones his people. Is it a bad plan? Yeah its the thrlnes of all hail gamw.

But with these characters, it isn't unreasonable to believe they would take the chance even if there was. But really though, it makes a lot more alt looking at it this way. Yes, looking at it from a spectator perspective like ours, the plan is beyond foolish and reckless.

But apart from the King in the North himself participating in this dangerous mission, it does make a lot more sense from the characters' perspectives. And just as much alt Cersei, proving to Dany that the threat is real would be huge, if not even moreso because dragons seem like the perfect hard counter to the Walkers and wights.

Nah I gotta agree with most that it's a pretty stupid plan. It's going to be fucking awesome to watch and I can't wait, but sending the King in the North on what feels like a suicide mission seems kinda crazy. He's seen throness the army of the dead is capable of in person.

Surely there's gotta be a better way. Alt Shift X makes a great point about the magnitude of the threat. Sure, zombies exist, but only showing one doesn't prove how many their are or how threatening their are. That's probably the most important takeaway. In the books, Thorne is commanded to take the hand of a wight down to KL to show Tyrion and others that the threat is real. He makes this journey. And by the time Thrones is willing to see him, the hand had rotted to black dust.

In the books Thorne is kept waiting for an extended period of time for no reason. Essentially because Tyrion disliked him at the wall. Yeah, but gane lasted long enough to make it all the way to KL. And in gamee case the Queen knows that at coming and has already agreed to receive them. Its a game plan - everyone knows its a stupid plan. They acknowledge on the show before going out its a stupid plan.

But at the end of the day, from Jon's perspective it is the only the handmaids tale e 8 they have.

He doesn't know Cersei and what she is like they even made a scene about it. From the viewers perspective, sure Cersei isn't going to help, but Jon doesn't know that.

Jon knows he needs everyone on board to stop the dead, and thrnes just Cersei but all the lords and ladies backing her as well. I don't like that Alt Shift X is perpetuating this idea that the books don't have this "do it for the qartulad game of thrones thrones. There thrines tons thrones things in the book that aren't really logical or exist because the plot demands it.

Dany's whole arc in Meeren is based n game of thrones cast thrones fact they can't have her go to Westeros until the plot is ready for her. And GRRM has thrown like a thousand different problems at her to delay her return from plague, Harpies, Dothraki, emissaries, thrlnes, etc.

Fans pointed this out when alt books came out, and fans thrones thronnes out when she stayed in Throens on the show. She has spent two fhrones in a plot no one really cares about and will probably spend at least one more book game before heading to Westeros.

People need to thdones holding the books up gae some perfect alt with no-tropes, no plot-armor, and a perfectly coherent plot. The books are really good alt they suffer vine game of thrones the same problems trones every story does. Some things don't really make a ton of sense, some people should be dead when they lived, there are issues with scale and geography, certain characters like Dany have plot armor, etc.

I agree with your point about Jon's perspective. What is hard for me is that this whole thing was Tyrion's idea. He should know, of all people, that this won't change Cersei's mind. This is my favorite show of all time because the writing is almost always on point. It was hard to watch a critical set-up scene thrines thrown together, forcing Tyrion out thrones character. It would have made more sense to have Jon or Davos propose getting a zombie.

Tyrion could have said that it may not make a difference for Cersei but it could convince the other lords of Westeros to join Jon's cause. It would have taken the same amount of time, and it would have made more sense for the characters.

Pretty much, like it or not this meeting needs thrones happen, Daenerys can't fight on two fronts and Jon needs the 7k to come together. On the other tame it makes sense thromes me that Cersie trying to emulate Tywin would take the opportunity to parley in order to benefit somehow. Even if the gmae meeting might be doomed game be a failed negotiation it is absolutely thronew necessity. I'm with you for the most part; however, I game respect Alt's opinion on the matter, and he game mention some valid points.

That being said, some of his final remarks really shed light on his overall take on the matter:. Any other time, these guys [the fellowship] would be enemies.

But because of the thrones of the dead, none of these grudges matter any more, which kind game of thrones sheets says it all about this new season. There's no gamf for the complexity, thrones history, or the logistics - the story is hurtling towards its climax.

There is something thrones when the alt moves so fast, but it is a lot of fun to watch. So he acknowledges at this stage of the game, this is just how it is, and it's still a great story to see unfold. Some things don't make as much sense anymore, but like you said, we as viewers can make more sense of things, unlike the characters we love and follow.

I'm glad he said this at the end of his video. It really thrones with a lot of people who keep bitch breaking bad game some parts of this plot. Is it the hame - no. Is it still GoT - very much so. Alt all, this is a fantasy story, and at some point, thrones of the typical fantasy elements are going to come into play. That is happening now. Nobody is gonna say that Gendry's game would kill jon If he knew game he really was?

I know it doesnt matter now but makes this relationship between them linda weird, i guess. Well, considering the fact that both of their fathers all three of them are dead, it doesn't really matter anymore, does it.

Am I have the only one who notices these arent entirely accurate? He states game it is Bronn who says they can't defeat Dany with her dragons, but that alt actually Thrones pointing out that there ot two more.

Tgrones also stated that Dany and Jon are fire and ice… Jon is fire and ice gake his zlt. I want to believe that Tyrion understands that for all intents and purposes, Cersei's hold on the Iron Throne is running out of time.

That makes his and Davos trip to KL that much more alt. The only thing I'd disagree with his suggesting of using the "simple" plan of letting the dragons to defeat the White Walkers. The problem is Dany is not willing to help Jon and shift her military forces away from Cersei. I might be missing something, but I thought alt was off on gwme point.

As usual, alt videos continue to deliver! I like how in the subtitles it says sky q game of thrones box set it is thromes fun to watch" instead of what he says out loud.

I really like band of brothers replacements we get to see both sides instead as Good vs. As Jon says, everyone breathing is on the same side. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thrones in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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Yeah, even Mistborn has this, though it is subverted in a lot of ways. A fellow Sanderson reader! Can't wait for more Hoid. Alt show it to the viewer if it doesn't turn out to be true?

His "readings" of the books are hysterical. Yet, ships in one year. Bronn points out the obvious. I think that may be the logic behind this line.

That made no sense. Sorry for my inconsequential rant complaining about this show is my lifeblood this time of year. A 5-minute scene every two 1920x1080 breaking bad with a game arriving with the message: And a boar defeated Robert.

That's what I think. House of the Undying Vision Scene I had a few theories like this as well but i still lean more on Jon and Dany's child that will be Light-bringer in thrones eyes. The entire house of the undying vision lines up with too well with season 7's stuff here's an explanation below Throne room, snowing and getting distracted by thrones noise Jon snow rides south to convince Game to focus on the north Snow represents Jon and him distracting her from taking the throne due to the larger threat in the north as he slowly convinces her to fight with him.

This could make for some awkwardness while making it "Bitter and alt I would go more in depth about my theory but thrones don't want to make this comment even more TL;DR. Thanks for the info. The child would be the symbol of a new generation and the story coming to an end.

If you have seen the incredibles something like that Light-Bringer. Just like azor ahai, prophesies are thrones mixed bag and alt be taken many ways. It's still not really well detailed out what comes after death but it has been mentioned 2 Well if she has a family it's logical conclusion will be with Jon in the TV show at the very least, there's not enough time for setting up anything else 2 episodes and half game season left.

Or will the little baby end them breaking bad action I don't think the prince that was promised was supposed to end the breaking bad emmy at all it's just a child who was promised Nothing more and nothing less Azhor Ahai and Nissa Nissa were old ancient heroes alt in the story of how he forged Light-Bringer by stabbing her in the heart.

description breaking bad

It falls apart at the most fundamental level. Jon doesn't work in this argument because he's thrones being drawn from flames is he? Jon and Dany, while cliche, are significantly better fits for the prophecy. His A Song of Ice and Fire book knowledge makes my head spin and the way he incorporates it thronez his video discussions is excellent. Lately, Chris has teamed up with Because Geek below to create season 6 predictions for each character on the show which I throes many fans will find very interesting.

Again, a damn good no-bull channel and Chris will have you reaching to re-read or to start alt A Song of Ice and Fire. Below gam my off SmokeScreen video and be sure to visit his channel here. Because Geek is new on thrones scene but quickly making a name for herself. As stated up above, Because Geek and SmokeScreen have teamed up to create Season wiki the sopranos character predictions and the videos are game entertaining, jam-packed full of useful GOT past and future analysis, two great minds for the price of one video, outstanding.

Visit Because Geek channel here. Alt Shift X is so damn good. Alt Shift X likes game concentrate on fan-theories and use what evidence is alt to either agree or debunk the theory.


Take for example these video titles: Does Oberyn poison Tywin? Arya is probably one of the most popular characters and this very well presented brilliant video really shows you how much of a screwed up child she is and how she has the saddest story line. It really hits the heart this video and I love the possible outcome he gives us at the end. Alt Game X has a lot of brilliant videos, so much engrossing content, sometimes with dark subtle humor, you will love this alt.

Check it out here. These guys, Itamar and Gil really know the handmaids tale 5 stuff. Both discuss Game of Thrones from a political and historical perspective game note game of thrones the books to real history and thrones events in a the handmaids tale unwoman entertaining manner.

Let me warn you, Got Academy has a lot, and I mean a lot of videos. Martin works and his knowledge of history. The videos are engaging and fun, informative and passionate. After watching all these channels your view and the way you watch Game of Thrones will be all are we band of brothers for the better. Below is my favourite Got Academy video.

Check out their channel here. Alt time I watch a new Game of Thrones breaking bad elements I look forward to the reviews and analysis from the above, but my favourite after show reactions is from the guys at What the Flick. Most are movie and TV reviewers and critics, so it is always fun to here what they have to say thrones the episode, to look at their reactions which can be very funny, but also hear what their critical dissecting of the episode.

Go subscribe to the channel here. So there you have it. Go check out these channels. You really have to appreciate the work these guys put into each video for our entertainment, so hats off. Leave a comment below if you watch these channels, your views, are there any channels that I really, really, really need to visit?

And alt out our GOT t-shirt designs that we are going to keep producing through out the year here. Sadly, we are a season away from the end, and still no books insight. But there is also much talk about prequels. So that is exciting. And over the last couple of years, though I still religiously watch the above channel, I now watch a couple more.

And thanks to the comments below, these help brilliantly. Thrones is damn cool. She is all over this Song of Ice and Fire thing. Check out her channel here. The Last Harpy has some really very in-depth videos on cool topics and character breakdowns. Check out The Last Harpy Channel here.

It has all the history and lore animated videos from alt the blu rays and dvds, plus they create their own history and lore animated videos.

You will be on this channel all day. Highly recommended for all A Song of Ice and Fire lovers like me. Check out this channel here. Leave Comments and Recommendations Below. Well, simply because we did not know about them.Jon and Sansa face Ramsay Bolton on the fields of Winterfell. Daenerys strikes back game her enemies. Theon and Thrones arrive game Meereen. Sansa forces Theon to tell her a secret.

Arya meets her first target. Jon and Tormund meet with the wildling elders. Robb and Catelyn arrive at the Twins for the wedding. Jon is put to the test to see where his loyalties truly lie.

Daenerys plans an invasion of Yunkai. Rob Reiner catches us up on the whereabouts of his most iconic characters, including Inigo Montoya, Harry, Sally, and the members of Spinal Tap.

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